Friday 20 May 2011

Moreton Village Road Race Series: The Midweek Fix!

The disappointing loss of the Wessex league has left the “cupboard bare” as far as road racing is concerned in Dorset. Pressure of work for Wessex League organisers Mark & Don Standaft has meant that race promoting this year must take a back seat. There is a possibility that the flagship, 3 Day Tour of Dorset Event will go ahead but this is far from certain. Barnsfield Heath (arguably the best closed circuit in the U K) effectively disappeared from the race calendar a few years ago. The few races run under British Cycling regulations never lived up to the TLI events of 10 years ago. Warm summer evenings would see over 100 riders on the traffic free circuit and with plenty of daylight, midweek races of 40 miles were possible

Whilst not replacing Barnsfield, Moreton has now become the midweek “fix” for Dorset roadies. Pete Washington and CC Weymouth put the first series on some seven years ago. Preferring the more relaxed approach to racing, they have promoted under The League International regulations, so successful at Barnsfield.

Always the driving force behind the Moreton series, Pete Washington has been reluctant to give up the reins. However this season he is taking more of a back seat. A meeting, appropriately held at Moreton Village Hall, race HQ, earlier this year, was called to discuss the future of the series. The outcome was a co-operative approach to running the events. Community Cycling if you will! Local clubs are all involved but the fundamental principal is “If you want to race you must be prepared to marshal”

Its early days, we are only two races in, but things have gone well, with riders registering to marshal on the event website. If all the riders take their turn at helping, then only once will be necessary

Perhaps it is the way forward; there is certainly a great vibe down at Moreton on Thursday evenings with post race cups of tea and cakes, fuelling the usual “I could have won” conversations. The Moreton Village Evening Road Race Series is proudly grass roots and there is nothing wrong with that. It is certainly no Premier Calendar but it is keeping racing on the roads down in Dorset.

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