Sunday 19 January 2020

Parentini Wessex CycloCross League, Results

Amy Perryman, David Bone and Dave McMullen were among the winners at round 15 of the Parentini Wessex Cyclo-cross League at Crow Hill on the Hampshire/Dorset border. Perryman led from the gun in the womens race, building a commanding lead in the bright January sunshine with Teammate Helen Pattinson finishing second and first VW40, and Crispin Doyle winning the VM40 race ,it was a good day for the Hargroves Montezuma team.
In the mens race David Bone (RC Ravenna) was briefly challenged by Tom Budden (Sotonia CC) but like Perryman proved too strong, riding away to a solo win.
Further down the field, GCN presenter and local resident Daniel Lloyd, riding the only mountain bike in the race, claimed a creditable 10th place.The former professionals last competitive outing being the Tour of Britain in 2012 The penultimate round of the Wessex league was a joint joint promotion by the Poole Wheelers, New Forest CC, Bournemouth Arrow and the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, the final round of 16, the Geoff Shergold Memorial, takes place next Sunday (26th) at the Southampton Sports Centre.
1 Amy PERRYMAN Hargroves Montezuma’s RT F Snr
2 Helen PATTINSON Hargroves Montezuma’s RT F V40
3 Lea BONNAFOUS n/a F Snr
4 Celia BROWN Gorilla Coffee Cycling Club F V40
5 Carly IBBITSON Fareham Wheelers F Snr
6 Maryka SENNEMA private member F V40
7 Tracy BREMNER Pedal On F V40
8 Jennifer FORRESTER – Lazer helmets F V40
9 Annastasia BOWLER GS Henley F Snr
10 Kate ROBSON Pedal On F V40
11 Gemma WILKS Sotonia CC F Snr
12 Hedvika TONCROVA Cowley Road Condors F Snr
13 Lydia GOULD VC Venta F V50
14 Dana VILISTERE Maybush CC F Snr
15 Donna SHORT Cotswold Veldrijden F V40
16 Steph RORKE Oxonian CC F V40
17 Sara HALLAS Oxoian CC F V40
18 Alison FORD GS Vecchi F V50
19 Helen HOWARD Mountain Trax RT F V40
20 Kate KITTO Reading CC F V40
21 Sonia WHITEMAN VC Venta F V40
22 Helen ADAMS F Snr
23 Katie WEST Salisbury Road and Mountain CC F V50
24 Beckie HAMILTON Cotswold Veldrijden F V50
25 Charlotte FISHER Cotswold Veldrijden F V40
26 Catherine PASCOE New Forest CC F V50
27 Claire EVANS Sprockets F Snr
28 Claire COOPER Hart Evolution Racing Team F V40
29 Katy PARSONS Salisbury Road and Mountain CC F V40
30 Samantha JONES Owen’s Cycles F V40
31 Suzanne WISE C & N Cycles RT F V40
32 Georgina WISE Crawley Wheelers F Snr
Senior Men
1 David BONE RC Ravenna M Snr
2 Tom BUDDEN Sotonia CC M V40
3 Paul MORRIS Fareham Wheelers M Snr
4 Karl NORFOLK Pedal On M Snr
5 Jay ALLEN Pedal On M Snr
6 Chris MCGOVERN Southampton University RC M Snr
7 Alex WATKINS Sarum Velo M Snr
8 Tim DOOLE Maybush CC M Snr
9 Dan ATKINS Didcot Phoenix CC M Snr
10 Dan LLOYD GCN M Snr
11 Kev TONNER Cotswold Veldrijden M Snr
12 Phil WILKS Sotonia CC M Snr
13 Phil BANKS Sotonia CC M Snr
14 Andy LINDSAY GS Mossa M Snr
15 Craig HAY Sotonia CC M V40
16 Luke NORRIS M Snr
17 David WINTER private member M Snr
19 Alan COLLINS Portsmouth North End CC M V40
20 Ben SIEMASZKO DHC Cyclesport M Snr
21 Max O’CONNOR Thames Velo M Snr
22 George KIRKIN Imperial Racing Team M Snr
23 John BORTON M Snr
24 Laurence WALTON Maybush CC M Snr
25 Leigh BLACKFORD Vector cycling race team M Snr
26 Nicholas PAYNE Poole Wheelers CC M Snr
27 Ben ASHWELL Cotswold Veldrijden M Snr
28 Lee BENSON Southampton Tri Club M Snr
29 Joseph GILLIES Twickenham Cycling Club M Snr
30 Andy HAZLEWOOD Maybush CC M Snr
31 Lee HUNT Army Cycling Union M Snr
32 Rob GREEN Liss Cycling Club M Snr
35 Martin REEDER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers M V40

Vet 40
1 Crispin DOYLE Hargroves Montezuma’s RT M V40
2 Alex FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M V40
3 Dominic RORKE Didcot Phoenix CC M V40
4 James ALLAWAY Pedal On M V40
5 Jamie SMITH Pankhurst Cycles M V40
6 Rory WEST Pankhurst Cycles M V40
7 Anthony TURNER Cotswold Veldrijden M V40
8 Daniel CROOK N/A M V40
9 James DEAR Crawley Wheelers M V40
10 Jorge RIBEIRO MANSO VC Venta M V40
11 Paul JONES Banjo Cycles M V40
12 Steven SMITH Maybush CC M V40
13 Miles THOMAS Hart Evolution Racing Team M V40
14 Adam FREWIN Pedal On M V40
15 Tim JONES Cowley Road Condors M V40
16 Stuart JACKSON Army Cycling Union M V40
17 Alan COLLINS Portsmouth North End CC M V40
19 Graham HOLLIDGE Fareham Wheelers M V40
20 Martin RICHARDSON Farnborough & Camberley CC M V40
21 Tim HYDE private member M V40
22 Tyrone MILLER VC Venta M V40
23 Philip HERSEY Eagle RC M V40
25 Louis BAKER private member M V40
26 Robin WILMOTT Cotswold Veldrijden M V40
27 Martin HORNER Meon Valley Cycle Club M V40
28 Martin BAISCH private member M V40
29 Tony HAMILTON Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
30 Martin JEFFERY North Hampshire RC M V40
31 Tony ANDERSON Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
32 Andrew ORROCK M V40
33 Jason HARRISON Sotonia CC M V40
34 James COLLINS VC Venta M V40
35 Carlo MASCIA Cotswold Veldrijden M V40
36 Gordon MCKINNON Braishfield CC M V40
37 Ian LOADES Hoops Velo M V40
38 Neil BOND private member M V40
39 Jumpet NAKYAMA Kngston Wheelers M V40
40 Richard COOPER Hart Evolution Racing Team M V40
41 David WEST Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
42 Duncan SOUTHAM private member M V40
43 Irfon THOMAS Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
44 Patrick ASHCROFT Reading CC M V40
45 Paul HOWARD Mountain Trax M V40
46 Jonathan GRIGG Fareham Wheelers M V40
47 Oisin KELLY Cotswold Veldrijden M V40
48 Alain TORRI Maybush CC M V40
49 Neil WATTS Poole Wheelers CC M V40
50 Paul UPSHALL Poole Wheelers CC M V40
51 Ian MORRIS Army Cycling Union M V40
52 Alex COLLIER M V40
53 Andy HALLAS Mercedes AMG CC M V40
54 Chris MINGO Sarum Velo Aerosporting M V40
55 Keith PITCHER Reading CC M V40
56 David RICH Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club M V40
57 Gordon WATSON private member M V40
58 Kevin HARRIS N/A M V40
59 Martin OLNEY Fareham Wheelers M V40
60 Justin RIDGMENT Sotonia CC M V40
61 Alex SETCHELL New Forest CC M V40
62 Chris STAUNTON Sprockets M V40
63 Matthew KERRY Cotswold Veldrijden M V40
64 Darren PIKE Sotonia CC M V40
65 Michael MOUNTER Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
66 Mark TURNER-SMITH Bournemouth Arrow CC M V40
67 Nick BOWDEN Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V40
68 Alistair MOODY Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA M V40
69 Chris AITKEN Thames Valley Triathletes M V40
70 Mark ALLEN Sotonia CC M V40
71 Peter MCEWAN N/A M V40
72 Gregg DINNING WyndyMilla M V40
Vet 50
1 David MCMULLEN Cotswold Veldrijden M V60
2 Rob WALLER Banjo Cycles M V50
3 Andrew CRACKNELL Pedal On M V50
4 Shaun GREEN Stonehenge Triathlon and Road Club M V50
5 Martyn DYMOND Pedal On M V50
6 Richard COLLINS Imperial Racing Team M V50
7 Steve JONES Banjo Cycles M V50
8 Jez HART Sotonia CC M V50
9 Dave WREY Pedal On M V50
10 Mike WILLIAMS GS Vecchi M V50
11 Malcolm CROSS VC Venta M V60
12 Stuart GILLIES Twickenham Cycling Club M V50
13 Robert GRAY Dorset Rough Riders M V50
14 Jon DUDLEY Sotonia CC M V50
15 Angus WELLS Royal Air Force Cycling M V50
16 Scott HEYHOE Farnborough & Camberley CC M V50
17 Paul HARTLAND GS Henley M V50
18 Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers M V50
19 Dominic LAVAL Hart Evolution Racing Team M V50
20 Rob FORD Beeline Bikes M V50
21 Robert TUTT VC Venta M V50
22 Mark HARDWICKE Bournemouth Arrow CC M V50
23 Anthony DYMENT North Hants RC M V50
24 Richard BREMNER North Hants RC M V50
25 Craige GOODSON Cotswold Veldrijden M V50
27 Richard CHEETHAM GS Vecchi M V50
28 Chris HILL Poole Wheelers CC M V50
29 Mark ALLEN Pedal On M V50
30 Matthew GOUGH Charlottville CC M V50
31 Jim KENT London Dynamo M V50
32 Gary HILL DHC M V50
33 Matt NORRIS Banbury Star CC M V50
34 14/06/1947 BOLTWOOD M V60
35 Alan KINGSHOTT Solent Pirates Youth CC M V50
36 Harjinda OBHI North Hampshire RC M V50
37 John NEWPORT Mountain Trax M V60
38 Charlie SMITH Meon Valley Cycling Club (MVCC) M V50
39 Steve SHEPHERD Sotonia CC M V50
40 Richard SIMMONS VC Meudon M V60
41 Scot WEAVER private member M V50
42 Russell WAKEFIELD Portsmouth North End CC M V60
43 Mark FRANCIS Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V50
44 Mark HARVEY Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M V50
45 Colin DENNIS private member M V60
46 Simon FITZJOHN Sotonia CC M V60

Junior Men
1 Sam NANOPOULOS Hargroves Montezuma’s RT M Jnr
2 Ollie BIRCH South Central Triathlon Academy M Jnr
4 Joshua HOAD Woking Cycling Club M Jnr
5 Dylan BAKER private member M Jnr
6 Eli TUCKER private member M Jnr

Junior Women
1 Ella LAWRENCE Hargroves Montezuma’s RT F Jnr
2 Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC F Jnr
Under 16
1 Jamie GOSTICK Banjo Cycles M U16
2 Jed SMITHSON WORX Factory Racing M U16
3 Nathan CRACKNELL Pedal On M U16
4 Oscar PRATT VC Venta M U16
5 George COTTRELL Poole Wheelers CC M U16
6 Felix CLACY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
7 Max DARNTON Sotonia CC M U16
8 Madeline grace COOPER Jam Cycling Race Team F U16
9 Toby HOUGHTON Fareham Wheelers M U16
10 Lloyd PERRY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
11 Max FRANCIS Salisbury Road and Mountain CC M U16
12 Josh HORNER private member M U16
13 Joey BLYTHE Bournemouth Arrow CC M U16

Under 14
2 Mack MELLISH Vector Cycling RT M U14
3 Ollie BOARER I Team CC M U14
4 Peter CARPENTER Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cycles M U14
5 Alex TAYLOR Oxonian CC M U14
6 Melissa eve COOPER Jam Cycling Race Team F U14
7 Harry ROEBUCK M U14
8 Alex MURPHY VC Venta M U14
9 Adam JONES Banjo Cycles M U14
10 George CONNELL Sotonia CC M U14
11 Anna PATTERSON Palmer Park Velo F U14
12 Bobby BUENFIELD Boost Bike Hub M U14
13 Stanley KENT London Dynamo M U14
14 James MARTIN Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
15 Oliver MORGAN Spy CC M U14
16 Louis KIRK Sotonia CC M U14
17 Luca MASCIA Cotswold Veldrijden M U14
18 Arthur BOND private member M U14
19 Samuel RIDGMENT Sotonia CC M U14
20 Joshua CHAMBERLAIN VC Venta M U14
21 Charlotte SMITH Solent Pirates Youth CC F U14
22 Daniel LEAN VC Venta M U14
23 John KITTO Palmer Park Velo M U14
24 Monty WYATT VC Venta M U14
25 Huw WATKINS Palmer Park Velo M U14
26 Evie MORAN Palmer Park Velo F U14
27 Jonathan LOWE Sotonia CC M U14
28 Charlie May WHITE Arette F U14
29 Ruby FLAVELL Sotonia CC F U14
30 Emma HARRISON Sotonia CC F U14
31 Tabitha WARD WORX Factory Racing F U14
32 Robert COLE Sotonia CC M U14

Under 12
1 Charles FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M U12
2 Montague FLAVELL Sotonia CC M U12
3 Cypher TINDELL Palmer Park Velo M U12
4 Charlie SHEPHERD Sotonia CC M U12
5 Niclas OLLEY Sotonia CC M U12
6 Wilf JONES Banjo Cycles M U12
7 Evans TINDELL Palmer Park Velo M U12
8 Isaac ALLAWAY Pedal On M U12
9 Stanley PHILLIPS Sotonia CC M U12
10 Isabella HALL Sotonia CC F U12
11 Douglas FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M U12
12 Benjamin BRINDLEY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U12
13 Jack MORGAN Spy CC M U12
14 Grace UPSHALL Poole Wheelers CC F U12
15 Archie ORROCK M U12
16 Sam GENAZZINI Solent Pirates Youth CC M U12
17 Isla PATTINSON Solent Pirates Youth CC F U12
18 Ewan WATSON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U12
19 Thomas ALLEN Sotonia CC M U12
20 Oliver TOOLEY Poole Wheelers CC M U12
21 Isabelle SMITH Solent Pirates Youth CC F U12
22 Jack WRIGHT M U12
23 Theo QUAY-CLARK Palmer Park Velo M U12
24 Aimee TAYLOR Oxonian CC F U12
25 Benji PIKE Sotonia CC M U12
26 James BLANKLEY Sotonia CC M U12
27 Skye MARTINGALE Sotonia CC F U12
28 George WHITE Sotonia CC M U12
30 Poppy CARLINE Sotonia CC F U12
31 Kirsten BROWN Sprockets CC F U12
32 Dexter GRAHAM M U12
33 Ella RIDGMENT Sotonia CC F U12

Under 10
1 Joe CARPENTER Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cycles M U10
2 Guy RORKE Oxonian CC M U10
3 Harry COOPER private member M U10
4 William GOOCH Vicious Velo CC M U10
5 Oliver PATTERSON Palmer Park Velo M U10
6 Jude LLOYD M U10
7 Adam SHORT Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
8 Maximillian ATKINS Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
9 Quiola ARTHUR Solent Pirates Youth CC F U10
10 Eva MAR-MOLINERO Sotonia CC F U10
11 Edward KENT Hillingdon Slipstreamers M U10
12 Jamie KERRY Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
13 Dougal OGILVY Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
14 Finley STAUNTON Sprockets M U10
15 Daniel BRANFORD Poole Wheelers CC M U10
16 Harry MORAN Palmer Park Velo M U10
17 Jake HOWARD Pedal Heaven Kids M U10
18 Jemima WARD WORX Factory Racing F U10
19 Toby ASHWELL Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
20 William (billy) DYER Sotonia CC M U10
21 Riley TONNER Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
22 Georgia LOVETT Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
23 Balin ATKINS Didcot Phoenix CC M U10
24 Idris ARTHUR Solent Pirates Youth CC M U10
25 Sophie JACOBS F U10
26 Marit DAVIDSE Sotonia CC F U10
28 Harry BANKS Sotonia CC M U10
29 Florence COOPER private member F U10
30 Isabelle MAR-MOLINERO Sotonia CC F U10
31 Isaac RICHARDSON Sprockets M U10
32 Benjamin ALLEN Sotonia CC M U10
33 Eva HAMMOND F U10
34 Patrick ORROCK M U10
35 Jasmine BOND private member F U10
36 Eve CARLINE Sotonia CC F U10
37 Lorelei LOXTON F U10
38 Giulio SCARPONI Sotonia CC M U10
39 Samuel COBEN M U10
40 Aneurin GILBERT M U10
41 Jake THOMAS M U10
42 Morgan GIBERT M U10
43 Evan GILBERT M U10
44 Lorenzo SCARPONI Sotonia CC M U10
45 Jaya MARTINGALE Sotonia CC F U10
46 Ollie BANDY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U10
47 Thomas COMBEN M U10
48 Lea HARRIS Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers F U10
49 Angus LOXTON M U10
50 Daisey SAUNDEN F U10
51 Luke HAMMOND M U10
52 Torbin ATKINS M U10

1 Steven PHILLIPS Chapel Tri Stars M V40
2 Simon HALSON Pankhurst Cycles M V50
3 Deborah SMITH Iris RT F V40
4 Louis TINDELL Sprockets CC M V40
5 Robert BROWN Sprockets CC M V40
6 Verity HORNER F V40
7 Annmarie STAUNTON 700CC F V40
8 Ceri RICHARDSON Sprockets CC F V40
9 Ina MORRIS Stonehenge Triathlon and Road Club F Snr
10 Sam MURPHY VC Venta M Jnr
11 Tim LLOYD TTC M V60

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