Saturday 16 April 2011


I have been really impressed with Larry Hickmots new website Loads of information on there about UK racing and further afield, so impressed in fact that i put an advert on there. I am keen to support Larrys initiative and think it will become a great resource for cycling fans. I know from the people i talk to that they want to know who missed the break in the Pot Hunters RC evening circuit race or who came third in the Wobbly Wheelers 25. Not only do they want to hear about it, they care about it! Ok it may be grass roots but so what, "Mighty Oak trees grow from small roots" (sorry, getting a bit carried away) but i reckon all of the British guys riding in the Pro Peloton cut there teeth in a "Fish & Chipper" road race or a club 10.
See you up the road, Larry!

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