Wednesday 21 March 2012

Bournemouth Arrow announce link with Winton College

The Bournemouth Arrow is proud to announce that it is linking with Winton Arts and Media College to provide the Club with an operating base in the heart of the town.
In addition to providing rooms for Club Meetings the College will house, in a special facility adjacent to the Sports Hall, the Arrow’s fleet of 6 Wattbikes in a state of the art Centre of Excellence. This facility, complete with showers and changing rooms, will be available for use by Students and Arrow members.
The Arrow’s Development Officer Alan McRae says:
“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Club to be based right next to the new outdoor track and to provide members with meeting rooms and a training centre virtually 12 months a year. Available 5 nights a week, it links perfectly with the Club Nights on Fridays at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre. A feature of these sessions is the 5.30pm Junior Development Programme providing the next step into the sport for School Students. This links with the Club Session at 6.30pm providing all members with a wet weather training option to track training, all under the supervision of our own coaches.
Club Nights start at the track on 20th April and we plan for the Centre of Excellence to be operational by then. After years in the development, our members can now fine tune their fitness through the season using the track or the Wattbikes at no cost other than Club membership”.
Further details of Arrow Club Membership can be found on:
Such is the growth in popularity of cycling in schools, in addition to its own students, Winton College plan to use the facility, it’s own trained staff and fleet of bikes as a Cycling Centre available to other schools’ for their term time cycling activities.
For details of this College Programme, schools should contact Nadine Lapskas at

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