Friday 27 May 2011

Rob Jefferies

Rob Jefferies was tragically killed in a road accident on Thursday Evening (26/05/11}. Rob was out training with Bryce Dyer when the accident happened near Wareham.

I spoke at length with Rob just last Sunday at the Dorset Rough Riders MTB event and I can still hear his voice.
I was taking photographs, Rob was Commisaire. He had ridden the Wessex 50 mile TT that morning and recorded 2.03.11. He was enjoying a good start to his season having ridden a PB for 25 in a club event the week before.

Rob talked about his hopes for the future; he had left his job with British Cycling and was hoping to get a teaching job. It was a “courageous move” he told me but he was sure it was the right move for him. We talked about the new Bournemouth Track, due to open next month. Track was Rob’s real passion and he spoke enthusiastically about the prospect of track racing on his doorstep. We shared a table at the Poole Wheelers dinner in the winter and he spoke of nothing else. It’s very difficult to know what to say. Here is Rob riding the EDCA 24 in April. See you up the road Rob.

ROB JEFFERIES (Poole Wheelers)

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