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Barfoot Wins Jubilee 2 Day!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bournemouth Jubilee Club 8.5 07/08/12

1,Mark SavageBJW 20.06
2,Jon ClemasBJW 20.28
3,Phil EvansBJW 21.06
4,Cliff RoweBJW 21.10
5,Alex RoweBJW 21.47
6,Rupert SilmanBJW 22.04
7,Nick BestBJW 22.13
8,Barrie StevensBJW 24.20
9,Paul BrownBJW 24.23
10,Peter GrahamBJW 24.43
11,Pat PinchinBJW 25.06

Sam NattressCambridge23.07

marshals. J Prosser,P Boston, R Wareing, C Peskett,
P Warhurst, D Mansfield.
Good conditions, probably the best this year, dry several PBs.
Peter and Sam first rides.

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