Wednesday 25 July 2012

CC Weymouth Club 10 P459 24/07/12

Steve Pink writes.....

'Time' to enjoy!

OK I know a lot of riders are reluctant to take there turn at timekeeping and I am no different.
I love racing, absolutely love racing and nothing beats the buzz you get from racing but every
now and then you have to put your Neanderthal urges to one side and take your turn to keep our
sport ticking over. Having said this though I have to admit to actually enjoying being the
timekeeper for the evening. Apart from the small lull between setting the last rider off, and
clocking the first one home, you are constantly busy and you get a kind of buzz just from the
anticipation of what times your friends and club mates might do? (after all you will know
immediately). The other plus side is that you can go home, eat your dinner in a normal civilised
fashion for once and get a normal nights sleep. So I encourage all of us to not be afraid of
giving it a go when required, you might find out you actually enjoy it!

Back to the evenings racing. A good turn out due to the glorious weather (well we've been waiting long enough) and a warm welcome to visiting Natalie White, Gavin Barron, regular visitor Dave
Wood and first timer Stuart McPhail. I think the bug may have bit with Stuart and hopefully we
will see him return soon (if you're reading this Stuart your time was very close to my first ever TT).

Ian Gillam proved to have better legs than his clock watching skills as he overcame a late start
to take the win and maximum club points with another impressive time (22:12). Greg Parker backed
up his recent good results with 22:39 for second and David Butt made sure the top three were the
same as last week with 24:19. All three were course bests I believe?

One final word for our club treasurer, Andrew Stevenson, who turned up to do his first time trial in over two years, he managed just 1.5 miles before puncturing and having to call it a day. I can only imagine just how frustrated he must have been feeling. Andrew you will just have to turn up more often!

It's the Hilly 18 next Tuesday, we don't get many visitors from PW or BJW to this course but they don't know what they are missing out on. This is possibly the most rewarding course you could ever race (if also one of the toughest). We dare you to try it just once, a bit like timekeeping you might find you enjoy it!

Full Results

1. Ian Gillam CC Weymouth 0:22:12 CB
2. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:22:39 CB
3. David Butt CC Weymouth 0:24:19 CB
4. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 0:24:25
5. Gavin Barron Tri Anglia 0:24:39
6. Dave Wood Day member 0:24:55
7. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 0:26:01 CB
8. Matt Merrit CC Weymouth 0:26:27
9. Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 0:26:45
10. Stuart McPhail Day member 0:27:09 PB
11. Natalie White Charlotteville CC 0:28:09
12. Paul Stockwell CC Weymouth 0:28:41
13. Richard Gould CC Weymouth 0:31:45
14. Oliver Carrington CC Weymouth 0:34:46 (J)
15. Andrew Stevenson CC Weymouth DNF (puncture)

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