Monday, 21 October 2013

Bournemouth Track League Association: Meeting Friday 15th November!


Adam D’Arcy-Wkyes is the new promoter for next years league but it is intended to run the League as the Bournemouth Track League Association representing all the local clubs in the area and therefore owned by all the clubs and riders in the area.
The league will move from Tuesday to Friday evenings so as not to interfere with any of the existing local races during the week.
Currently it is planned to start on Friday 2nd May and run to Friday 29th August.
All local club members are urged to play a part in the association whether it be riders or volunteers to help out with the jobs on the night so that the league can become a success for local cycling in general.
To that end, Wykes is organising a meeting to discuss the league, get feedback and to elect a committee for the association.
Officials to be elected will be a chairman, secretary and a treasurer.
“It would be nice if these posts were filled by people from different clubs so to get an even balance. I would like all local clubs to please canvas their members to see who would be interested in coming along and whether anyone would be interested in jobs in the association or committee and let me know what sort of numbers to expect. The more the merrier!” says Wkkes
The meeting is to be held at:
Canford Sports Centre
Canford School
BH21 3AD
Friday 15th November at 7:30pm.

For volunteers and committee nominees or indeed any further questions contact Adam on

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