Sunday 20 November 2016

Dorset Miles, 4 Hours at Level 2, Just doing as i am told!

Around Hurn airport the bullying remnants of storm Angus left me nailed to the road, the horizontal wind sock seemed to jab me repeatedly in the shoulder "Your Late, Your late". Reduced to 13 mile per hour along Ham lane i was never going to meet the other three at Wimborne Minster on time, they would have gone for sure, leaving me to bang into the wind all day. Graciously they had waited, even buying my exaggerated excuse, no doubt they will throw it back in my face next week, next month, next year and quite rightly so. The three were only two, at least i had got out of bed,you know who you are, one missed ride too easily turns into two. Heading north on the Cranborne road i follow the power meters in front, towing me on the flat, a bit too slow on the hills, the discipline to stay in the zone, the key to this session. On to Sixpenny Handley & Tollard Royal, the climb out of the village is steep only at the bottom, the data feedback keeps the other two controlled on the hill so i behave myself as well. The storm has left debris on the roads, the descent of Zig Zag covered in wet leaves, i would have happily unclipped. Up to Shaftesbury, we stop for coffee, elevenses on a training ride? not something i usually approve of, though secretly i enjoyed it and we are soon on our way. Retracing to Zig Zag, the leaves presented no problem on the way up and it feels like level two to me. The route lacks imagination but the others are box-ticking and hey, i am just doing as i am told . The wind is on our backs as we scream down to Farnham, the A354 and back to Horton & Wimborne. I wave good bye to the Watt slaves, happy to ride home unscripted but probably at L2. Some company at Parley Cross politely asks for a tow, that was nice, so we exchange pleasantries bowling around the airport again at 20mph for very little effort, (speed is always a poor indicator of performance). Closer to home i can see my house but i go around the block, 70 is always better than 69.7, what's that all about?

4 Hrs, 70 Miles

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