Monday 14 May 2012

Wessex 50 Start List


Open 50 miles time trial, in memory of Terry Aiken, promoter of this event for 25 years, who passed away on 23rd. September, 2007.

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

Sunday 20th May 2012.
Time keeper Mrs.A. Allen Recorder Mr. D. Allen
Event Sec. Mr. Fred Newton, 13, Lavender Way, Broadstone, Dorset,
BH18 9NN . tel (01202) 696872.

Prize list.
1st Fastest £30 Best improver £15 2nd improver £10
2nd fastest £20 Best no line 3 £15 2nd no line 3 £10 3rd fastest £15 Fastest lady £5
4th fastest £10 First vet on std £15 2nd vet on std £10
5th fastest £5 Fastest team £10 each

Course P417.
Start at drain cover at eastern end of deceleration lane to A35 eastbound at Pikes Farm Crossroads, Organford. A 35 to Bakers Arms, straight over (A 35) to Holes Bay Roundabout. Straight over, bearing left at next roundabout to Mannings Heath roundabout (7.26 miles). Circle and retrace to Bakers Arms (13.6 miles), straight over on A 35 to Bere Regis. Right (2nd exit) at first roundabout, then straight on (2nd exit) at 2nd roundabout (20.83 miles) Continue on A 35 to slip road at Troy Town, where left to small roundabout.(27.85 miles) Take 3rd exit, under underpass, to rejoin A 35 east bound to Bere Regis (35.17 miles) Retrace to Bakers Arms, (42.36 miles) straight on (A 35) to Holes Bay roundabout (45.93 miles), turn and retrace to Bakers Arms. Straight on, then first left to finish at electricity sub station. (50 miles)

Many thanks to event sponsors,
Primera Sport,
244 Charminster Road, Bournemouth BH8 9RR
tel. 01202 775588
; Instructions for riders

1. Event H Q is at Lytchett Matravers Village Hall, High Street, Lytchett Matravers.
2. This is a residential area, riders are requested to be quiet in consideration of local residents.
3. Safe route to start; Turn right out of HQ into High Street, right again at Rose & Crown to junction of A 35 (about 2 miles)
4. Safe route from finish. Continue to end of lane, turn right to A 35 cross roads, cross with care and retrace outward route.
5. Signing on will be at event HQ. Numbers may be collected when signing on, and exchanged for a drink at the finish.
6. Parking at HQ. No parking near start or finish.
7. No warming up on the A 35, and riders are asked not to make u-turns in the area of the start or finish.
8. Your attention is drawn to reg 20 (observance of the law), and reg 21 (paced and company riding)
9. Observers may be in attendance along the course, and any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others, and the future of the sport will be disqualified and reported to CTT South DC.
In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. CTT regulations require all competitors under the age of 18 years to wear a hard shell helmet.
12. Please note that the new Poole fire station is now operational with access on to the Holes Bay roundabout controlled by emergency traffic lights. In the unlikely event of these lights being activated riders MUST comply. Should any rider fail to do so he/she will be disqualified and South DC will be advised.
13. Riders are advised to take particular care at the Tower Park roundabout, where there is a right turn and potentially fast traffic approaching from the right.
It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant,is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use

Order of start

23 George Crammond SURC 06.53
Tim Wallis SURC (Tandem)
25 John Radford Sotonia CC 2.20.51 2.22.09 06.55
Nick Wisby Sotonia CC (Tandem)
27 Fred Newton Wessex RC 2.16.57 2.26.22 06.57
28 Peter Weaver New Forest CC 2.27.00 06.58
29 Colin Yeates Sotonia CC 2.20.59 06.59
30 Jonathan Hepper a3crg 1.51.21 2.17.24 07.00
31 Eddy Toal Bournemouth Jubilee 2.27.40 07.01
32 Bob Jolliffe New Forest CC 2.23.37 07.02
33 Darryl Marcus-Hanks Southampton Tri Club 2.23.08 07.03
34 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 07.04
35 Terry Icke Poole Whls 1.54.56 2.29.07 07.05
36 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee 2.08.28 2.20.59 07.06
37 Linda Connor Southampton Tri Club 2.29.40 07.07
38 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 2.16.04 07.08
39 Jane Pritchard Gillingham & Dist 2.32.16 07.09
40 Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee 1.53.39 2.18.13 07.10
41 Vincent Hounsome Gillingham & Dist 2.04,27 2.19.24 07.11
42 Philip Evans Bournemouth Jubilee 2.33.44 2..17.49 07.12
43 Mark German 1st Chard Whls 2.16.38 2.20.59 07.13
44 Martin Aldridge Poole Whls 2.18.37 07.14
45 Rob Sherrin a3crg 1.54.13 2.17.24 07.15
46 Richard Davidson Poole Whls 2.18.13 07.16
47 Dean Ward 1st Chard Whls 2.04.53 07.17
48 Chris Hughes New Forest CC 2.19.01 07.18
49 Stuart Grace G A Cycles 2.11.28 2.21.48 07.19
50 James Gilfillan Contre La Montre 1.46.16 07.20
51 Jonathan Wilkinson-Lockyer Team Tor 2000 2.03.00 2.16.58 07.21
52 Jon Clemas Bournemouth Jubilee 2.01.58 07.22
53 Terry Belbin Poole Whls 2.11.01 2.19.01 07.23
54 Marc Barfoot Contre La Montre 2.16.04 07.24
55 Gary Dighton Poole Whls 1.53,43 2.16.58 07.25
56 Derek Pierce Bath CC 2.05.33 2.26.22 07.26
57 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee 2.13.59 2.24.07 07.27
58 Alan Emmott Fareham Whls 2.09.20 2.25.46 -7.28
59 Tom Alliban Revo Racing 2.20.11 7,29
60 Julian Jenkinson Contre La Montre 1.40.24 0.730

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