Monday 5 March 2012

Legs:Wax or Shave?

The racing season is upon us and with it comes the usual hassle of leg shaving. Why not make leg shaving a thing of the past? - Make an appointment with Caroline Humphreys at HONE and get your legs waxed. You will get 25% off your first waxing if you mention this blog.
Caroline says……….”With waxing, your legs will stay hair-free for much longer than shaving. You will need to shave every 2-3 days and get prickly regrowth. But with waxing you will stay smooth for up to 4 weeks and regrowth will be sparser and finer after regular appointments.
You already know the benefits of being hair-free for cycling (and Triathlon) - now you know the benefits of waxing”.
To make your appointment please contact Caroline at HONE:
T: 07704 168695E:
(link on right)

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