Thursday 3 May 2012

cc Weymouth Club 10

Steve Pink reports on the club 10

The long awaited return of some sunshine brought out a healthy 20 man field to the Monkey World circuit.(p459) With the warming sun, a gentle southern breeze and dry roads hopes were high for some quick times.
Unfortunately the wind died completely and with no lift the whole 10 miles were a bit of a slog. Most people’s times were 30 to 60 seconds down on usual but everyone enjoyed not being wet for once!
There was one person though who didn’t have a great night, Matt Merritt caught some mud coming out of the tight Worgret turn and lost his front wheel. Matt has a damaged radius in his elbow and some healthy road rash that will keep him off of the bike for a few weeks. He is gutted to be missing the start of the Moreton TLI series which he loves so much, but we are all glad that it wasn’t worse.
Matt would like to pass on his thanks to all who helped on the evening including the two ladies living opposite, the car drivers who stopped, the Mud Sweet and Gears riders coming the other way, Mr and Mrs Gould who drove down to find him and the following racers who gave up there times to stop and help (especially the Chairman who gave up on a certain course best despite having a mechanical and only running one gear!), but most of all to Justin who took him to hospital to get checked out.

As for the results:

Julian Thacker, VC St Raphael, took the win in 23:15. Charlie Lawson, CCW, took maximum club points with a 23:50 and the rapidly finding his legs again Greg Parker, CCW, finished 3rd with 24:10

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