Sunday 27 January 2013

Dorset Miles,Bear Cross Sunday Ride, or Not!

Thirteen of us at Bear Cross this morning only it wasn’t Bear Cross? it was Poole Park! Not quite sure why the late change (apologies to those that did not know) and the ride across town was not much fun either. Through the urban sprawl to Upton and out to Lytchett Minster, the drag up to Lytchett Matravers felt too hard, it was going to be a tough day. A stiff westerly wind annoyed us through Bloxworth, Briantspuddle, Affpuddle, Tolpuddle & Athelhampton. The road to Tincleton was flooded; it was wet feet for all as a couple of Buzzards looked on quizzically. Over the rail tracks at Crossways, Redbridge, Tadnoll and up Five Marys to East Chaldon. At Winfrith Newburgh the numbers were halved as some turned for home, the rest climbed up to Daggers Gate, then the fast descent to West Lulworth, then climbing again up to the army camp. The drop down to East Lulworth is good fun but the fun is spoilt by the sight of Whiteway Hill,rising high into the Purbecks. It is always a tough climb but the wind is on our backs now as we avoid the snow on the edges and drop down to Steeple. Turning left to climb Cocknowle, younger, more talented legs disappeared over the top, no doubt adding a few more miles to the day’s total. The four of us remaining are joined by the man with the hammer; it’s just one of those days! Wareham, East Morden up to Lytchett again, Pardy’s feels like one hill too many as the rain falls. The long miles of winter are nearly done, perhaps just one more morning at Bear Cross? The green shoots of spring signal a change to shorter, faster rides, there is racing in February and February is next week. 4hrs 33.

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