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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dorset Miles, Bear Cross Sunday Ride: In Celebration of Beer!

Only half a dozen at Bear Cross this morning (bring a note next week), on a murky day that was more winter than autumn. Obviously “The Bear Cross” then the “Rising Sun” and “The Green Man” the hanging baskets just a memory. Onto the Cowgrove, “The Vine” really is a public house. The ice is gone now but the water is still there, throwing up plenty of muck. Overtaking the CTC group could be the potterers, maybe the dawdlers? anyone on a tandem trike desreves respect. Right to “The true Lovers Knot” and the “Langton Arms”. Across the A354, “The Bugle Horn” is sadly no more. A long drag up through Stubhampton, across the top road and a fast, if slightly bumpy descent to “The Talbot” right, then quickly left brings us to “The Bakers Arms” and on to “The Royal Oak”. Belchawell lacks a pub but offers a road that goes up Bulbarrow hill, at 274 metres it’s the highest point in the county and of course its everyman for himself. A truce at the top before dropping fast down to “The Fox” at Ansty and then a bit of a grovel up past Milton abbey and the “Hambro Arms”. The descent is a joy, the road is slick but the extravagant curves cry out for speed. “The Milton Arms” and “The Greyhound” bring us to Red Post and “The Botany Bay” Its 12 noon, across Dorset bolts are being drawn back on oaken doors, pints of ale will slake thirsts and tales will get taller. A car waves across the busy A31, War? What War? The lanes are very muddy, West Morden really is little Belgium today and “The Worlds End” could be just that. A front wheel puncture climbing Lytchett deflates us all but still, the six smiling, muddy faces bore testament to the bike as therapy for the modern malaise! “The Chequers” gave its name to a road race now long gone, arms aloft straight into the bar. The six were now four and soon two; “The Willet Arms” and we are back where we started, left for a change and “The Kings Arms” and “The White Hart”. The “Horns” and “The Owls Nest” vie for the same custom and “The Curlew” also. Closer to home “The Catherine Wheel” is now a block of flats and The "Iford Bridge” is close but I am seldom tempted. “Time gentlemen please” 4hrs 13

1 comment:

  1. Route finding by ale houses past and present. Admirable recall ED. An enjoyable account.