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Monday, 16 November 2015

VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts Announce New Riders, South DC Open Time Trial Dates 2016

Three new riders have joined VC St Raphael Time Trial Team for 2016.
Harry Bulstrode (above) who returned to Southampton from Scotland in October and won the Glen Longland two day in his first ride for VC. Harry will be joined by Mike Ford from the Pewsey on 1st January 2016. Ford came 8th in the CTT National Closed Circuit Championship at Thruxton and had the fasted 25 mile time for 2015 in the South DC with 50.21.
Michael Ford

Finally joining from a Triathlon back ground is Chris Randall from Weymouth who hopes to improve on his 10 mile PB of 20.21 and fit in some South DC Open Events while training for Ironman and Ultra Marathons.
These quality additions to an already strong team will help VC St Raphael maintain their challenge to win the South DC Team points competition, a title they have won 5 times in the last 6 years.

VC St Raphael will be promoting the first open time trial of 2016 in South DC.
The Hardriders Event will be on Saturday 20th February 2016, starting at 11am.
The event will be over a distance of 17 miles which is two laps of the Portsdown Hill Circuit, the same roads that Perfs Pedal race would have used six days before. Included in the event there will be an award for riders using standard road bike this is being sponsored by Mike Anderson with prizes of £50, £30 and £20 for the first three riders.The South district will also host the National 10 mile championships on August 21st.
South DC Open Time Trials 2016 (All Dates Provisional)
20-Feb-16 Saturday 17 11:00
27-Feb-16 Saturday P886 10 14:30 a3crg Sporting Road Bikes
27-Feb-16 Saturday P886 10 14:30 a3crg Hardriders TT Bikes
05-Mar-16 Saturday P140 10 14:30 Sotonia CC
06-Mar-16 Sunday P140 10 09:00 Antelope RT (2-up TTT)
25-Mar-16 Friday P311 10 08:00 Bournemouth Arrow CC
27-Mar-16 Sunday P451 10 09:00 CC Weymouth
02-Apr-16 Saturday P829/A 10 14:30 Fareham Wheelers CC
03-Apr-16 Sunday P427 24 09:00 Wessex RC
10-Apr-16 Sunday P612/10 10 07:30 Andover Whs
24-Apr-16 Sunday P886/17 17 09:00 VTTA (Wessex Group) (2-up TTT) One Rider 40-49
24-Apr-16 Sunday P886/17 17 09:00 VTTA (Wessex Group) (2-up TTT) One Rider 50+
24-Apr-16 Sunday P886/17 17 09:00 VTTA (Wessex Group) (2-up TTT) Non Vets
30-Apr-16 Saturday P881/10 10 17:00 Hampshire RC
08-May-16 Sunday P413/25 25 07:00 Bournemouth & Dist WCA (incorporating Wessex Group VTTA Championship)
14-May-16 Saturday P128 25 07:00 Sotonia CC
22-May-16 Sunday P417 50 06:00 Wessex RC
22-May-16 Sunday P333 32 07:00 New Forest CC
05-Jun-16 Sunday P881/25 25 07:00 Portsmouth North End CC (Enrties close 20/05/2015)
11-Jun-16 Saturday P881/10 10 16:00 Team Axiom
12-Jun-16 Sunday P885/25 25 07:00 Team Axiom
12-Jun-16 Sunday P415 10 07:00 Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
19-Jun-16 Sunday P415 10 07:00 Poole Wheelers
22-Jun-16 Wednesday P182 10 19:00 GHS DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP (South DC) (Championship entry forms only)
26-Jun-16 Sunday P413/25 25 06:30 Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
03-Jul-16 Sunday P885 50 06:00 Hampshire RC (incorporating Wessex Group VTTA Championship)
07-Jul-16 Thursday P901 10 19:30 Bognor Regis CC (Max 60 Riders)(Entries close 19/06/16)
10-Jul-16 Sunday P612/25 25 07:30 Andover Whs
17-Jul-15 Sunday P415 10 07:00 Poole Wheelers
24-Jul-16 Sunday P901/50 50 07:00 Southdown Velo
31-Jul-16 Sunday P886 10 09:00 a3crg Sporting
03-Aug-16 Wednesday P881/10 10 19:00 a3crg (mixed crews) (2-up TTT)(Entries Close 25/07/16)(15 Teams Only)
06-Aug-16 Saturday P303 10 15:00 Bournemouth & Dist WCA (2-up TTT)(1M &1W)
06-Aug-16 Saturday P303 10 15:00 Bournemouth & Dist WCA (Tandems) (Mixed crew only)
20-Aug-16 Saturday P311 10 15:00 Bournemouth Arrow CC (2up TTT)
20-Aug-16 Saturday P311 10 15:00 Bournemouth Arrow CC (Tandems)
21-Aug-16 Sunday P886 10 09:00 RTTC National Championship (South DC)
28-Aug-16 Sunday P901/25 25 06:30 Southdown Velo
10-Sep-16 Saturday P303 10 14:00 New Forest CC
11-Sep-16 Sunday P413/25 25 07:00 Poole Wheelers (Inc South DC Champs)
18-Sep-16 Sunday P 23km 09:00 Sotonia CC (Sporting Course Road Bikes No Aero components)
18-Sep-16 Sunday P 23km 09:00 Sotonia CC (Time Trial Bikes)
09-Oct-16 Sunday P911 28 08:00 Southdown Velo
16-Oct-16 Sunday Thuxton 11.78 09:00 Antelope RT (Thuxton Closed Circuit TT)
26-Dec-16 Monday P311 10 10:00 New Forest CC (Entries close 11/12/15)

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