Wednesday 8 August 2012

CC Weymouth 2-UP Club 10 p451 07/08/12

Steve Pink writes....Those of us who could drag ourselves away from watching Sir Chris Hoy and Vicky Pendleton’s final hurrahs round the Olympic track turned up for a damp(ish) and very breezy chase up and down the Warmwell to Wool course. The strong South Westerly meant that average speeds to the turn were sky high, but the journey back was slow and painful.

Poole Wheelers duo Terry Icke and Gary Dighton turned up fresh and well practised from their weekend 4-up and as per usual won with plenty of room to spare. CC Weymouth’s own Wayne Keble and Steve Pink overcame a lack of tactics to take 2nd and Matt Merritt with Andrew Jackson finished off the top three.

At this stage of the season we start looking to the club’s overall points competition. Top of the standing currently are:

1. Bryce Riglar 124
1. (=) Steve Pink 124
3. Greg Parker 123

Greg Parker is clearly the faster rider but may be hampered by availability. Steve Pink has been relying on consistency but with the points system, not allowing all races to count in full, is running out of events to score in. So the favourite has to be young Bryce. However with 2 evening races, the 5 race September Saturday series and the club Hill Climb to come there is still all to play for. The Hill Climb could very well be decisive in seeing who takes John Chapman’s crown?

Finally good to see young Stuart McPhail has taken the plunge and joined the club. We look forward to his continued presence and seeing those times fall over his first few seasons.

Next Tuesday we’re off to the P459 for more Club 10 action, see you all there!

Full Results

1. Terry Icke Poole Wheelers 0:21:23
Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers

2. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 0:24:59
Wayne Keble CC Weymouth

3. Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 0:25:45
Matt Merritt CC Weymouth

4. Mike Watts Mud Sweat & Gears 0:26:00
Stuart McPhail CC Weymouth

5. Matthew Pye Bustin Skin 0:29:04
Niall Laming Bustin Skin

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