Wednesday 8 August 2012

Topham Targets 12 Hour!

Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) “broke” the 12 hour competition record in the CC Breckland event. Poole-based Topham covered 306.12 miles in his half-day effort, despite losing time with a puncture. Unfortunately he did not hold the record very long as Andy Wilkinson (Port Sunlight Wh) finished with a stunning 317 miles. Wilkinson appears to have put the record on the shelf but Topham has other ideas and told “E D” “ Wilko passed me for 16 mins at about halfway as I was stood at the side of the road having a pee. He then pulled away for a time. Then I pegged him and must have started catching him, given the end result and the time I later lost. I Punctured at just over 11 hours on the finishing circuit, lost over 5 mins there, then set off with a spare box rim spoked rear from someone else’s helper as we couldn’t get hold of my dad on the phone. So it was my second attempt and first finish (packed in national at 7 hours 2 years ago). At 6 hours I thought it was going the same way because again my feet were agony. But I decided to try increased cadence to reduce the forces through my feet and over the next couple of hours it eased until they were almost fine. Hardest thing I’ve ever done mentally and physically. No idea how but I was absolutely caning it on the finishing circuit. In the last hour or so I upped my power substantially to try to beat the current comp record, albeit knowing I was going to be some way behind Wilko unless he cracked. Folk are saying its on the shelf but I don’t think so, I want the record and will be gunning for it next year”
Provisional Result
1 Andrew Wilkinson Port Sunlight Wheelers 317.97 V
2 Adam Topham High Wycombe C.C. 306.12 V
3 Jonathan Shubert High Wycombe C.C. 294.05
4 Gregory Woodford Reading C.C. 279.19 V
5 Rob Dulson Hainault R.C. 272.22 V
6 Giles Oakley Clevedon & D.R.C. 271.89 V
7 Tim Davies Icknield R.C. 271.12 V
8 Laurence Wright Velo Velocity 269.97
9 Dale Sturman West Suffolk Wh 266.97 V
10 Martin Long Kings Lynn C.C. 264.40

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