Thursday 23 July 2020

Crabwood CC Club 10, Results

The Crabwood Cycling Club always punch above their weight! Only a small membership but whether it is the Heath Road races, Open Time Trials, club events or one of their frequent social rides, they always step up. A club 10 following CTT Covid-19 guidelines? No problem for the club, marshalled by stalwart Claire Newman and her can-do approach. John Winchester won the first Wednesday evening 10 mile test on the P164 across Beulieu Heath in the New Forest with 25:27. Fastest of the guest riders was Ian Paterson (UTAG) clocking 22:14 with a certain former multi-national champion Julia Shaw (Drag2Zero) taking 3rd place with 23:29. Completing their start timekeeping duties, Mary Corbett & Norman Harvey (Sotonia CC) jumped on the tandem trike (in a social bubble) and three-wheeled round in 32:05 on bright and breezy night.
1 Ian Patterson UTAG 22:14
2 Aaron Cooper Fareham Wheelers 23:02
3= Peter Boustred DHC 23:29
3= Julia Shaw Drag2Zero 23:29
5 Darren Anderson NBCC 23:30
6 Paul Ashley Come and Try It 23:40
7 James Gowan Fareham Wheelers 23:52
8 Mike Anderson VC Moncontourais 24:54
9 Oscar Pratt VC Venta 25:23
10 John Winchester Crabwood CC 25:47
11 Pat Lafford Crabwood CC 25:51
12 Jon Legg Sotonia CC 26:09
13 Martin Turner Nieuw Bos 26:57
14 Brian Coupe Crabwood CC 27:00
15 Emma O’Toole DHC 27:07
16 Alan Bigwood Crabwood CC 27:09
17 Stuart Grace Bournemouth Cycleworks 27:22
18 Julian Sheppard Southampton Triathlon Club 27:39
19 John Tunney Crabwood CC 28:06
20 David England Crabwood CC 28:21
21 Ollie Hollister Crabwood CC 28:50
22 Jonathan Rau Southampton Triathlon Club 29:50
23 Norman Harvey /Mary Corbett (Tandem Trike) Sotonia CC 32:05
24 Martin Napier Sotonia CC 34:02
Mary Corbett, Roy Budd, Claire Newman, Mick Bradban & John Sanchez-Bisson

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