Sunday 26 February 2012

Poole Wheelers 27km TT

Pat Dunn (cc Weymouth) opened his account for the season, with a clear win in the Poole Wheelers 27km TT. Run on the Gallows Hill-Worgret Heath circuit, the event was the first of 6 in an Inter-club hardriders competition. Dunn,with 38.06 was nearly a minute clear of second placed man, Steve Birtwistle (PW) 39.04.

Promising Junior, Harrison Fielding (PW) has spent the winter riding the track at Calshot and has plenty of speed in the legs. His time of 39.24 was good enough for third place, edging out teammate Leighton Girling by just 1 second.

The Gallows Hill circuit has a little of everything, country lanes, wider main roads, a few lumps and a long drag up to the chequered board that never seems to come. Thirty three riders signed on and the the bright sunshine and ever so gentle breeze had thoughts turning to spring.
Provisional Result
1, P DUNN (CCW) 38.06
2, S BIRTWISTLE (PW) 39.04
3,H FIELDING (PW) 39.24
4,L GIRLING (PW) 39.25
5,C LAWSON (CCW) 39.57
6,I DIAPER (BJW) 40.14
7,D LEWIS (PW) 40.27
8,G TUSKIN (PW) 40.43
9,B RIGLAR (CCW) 40.53
10,C ROWE (BJW) 41.00
11, P WILSON (BA) 41.02

12,M BALDOCK (PW) 41.38
13,M ALDRIDGE (PW) 41.48
14,T ICKE(PW) 42.06
15,N BEST(BJW) 42.08
17, J CHAPMAN(CWW) 42.44
18,,P EVANS (BJW) 42.55

19,S PINK(CCW) 43.01
20,M COURAGE(BJW) 43.17
21,W KEEBLE (PW) 44.25
22,M MILDON(PW) 45.05

23,T BELBIN(PW) 45.39
24,J FOSTER (CCW) 45.52
25,N PINCH(PW) 45.53
26,M MERRITT(CCW) 45.54
27,A PRESTON(CCW) 46.58

28, R INNET (PW) 47.53
29, A JACKSON(CCW) 48.37
30,P BOWEN(PW) 52.39
31,B WAKELY(WRC) 55.25
32,R GOULD (PW) 56.30

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  1. Hi Eamonn thanks for the report, hopefully this should turn into quite a good competition and create some interest in non dragstrip events.