Monday 8 October 2018

Fareham Wheelers Hill Climb (South DC Champs), Start List

Heavy overnight wind rain has left the hill strewn with leaves and debris and unsafe to use, as a result Fareham Wheelers have unfortunately cancelled this event.
Gary Chambers, Matt Downie, Oscar Hutchings & Vicky Gill head a field of 44 at the inaugural South DC Hill Climb championship next Sunday at West Meon Hants. The 2.4 kilometre climb on Old Winchester Hill will be run on closed roads with the first rider off at 08:31.
Old Winchester Hill 14/10/18
1 08:31:00 Dan Banks Velo Club Venta Male Junior
2 08:32:00 Lee Shirley Sotonia CC Male Vet
3 08:33:00 Millie Chilcott VC Venta Female Juvenile
4 08:34:00 Harry Redsull Velo Club Venta Male Junior
5 08:35:00 Matthew Galante Velo Club Venta Male Senior
6 08:36:00 Mike Boyce ...A3crg Male Vet
7 08:37:00 Matt Harris ...A3crg Male Senior
8 08:38:00 Barney Clacy Solent Pirates Youth Cycling Club Male Junior
9 08:39:00 Leon Maidment Sotonia CC Male Senior
10 08:40:00 Mark Pritchard Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere Male Vet
11 08:41:00 Aaron Cooper Fareham Wheelers CC Male Senior
12 08:42:00 Philip Clack Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
13 08:43:00 Gareth Smith Southdown Velo Male Vet
14 08:44:00 Matthew Houlberg Portsmouth North End CC Male Junior
15 08:45:00 Jacob Schnabel Fareham Wheelers CC Male Juvenile
16 08:46:00 David Hanbury Crabwood CC Male Vet
17 08:47:00 Lucy Mitchell Petersfield Triathlon Club Female Vet
18 08:48:00 Cameron Taylor Sotonia CC Male Senior
19 08:49:00 Sam Clark I-Team Cyclists Club Male Junior
20 08:50:00 David Robbins Petersfield Triathlon Club Male Vet
21 08:51:00 Colin Dixon Portsdown Hill CC Male Vet
22 08:52:00 Ellis Pullinger T.H.R.E. Datawolves R.T. Male Espoir
23 08:53:00 Mark Aldred Kingston Wheelers CC Male Senior
24 08:54:00 Sam Dorkings GS Avanti Male Senior
25 08:55:00 John Isard Hampshire Road Club Male Vet
26 08:56:00 Mike Anderson Velo Club Venta Male Vet
27 08:57:00 Mike Garner ...A3crg Male Vet
28 08:58:00 Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC Male Senior
29 08:59:00 Deborah Smith Southdown Velo Female Vet
30 09:00:00 Kirsty Mcseveney Fareham Wheelers CC Female Senior
31 09:01:00 Andy Hibberd North Hampshire RC Male Vet
32 09:02:00 Joe Clark I-Team Cyclists Club Male Espoir
33 09:03:00 Joshua Lahiri Portsdown Hill CC Male Senior
34 09:04:00 Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe/Flix Oral Hygiene/Propulse Male Senior
35 09:05:00 Harry Johnson Fareham Wheelers CC Male Junior
36 09:06:00 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo Male Vet
37 09:07:00 Vicky Gill DRAG2ZERO Female Senior
38 09:08:00 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
39 09:09:00 Ben Williams I-Team Cyclists Club Male Espoir
40 09:10:00 Andrew Thomas ...A3crg Male Senior
41 09:11:00 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
42 09:12:00 Matthew Downie TAAP Cervélo Male Espoir
43 09:14:00 Joe Parker Blazing Saddles Male Senior
44 09:15:00 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Male Senior

HQ: West Meon Village Hall Petersfield GU32 1LQ
Located on the West side of the A32 , if travelling South on A32 it is the first turning on the right (Headon View) as you enter the village of West Meon. If travelling North on A32, Headon View is the first turning on the left after the junction with High street
Start: Hayden lane, Warnford, 185 meters South East of junction with the A32 at a point where there is a fenced recessed access point .
Finish: top of Hayden lane 2.37 km after the start and 10 meters North west of the junction with Old Winchester hill.
There will be a temporary road closure and the road will be swept prior to the event courtesy of Hcc.

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