Wednesday 26 December 2018

Buckley Sets Course Best at Boxing Day 10! Report/Results

Ken Buckley broke the course record as he stormed to victory in the New Forest CC Boxing Day 10 at Ringwood. Riding for his new team, Nuun Sigma Sport London RT, Buckley clocked 20.11, to take 8 seconds off the old mark set by James Boyman in October last year.
Thirty two year old Buckley from Winchester was in a class of his own, following up his win in the Farnborough & Camberley 10 two weeks back, for a fast festive double.
Alan Murchison (DRAG2ZERO) claimed a distant second spot with 21.34, the Michelin starred chef has retired from the pass, filling his time these days catering for the Great Britain Cycling Team. Andy Langdown (Blazing Saddles) took third place, just 1 second down on the cook. The expected challenge of 2016 winner Sam Wadsley (Primera-Teamjobs) failed to happen with Wadsley opting for training miles and riding an upright frame. Chasing the River Avon down to the turn at the Woolpack Inn, the rough surface of the B3347 on the Hampshire/Dorset border offers precious little encouragement. And the inevitable headwind on the trip home makes you wish you had stayed in bed or at the very least taken up a more gentle pursuit. In truth, conditions were positively docile, mild, calm and still for the final race of the year: If a float day in December exists this was it.
Former national champion turned cycling coach, Julia Shaw (Drag2zero) stopped the clock on 24.21 to win the womens race. Shaw "gives just 80%" these days, preferring to mentor others.
Beth Allum captained by Sam Humpheson took the Tandem award their 24.18 comfortably seeing off their more fancily dressed rivals.
1 Beth Allum University Manchester CC
Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands 24.13
2 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC
Michael Rice Farnham RC 30.09
3 Bethany Gee
Julian Gee Stonia CC 30.17
4 Maria Golden ...a3crg
Deana Rice Farnham RC 38.47

1 Ken Buckley Nuun Sigma Sport London RT 20.11
2 Al Murchison Drag2Zero 21.34
3 Andy Langdown Blazin Saddles 21.35
4 Tom Day Poole Wh 21.50
=5 Ant Gritton Sotonia CC 22.27
=5 Dave Dent GS Stella 22.27
7 Simon Berogna VC St Raphael 22.33
8 Brendan Reese Army Cycling 22.37
9 Sam Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs 22.56
10 Xavier Disley Aerocoach 22.58

Full Results
1 Beth Allum University Of Manchester CC F Espoir 00:24:13 1st tandem
Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! M V40
2 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC F V60 00:30:09 2nd tandem
Michael Rice Farnham RC M V50
3 Bethany Gee Sotonia CC F Senior 00:30:17 3rd tandem
Julian Gee Sotonia CC M V60
4 Maria Golden ...a3crg F V50 00:38:37
Deana Rice Farnham RC F V50

1 Ken Buckley Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT M Senior 00:20:11 1st Senior M
2 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO M V40 00:21:34 1st V40 M
3 Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles M V50 00:21:35 1st V50 M
4 Thomas Day Poole Whs M Junior 00:21:58 1st Junior M
5 Ant Gritton Sotonia CC M Senior 00:22:27 2nd Senior M
6 Dave Dent GS Stella M V50 00:22:27 2nd V50 M
7 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael M V40 00:22:33 2nd V40 M
8 Brendan Reese Army Cycling M V40 00:22:37 3rd V40 M
9 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs M Espoir 00:22:56 1st Espoir M
10 B Xavier Disley AeroCoach M Senior 00:22:58 3rd Senior M
11 Nick Frewin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M V60 00:23:10 1st V60 M
12 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M Senior 00:23:10
13 Aron Kelly New Forest CC M Senior 00:23:24
14 Chris Birch Hoops Velo M V40 00:23:31
15 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs M V50 00:24:02 3rd V50 M
16 Ben Lorton London Dynamo M Senior 00:24:13
17 Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC M V50 00:24:18
18 Julia Shaw DRAG2ZERO F V50 00:24:21 1st V50 F
19 Nathan Wilson Thames Turbo Triathlon Club M Junior 00:24:29 2nd Junior M
20 Dan Byrne Poole Whs M Junior 00:24:41 3rd Junior M
21 Ryan Sheppard G.S. Henley M Senior 00:25:01
22 Andrew Thomas Poole Whs M V50 00:25:02
23 Phillip Scriven Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M V40 00:25:03
24 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC M V60 00:25:07 2nd V60 M
25 Mike Anderson Velo Club Venta M V60 00:25:25 3rd V60 M
26 Jack Martin Velo Club Venta M Junior 00:25:29
27 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC M V40 00:25:40
28 Martin Ross Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M V40 00:25:44
29 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC M V40 00:25:48
30 Julian Sheppard New Forest CC M V40 00:25:51
31 Naomi Shinkins BournemouthCycleworks Vitec Weber F Senior 00:26:03 1st Senior F
32 Stuart Willis Farnham RC M V50 00:26:03
33 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs F Senior 00:26:17 2nd Senior F
34 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael M V40 00:26:24
35 Pete Coombs New Forest CC M V50 00:26:30
36 Lucy Gadd Liv CC Halo Cycles F Junior 00:26:37 1st Junior F
37 John Sibley Utag RT M V50 00:27:00
38 Alun Tribe Blazing Saddles M V40 00:27:01
39 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael M V40 00:27:36
40 Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club M V50 00:27:37
41 Lizzy Stocker IRIS Race Team F Senior 00:27:38 3rd Senior F
42 Robert York Christchurch Bicycle Club M V60 00:27:48
43 Mat Jessop Tornado Road Cycling Club M Senior 00:27:53
44 Michelle Lock GS Stella F V50 00:28:24 2nd V50 F
45 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M V50 00:28:53
46 Erica Fogg Sotonia CC F V40 00:29:26 1st V40 F
47 Stewart Ward New Forest CC M Senior 00:29:27
48 Sean Williams New Forest CC M V50 00:30:12
49 Jacqueline York Christchurch Bicycle Club F V60 00:31:07 1st V60 F
50 Amanda Hawkes New Forest CC F V40 00:34:29 2nd V40 F
51 Monique Hoban 34 Nomads CC F V50 00:37:26 3rd V50 F

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