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Monday, 21 December 2015

Farnborough & Camberly 10, Full Results

James Boyman clocks a super fast 19:08 to win the Farnborough & Camberly CC Christmas 10 at Bentley in Hampshire on Saturday
1 Mr J Boyman Farnham RC S 0h19'08
2 Mr R Sharland Paceline RT S 0h19'32
3 Mr A Topham High Wycombe CC V 0h19'51
4 Mr C Mitchell A3crg S 0h20'25
5 Mr P Wright Paceline RT S 0h20'33
6 Mr C Whitwell St Ives CC V 0h20'52
7 Mr D Woodhouse GS Henley S 0h20'53
8 Mr M Parfitt Charlotteville CC S 0h20'57
9 Mr K Lea Paceline RT V 0h20'58
10 Mr S Williamson A3crg V 0h21'03
11 Mr A Langdown Blazing Saddles RT V 0h21'07
12 Dr BX Disley RST Sport/AeroCoach S 0h21'14
13 Mr B Allen Westerley RC V 0h21'17
14 Mr A Stanton VC St Raphael V 0h21'23
15 Mr S Berogna VC St Raphael V 0h21'24
16 Mr D Dent Offshore RT V 0h21'34 Wightlink
17 Mr E Allen Redmon CC E 0h21'37
18 Mr N Stagg Hounslow & District Wheelers V 0h21'42
19 Mr J Middlewick Hampshire RC V 0h21'48
20 Mr A Blacker Norwood Paragon CC V 0h22'12
21 Mr M Winter Twickenham CC V 0h22'15
22 Mr S Barbour GS Henley S 0h22'22
23 Mr H Walker Blazing Saddles RT V 0h22'25
24 Mr D Poulter Hounslow & District Wheelers V 0h22'26
25= Mr R Sherrin A3crg V 0h22'42
25= Mr S Legg A3crg V 0h22'42
27 Mr S Pink CC Weymouth S 0h22'52
28 Mr R Webster Green Arrow CRT V 0h23'00
29 Mrs L Bartlett A3crg SW 0h23'07
30 Mr P Brennan A3crg S 0h23'11
31 Mr B Reese Bournemouth Arrow CC S 0h23'14
32 Mr J Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere V 0h23'25
33 Mr P McArdle Woking CC V 0h23'31
34 Mr P Cutler Regent's Park Rouleurs S 0h23'32"
35 Mr J Allwood Woking CC S 0h23'48
36 Miss J Rhodes-Jones Beacon Roads CC SW 0h23'57
37 Mr R MacFadyen Reading CC V 0h24'01
38 Mr M Butler Charlotteville CC E 0h24'14
39 Mr C Voller Newbury RC V 0h24'18
40 Miss K Crowe Dulwich Paragon CC SW 0h24'21
41 Mr P Phipps A3crg V 0h24'28
42 Mrs S Matthews A3crg VW 0h24'33
43 Mr M Draper Charlotteville CC V 0h24'55
44 Mr RJ Barrett High Wycombe CC V 0h25'04
45 Mr R Williams Farnham RC V 0h25'21
46 Mr M Evans West Drayton MBC S 0h25'26"
47 Mr S Arscott Berkshire Tri Squad V 0h25'43
48 Mr M Boyce A3crg V 0h26'01
49 Mr V Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC V 0h26'03
50 Mr N Cooper Andover Wheelers V 0h26'15
51 Mr L Stratford Farnborough & Camberley CC S 0h26'53
52 Mr G Fielder A3crg V 0h26'59
53 Mr F Lam West Drayton MBC S 0h27'09 Specialized Ruislip
54 Mr D Eccles Redmon CC V 0h27'48
55 Mr R Chapman Farnham RC V 0h28'39
56 Mr D Ward 1st Chard Wheelers S 0h29'24
57 Mr D Ward Yeovil CC V 0h31'56
58 Mr C Brewer Redmon CC V 0h32'31
59 Mr R Hoskin Redmon CC V 0h35'10
60 Mr J Allen Redmon CC V 0h35'22

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