Sunday 2 October 2011

Portland Hill Climb

Simon McLaughlin (Bournemouth Jubilee WH) won the CC Weymouth Hill Climb, making the punishing Portland climb look easy. In warm, sunny conditions, McLaughlin recorded a time of 4.40, 16 seconds clear of in- form Paddy Dunn (CC Weymouth) with Poole Wheelers fast man Gary Dighton in third with 5.05.

The steep ascent rises up through the village of Fortuneswell to the finish high above Chesil Beach on the Jurassic Coast. The Portland event is the opening round of the annual, inter- club series and McLaughlin has laid his cards on the table in his bid for the individual title.

CC Weymouth started the defense of their team title well, placing three riders in the top ten. It promises to be an exciting competition with both the Poole Wheelers and Bournemouth Jubilee looking strong.

Next week the battle resumes on Creech Hill in the Purbecks, promoted by the Poole Wheelers.

Bournemouth Jubilee runs round 3 on the twisting Kingston Hill before the final showdown on the slopes of Whiteways Hill, on the Army ranges in the Purbecks.


1, S McLAUGHLIN (BJW) 4.40
2, P DUNN (CCW) 4.56
3, G DIGHTON (PW) 5.05
4, M ALDRIDGE (PW) 5.09
5, A GRAHAM (BJW) 5.12
6, B RIGLAR (CCW) 5.13
7, D HICKS (BJW) 5.15
8, J CLEMAS (BJW) 5.22

9, B DYER (VC ST R) 5.24
10, J MURDOCH (CCW) 5.32
11, S PINK (CCW) 5.37
12, M MERRIT (CCW) 5.38
13, T BELBIN (PW) 5.50
14, J FOSTER (CCW) 5.52
15, J CHAPMAN (CCW) 5.53
16, J FULLER (BJW) 6.05
17, M FISHER (BJW) 6.18
19, G DYER 6.32
19, A JACKSON (CCW) 6.32
21, H GOULD (CCW) 6.42 1ST LADY

22, I LOCOCK (PW) 6.43
23, A PRESTON (CCW) 7.01
24, W WILSON (CCW) 7.13
25, P STOCKWELL 7.17
26, P GALE (CCW) 7.41
28, M LINDLEY (ACC) 8.10 (L)
30, R LOCOCK (CCW) 10.24 (L)

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