Tuesday 7 January 2020

Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy: Dreams & Ambition

Teaching children to ride can be a challenge. Many of us struggle to find the time in our lives and the right space in our busy urban environment to gift our children this life changing skill. The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy offers a group environment which encourages learning and development. Your child will become part of a group that learns to play at cycling together, rewarding each other and spurring each other onwards as they acquire new skills and abilities. “Our mission is to move a generation of children, putting the bicycle back at the heart of childhood play, forming lifelong habits that will deliver benefits for health and the environment for years to come.”For many of us, being on a bike with friends is a thread that ties together years of childhood memories and with Clancy Briggs we want your child to create their own memories that they’ll take forward in life. Learning to ride is a gift we give to the next generation and with it comes the likelihood that they’ll live a longer, happier and healthier life as a result. It goes without saying that all the Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy coaches are DBS checked and have the formal qualifications that enable them to work with young people. As such all assistants have a minimum of British Cycling Level 1 or Balanceability qualifications. For leaders, British Cycling Level 2 or Bikeability is the minimum standard. “As we built our team though, we wanted to find people with something extra, so among our team you'll find staff with experience in social work, foster care, able to make a meaningful connection with children of all backgrounds as they find their place in our mini cycling community.....

Speaking from a pre-Olympic training camp in Portugal, Ed Clancy told "Local Riders,Local Races"
I am very passionate about cycling, I believe in in and not just from an elite racing point of view. When I retire after Tokyo, I see myself riding bikes for as long as I physicaly can, I think Tokyo (if selected) will be my last ever race but I am going to continue to ride my bike. I like the fact people use their bikes to commute into work, I like the fact bikes bring people together, families, communities. Its hard for kids these days, in terms of education, welfare and so on they have never had it so good but there seems to be lots of mental health issues. Social media is great but I think they need to be able to play like kids used to play, run around, ride bikes, have fun and not be worried about living up to an image, its hard for them….. Graham Briggs came to me with idea initially, most sports have after school clubs, weekend clubs but there is nothing for cycling, the set up has been hard work, fortunately we have some amazing sponsors and partners, HOPE have been brilliant, Condor have given us bikes and equipment, simple things like a van, there is a lot of equipment required. We don’t want to exclude anyone from cycling, ultimately with the Clancy Briggs Academy we want to be able to get big companies sponsoring, we want to get council grants and we want to be able to take it to everyone and anyone. I have always had more ambition than talent, I am a big dreamer, i dont have any kids of my own but who knows where this could end up, if every road circuit around the country has a Clancy Briggs Academy teaching kids, even just once a week, that’s what we want to do, we want to be all around the UK, that’s the ultimate ambition!

Graham Briggs
*The Clancy Briggs Academy is currently based in Doncaster but they are keen to reach all over the UK including the South. What about a "Pop Up" day at the Bournemouth Velodrome or the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth or even your local school?
Are you interested in having a Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy in your area? The Clancy Briggs Academy are always looking to expand into new areas of the UK, visit HERE for more details

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