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Monday, 17 September 2012

Ian Legg (Primera/Specilalized) with his cyclo-cross diary.....It's been a busy weekend racing two cyclo cross races. Oxford Saturday
and Gloucester Sunday.

Saturday I managed 10th place, a pleasing result against some of the
uk's top trophy riders. The race started fast with the field splitting
early on. The course was hard going on cut grass but fast. I managed to
maintain a good overall pace but soon settled into a small group. After
a season on the road I struggled to hold my competitors wheels through
the technical sections.

Sunday saw a much better outcome with the first cyclo cross WIN of the
season. After a good start three of us riders broke away from the field,
and maintained a strong pace throughout. I soon realised I technically
had the the upper had and made a dash with 2 laps to go. Creating
distance and maintaing my speed the leading gap increased and I rode
into my first victory!

I plan to continue riding cyclo cross though out the winter, keep
training hard and up the turbo during the dark nights. Using the cyclo
cross to maintain my fitness for a good road season next

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