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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Free Retul Bike Fitting from Primera!

We specialise in fitting you with your Bike using the best technology currently available. If you are a keen Cyclist, Triathlete, Mountain biker or Duathlete then you will want to get the most out of the investment you have made in your machine and ensure you are able to ride in your optimal position.

At Primera we stock over 20 brands and carry over 1,000 bikes in our stores.
End result is it gives us and you the customer an opportunity to find a bike that fits and not sell you the wrong product. Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Cervelo, Pinarello, Kuota and Argon18 all measure different, so when you are choosing a brand always try and keep an open mind as another brand may fit you better than the one you had in mind.
The bike fitting process is carried out in our dedicated custom build centre, below are some images of a bike fit in progress. The bike fitting process takes into account everything from flexability, previous injuries, the type of riding you are looking for and various other aspects to ensure the fit is perfect.

Bike-fit has been used for over 20 years and we were there at the start! It's a pleasure to see athletes and leisure riders flying along on a bike, which fits them well, and you see they are comfortable for mile after mile.

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