Monday 30 September 2013

Glenn Longland 2 Day, Start List




H.Q. Downton Football Club

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2013

3 Stages under T.L.I. Cycling Rules

ENTRIES-: Members £20 Non Members £28 E.O.L. £32

Stage 1 Prologue 2.4km Saturday
Stage 2 Handicap Road Race 42km Saturday 2.30pm
Stage 3 Time Trial 37km Sunday 9.00am

Organiser Glenn Longland
Tel: 02380 731771/07759675589

1 Richard Blake Antelope Racing Team A 1.01/9.01
2 John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood C.C. D 1.02/9.02
3 Michael Horsman Gloucester City C.C. C 1.03/9.03
4 Steve Howat Stratford C.C. A 1.04/9.04
5 Steve Wood Antelope Racing Team C 1.05/9.05
6 Keith Walton Stratford C.C. E 1.06/9.06
7 Dave (Gary) White Lookalike C.C. B 1.07/9.07
8 Colin Dixon Portsdown Hill C.C. A 1.08/9.08
9 James Champken V.C.Venta Esp 1.09/9.09
10 Oli Emmans Antelope Racing Team B 1.10/9.10
11 Daniel Moore Take 2 R.T. M1 1.11/9.11
12 Roy Jones V.C. Montpellier A 1.12/9.12
13 Rob Ellis V.C. St. Raphael A 1.13/9.13
14 Colin Yeates Sotonia C.C. C 1.14/9.14
15 Stewart Peckham New Forest C.C. A 1.15/9.15
16 Toby Hood Bournemouth Jubilee M1 1.16/9.16
17 Nick Williams New Forest C.C. C 1.17/9.17
18 Matthew Heathcote JMJ Cycles M2 1.18/9.18
19 Sam Dorkings Didcot Phoenix C.C. Esp. 1.19/9.19
20 Hugo Walters New Forest C.C. Jun 1.20/9.20
21 Stewart Ward Ful-On-Tri M1 1.21/9.21
22 Jon Dudley Sotonia C.C. C 1.22/9.22
23 Andrew Lockwood Southampton Uni R.C. Esp. 1.23/9.23
24 Chris Martin Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen. 1.24/9.24
25 Stephen Eggleton Stratford C.C. M1 1.25/9.25
26 Andrew Tinkler Portsdown Hill C.C. Esp. 1.26/9.26
27 Bryce Riglar C.C. Weymouth Esp. 1.27/9.27
28 James Peckham Sotonia C.C. Sen. 1.28/9.28
29 Charlie Leech Southampton Uni R.C. Esp. 1.29/9.29
30 James Fulcher Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen. 1.30/9.30
31 Martin Millington Stratford C.C. M2 1.31/9.31
32 Thomas Bandy Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen. 1.32/9.32
33 Paul Richardson Bournemouth Arrow Sen. 1.33/9.33
34 Richard Burch Sotonia C.C. B 1.34/9.34
35 Christopher Brooks Southampton Uni R.C. M1 1.35/9.35
36 David Lugton Portsdown Hill C.C. M1 1.36/9.36
37 Maxwell Yates Stratford C.C. A 1.37/9.37
38 Charles Simon Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen. 1.38/9.38
39 James Chant Off Camber A 1.39/9.39
40 Michael Cooke Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen. 1.40/9.40
41 Henry Nixon Southampton Uni R.C. Sen. 1.41/9.41
42 Ray Claridge G.A. Cycles A 1.42/9.42
43 Thomas Key Southampton Uni R.C. Esp. 1.43/9.43
44 Simon Barnes G.A. Cycles B 1.44/9.44
45 Simon Brooks V.C. St. Raphael B 1.45/9.45
46 Simon Wegerif Whatever C.C. B 1.46/9.46
47 Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Racing M2 1.47/9.47
48 Tony Kiss Stratford C.C. M1 1.48/9.48
49 Chris Mullett Gillingham & District Sen. 1.49/9.49
50 Gary Allan G.A. Cycles C 1.50/9.50
51 Emma Bulstrode Peter Hansford Racing L 1.51/9.51

52 Rowan Horner V.C. St. Raphael M2 1.52/9.52
53 Simon Kenyon Thames Professionals C.C. A 1.53/9.53
54 Andrew Bryson Peter Hansford Racing M1 1.54/9.54
55 Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead M2 1.55/9.55
56 Bryce Dyer V.C. St. Raphael M2 1.56/9.56
57 Kevin Smith Mapperly C.C. B 1.57/9.57
58 Harry Bulstrode Peter Hansford Racing M1 1.58/9.58
59 1.59/9.59
60 Steve Whitewick Velo C 2.00/10.00

Dighton Clocks Comeback PB!

Gary Dighton Clocks a PB in the Ogmore Valley Wheelers 25 in Wales. Michael Hutchinson takes the win.
Brief Result
1.Michael Hutchinson In Gear Quick Vit Trainsharp 47:15
2. Kieron Davies Bynea CC 48.08
3. Jon Wynn Northover VT / Rudy Project 49:28
4. Peter Lawrence Team MDT 50:03
5. Gary Dighton Poole Whs 50:13
10. Paul Jones “ “ 52:15
" Lots of non – starters, but fortunately the rain that we had travelling there moved away and the roads were dry, overcast but a bit breezy a Personal best for me since starting back - was hoping to get under 50 minutes. Think that might be a Poole Wheelers club record – Strong easterly going out gave me 17.20 for the first ten miles and about 26:25 at 15 miles!! Last 10 miles into the wind i could barely hold 25mph!”

New Forest News!

ROADWORKS at Sopley on Saturday led to the cancellation of New Forest Cycling club’s Charity 10-mile time trial, which had attracted a field of 75 riders.
Sponsors Bournemouth Cycleworks have kindly allowed its contributions to the prize list to be commuted to New Forest’s Boxing Day competition over the same distance.
Meanwhile New Forest CC brothers Bob and Chris Jolliffe travelled to Newmarket for the rescheduled Veterans’ Time Trial Association National 10-mile Championship, which was postponed from August 31.
Starting one minute behind his elder brother, Chris clocked his season’s best of 27-06, while Bob just held off his brother with 28-03, losing time after his tri bars’ righthand armrest snapped off just before the halfway mark.
Both were considerably slower than winner Rob Pears (Bath CC) who ignored the strong easterly wind which hampered the less fit on the return leg. He hammered around the E2/10 course in 19-30.

Sunday 29 September 2013

Poole Wheelers/Wesex League Cross, Full Results

Rob Gray Writes………Round 4 of the Wessex League Senior race won by Steve James (Hargroves RT), where this weeks cross was a local affair at Admiralty Park on Holton Heath near Wareham. Ten years has past since the last Wessex League race on a wet and windy day took place on the MOD land at Admiralty Park. Sunday however was rain free with warm sunny weather on a course with plenty of heavy going grass, woods and a nice tarmac section to stretch the legs.

It was a quick get-away from the start grid where the Seniors jostled for position on the tarmac before diving into the woods for the first lap of the senior race. Once out onto the grass a lead group of Mike Cotty (Wheelbase Cannondale), Luke Gray (Trek Cyclo-Cross Collective),
Steve James and Andy Hargroves (Hargroves RT) had formed. On the second lap Hargroves had dropped off the group which was now headed by Gray as they entered the grass field were the riders jockied for position . A lap later Cotty had taken the lead with Gray who had now broken free from James who had dropped a chain in the woods on a bumpy part of the course. It wasn't long before the group was back to three again. Then Gray was the next to be dropped unable to respond to a quick acceleration. Cotty and James continued to lap this short course together until 2 laps from the end. First Cotty made a move, which came to nothing, then as the last lap approached James made his move and got clear leading all the way to the finish. Cotty came in 10 seconds down followed by Gray 1.45 further back.
After 4 rounds Gray now leads the Wessex Series.

The promoting club Poole wheelers had a good turn out from the youth riders, where for the second week running Rowan Turner(Poole Wheelers) took the win in the under 12 race followed in by Max Meadwell (Bournemouth Jubilee).

1st 17 Steven James Hargroves Cycles S
2nd 19 Mike Cotty WheelbaseCannondale S
3rd 7 Luke Gray Trek Cross Collective S
4th 12 Christopher Mintor S
5th 14 Jamie Norfolk V
6th 13 Richard Lewis CC Bassingstoke S
7th 22 Ryan Keynes Odiham CC S
8th 10 Aaron Taylor Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap
9th 20 Gavin Spiers G.S. Henley S at 1 lap
10th 11 Karl Norfolk S at 1 lap
11th 26 Jason Blann Team Rosse Blann S at 1 lap
12th 2 Fraser MacDonald Cotswold Veldrijden S at 1 lap
13th 8 Stu Thompsom Andover Wheelers S at 2 laps
14th 5 Richard Clark Private Member S at 2 laps
15th 21 John Vinson Poole Wheelers S at 2 laps
16th 24 Simon Jodrell Odiham CC S at 2 laps
17th 1 Graham Dance Southdown Velo S at 2 laps
18th 27 David Belcher Sotonia CC S at 2 laps
19th 3 Alistair Moody Cycle Sport South Hams S at 3 laps
DNF 18 Mat Hargroves Hargroves Cycles S DNF at 6 laps
DNF 25 Phillip Neal 0 S DNF at 6 laps
DNF 6 Andrew Hargroves Felt-Colbournes-Hargroves RT S DNF at 4 laps
1st 47 Crispen Doyle Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialized Trant-Next-Elliotts V40
2nd 2 Steven Davies Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialized Trant-Next-Elliotts V50
3rd 19 Sean Williams Wightline/Offshore V40
4th 14 Keith Sheridan Cotswold Veldrijden V40
5th 20 Robin Wilmott Cotswold Veldrijden V40
6th 34 Pete Scot Cotswold Veldrijden V40
7th 15 Mike Simpson G S Henley V40
8th 6 Tim Hyde G S Henley
9th 4 Martyn Dymond White Mountain V50
10th 48 Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden V40
11th 1 Gary Barlow Reading CC V40
12th 31 Joseph Andrews Fareham Wheelers JM
13th 3 Gareth Dridge Southdown Velo V40
14th 7 Peter Langworthy Private Member V40 at 1 lap
15th 37 Phill Connell Sotonia V45 at 1 lap
16th 49 Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V40 at 1 lap
17th 30 Dan Tuley Chapel Tri Stars JM at 1 lap
18th 5 Edward Gurney Velo Club Venta V40 at 1 lap
19th 17 Paul Thomas Velo Club Venta V40 at 1 lap
20th 46 Simon Gaurd sotonia v40 @ 1 lap
21st 11 Alan Millard Westbury Wheelers V50 at 1 lap
22nd 42 Will Soloman Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V40 at 1 lap
23rd 39 Keith Allem VC Venta V50 at 1 lap
24th 16 Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden W at 1 lap
25th 29 Phill Chinn Fareham Wheelers V45 at 1 lap
26th 38 Jez Hart Sotonia V40 at 1 lap
27th 26 Kiran Woods Charlotteville JM @ 1 LAP
28th 12 Harjinder Obhi North Hampshire RC V40 at 1 lap
29th 44 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC V40 at 1 lap
30th 35 Kim Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden V45 at 1 lap
31st 22 Mark Allan Jays Suppoet Crew V50 at 1 lap
32nd 10 Conal Low-Grier Portsmouth North End CC V40 at 1 lap
33rd 33 John Phillips Sotonia V55 at 1 lap
34th 43 Ray Woods Portsmouth North End CC V50 at 2 laps
35th 18 Tony Weeks TWIG Racing V50 at 2 laps
36th 41 Dean Prossor Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialized Trant-Next-Elliotts V40 at 2 laps
37th 40 Danielle Burry Poole Wheelers JW at 2 laps
38th 21 Rhianna Jones Cotswold Veldrijden JW at 2 laps
39th 27 John Burrows Poole Wheelers V50 at 3 laps
DNF 28 Dave Jowett Hargroves Cycles RT-Specialized Trant-Next-Elliotts V50 DNF at 3 laps
DNF 9 Stephen Longman Andover Wheelers V40 DNF at 1 lap
DNF 13 David Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden V50 DNF at 1 lap
DNF 23 Keith Rogwell Cotswold Veldrijden V50 DNF at 1 lap
1st 70 Peter Bell 0 M
2nd 66 Nathan Willmington 0 M
3rd 71 Simon Jempson 0 M
4th 67 Alex Rankin 0 F
5th 68 Fiona Hawkins Palmer Park Velo F
6th 64 Anna Woods 0 F
7th 69 Chris Thwaits 0 M
8th 63 David Moss Poole Wheelers M at 1 lap
9th 65 Vi-Chun Kuo 0 F at 1 lap
1st 5 Chris Rothwell Swindon Cycles Race Accadamy U16M
2nd 16 Elliot Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden U16M
3rd 4 Edward Gronbech Oxford City Road Club U14M
4th 10 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo U14M
5th 1 Charlier Cooper Chaple Tri-Stars U16M
6th 9 Ieuan Woods Charletville CC U14M
7th 8 Erin Baker Southdown Velo U14M
8th 19 Caire Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden U16F
9th 3 Rebecca Raybold Poole Wheelers U16F
10th 6 Jay Allen Palmer Park Velo U14M at 1 lap
11th 7 Alderney Baker Southdown Velo U14F at 1 lap
12th 17 Harry Dridge Southdown Velo U16M at 1 lap
13th 2 Abbie Manley Chaple Tri-Stars U14F at 1 lap
14th 12 Fletcher Adams Hargroves U14M at 1 lap
15th 11 Holly Powell Chaple Tri-Stars U14F at 1 lap
16th 13 Rebecca Hurst Poole Wheelers U14F at 1 lap
17th 18 Coner Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden U14M at 1 lap
18th 14 Lucy Gadd Poole Wheelers U14F at 1 lap
19th 15 Rachel Thompson Palmer Park Velo U14F at 2 laps
Under 12
1st 7 Rowan Turner Poole Wheelers U12M
2nd 3 Max Meadwell Bournmouth Julilee U12M
3rd 10 Alexa Hawkins Parlmer Park Velo U12F
4th 16 Madalaine Cooper Chaple Tri U10F
5th 18 William Gadd Poole Wheelers U10M at 1 lap
6th 6 Tyler Smith Cotswold Veldrijden U12M at 1 lap
7th 17 Ryan Hodgkyns Poole Wheelers U12M at 1 lap
8th 4 Ben Fox Charlotteville Rascals U12M at 1 lap
9th 2 Eithan Spiers 0 U12M at 1 lap
10th 19 Hayden Gray 0 U10M at 1 lap
11th 8 Lewis Seagrove Poole Wheelers U8M at 1 lap
12th 1 Jamie Whitcher 0 U10M at 1 lap
13th 5 Daisy Tayler Cotswold Veldrijden U8F at 1 lap
14th 12 Poppy Llewellyn 0 U10F at 2 laps
15th 9 Monty Neson Charlotteville Rascals U10M at 2 laps
16th 20 Aidan Dewhurst Poole Wheelers U10M at 2 laps
17th 14 Alex Burrows Poole Wheelers U10F at 2 laps
18th 21 Cam Dewhurst Poole Wheelers U10M at 3 laps
19th 22 Finley Avey 0 U10M at 3 laps
DNF 11 Elise Hawkins Parlmer Park Velo U8F DNF at 3 laps
DNF 13 Digby Llewellyn 0 U8M DNF at 2 laps
DNF 23 Anabel Rankin 0 U8F DNF at 1 lap

Off Camber XC Winter Series Rnd 1, Results.

Last years winner PaulHopkins(Merida) wins opening round of the Off- Camber XC series at Inside Park,Blandford.
1. Paul Hopkins Senior 01:06:00.9
2. Kim Little Senior 01:06:02.2 00:00:01.3
3. Jon Clears Senior 01:09:22.8 00:03:21.9
4. Martin Ross Senior 01:11:42.2 00:05:41.3
5. Mark Green Senior 01:11:44.5 00:05:43.6
6. Dean Frost Senior 01:11:46.0 00:05:45.1
7. Adam Hunneyball Senior 01:12:09.2 00:06:08.3
8. Andy Parsons Senior 01:13:39.5 00:07:38.6
9. Darren Bunce Senio 01:14:23.6 00:08:22.7
10. Richard Irvine Vet 01:14:40.8 00:08:39.9
11. Simon Cross Senior 01:15:15.3 00:09:14.4
12. Barry White Senior 01:16:49.8 00:10:48.9
13. Liam Teesdale Junior 01:17:58.6 00:11:57.7
14. Stuart Bunce Senior 01:19:46.5 00:13:45.6
15. Michael Courage Senior 01:19:47.6 00:13:46.7
16. Will Palmer Junior 01:19:49.5 00:13:48.6
17. Gavin Barratt Senior 01:19:50.5 00:13:49.6
18. Spencer Johns Senior 01:20:29.1 00:14:28.2
19. James Chant Senior 01:21:45.3 00:15:44.4
20. Jerry Cooper Vet 01:22:46.3 00:16:45.4
21. Lee Tucker Senior 01:22:54.8 00:16:53.9
22. Jon Courage Senior 01:25:05.7 00:19:04.8
23. Cliff Rowe Vet 01:25:26.9 00:19:26.0
24. Chris Kelly Senior 01:26:00.9 00:20:00.0
25. Ian Strugwell Senior 01:26:24.3 00:20:23.4
26. George Rowe Junior 01:26:37.7 00:20:36.8
27. Paul Beavis Senior 01:27:12.3 00:21:11.4
28. Scawen Roberts Senior 01:28:26.4 00:22:25.5
29. Matt Palmer Vet 01:29:46.7 00:23:45.8
30. Ray Samways Vet 01:30:47.2 00:24:46.3
31. Simon Clarke Senior 01:32:19.5 00:26:18.6
32. Angus Gillespe Senior 01:32:46.6 00:26:45.7
33. Steve Coombes Vet 01:33:17.1 00:27:16.2
34. Jay Cox Senior 01:33:18.4 00:27:17.5
35. Tom Wyllys Senior 01:33:51.6 00:27:50.7
36. Neil Robinson Senior 01:33:55.2 00:27:54.3
37. Kevin Sturmey Senior 01:33:59.7 00:27:58.8
38. Bmartin Rice Senior 01:36:30.0 00:30:29.1
39. Ken Francis Senior 01:37:41.0 00:31:40.1
40. Philip Wareham Senior 01:39:17.3 00:33:16.4
41. Mike York Vet 01:39:42.9 00:33:42.0
More Images to Come, Courtesy of Mark Freeman

Portland Hill Climb, Hatrick for McLaughlin

Justin Oakley Reports………..Thirty five riders faced the CC Weymouth timekeeper to tackle Portland Hill in round two of the local Interclub Hill Climb Competition. CC Weymouth were very well represented, a good ploy, as all finishers get points for these events, even if it is only one.

It was Simon McLaughlin of the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers who triumphed for the third year running to win the race with a time of 5:54, just fourteen seconds from his own course record and twenty eight seconds ahead of Greg Parker from CC Weymouth. What can the other clubs do next year to secure that top spot?
The weather was cloudy with a nice tailwind pushing the riders up the long straight part of the climb but it was against them up to the finish line where not even a single rider could manage a smile worth noting, strange that!
Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers and Poole Wheelers have a lot of work to do in the next week in mustering up more support in the run up to the next round up Creech Hill, a short sharp climb through the woods and a course that demands a different approach entirely.

Simon McLaughLin BJW 04:54
Greg Parker CCW 05:22
John Chapman CCW 05:26
Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers 05:29
Steven Pink CCW 05:32
Reuban Moss CCW 05:35
Alex Jolliffe Poole Wheelers 05:36
Paddy Dunn CCW 05:49
Wayne Roberts Day Member 05:49
Rupert Silman BJW 05:50
David Avenell Day Member 05:55
Justin Loveland CATI 06:03
John O'Brien BJW 06:06
Dan Haskins MSG 06:08
Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 06:10
Ian Manley Day Member 06:13
Ian Roe CCW 06:14
Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 06:42
Sarah Mortimer Day Member 06:44
Eve Jeffries Poole Wheelers 06:58
Will Wilson CCW 07:00
Andrew Jackson CCW 07:10
John Terry Poole Wheelers 07:16
Charmaine Walby CCW 07:17
James Margary CCW 07:23
Brandon King CCW 07:28
Andrew Preston CCW 07:28
Philip Clive CCW 07:30
Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers 07:39
Stu Pearson MSG 07:58
Colin Deuchers CCW 07:58
Oliver Carrington CCW 08:20
Brian Sands CCW 08:28
Ed Wilson CCW 08:38
Gavin Relph CCW 08:51

Simon McLaughLin BJW 100
Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers 95
Greg Parker CCW 93
John Chapman CCW 93
Steven Pink CCW 88
Rupert Silman BJW 81
John O'Brien BJW 74
Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 69
Eve Jeffries Poole Wheelers 63
Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 58
Andrew Jackson CCW 54
Will Wilson CCW 51
Brandon King CCW 48
Reuban Moss CCW 45
Alex Jolliffe Poole Wheelers 44
Paddy Dunn CCW 43
Colin Deuchers CCW 41
Andrew Preston CCW 40
Ian Roe CCW 39
John Terry Poole Wheelers 34
Charmaine Walby CCW 33
James Margary CCW 32
Ed Wilson CCW 31
Philip Clive CCW 07:30 29
Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers 07:39 28
Oliver Carrington CCW 26
Brian Sands CCW 25
Gavin Relph CCW 23

Gurnett Sees Red as Felt-Colbornes fall Short in Purbeck Two Day!

Scott Gurnett(Unatt) won the Primera Purbeck Two day after taking second place on stage two. Seventeen year old Gurnett, in his first season, lay in 14th place overnight and fancied a top ten finish. It was Gurnetts move , across the finish line with 5 laps to go that set up his win. Taking a 5 second time bonus on the line the Devon youngster pushed on and was soon joined by, Mike Ward (Ride 24/7), Sam Gardner( Cannondale),Tony Kiss () & Chris Spence (Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT). Working well together they quickly established a lead of 40 seconds, race leader, Colton Jarisch (Felt-Colborne-Hargroves RT) missed the move and the race started to slip away from the “Red Jersey”. Teammate Spence did not contribute to the pace setting but the gap grew out to over a minute with three 5 mile laps remaining, Spence, was though picking up the time bonuses on the line. The bunch, driven by Guernsey Velo reduced the gap at the bell but they never got close on the short 5 mile loop around Furzebrook. It was the fresher legs of Spence that took the stage, attacking hard on the steepest part of the climb; he gained time but not quite enough for the overall. It was a bitter-sweet race for the Colborne team, Robert Ward misjudged a corner on the first lap and ended up in a field, Ward also had problems with his gears that effectively took him out of the race and the service of Jarisch. John Heaton Armstrong dropped back to help Ward and the pair began to chase only for Heaton –Armstrong to puncture, both failed to finish, it was just one of those days. “That’s bike racing! Jarisch would ruefully say later. The Primera Purbeck two Day successfully employed British Cycling Accredited marshalls on the race, with no problems reported. A couple of "OFFS" in the first few laps due to damp autumn roads, fortunately no serious injuries
Rider Reaction...
Scott Gurnett
“Yes very good! I have not won since February, a couple of springtime pursuits. I was not expecting it I am very pleased but I think my dad is more excited about it than I am. I am normally good after a hard day, I like hills, I live on Exmoor, within two minutes I am climbing, I can’t go anywhere without climbing hills. My dad always says I do too much work, he is probably right! This is my first year racing, I want to go as far as I can”
Chris Spence
“The break just kind of rolled off, they put heads down and we were gone, I just policed it to be honest, I felt quite bad but that’s what you have to do. Two of our guys had crashed, Colton is in the leaders jersey, I did not know where I was with guys in the move on GC, I didn’t want to take it away, win the primes, win the stage but still not win the overall! The break was working really well, Scott was very strong, riding very well, its team work I had to sit on the back I couldn’t drive it, I would have looked an idiot”
Mike Ward
We got away at the prime, we descended pretty fast but we were all a bit wimpy round the corners because of the early crash. I was trying to conserve energy, Chris was sat on the back which was fair enough. Everyone did their fair share. It would be nicer to have a bit more fitness I have tailed off towards the end of the season, drinking beer & eating cakes do me know good”
Sam Gardner
I got across to the break pretty quick, the first lap was hard, everyone worked, Chris was not doing very much for obvious reasons, the primes ruined the impetus of the break but that’s racing, when Chris went at the bottom of the climb I did not have much left”
Tony Kiss
“Chris was sat on the back, I had a few words with him to get him to work but understand why he didn’t, he rode well and deserved to win. The descent was a bit scary it was slippy on the first few laps, when it dried out it was ok. I knew the Felt guys would be out to control it so I attacked when I could. My legs were tired after two days in the break”

Comments to race director Steve Dring...
“ Thank you to you and your team for the race this weekend”
“ Thanks very much. It was my first race so the experience was what I valued most. Really enjoyed it. I’ll be back next year.”
“Thanks for a great 2 days of racing on wonderful circuits. Please pass on my thanks to all the helpers, marshals and many others that made it. Really enjoyed today and the reception on the finish line climb was uplifting.”
Stage 1
1 Colton Jarisch Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
2 Hugh Knudsen Private Member
3 Robert Ward Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
4 James Plumb Private Member
5 Eduardo Martinez Llarena Private Member
6 George Fowler 1st Chard Whs
7 Mike Ward Ride 24/7
8 Danny Axford Arctic Sram RT
9 Michael Mottram G.S. Henley
10 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
11 Joe Barry Ride 24/7
12 Calum Croft Mud Sweat n Gears CC
13 Tony Kiss Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC
14 Scott Gurnett Private Member
15 Jordan Frampton -
16 Sean Frost Yeovil CC
17 Matthew Osborn GVC Edmond De Rothschild
18 Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond De Rothschild
19 Nick Watson Ride 24/7
20 James Horton Cannondale Racing
21 Sam Gardner Cannondale Racing
22 Lewis Keightley Primera-Sports.Com
23 Christopher Zappala Dulwich Paragon CC
24 Nicholas Beale Beeline Cycles RT
25 Jack Stanton-Warren Ludlow CC
26 Cameron Judson Kingston Whls CC
27 Sol Warwick Penzance Wheelers
28 Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Racing
29 Peter Giddings Velo Club Walcot
30 Chris Spence Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
31 John Veness Handsling Racing
32 Richard Whitehorn Glade CC
33 Matt Franklin Team Diabetes UK
34 Philip Hopley Private Member
35 Tim Turrini-Rochford Bristol RC
36 John Heaton-Armstrong Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
37 Wayne Coombs Winchcombe CC
38 Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000
39 Charles Zanettacci
40 Simon Merritt UK-Biking Primera
41 Matthew Lawes Private Member
42 Tony Worton Cadence Cycling Performance
43 Rupert Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
44 Richard Moore Guernsey Velo Club
45 Scott Leakey Performance Cycles
46 Leon Ogier Guernsey Velo Club
47 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
48 Stuart Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club
49 Andrew Pollintine Dulwich Paragon CC
50 Sebastian Finch VO2 Development Team
51 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
52 James Cooper JMJ Cycles
53 Max Kohrsmeier Coffee Ride Germany
54 Robert Koppenhol Dorset Rough Riders
55 Carl Silver Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
56 Mark Wiffen Tavistock Wheeler Road CC
57 Oliver Broadway Cheltenham & County CC
58 Pete Carter Private Member
59 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
60 Barnaby Cox Gillingham and District Whs/Wheels Cycles
61 Julian Lockwood -
62 Pete Beilby UK-Biking Primera
63 Stephen Gordon Dorset Rough Riders
64 Luc Hesdon One and All Cycling
65 Nathan Taylor Private Member
66 Massimo Sacha Kingston Whls CC
67 Karl Bedford -
DNF Stuart Thompson Andover Whls
DNF Michael Cripps Banjo Cycles
DNF Paul Dring Team Echelon Rotor
DNF Charles Rees Team Tor 2000
DNF Robert Looby Coffee Ride Germany
DNF Pat Wright Kingston Whls CC
DNF Matt Hill UK-Biking Primera
DNF Adam Turel Bristol South CC
DNF Mohammed Ahmed London Phoenix CC
DNF David Pennington Private Member
DNF Luke Butler Private Member
DNF John Pennington Private Member
DNF Andrew Thomas Private Member
1 Chris Spence Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
2 Scott Gurnett Private Member
3 Tony Kiss Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC
4 Mike Ward Ride 24/7
5 Sam Gardner Cannondale Racing
6 Eduardo Martinez Llarena Private Member
7 Michael Mottram G.S. Henley
8 Danny Axford Arctic Sram RT
9 Hugh Knudsen Private Member
10 Lewis Keightley Primera-Sports.Com
11 Matthew Osborn GVC Edmond De Rothschild
12 George Fowler 1st Chard Whs
13 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
14 James Horton Cannondale Racing
15 Jordan Frampton -
16 Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond De Rothschild
17 Sean Frost Yeovil CC
18 Nicholas Beale Beeline Cycles RT
19 Sol Warwick Penzance Wheelers
20 John Veness Handsling Racing
21 Joe Barry Ride 24/7
22 Nick Watson Ride 24/7
23 Calum Croft Mud Sweat n Gears CC
24 Richard Whitehorn Glade CC
25 Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Racing
26 Jack Stanton-Warren Ludlow CC
27 Andrew Pollintine Dulwich Paragon CC
28 Colton Jarisch Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
29 Cameron Judson Kingston Whls CC
30 Christopher Zappala Dulwich Paragon CC
31 Leon Ogier Guernsey Velo Club
32 Tim Turrini-Rochford Bristol RC
33 Stuart Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club
34 Richard Moore Guernsey Velo Club
35 Wayne Coombs Winchcombe CC
36 Sebastian Finch VO2 Development Team
37 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
38 James Cooper JMJ Cycles
39 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
40 Scott Leakey Performance Cycles
41 Max Kohrsmeier Coffee Ride Germany
42 Philip Hopley Private Member
43 Pat Wright Kingston Whls CC
44 Simon Merritt UK-Biking Primera
45 Robert Koppenhol Dorset Rough Riders
46 Matt Franklin Team Diabetes UK
47 Pete Beilby UK-Biking Primera
48 Julian Lockwood -
49 Matthew Lawes Private Member
50 Andrew Thomas Private Member
51 Carl Silver Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
52 Stephen Gordon Dorset Rough Riders
53 Pete Carter Private Member
54 Massimo Sacha Kingston Whls CC
55 Karl Bedford -
DNF Rupert Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
DNF John Heaton-Armstrong Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
DNF Robert Ward Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
DNF James Plumb Private Member
DNF Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000
DNF Robert Looby Coffee Ride Germany
DNF Charles Zanettacci
DNF Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
DNF Mark Wiffen Tavistock Wheeler Road CC
DNF Oliver Broadway Cheltenham & County CC
1 Scott Gurnett Private Member
2 Chris Spence Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
3 Tony Kiss Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC
4 Mike Ward Ride 24/7
5 Eduardo Martinez Llarena Private Member
6 Sam Gardner Cannondale Racing
7 Michael Mottram G.S. Henley
8 Hugh Knudsen Private Member
9 Colton Jarisch Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
10 Danny Axford Arctic Sram RT
11 Matthew Osborn GVC Edmond De Rothschild
12 George Fowler 1st Chard Whs
13 Lewis Keightley Primera-Sports.Com
14 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
15 Jordan Frampton -
16 James Horton Cannondale Racing
17 Alexander Wilson GVC Edmond De Rothschild
18 Joe Barry Ride 24/7
19 Sean Frost Yeovil CC
20 Calum Croft Mud Sweat n Gears CC
21 Nick Watson Ride 24/7
22 Nicholas Beale Beeline Cycles RT
23 Jack Stanton-Warren Ludlow CC
24 Cameron Judson Kingston Whls CC
25 Sol Warwick Penzance Wheelers
26 John Veness Handsling Racing
27 Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Racing
28 Christopher Zappala Dulwich Paragon CC
29 Richard Whitehorn Glade CC
30 Tim Turrini-Rochford Bristol RC
31 Wayne Coombs Winchcombe CC
32 Richard Moore Guernsey Velo Club
33 Philip Hopley Private Member
34 Leon Ogier Guernsey Velo Club
35 Stuart Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club
36 Andrew Pollintine Dulwich Paragon CC
37 Sebastian Finch VO2 Development Team
38 Simon Merritt UK-Biking Primera
39 Matt Franklin Team Diabetes UK
40 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
41 James Cooper JMJ Cycles
42 Matthew Lawes Private Member
43 Scott Leakey Performance Cycles
44 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood
45 Max Kohrsmeier Coffee Ride Germany
46 Robert Koppenhol Dorset Rough Riders
47 Julian Lockwood -
48 Pete Beilby UK-Biking Primera
49 Carl Silver Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
50 Pete Carter Private Member
51 Stephen Gordon Dorset Rough Riders
52 Massimo Sacha Kingston Whls CC
53 Karl Bedford -


1. Eduardo ML
2. Sam Gardner
3. George Fowler
1. Lewis Keightley
2. Jordan Frampton
3. James Horton

Saturday 28 September 2013

Primera Purbeck 2 Day, Jarisch Takes Stage 1

Colton Jarisch (Felt-Colborne-Hargroves RT) won the opening 50 mile stage of the Primera Purbeck 2 day, winning an exciting uphill finish above Lulworth Cove in Dorset. Jarisch had animated the race, escaping on the third lap with Tony Kiss (Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC). The pair got away across Bovington Heath and built a lead of 40 seconds and with the Felt-Colborne team controlling the bunch the move looked good. However the gap was down to 23 seconds at the bell and the remains of the peloton were altogether the final time through East Lulworth.The headwind descent making it difficult for the duo to stay clear. Robert Ward, John Heaton-Armstrong & Chris Spence drilled it across the heath for Jarisch and although the finale was tight the 26 year old Texan deserved the win. Unattached Hugh Knudsen grabbed second ahead of Rob ward. Knudsen had ridden an aggresive race and will be in the mix on day two. A group of nine had gone clear after the long neutralised section, only to be reeled in before the second climb of Newtown hill. The long drag up from the village of Wool took its toll on the 80 strong field with riders being dropped from the start. Jarisch will be well supported on stage two and it seems only some brave, attacking riding can stop the Felt-Colborne boys!
“It was tough, a pretty windy exposed course, I was away in a little two man break, we got away on the fast part of the course surprisingly, we got some time bonuses but we got caught after the descent. My team were really organised, we kept it all together. My team did it they rode perfectly.”
"A windy circuit, the winding roads strung it out good, the attacks were going on the hill, of course, we agreed to lead Colton out, I got boxed in a way back but managed to work my way back"
1 Colton Jarisch – 25 secs bonus
2 Hugh Knudsen - 10 secs bonus
3 Rob Ward - 5 secs bonus
4 James Plumb - 2 secs bonus
5 Edwardo Martinez Llarena - 5secs bonus
6 George Fowler - 3 secs bonus
7 Mike Ward
8 Danny Axford
9 Mike Mottram
10 Ian Palmer
11 Joe Barry
12 Calum Croft
13 Tony Kiss - 7 secs bonus
14 Scott Gurnett
15 Jordan Frampton
16 Sean Frost
17 Matt Osbourne
18 Alex Wilson
19 Nick Watson
20 James Cooper
21 Sam Gardner
22 Lewis Keightly
23 Chris Zappala
24 Nick Beale
25 Jack Stanton Warren
26 Cameron Judson ALL SAME TIME

1st Colton Jarisch 2.12.57
2nd Hugh Knudsen +15 secs
3rd Tony Kiss +18 secs
4th Rob Ward +20secs
5th Eduardo Martinez LLarena +20 secs
6th George Fowler +22secs
7th James Plumb + 23 secs
8th Mike Ward +25secs
9th Danny Axford +25 secs
10th Mike Mottram +25 secs
11th+ BUNCH ALL SAME TIME +25secs

Top 3 Third Cats
1 Eduardo Martinez LLarena
2 George Fowler +2secs
3 Alex Wilson +5secs

Top 3 Fourth Cats
1 James Frampton
2 James Horton st
3 Lewis Keightly st

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