Thursday 29 October 2015

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 50 Mile Reliability Trial, 1/11/15

The popular Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Winter reliability trial series kicks off this weekend, a good starting point for winter training after the traditional, easy October. Run over mainly rural roads, the reliability trials offer a great test of rider condition across the off-season. The increasing distances will ensure those hoping to complete all four rides stay focussed through the winter months!

Sunday November 1st 2015
50 Miles in 4 Hours sign on & ride between 8:30-9:30
HQ Merley Community Centre, Harrier Drive, Merley, BH21 1XE (Parking, Toilets & refreshments available).
All welcome, Members £1 other riders are required to become associate members of the club, (insurance purposes), cost is £5 to include all four BJW reliability trials. Course sheets availlable on day.

1st NOVEMBER 2015 50 MILES FROM 08:30
6TH DECEMBER 2015 100KM FROM 08:30
10TH JANUARY 2016 75 MILES FROM 08:30
7TH FEBRUARY 2016 100 MILES FROM 08:30 (100 KM OPTION)

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Calshot Winter League 2015/16

Calshot Winter track league kicks off this Sunday (1st November) at 1pm, the start of a 14 round series at the Hampshire venue. Running through till 7th February 2016, the popular league offers racing for all senior categories and Youth riders. Full entry details HERE
Tim & Sue Knight, stalwarts of cycling in the south, have been running the winter league since 1996. The Velodrome at Calshot, Hampshire is the second smallest in the world at only 142 m (466 ft.) and the steep banking is custom designed to fit inside the former RAF aircraft hangar. Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario, Canada, is the world's shortest at 138 m (453 ft.). Built to fit a hockey arena, it too has steep banking.
Calshot Activities Centre, Calshot Spit, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 1BR

Monday 26 October 2015

Alex Jolliffe & Rebecca Raybould, Climbing to the Top!

Dorset based rides Alex Jolliffe & Rebecca Raybould were recently selected for the British Cycling junior academy. Both have been on the Olympic Development Programme (ODP) for the last year, the ODP, effectively rebranded as the Junior Academy to form a link & pathway to the senior academy.
“LR,LR” caught up with them at a local hill climb and despite the distractions of Manchester and the bigger picture it is clear the pair love grass roots club cycling. A track sprinter and a pursuiter are never going to go uphill fast but both got stuck in and like everyone else, enjoyed the banter as much as the race.
Did they enjoy it?
“NO” they chime in unison,
“Don’t like hills but it was good fun” says Alex
Highlights of the year include a Bronze medal with Jack Carlin & Jo Truman at the UEC Junior European Track Championships in Athens beating the French. Jolliffe almost added another bronze medal in the Kilo, a personal best ride of 1:04.413 only 0.027 seconds off third place. Rebecca along with Grace Garner, Eleanor Dickinson and Megan Barker just missed out on a medal ride in the Junior women’s team pursuit. Raybould did however, win the points title at the National Youth & Junior Track Championships in Manchester along with a bronze in the Scratch race. She also won the Women’s National Madison Championship at London velodrome with Amy Smith.

Are they better riders than they were twelve months ago?
“Definitely” again in unison!
Alex explains….”a lot more powerful, more switched on in racing, thinking about what I am doing and mainly that’s down to coaching, race experience, doing lots of track sprints in training, there are not a lot of track sprint events around but we are getting more racing. I have loads more confidence”
Both are clearly more confident, Alex in that upfront, alpha male way you would expect from a sprinter, Becs in a more relaxed, measured, thought out style, the XX chromosone perhaps. Both are growing!
They travel to Manchester for a five day training/induction camp shortly
“Just to get everyone back on to the programme, a little bit of road, a little bit of track, a bit of gym, last year i did two gym sessions a week now I am up to three, the big focus this year for me is to get big and strong, a lot more powerful. Typically we do an hour, there is quite big focus on squats to get power in the legs and more explosive in the bigger gears”
The training over the winter for Becs is more road focussed:
“More long road rides, it’s not my favourite training but I am getting better, it’s about transferring that stamina onto the track.”
Mention of Rio, Tokyo or beyond is dismissed; these two 17 year olds have their feet on the ground and are looking no further than next week, next year maybe;
“The big aim for next year is to get onto the senior academy, If I meet my targets hopefully I will stand a chance of getting on” says Jolliffe.
Getting on the senior academy would mean a move to Manchester full time something both would relish despite the time constraints;
“ Its hard to juggle school work and training commitments Its pretty tough at the moment after the holidays getting back into revising, you don’t want to fall behind, we travel to Manchester a lot on training camps its can be hard to keep on top of everything”
Both Alex & Rebecca got their first track experience on a taster session with their school at Bournemouth track. Partly funded by British Cycling the Bournemouth facility played a big part in their progression.
“ It definitely helped us to start, If Bournemouth track was not there we would not be doing it, we would not be in the sport at all, I would not even thought of getting into track cycling without Bournemouth and Calshot, it’s as simple as that”
The Bournemouth Track has struggled to attract riders to is summer racing league but local coaches are nurturing promising youngsters and Alex is well aware of the talent coming through:
“Ali Fielding definitely, he is going to be a strong boy, he is definitely going to be up there I reckon, Charly Calvert again he has had some decent results at nationals this year and Tom Temple is starting to progress, coming through the ranks, hopefully will see him more at national level racing”
Just two more questions before they set off for a few more miles:
“Could not do it without them”
Is it still good fun?
“Of course it is”

*Rebecca will be riding the Revolution Track series this winter, Alex will, if selected.

British Cycling Academy Riders 2015/16
Junior Academy
Men’s endurance
Rhys Britton
Fred Wright
Ethan Hayter
Matt Walls
Reece Wood
Jake Stewart
Joe Nally
Tom Pidcock
Etienne Georgi
Women’s endurance
Jessica Roberts
Eleanor Dickinson
Rebecca Raybould
Rhona Callander
Jenny Holl
Lauren Dolan
Henrietta Colborne
Track sprint
Lauren Bate-Lowe
Hamish Turnbull
Sophie Capewell
Alex Jolliffe
Georgia Hilleard
Amber King
Lewis Stewart

Wilfred Njuguna,
Blaine Ridge Davis
Bethany Shriever
Tian Isidore
Mountain bike
Ella Conolly
Will Gascoyne
Dan Tulett
Emily Wadsworth
Cameron Orr
Sophie Wright

Senior Academy
Men’s endurance
Germain Burton
Oliver Wood
Mark Stewart
Matt Gibson
Gabriel Cullaugh
Nathan Draper
Joey Walker
Matt Bostock
Joe Holt

Women’s endurance
Emily Kay
Danni Khan
Emily Nelson
Manon Lloyd
Melissa Lowther
Annasley Park
Abbie Dentus
Megan Barker

Track sprint
Jonathan Mitchell
Ryan Owens
Joe Truman
Jack Carlin

Mountain bike
Alice Barnes
Iain Paton
Evie Richards
Mark Maguire
Frazer Clacherty
Ffion James

Quillan Isidore
Paddy Sharrock

Sunday 25 October 2015

Dorset Hill Climb Series, Mud Sweat n Gears Save the Best Till Last!

Mud Sweat n’gears deservedly won the Dorset hill climb series for the second year running.The Dorchester- based team organised the fifth and final round and with seventy one riders signing on, cups of tea & cake and bright autumn sunshine, it was the best of the lot.
CC Weymouth put up a good fight throughout the series, even leading the standings going into the final round but sheer weight of numbers swung it MSGs way.
The 1.3 mile climb of Chalky Road on the edge of Broadmayne rises up above the Isle of Portland but is never steep, suiting the powerful big ringers. It was Kim Little (Gillingham & Dist Wh) who took the individual honours, the winner on Bulbarrow Hill seven days ago won comfortably from round 1 winner Phil Cole (MSG) with Paddy Dunn (CC Weymouth) taking third place.
Simon McLaughlin (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) won the individual title for the third time, despite only finishing 5th, McLaughlin will be riding for Poole Wheelers in 2016.The 2015 hill climb series has been a two-way scrap from round 1, with Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers & Poole Wheelers failing to get riders out the competition lacked excitement, unless of course you were from Dorchester or Weymouth.
Provisional Overall Standings
Teams MSG 4545, CCW 4056, BJW 1813, PWH 901, BACC 846 and WRC 63.
McLaughlin 371 BJW
Stocker 363 BJW
Dunn 355 CCW
Midmore 345 MSG
Kerslake 325 MSG
Cox 322 MSG
Leach 300 MSG
Richardson BJW 283
1 Kim Little Gillingham & District Wheelers 04:00.53
2 Phil Cole Mud Sweat N Gears 04:11.77
3 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 04:13.84
4 Michael Walkey UNATT 04:17.34
5 Simon McLaughlin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 04:19.03
6 Giles Greening Mud Sweat N Gears 04:19.61
7 Rob Midmore Mud Sweat N Gears 04:21.23
8 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 04:27.55
9 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 04:31.70
10 Richard Porter CC Weymouth 04:33.13
11 Mike Kerslake Mud Sweat N Gears 04:34.10
12 Darren Matthews CC Weymouth 04:34.37
13 Jon Brumfield CC Weymouth 04:38.43
14 Darren Orchard Mud Sweat N Gears 04:38.60
15 Nick Voss Mud Sweat N Gears 04:39.20
16 Charlie Cox Mud Sweat N Gears 04:40.15
17 John Chapman CC Weymouth 04:41.90
18 Steve Oliver CC Weymouth 04:45.89
19 Andrew Leach Mud Sweat N Gears 04:47.35
20 Steve Luke Mud Sweat N Gears 04:49.12
21 Steve Noble CC Weymouth 04:53.19
22 Michael Harris Poole Wheelers 04:53.45
23 Nathan Wilmington CC Weymouth 04:55.92
24 Martin Peters Mud Sweat N Gears 04:56.11
25 Andy Davis Mud Sweat N Gears 04:58.48
26 Alex Jolliffe Mud Sweat N Gears 04:59.33
27 Kevin Copping Mud Sweat N Gears 05:03.16
28 Johnny Murray Mud Sweat N Gears 05:03.69
29 Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 05:06.87
30 Paul Golledge CC Weymouth 05:07.23
31 Scott Stalmen Mud Sweat N Gears 05:09.53
32 Steve Chalk Mud Sweat N Gears 05:12.61
33 Becky Raybould Mud Sweat N Gears 05:14.04
34 Bruce Campbell Mud Sweat N Gears 05:14.17
35 Ben Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 05:14.52
36 Lewis Stripp Mud Sweat N Gears 05:15.73
37 Phil Smith CC Weymouth 05:19.29
38 Martin Midmore Mud Sweat N Gears 05:20.09
39 Gary Malgarin Mud Sweat N Gears 05:20.86
40 Steve Muncaster Mud Sweat N Gears 05:21.87
41 Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 05:24.60
42 Chris Chapman Mud Sweat N Gears 05:26.25
43 Jeremy Guy CC Weymouth 05:28.68
44 Pete Young Mud Sweat N Gears 05:30.74
45 Aarron Bevis Mud Sweat N Gears 05:31.82
46 Dean Critchel CC Weymouth 05:32.36
47 Nick Mannerings Mud Sweat N Gears 05:33.73
48 Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 05:35.33
49 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 05:36.08
50 Andy Hawkins Mud Sweat N Gears 05:36.80
51 Phillip Clive CC Weymouth 05:39.43
52 Andy Cadman Mud Sweat N Gears 05:43.46
53 Sarah Wise Mud Sweat N Gears 05:43.48
54 Van Bryant Mud Sweat N Gears 05:46.32
55 Allan Robinson Mud Sweat N Gears 05:48.33
56 James Margary CC Weymouth 05:55.36
57 Peter Hammond CC Weymouth 05:57.64
58 Wayne Fordham Mud Sweat N Gears 06:02.75
59 Neil Clarke Mud Sweat N Gears 06:03.77
60 Matthew Callard CC Weymouth 06:04.27
61 Gorden Scott & Jenna Scott Chippenham & District 06:06.98 (Tandem)
62 Matt Merritt Mud Sweat N Gears 06:10.85
63 Peter Pearce Mud Sweat N Gears 06:13.85
64 Simon Chainey Mud Sweat N Gears 06:25.87
65 Lewis Clarke Mud Sweat N Gears 06:33.85
66 Brian Sands CC Weymouth 06:35.47
67 Richard Gould CC Weymouth 07:04.74
68 Rupert Haighton CC Weymouth 07:05.89
69 Lee Harris Mud Sweat N Gears 07:38.08
70 Raymond Orchard Mud Sweat N Gears 07:47.15
71Thomas Haighton CC Weymouth 09:03.96

Friday 23 October 2015

Perfs Entries Open!

Yanto Barker Wins Perfs in 2015

Entry is open for the 51st Perfs Pedal Race in Hampshire. Based around Southwick, north of Portsmouth, the 45 mile race on 14th February 2016 race is the traditional road season opener in the South. Perfs always provides a good indication of early season form and in 2015 the race was dominated by One Pro Cycling, Yanto Barker leading a 1-2-3-4 for the new team. As in 2015 the 2016 edition of Perfs will use the Portsdown Hill and Newtown circuit but feature an extra climb of Portsdown with just one lap on the finishing circuit. Postal entry only to
Michael Waite
249 Havant Road, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 1DB
02392 379753
Cheques payable to:
Mick Waite
Mick Waite has organised the race since 1964 and has sponsored VC St Raphael/Waites Contracts for 37 years.

Full Details HERE

TOP Ten at Perfs 2015

1. Yanto BARKER ONE Pro Cycling 01:50:00
2. Chris OPIE ONE Pro Cycling st
3. Marcin BIALOBLOCKI ONE Pro Cycling @0:10
4. George HARPER ONE Pro Cycling @ 0:59
5. Rory TOWNSEND Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT @1:01
6. James LOWDEN Neon-Velo st
7. Micheal THOMPSON Team Wiggins [BCMTBAcad] @1:33
8. Mitchell WEBBER Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT @ 2:05
9. George ATKINS ONE Pro Cycling @ 3:00
10. Alexander MURISON Easton Ritte Racing @ 3:25

2015 Race Report HERE

Thursday 22 October 2015

Dorset Hill Climb Series, Final Round to Decide Title

The Dorset Inter-Club hill climb series concludes this Sunday (25th) with the short climb of Chalky Hill at Broadmayne. Round 5, promoted by Mud,Sweat n’Gears, will decide this year’s team winners with CC Weymouth in the box seat, 170 points ahead of defending champions, MSG. The Chalky road climb starts on the edge of Broadmayne village, quickly rising to the finish, the bridleway from the White Horse hill marks the spot! Sign-on opens at 09:20 at the top of the hill, first rider off at 10;01 and MSG promise a tea urn will be on the go.
Provisional team standings
MSG 2123
Rnd 1 Bincombe Down Phil Cole MSG
Rnd 2 Creech Tom Stocker /Simon MaClaughlin BJW (Tie)
Rnd 3 Whiteway Bob Richardson BJW
Rnd 4 Kim Little G&DWH

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Primera Cycle & Tri Expo: Bigger & Better!

This year’s Primera Sports Cycle & Tri Expo is being held on Saturday 21st November 2015.
The event is being held at the Bournemouth International Centre - 10.00am till 5pm.4

Bournemouth International Centre, Purbeck Hall, Exeter Road, Bournemouth ,BH2 5BH.
Parking is available at the BIC car park. It offers a great location where the whole family can come and enjoy a day out by the sea.
The main area will be for trade stands with the biggest brands in the industry showing Bikes, Frames, Wheels, Parts & Accessories, Nutrition, Triathlon Clothing, Cycle Clothing, Indoor Trainers and much more!.
Roller Racing Events for adults and children! Prizes for Fastest in Class.
Here is a small selection of top brands attending with more to follow:
Specialized, Cannondale, Lapierre, Orange, Kuota, Argon 18, Look, Focus, Cervelo, Lynskey, Santini, Sugoi, USE Exposure, Tacx, Fabric, Muc-Off, Hope, Gore, Renthal, Halo, Apidura, ODI and more confirming every day.

HUGE RETAIL AREA - Loads of bargains available on the day, USE Exposure Lights, Sugoi Clothing, Castelli Clothing, Assos, Halo Wheels, Apidura, Renthal, Muc-Off and lots more!

This year’s raffle is bigger than ever with some fantastic prizes, including a Cycling holiday worth £685, Specialized Bike, Cannondale Bike, Fulcrum wheels, Salice Glasses, H2Pro Goodie Bag, BKOOL Turbo Trainer, Loads of Clothing and much more. Tickets available on the day.

If you would like the opportunity to exhibit at the event please email

Primera Sports LTD - - 01202 775588

Sunday 18 October 2015

Thruxton Circuit Time Trial Championships, Results

Thanks to Cliff Rowe for the provisional results.

1 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles Rc Men Open 23.03
2 Christopher Fennell Thanet Rc Men Open 23.11
3 Dean Robson Somerset Road Club/the Bicycle Men Open 23.23
4 Alexander Royle Army Cycling Union Men Open 23.26
5 Josh Teasdale Prorace – Foreign Men Open 23.29
6 Justin Homewood Vc Revolution Men Open 23.46
7 Scott Walker Mg Decor Carbon Bike Technics Men Open 23.54
8 Michael Ford Pewsey Racing Project Men Open 23.56
9 James Copeland Fareham Whs Men Open 24.01
10 Steve Williamson …a3crg M A (Men 40-44) 24.07
11 James Mapley Blazing Saddles Men Open 24.08
12 George Clark High Wycombe Cc Junior Male 24.10
13 James Ratcliffe Fred Williams Racing Men Open 24.11
14 Samuel Henning Catford CC Junior Male 24.19
15 Greg Parker Velo Club St Raphael M C (Men 50-54) 24.22
16 Paul Jones Severn Valley Cycles Men Open 24.26
17 Gavin Macdougall Tavistock Whs Cc M B (Men 45-49) 24.28
18 James Middleton Media Velo / Dynamic Rides Men Open 24.29
18 Ryan Kenworthy Junior Male 24.29
20 Gary Chambers Royal Navy & Royal Marines Ca Men Open 24.34
21 Paul Double Velo Club Venta Men Open 24.42
22 Jason Mcgowan Bike Chain Ricci M A (Men 40-44) 24.45
23 Adam Wild Tyneside Vagabonds Cc Junior Male 24.52
24 Aran Stanton Velo Club St Raphael M B (Men 45-49) 24.55
25 Jack Salvidge Exeter Whs Cc Junior Male 24.56
26 Andy Langdown Hampshire Rc M B (Men 45-49) 24.57
27 Charles Mitchell …a3crg Men Open 25.01
28 Dame Sarah Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Inter Women Open 25.05
29 Lee Morgan Exeter Whs Cc M A (Men 40-44) 25.06
30 Ryan Coulton Better Cycling Junior Male 25.10
31 Jack Freeman Alton C/Owens Cycles Junior Male 25.17
32 Jon Pridham Vectis Roads Cc M A (Men 40-44) 25.20
33 Phil Watts North Hampshire Rc M D (Men 55-59) 25.22
34 Bryce Dyer Velo Club St Raphael M A (Men 40-44) 25.31
34 Jake Prior Velo Club St Raphael M C (Men 50-54) 25.31
36 Ben Keightley Men Open 25.34
37 Steven Cottington Cadence Rt M C (Men 50-54) 25.35
38 Jason Streather Velo Club St Raphael M A (Men 40-44) 25.39
38 Ricky Froud Alton C/Owens Cycles M B (Men 45-49) 25.39
38 Theo Modell Corley Cycles Drops Rt Junior Male 25.39
41 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael M A (Men 40-44) 25.40
42 Luke Seal Team Zenith Men Open 25.47
43 Ross Holland Cheltenham & County Cc Junior Male 25.48
44 Mel Wasley Epsom Cc Women Open 25.51
45 Sam Hayes Team Men Open 25.52
45 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs Junior Male 25.52
47 David Brice Bynea Cycling Club M C (Men 50-54) 26.03
48 Jeff Roberts High Wycombe Cc M C (Men 50-54) 26.04
48 Stephen Potts Somerset Road Club/the Bicycle M D (Men 55-59) 26.04
50 Clive Franklin Somerset Road Club/the Bicycle M C (Men 50-54) 26.11
51 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M D (Men 55-59) 26.14
52 Claire Rose Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Inter Women Open 26.17
53 Toby Rose Raf Ca Men Open 26.18
54 Paul Helyer Blazing Saddles Men Open 26.20
55 Michael Gore Medway Velo Club Men Open 26.22
56 Steven Smith Medway Velo Club Men Open 26.23
57 Elliot Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden Junior Male 26.25
58 Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire Rc M C (Men 50-54) 26.26
59 Mark Sanders Mid Devon Cc M D (Men 55-59) 26.28
60 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Army Cycling Union Women Open 26.30
61 Luke Souter Banbury Star CC Men Open 26.33
62 Matthew Stanbury Media Velo / Dynamic Rides Men Open 26.35
63 Bronwen Ewing Trainsharp Racing Team WC (Women 50+) 26.36
63 Tom Lane Blazing Saddles Men Open
65 Paul Demicoli Banbury Star CC M C (Men 50-54)
65 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo M C (Men 50-54) 26.38
67 Helen Mckay Les Filles Racing Team Women Open 26.43
68 David Churchill Bigfoot CC M D (Men 55-59) 26.46
68 Paul Lambert Chippenham & Dist. Whs M B (Men 45-49) 26.46
70 Tim May Birmingham Midland Cc Men Open 26.51
70 Vicky Gill Women Open 26.51
72 Simon Doyle Team M A (Men 40-44) 26.59
73 Adam Jarps Hetton Hawks Cc Junior Male 27.00
74 Michael Naulls Velo Club Venta M B (Men 45-49) 27.06
75 Andy Bevan Bristol Road Club M B (Men 45-49) 27.07
76 Luke Skilton Farnham Road Club Junior Male 27.08
77 Glenn Longland Antelope RT M D (Men 55-59) 27.09
78 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M A (Men 40-44) 27.13
79 Barrie Mitchell Team Jewson – Mi Racing – Poly M F (Men 65-69) 27.14
79 Crystal Spearman Nopinz Women Open 27.14
81 Melanie Sneddon Torq Performance Women Open 27.18
82 Tom Cox Northover Vt M E (Men 60-64) 27.20
83 Olav Martin-Giles Media Velo / Dynamic Rides M B (Men 45-49) 27.26
84 Simone Dailey …a3crg Women Open 27.27
85 Peter Perrin Bournemouth Arrow Cc M B (Men 45-49) 27.30
86 Russell Green Team Jewson – Mi Racing – Poly M C (Men 50-54) 27.32
87 Fiona Prew Pro Vision Clothing Rc Women Open 27.33
87 Nicholas Fennell Thanet Rc Men Open 27.33
89 Leslie Thomas Yeovil Cc M A (Men 40-44) 27.37
90 Chris Martin Yeovil Cc M B (Men 45-49) 27.38
91 Adel Tyson-Bloor Mule Bar Girls – Sigma Sport Women Open 27.53
92 Neil Morris Didcot Phoenix Cc M B (Men 45-49) 27.55
93 Rob Vessey Micky Cranks Cc M C (Men 50-54) 27.56
94 Jamie Wimborne Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Male 27.58
95 Barry Robinson …a3crg M A (Men 40-44) 28.04
95 Karina Bowie Trainsharp Racing Team WA (Women 40+) 28.04
97 Sophie Household Velo Club St Raphael Women Open 28.13
98 Gary Tuskin Poole Whs M B (Men 45-49) 28.14
99 John Clemit Yeovil Cc M A (Men 40-44) 28.15
100 Edward Collins Mendip Cycling Club M A (Men 40-44) 28.17
101 Shaun Walsh Yeovil Cc M F (Men 65-69) 28.22
101 Tom Portsmouth Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Male 28.22
103 Sarah Matthews …a3crg WD (Women 55+) 28.26
104 Gerry Mcgarr Gloucester City Cc M E (Men 60-64) 28.28
105 Louise Scupham Scarborough Paragon Cc Junior Women 28.34
106 Andy Henderson Frome & Dist Whs M A (Men 40-44) 28.46
107 Mike Anderson Velo Club St Raphael M D (Men 55-59) 28.50
108 Katie Crowe Dulwich Paragon Cc Women Open 28.52
109 Clarice Chung Queen Towers Cc Women Open 28.55
110 Caitlin Peters Fareham Whs Junior Women 28.57
110 Chris Ford High Wycombe Cc M C (Men 50-54) 28.57
112 Andrew Gibson Gravesend Cc M B (Men 45-49) 29.03
113 James Gomm Hitchin Nomads Cc Men Open 29.10
113 Tina Reid Trainsharp Racing Team WC (Women 50+) 29.10
115 Mike Boyce …a3crg M D (Men 55-59) 29.15
116 Dena Ford High Wycombe Cc WB (Women 45+) 29.25
116 Keith Barcock Banbury Star CC M B (Men 45-49) 29.25
116 Nicki Carr Somerset Road Club/the Bicycle Women Open 29.25
119 Clover Murray Braintree Velo Crc Junior Women 29.51
120 Isla Aimee Wyndymilla Junior Women 30.00
121 Dexter Mansel-Thomas Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 30.03
121 Vaughan Marris Fareham Whs Junior Male 30.03
123 Vincent Jenkins M H (Men 75+) 30.08
124 Laura Owen Mg Decor Carbon Bike Technics WA (Women 40+) 30.22
124 Peter Hewson Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Male 30.22
126 David Dalton Fareham Whs M B (Men 45-49) 30.27
127 Lili Mclean Andover WHS Women Open 30.29
128 Gillian Reynolds Willesden Cc WF (Women 65+) 30.31
129 Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club M B (Men 45-49) 30.35
130 Jordan O’mara Wcs Racing Team WA (Women 40+) 30.40
131 Eva Nyirenda …a3crg Women Open 30.43
132 Nixie Turner Worcester St. Johns Cc Junior Women 30.46
133 Nathan George Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Male 30.51
134 Matthew Golden …a3crg Men Open 30.58
135 Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire Rc WD (Women 55+) 31.03
136 John Froud Festival Rc M H (Men 75+) 31.07
137 Michael Ives Team Jewson – Mi Racing – Poly M H (Men 75+) 31.28
138 Oisin Murphy Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Male 31.52
139 Rhiannon Davies Rst Sport/aero-Coach Women Open 31.57
140 Savannah Hewson Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Women 32.14
141 Geoffrey Hewett Banbury Star CC M E (Men 60-64) 32.23
142 Alison Vessey Micky Cranks Cc WE (Women 60+) 32.29
142 Paul Cooke Gillingham & Dist Whs Men Open 32.29
144 David Barry Sportfagley M F (Men 65-69) 32.36
145 Will Lambert Chippenham & Dist. Whs Junior Male 32.51
146 Emma Bradbury Wcs Racing Team Women Open 33.06
147 Luke Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 33.10
148 Jessica Henning Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Women 33.19
149 Martin Balk 3c Cyclexperience M D (Men 55-59) 33.34
150 Freya Richardson Portsmouth North End Cc Junior Women 34.25
151 Craig Weston Poole Whs M C (Men 50-54) 34.50
151 Owen Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 34.50
153 Rudy Knight Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 35.18
154 Graham Hewson Media Velo / Dynamic Rides M E (Men 60-64) 35.32
155 Christopher Mullett Gillingham & Dist Whs Men Open 35.43
156 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 35.51
157 Abigail Old Hillingdon Slipstreamers Junior Women 36.00
158 Izzy Brickell Fareham Whs Junior Women 36.17
159 Brody Knight Lee Valley Youth Cc Junior Male 41.21
160 Joseph Perrin Bournemouth Arrow Cc Junior Male 41.43
161 Bethany Hayward Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Inter Women Open 42.24

Inter-Club Hill Climb Series, Win for Kim Little in Rnd 4

Kim Little (Gillingham & Dist Wheelers) cruised to victory in round 4 of the inter-club hill climb series, finishing almost 15 secs clear of series leader Simon McLaughlin (Bournemouth Jubilee) on Bulbarrow Hill in North Dorset.
Bulbarrow is the highest point in the county but the 3 mile drag up from East End is never steep with most staying on the big ring, some even riding tri-bars.
CC Weymouth & Mud, Sweat n’ Gears are in a two horse race for the team prize and have been since the opening round. Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers have shown quality, placing riders in the top three every week but have lacked numbers leaving them a distant third, while Poole Wheelers & Bournemouth Arrow have simply not turned up. The series concludes next Sunday (24th) with the climb of Bincombe Down at Broadmayne.
Full Provisional Results
1 Kim Little GDIS 9.40.16
2 Simon McLaughlin BJW 9.54.01
3 Patrick Dunn CCW 9.55.26
4 Bob Richardson BJW 10.00.11
5 Tom Stocker BJW 10.18.48
7 Giles Greening MSG10.26.98
8 Rob Midmore MSG 10.36.48
9 Matt Rollinson BJW 10.38.61
10 Dave Pickering BJW 10.39.09
11 Darren Orchard MSG 10.46.38
13 Josh Penham None 10.55.30
14 Andy Cooper BJW 11.00.70
15 Bryce Riglar CCW 11.03.95
16 Mike Kerslake MSG 11.09.51
17 Andy Leach MSG 11.13.36
18 Charlie Cox MSG 11.19.70
19 Michael Harris PWH 11.24.13
20 Steve Mason MSG 11.28.48
21 John Chapman CCW 11.29.95
22 Justin Loveland CCW 11.33.70
23 Nathan Wilmington CCW 11.36.20
24 Dean Critchel CCW 11.37.95
25 Rupert Silman BJW 11.49.64
26 Paul Golledge CCW 11.57.98
27 Martin Peters MSG 12.03.22
28 Andy Davis MSG 12.12.51
29 Steve Trigwell CCW 12.14.70
30 Ian Manley None 12.14.92
31 Steve Chalk MSG 12.21.80
32 Paul Stockley MSG 12.27.73
33 Ben Willson BACC 12.29.32
34 Phil Smith CCW 12.41.09
35 Michelle Walter BACC 12.42.20
36 Jeremy Guy CCW 12.43.11
37 Kevin Harris BJW 12.53.98
38 Scott Stallmer MSG 12.57.73
39 Peter Griffin MSG 12.59.76
40 Cliff Berridge BJW 13.04.64
41 Kevin Ridge BJW 13.11.86
42 Steve Muncaster MSG 13.14.64
43 Aarron Bevis MSG 13.20.61
44 Philip Clive CCW 13.23.76
45 Andrew Jackson CCW 13.37.01
46 Andy Cadman MSG 13.53.73
47 Tim Smith BJW 13.56.01
48 Lizzy Campbell BJW 14.14.13
49 Andy Hawkins MSG 14.16.89
50 Kevin Owen DRR 14.26.67
51 Mark Freeman BJW 14.28.57
52 Matthew Calland CCW 14.37.95
53 Peter Pearce MSG 15.00.10
54 Brian Sands CCW 15.45.57
55 William Wilson CCW 16.16.45
56 Richard Gould CCW 16.24.39
Provisional team standings
CCW 2297
MSG 2123
BJW 967
PWH 729
BACC 680
WRC 63
Individual Standings

1 Simon McLaughlin BJW 298
2 Bob Richardson BJW 293
3 Tom Stocker BJW 292
4 Patrick Dunn CCW 281
5 Rob Midmore MSG 273
6 Charlie Cox MSG 260
7 Mike Kerslake MSG 258
8 Andy Leach MSG 241
9 Darren Matthews CCW 202
10 Ben Willson BACC 201
11 Paul Golledge CCW 193
12 Bryce Riglar CCW 192
13 Phil Smith CCW 186
14 John Chapman CCW 178
15 Andrew Jackson CCW 176
16 Philip Clive CCW 171
17 Aarron Bevis MSG 170
18 Andy Cadman MSG 163
19 Phil Cole MSG 147
20 Darren Orchard MSG 137
21 Steve Oliver CCW 135
22 Michelle Walter BACC 131
23 Michael Harris PWH 130
24 Peter Sharp BJW 128
25 Richard Gould CCW 126
26 Alaster Gain PWH 121
27 Nathan Wilmington CCW 119
28 Justin Loveland CCW 114
29 Gary Malgarin MSG 110
30 Nick Ireland CCW 106
31 Martin Peters MSG 104
32 Andy Hawkins MSG 101
33 Matthew Calland CCW 100
34 Chris Chapman MSG 93
35 Brian Sands CCW 91
36 Wayne Fordham MSG 90
37 Jeremy Guy CCW 86
37 Kevin Ridge BJW 86
39 Scott Stallmer MSG 83
40 Steve Muncaster MSG 75
40 Andrew Preston CCW 75
42 Charley Calvert BACC 72
43 Rob Wood MSG 71
44 Martin Ross BJW 70
45 Matt Rollinson BJW 69
46 Dave Pickering BJW 68
47 Steve Pink CCW 67
48 Andy Cooper BJW 66
49 Craig Haslam PWH 64
50 Fred Newton WRC 63
50 Sam Wadsley PWH 63
52 Gary Long MSG 62
52 Steve Clives CCW 62
54 Michael Harris PWH 61
54 Steven Noble CCW 61
56 Steve Mason MSG 60
56 Oliver Millar MSG 60
58 Simon Rogers BJW 59
59 James Rowe PWH 58
60 Joe Stockwell CCW 57
61 Dean Critchel CCW 56
61 Richard Bartlett MSG 56
63 Rupert Silman BJW 55
63 Scott Warren BACC 55
65 Mark Singleton PWH 54
66 Tom Temple BACC 53
67 Andy Davis MSG 52
68 Steve Trigwell CCW 51
69 Steve Chalk MSG 50
69 Will Clark PWH 50
71 Paul Stockley MSG 49
71 Daniel Lovett BACC 49
73 Jonathan Carr BACC 48
73 Nick Mannerings MSG 48
75 James Whitfield BACC 47
76 Carl Grigg PWH 46
77 Alan Robinson MSG 45
77 Cliff Free PWH 45
79 Kevin Harris BJW 44
79 Jack Daly CCW 44
81 Paul Thomas CCW 43
81 Tom Richman PWH 43
83 Peter Griffin MSG 42
83 Martin Midmore MSG 42
83 Peter Hammond CCW 42
86 Cliff Berridge BJW 41
87 Rupert Haighton CCW 40
88 Thomas Haighton CCW 38
89 Rob Haycock BACC 35
90 Tim Smith BJW 34
91 Lizzy Campbell BJW 33
91 Jamie Haycock BACC 33
93 Mark Freeman BJW 31
94 Peter Pearce MSG 29
94 Emily Hingston PWH 29
96 William Wilson CCW 27
96 Molly Haycock BACC 27
98 Ashley Corby PWH 26
99 Richard Walter BACC 23