Sunday 5 November 2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 50 Mile Reliability Trial

139 riders signed on for the first of the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Reliability Trial Series on Sunday (5th) . Mark Freeman writes.....

"It was a chilly start and, as expected, a busy first of the season sign on. Once underway with the sun was on our backs it felt warmer than the 10 deg my Garmin was reporting. November riding doesn't get much better than this. Quiet and dry roads and an autumnal Dorset looking spectacular in the sunshine.

Even as the westerly breeze increased later on in the ride it seemed timed to assist us on the homeward leg.

Two themes dominated as riders discussed the trial at HQ. The wonderful weather and punctures. There were a lot of punctures. Every group got affected. I lost count of the number of riders I saw at the roadside and our group had to stop twice. Riders who would normally easily complete the course within the allotted time signed back in with minutes to spare due to multiple stops.

The series continues on Sunday December 3rd with the 100km Reliability Trial.


Jacob Aries
Tony Bailey
Russell Banks
Cliff Berridge
James Bird
Rich Blanchard
Darren Bonner
Fran Bowerman
Mark Bowerman
Seamus Bowerman-Ellis
Mark Branford
Alan Brimecombe
Andy Brockway
Angela Burnikell
Lizzy Campbell
Paul Canham
Pete Carter
Gary Charalambous
Gary Chiverton
Andy Cooper
Stuart Corbin
Russ Corn
Michael Courage
Paul Croft
David Crouch
Mike Cure
Alun Davies
Bill Day
Tony Dilke
Victor Douglas
Matthew Downer
Neil Evans
Ross Evans
Bob Ford
Liam Forrest
Kim Fowler
Catherine Fraser
Mark Freeman
Danny French
Gary Fripp
Tom Glaisier
Dave Goodwin
Steve Gordon
Phillip Grant
Simon Green
James Greenhalgh
Steve Groome
Justin Hagan
David Hammersley
David Harbord
Craig Harris
Neil Harrison
Martin Hart
Ian Hayden
William Hayes
Keith Hemming
Mark Hitchcott
John Holloway
Andrew Humphreys
Clare Hunt
Neil Ingles
Paul Jeffrey
Wayne Jennings
Andrew Kahn
Phil Kelly
Maciej Kiedrowski
David King
Rob Koppenhol
Rod Langley
Kev James (sp?)
Donna Lovelock
Charlie Lowis
Mike Mackenzie
David Makepeace
Maggie Maundrell
David Minden
Luke Monahan
Jeremy Monday
Rod Moors
Ben Mottram
Adrian Murray
Andy Neil
Darren Nethercott
Maria Nuñez
John O'Brien
Tom O'Connor
Chris Ormesher (sp?)
Kevin Owen
Rob Paulley
Dan Pearce
Stuart Peckham
Thomas Piloni
Robert Piper
Steve Pye
John Ream
Peter Redhead
Martin Reeder
Bob Richardson
Kevin Ridge
Glynn Rossant
Michael Round
Cliff Rowe
John Samways
Mark Sawyer
Phillip Scriven
Sanjai Sharma
Rupert Silman
Bill Simmons
Chris Simpson
Mike Singleton
Gordon Skillen
Andy Smith
David Smith
Tim Smith
Julian Snook
Will Soloman
Tom Stocker
Jonathan Talbot
Pawel Tatarek
Tom Temple
Daniel Thompson
Lyndon Thompson
Carol Tilley
Roland Tilley
Howard Tisshaw
Simon Tonkin
Ian Turner
Thanos Varvounis
Andy Vickers
Kev Vigar
Andy W???
Andy Waddington
Sam Wadsley
Michelle Walter
Richard Walter
Toby Welstead
Anne-Marie Winter
Nigel Winter

Alan Young

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