Sunday 9 February 2020

Fareham Wheelers Reliabilty Trials: Three to Choose From!

The now famous Fareham wheelers Reliability trials on Sunday 23rd February 2020 including a warming chilli con carne at the finish.
3 routes to choose, each with target times to gain a certificate.

Trundle&Steep 69.8 miles
Petersfield 51.3 miles
Socialite 32.4 miles

Everyone very welcome whether you are a member of Fareham wheelers, another cycle club, Tri club or not part of any club at all.
£3.00 entry on the day. The HQ at Wickham community centre is open from 07:30 for registration, riders can leave between 08:00-09:15

What are Reliability Trials?

Reliability Trials are not races, but rather long distance rides which emphasise fitness, self reliance and in part, navigational skills . Reliability Trials normally stipulate the completion of a given route (e.g. 100 miles) within a given time limit (e.g. 8 hours), whereas Reliability Trials are most often run by Cycling Clubs and usually take place in the winter period, and used by regular racers and club riders alike, to maintain winter fitness. Riders taking part in a Reliability Trial will sometimes be issued with a route card, detailing the course of the event, but equally a GPS file is frequently supplied.

The growth of Audax and Sportive events has overshadowed the Reliability Trial. However, trials tend to be smaller, friendly and less expensive to enter. Reliability Trials (like audaxs) also tend to be organised by not-for-profit cycling clubs rather than professional event organisers, and are therefore a great way to engage with your local club and find out more about club cycling.

Trundle and Steep 70 miles
69.8 mi, +3661 ft. Bike ride in Winchester, England

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