Wednesday 22 February 2012

Inter Club Time Trial Series

The local time trial season gets underway in Dorset this weekend with the Poole Wheelers/Wessex RC 27km event on Sunday 26th. Entry is on the line with the first rider off at 10:00. Held on the Gallows Hill-Moreton circuit, the race is the first of six in an inter club series,with all of the events held on sporting courses. Points will be allocated in the same way as the popular end of season hill climbs. Participating clubs are Poole Whs, Bournemouth Jubilee Whs, CC Weymouth and Wessex RC. Of course these events are not limited to just these clubs and all are welcome. The idea is to add a bit of interest to these testing, early season club events and hopefully increase entries. Paul Hughes of Poole Wheelers describes the courses:
Sun 26th Feb 10:00. Poole Whs 27 km Gallows Hill-Moreton Circuit P433. A rolling course that starts at Gallows Hill then goes via Clouds Hill, B3390, Moreton, Wool, Worgret and finally along the 7km drag up Puddletown Road to the finish at Gallows Hill.
Sun 4th Mar 10:00. Poole Whs 15 miles Purbeck Hilly Circuit. A rolling start and finish with Whiteways Hill in the middle. Start in Holme Lane near the Springfield Hotel then via West Holme, East Lulworth, climb Whiteways Hill, descend Steeple, Church Knowle, Corfe Castle, Wareham bypass to finish in West Lane near the Springfield Hotel.

Sat 10th Mar 15:00. Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 20 miles Furzehill Circuit P472A (2 laps). An undulating course that starts at Furzehill and goes via Pig Oak, Horton, Horton Inn and B3078 to finish at Furzehill.
Sun 11th Mar 09:00 Poole Whs 15 miles Wareham-Gallows Hill Circuit P414. This is the same testing circuit that was used for the 2011 Rudy Project. Start at Wareham Station then past Silent Woman pub to Lane End then via Gallows Hill, Wool and Wareham bypass to finish at Wareham Station.
Sat 24th Mar 10:00 CC Weymouth 22 miles Moreton-Gallows Hill Circuit P436 (2 laps). This is the same course (but different start) proposed by Poole Whs for the CTT National Circuit Championships in 2013. A sporting course with a 2 mile drag up Gallows Hill from Wool. Start at Moreton, then via East Burton, Wool, Gallows Hill, Clouds Hill and B3390 to finish at Moreton.
Sun 25th Mar 09:00 Poole Whs 28 miles Round the Harbour P461. This is the revised edition of the old classic open event that used to start at Sandbanks and finish on the ferry approach at Studland. Due to traffic lights in the town and at Sandford, the new course starts at the Creekmoor Park and Ride and goes via Bakers Arms, A35, Woodbury, past the Silent Woman pub, Wareham Bypass, Corfe Castle, B3351 past the Purbeck Golf Club and through Studland to finish on the ferry approach. Note that transport will be provided to take kit from the start across to the finish.

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