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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Rob Jefferies Memorial Track Meeting

The Rob Jeffries Memorial Meeting
Image by kind permission of ©Guy Swarbrick/trackcycling


Poole Wheelers are to promote an open track meeting in memory of former member Rob Jefferies. Jefferies, who loved track racing, was tragically killed in 2011 after being hit by a car while out training. The main event, a 25km points race features cash prizes and is expected to attract a top class field. Local track stars will be keen to do well on home turf and with a track limit of 27, organiser Gordon Skillen expects the race to fill up quickly. Skillen says....

“At the opening of the Bournemouth track, Rob was working on a race of some sort. This is our attempt to run an event worthy of the great man. The main event is a 25km points race, with primes offered for each of the sprint laps. This race is eligible for National Hardtrack League Points. This event is open to all categories of riders. There is also a 'b stream' of events culminating in 'The Eddie Beck Memorial Trophy', a 10km points race with primes/sprints every 5 laps. This race is meant for riders in their first year of racing and riders of lower category. Riders entering the event will be seeded into either the 'a' or 'b' stream at the organisers discretion, depending on a combination of which race they want to do and their previous results and experience.”

The full program, on 28th July, features, for both 'a' and 'b' riders, a 20 lap warm up race of which the first 6 from each race go through to a roadman's/Australian pursuit. There is also an elimination race and the feature, which is either the Rob Jefferies Memorial “Fistful Of Tenner’s” 25km Dash For Cash or the Eddie Beck Memorial. The first event is open to anybody. The latter event is for 3rd cats and below, riders in their first season of racing and juniors. The big money is in the big event but the 'b' stream is something for the newer riders to aim for.

Skillen is also working on an inter-club 4km team pursuit and an invitation sprint. Further details will be found at the event website

Eddie Beck was a long-time member of Poole Wheelers who was always keen to encourage new riders. Eddie passed away in 2011 after losing his battle with cancer.

Entries close Sun, 21st Jul 2013
Event promoted by: Poole Whls CC ( website )
Event organiser:Mr Gordon Skillen
24b St Catherines

Riders entering either race will also be riding a warm up race, a roadman's pursuit and devil-take-the-hindmost for both 'a' and 'b' riders.

Please feel free to contact the organisers for any further explaination.
13:00 E/1/2/3/4 Regional C+ Band 5 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 100 laps / 25km / 16m £15.0
13:00 Hard Track Endurance League Regional C+ Band 3 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
13:00 3/4 Regional C+ Band 5 3rd, 4th 40 laps / 10km / 7m £15.00

Riders Entered as of 18/07/13
Mr William Clark Poole Whls CC
Mr Iain Cook VC Londres
Mr Adam D'arcy-Wykes Poole Whls CC
Mr Martin Dawkins Team Quest - The Bike Shop
Master Harrison Fielding Peter Hansford Racing
Mr Alex Harding Andover Whls
Mr Oliver Hitchings Peter Hansford Racing
Mr Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000
Master Zak Loney Team LFH
Mr John McClelland Prestige Velo Club
Mr Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
Mr Glenn O'Brien CC Luton
Mr Charles Rees Team Tor 2000
Mr Maximilian Stedman AW Cycles
Mr Jamie Streather VC St Raphael
Mr Jason Streather VC St Raphael
Mr Alex Wise VC St Raphael
3/4 CAT

Mr Chris Braiden Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
Mr James Brightwell Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
Mr Rob Ellis VC St Raphael
Ms Adama Newlove
Mr Daryl Price Poole Whls CC

Master Alistair Fielding Peter Hansford Racing
Master Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
Master Niall Dawkins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Mr Brendan Drewett Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Miss Lucy Edmunds Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
Miss Eve Jefferies Poole Whls CC
Miss Rebecca Raybould Poole Whls CC

Full Entry Details here

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