Friday 30 June 2017

Three Medals for Great Britain Para-Cycling in Emmen


There was a silver medal for Lora Fachie and Corrine Hall on the opening day of the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup in Emmen.

It was the first race together for the pairing since Rio, and their time of 35.08.05 was enough to secure them a silver medal behind the impressive Irish pair of Eve McCrystal and Katie George Dunlevy.

Despite missing out on the top step of the podium Fachie and Hall were both delighted with their performance in their first competitive ride together in 2017.

Hall said: "It is good to be back on the podium. There's still work to do, which, again is quite exciting. It's our first race back from Rio, we've been apart for a while so it's nice to come back and get straight on the podium but we know we've still got work to do."

There were also bronze medals for Steve Bate and Adam Duggleby in the men’s tandem time trial and Simon Price in the men’s C2 classificaion.

Poole Wheelers Open 10, Start List

Sunday 9th July
6 Nigel Rendell Poole Whs 7.06
7 Alan Cooper Avonlea/Treasure RT 7.07
8 John O'Brien Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Trike 7.08
9 Bob Ghandour Poole Whs 7.09
10 Patryk Witkowski Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 7.10
11 john rivett Poole Whs 7.11
12 Rachel Collins 1st Chard Wheelers L 7.12
13 Ben Salvia Poole Whs 7.13
14 Paul Thomas CC Weymouth 7.14
15 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club 7.15
16 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael 7.16
17 Emma Angove Chippenham & District Wheelers L 7.17
18 Emma Needham CC Weymouth L 7.18
19 Howard Pankhurst Poole Whs 7.19
20 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 7.20
21 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC 7.21
22 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael 7.22
23 Terry Belbin Poole Whs 7.23
24 James Roberson South Bucks RC 7.24
25 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 7.25
26 Nick Young Yeovil Cycling Club 7.26
27 Barry Clewett Velo Club St Raphael 7.27
28 Einar Thorsen Poole Whs 7.28
29 doug ward Yeovil Cycling Club 7.29
30 Craig Haslam Team Bottrill / HSS Hire 7.30
31 Sacha Ring New Forest CC 7.31
32 jase cakebread Christchurch Bicycle Club 7.32
33 Ricky Allen Poole Whs 7.33
34 Norman Harvey Sotonia CC 7.34
35 Pawel Tatarek Zoom Tri Club 7.35
36 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 7.36
37 Mark German 1st Chard Wheelers 7.37
38 Jack Trunwitt Bournemouth Arrow CC 7.38
39 Martin Whitty ...a3crg 7.39
40 Henry Irvine Mid Devon CC 7.40
41 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC 7.41
42 Shawn Gray Gillingham and District Wheelers 7.42
43 Robin Darch Poole Whs V 7.43
44 Catherine Pascoe New Forest CC 7.44
45 chris martin Yeovil Cycling Club 7.45
46 Antony Green New Forest CC 7.46
47 Luke Rendell Poole Whs
48 Craig Mainprize Sotonia CC 7.48
49 Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC 7.49
50 David Janes Veloton 7.50
51 Phil Brown Trainsharp 7.51
52 Jonney Reay RLP Racing 7.52
53 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 7.53
54 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC L 7.54

55 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 7.55
56 Jason Streather Velo Club St Raphael 7.56
57 David Butt CC Weymouth 7.57
58 Andrew Parkhill Zoom Tri Club 7.58
59 William Clark Poole Whs 7.59
60 Tom Temple Primera-Teamjobs 8.00
61 Paul Coles 73Degrees CC 8.01
62 Russell Corn Poole Whs 8.02
63 Dean Ward 1st Chard Wheelers 8.03
64 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.04
65 Giles Greening Tri UK 8.05
66 Richard Porter CC Weymouth 8.06
67 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC 8.07
68 Colin Crocker Sotonia CC 8.08
69 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.09
70 Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs 8.10
71 John Sibley Utag RT 8.11
72 Luke Trussler Poole Whs 8.12
73 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael 8.13
74 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.14
75 Matthew Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.15
76 Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael 8.16
77 Hugo Baldacchino Yeovil Cycling Club 8.17
78 Alan Doney Portsmouth Triathletes V 8.18
79 Ian Hayden Tornado Road Cycling Club 8.19
80 Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles V 8.20
81 James Horton Velo Club St Raphael 8.21
82 James Bannister New Forest CC 8.22
83 Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.23
84 Karl Brooks Andover Wheelers 8.24
85 Steven Pink Poole Whs 8.25
86 Ryan Weston Uk Biking/Cycleworks-Trek 8.26
87 Martin Piper TeamSpy V 8.27
88 Tony Sawyer Poole Whs 8.28
89 Jonathan Hyndman Crabwood CC 8.29
90 Greg Parker Velo Club St Raphael 8.30
91 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 8.31
92 John Chapman CC Weymouth 8.32
93 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 8.33
94 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael 8.34
95 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs 8.35
96 Julian Porter Julian Porter Cycling 8.36
97 Craig Weston Poole Whs 8.37
98 Derek Dowden Charlotteville Cycling Club 8.38
99 Duncan Hermer RLP Racing 8.39
100 Jon Wynn T1 8.40

101 Nick O'Hara Cyclexperience TAN 20.39
102 Sean Williams Cyclexperience TAN 8.42

...a3crg 10, Report /Results

a3crg Greatham Series 28th June ~ P881/10

Dave Collard-Berry Reports.......

A week earlier the timekeeping start crew took bottles of water to the start line in case riders needed them in the 30 degree evening heat. A week later it looked bleak, it looked dark, but the only rain was from the tales of riders who travelled from the coastal areas. Though the thought of rain hung in the air none was seen until the "Ten" was over and that was a drizzle which matched a few riders excuses about their times.

Wednesday ...a3crg event was a week after Mid-Summers day, it could have been mid-winter but the thought of rain could have put many riders off hence an 25% no show. However despite the forecast the A3 had remained dry all day but was windier than expected.

David Janes and Ben Skinner had made the trip up from Melksham hoping to beat theirs pb's of 20:12 & 19:53 and David Janes was rewarded with a winning time of 19:03 while his travelling companion came third in 19:20 just one second more than second place rider Gary Chambers.

Quite a few riders claimed PB's and sixteen year old Charlie Walters took 14 seconds of his previous best to give himself 20:51 and better his chances in the South DC BAR competition. But, Tom Temple was making his first appearance in the Wednesday series and not only placed fifth ahead of prolific winner Tom Pritchard but his 19:53 reduced his pb by five seconds. Fastest woman was Rachael Elliott (DRAG2ZERO) in 20:45, second woman was fifteen year old Caitlin Peters in 22:37 (taking 22 seconds off her pb) just one second ahead of Kelly Stokes.

Andy Langdown remarked back at HQ about being caught by the younger riders but he had the consolation of placing first on the prizes as it was "Saga Night" a vets nights for the prizes.

a3crg Summer Time Trials 2017 Results Event 8 ~ "Saga Night"
Course P881/10
Pos Rider Team / Club Cat MPH Actual
1 David Janes Veloton Sen 31.50 00:19:03
2 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Sen 31.06 00:19:19
3 Ben Skinner Bath CC Sen 31.03 00:19:20
4 Charles Mitchell ...a3crg Sen 30.25 00:19:50
5 Tom Temple Primera-Teamjobs Jun 30.18 00:19:53
6= Tom Pritchard Hampshire Road Club Sen 29.93 00:20:03
6= Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Vet 29.93 00:20:03
8 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO Vet 29.65 00:20:14
9 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles Vet 29.58 00:20:17
10 Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta Sen 29.48 00:20:21
11 Edward Nunn Berkshire Tri Squad Sen 28.99 00:20:42
12 Phil Allen South Downs Bikes Sen 28.96 00:20:43
13 Rachael Elliott DRAG2ZERO WS 28.92 00:20:45
14 David Wells Petersfield Tri Club Vet 28.87 00:20:47
15= Charlie Walters Velo Club Venta Jun 28.78 00:20:51
15= Nik Allen Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 28.78 00:20:51
17 Jon Elliott Maidenhead & District CC Sen 28.55 00:21:01
18 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 28.48 00:21:04
19 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Sen 28.28 00:21:13
20 Richard Tully Elite Cycling Vet 28.26 00:21:14
21 James Fawcett Hampshire Road Club Vet 28.21 00:21:16
22 Steve Legg ...a3crg Vet 28.15 00:21:19
23 James Ayton Portsmouth North End CC Sen 28.13 00:21:20
24 Peter Younghusband Petersfield Tri Club Vet 27.97 00:21:27
25 Drew Hosie ...a3crg Vet 27.86 00:21:32
26 Leon Fielding ...a3crg Vet 27.74 00:21:38
27 Patrick Brennan ...a3crg Sen 27.57 00:21:46
28 Darryl Barr ...a3crg Vet 27.54 00:21:47
29 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Vet 27.36 00:21:56
30 Kelly Miller Farnborough & Camberley CC Vet 27.31 00:21:58
31 Samuel Robinson Ashford Wheelers Sen 27.23 00:22:02
32 Andrew Page Portsmouth North End CC Vet 27.21 00:22:03
33= Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 27.15 00:22:06
33= Tom Chapman ...a3crg Sen 27.15 00:22:06
35= Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Vet 27.11 00:22:08
35= Rob Sherrin ...a3crg Vet 27.11 00:22:08
37 Andy Lovell ...a3crg Vet 27.01 00:22:13
38 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 26.95 00:22:16
39 Caitlin Peters i-team Cyclists Club WJuv 26.53 00:22:37
40= Kelly Stokes Portsmouth Triathletes WS 26.51 00:22:38
40= Lee Turner Sigma Vet 26.51 00:22:38
42 Dennis Tapping ...a3crg Vet 26.41 00:22:43
43= Mike Garner ...a3crg Vet 26.18 00:22:55
43= Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC Esp 26.18 00:22:55
45 Alan Emmott Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 26.05 00:23:02
46 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC WS 26.01 00:23:04
47 Katie Crowe Dulwich Paragon CC WV 25.79 00:23:16
48 Mike Boyce ...a3crg Vet 25.19 00:23:49
49 Ron Hooper Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 24.91 00:24:05
50 Robert Pretorius ...a3crg Vet 24.81 00:24:11
51 Zoe Taylor ...a3crg WV 24.67 00:24:19
52 Jim Morris GS Vecchi Vet 24.64 00:24:21
53 Michael Gowan Festival Road Club Vet 24.39 00:24:36
54 Robert Oliver Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 24.10 00:24:54
55 Robyn Yates Addiscombe CC WV 24.03 00:24:58
56 Alan Doney Portsmouth Triathletes Vet 23.86 00:25:09
57 Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 23.81 00:25:12
58 Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club Vet 23.79 00:25:13
59 Simon Craig-McFeely ...a3crg Vet 22.89 00:26:13
60 Martin Whitty ...a3crg Vet 22.26 00:26:57
61 Ken Rayson ...a3crg Vet 21.87 00:27:26
62 Johanna Lovell ...a3crg WV 21.10 00:28:26
63 Stan Bennett ...a3crg Vet 20.81 00:28:50
64 Brian Hall Hampshire Road Club Vet 20.35 00:29:29
65 Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC Vet 18.51 00:32:25
Team Places
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 ...a3crg Charles Mitchell, Andrew Thomas, Steve Legg 01:02:22
2 Hampshire Road Club Tom Pritchard, James Fawcett, Paul Beck 01:06:32
3 Fareham Wheelers CC Neil Mackley, Alan Emmott, Kirsty McSeveney 01:07:10

Fareham Wheelers Club 10, 29/06/17, Results

1 Neil Mackley FWCC 53 M Vet 00:22:54
2 Dave Dawkins PNECC 48 M Vet 00:24:02
3 Vaughan Marris FWCC 15 M U/18B 00:24:05
4 Rick Evans RC Ravenna 43 M 00:24:40
5 Gary Ferrett HRC 54 M Vet 00:24:57
6 James Ibbitson PNECC 28 M Sen 00:25:08
7 Simon Veater-Young FWCC 42 M 00:25:15
8 Mike Stevens FWCC 56 M Vet 00:25:35
8 Dave Libby Ports Tri 55 M 00:25:35
10 Den Tapping A3CRG 60 M Vet 00:25:42
11 Alan Emmott FWCC 70 M Vet 00:25:57
12 Jacob Schnabel FWCC 13 M U/18B 00:25:59
13 Matt Hickman PNECC 13 M U/18B 00:26:07
14 Kirsty McSeveney FWCC 36 F 00:26:14
15 John Schnabel FWCC 48 M Vet 00:26:38
16 Miguel Cassey PNECC 32 M Sen 00:27:01
17 Rick Garman FWCC 47 M Vet 00:27:05
18 Izzy Brickell FWCC 13 F U/18G 00:27:29
19 Adrian Scanlan FWCC 48 M Vet 00:27:46
20 Darren Hewson Bayside Tri 47 M 00:28:04
21 Steve Finn Bayside Tri 48 M 00:28:11
22 Simon Palmer PNECC 47 M Vet 00:28:25
23 Freya Richardson PNECC 15 F 00:28:43
24 Martin Jones FWCC 61 M Vet 00:28:44
25 Bruce Tandy FWCC 53 M Vet 00:29:11
26 Kym Harvey FWCC 52 F LVet 00:29:32
27 Nigel Hughes FWCC 59 M Vet 00:29:44
28 Victoria Ayriss Bayside Tri 27 F 00:29:46
29 Eileen Duff FWCC 30 F LSen 00:30:17
30 Deborah Smith SPYCC 43 F LVet 00:30:39
31 Nancie Dawkins PNECC 51 F LVet 00:31:01
32 Tony Wilcock FWCC 65 M Vet 00:31:39
33 Dee Ferrett HRC 47 F LVet 00:31:53
34 Paul Blakely FWCC 59 M Vet 00:33:48
35 Jeremy Tucker FWCC 52 M Vet 00:35:31
36 Theresa Stubbs FWCC 45 F LVet 00:35:51

Bournemouth Arrow Club 10,29/06/17, Results

Pete Wilson
P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood
1 Paul Jones Primera 00:21:29
2 Charley Calvert Backstedt H/C 00:21:35
3 Richard Hamilton Sarum Velo 00:22:20
4 Bryce Dyer VC St Raphael 00:22:30
5 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 00:23:05
6 Tom Day Poole Wheelers 00:23:45
7 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:10
8 Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:18
9 Richard Wyeth Tornado RCC 00:24:30
10 Jack Martin Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:56
11 Chris Day Poole Wheelers 00:25:08
12 Connor Stain Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:15
13 Anja Heijnen Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:25:21
14 Andrew Khan Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:25:27
15 Rob Haycock Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:37
16 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:59
17 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:26:46
18 Ian Hayden Tornado RCC 00:26:57
19 Debbie Hallett Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:27
20 Keith Rumball Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:27:46

Thursday 29 June 2017

Portsmouth Circuits #8 Results & Overall Standings


1st 42 Matthew GILMOUR C Velo Club Venta
2nd 44 Judah HURR C Portsmouth North End CC
3rd 43 Adam HARRISON-SMITH C Chapel Tri-Stars
YOUTH U16 [A] / U14 [B]

1st 22 Matthew HICKMAN B Portsmouth North End CC
2nd 23 Jacob SCHNABEL B Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd 20 Freya RICHARDSON Ag Portsmouth North End CC
4th 39 Sophie TILLER Bg I-Team Cyclists' Club
5th 21 Oscar PRATT B Velo Club Venta
6th 40 Izzy BRICKELL Bg Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
7th 1 Danny HAVEY A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
8th 4 Oliver AITKEN A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
9th 3 Ollie SUATT A VC Meudon
10th 2 Owen GILES A Portsmouth North End CC
3 / J3

1st 59 Joe DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
2nd 57 James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd 58 Liam BARR University Of Portsmouth CC
4th 54 Kris COLLINS Team Wiggle
5th 63 Tim BLACKMORE Southdown Velo
6th 60 Jacob ARIES Bath Cycling Club
7th 56 Gavin ASH Worthing Excelsior CC
8th 61 Luis COUNTINHO Southdown Velo
9th 53 Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
10th 62 Sebastian OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna
11th 52 Steve MOSS BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
12th 55 David SMITH VC Meudon
13th 64 Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
14th 65 Dafydd EVANS Poole Wheelers CC
E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 5 Harry VEALE
2nd 6 Andy SHACKEL Team Wiggle
3rd 10 Dylan THOMAS VC Meudon
4th 8 Matt EXLEY Team Corley Cycles
5th 9 Mike SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
6th 13 Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael
7th 12 Jake YARRANTON Pedal Heaven RT
8th 11 Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT
9th 4 Frank KILSBY VC St Raphael
10th 7 Mark GREEN WOOD Army Cycling Race Team

Overall Standings after Round 8

1st E Harrison HENDY Bike Jockey CC 140
2nd E Myles BRADLEY Bike Jockey CC 90
3rd E Sebastian FOSTER Bike Jockey CC 34
4th Eg Holly HURR Portsmouth North End CC 18

1st Dg Olivia ALLMAN Velo Club Venta 20
2nd Dg Laura HARRISON-SMITH Chapel Tri-Stars 20
1st C Judah HURR Portsmouth North End CC 304
2nd C Adam HARRISON-SMITH Chapel Tri-Stars 244
3rd C Matthew GILMOUR Velo Club Venta 240
4th C Ollie BOARER I-Team Cyclists' Club 112
5th Cg Rose-Marie MONCRIEFFE Velo Club Londres 36
6th Cg Melissa COOPER Spokes BPC Racing 34
7th Cg Ella BEATON Solent Pirates 34
1st Bg Sophie TILLER I-Team Cyclists' Club 274
2nd B Matthew HICKMAN Portsmouth North End CC 272
3rd B Jacob SCHNABEL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 268
4th Bg Izzy BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 256
5th B Jude BEATON Portsmouth North End CC 100
6th B Adam POTTER i-team Cyclist Club 92
7th B Oscar PRATT Velo Club Venta 58
8th B Jamie WHITCHER Poole Wheelers CC 38
9th Bg Madelaine COOPER Spokes BPC Racing 34
10th B Felix CLACY Solent Pirates 28

1st A Danny HAVEY Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 264
2nd A Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC 212
3rd A Matthew HOULBERG Portsmouth North End CC 136
4th A Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 118
5th A Ethan COURT VC Meudon 112
6th Ag Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth Norh End CC 108
7th Ag Caitlin PETERS I-Team Cyclists' Club 104
8th Ag Amy MITCHELL Portsmouth North End CC 94
9th A Samuel CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 40
10th A Oliver AITKEN Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 36
11th Ag Zoe BROOKES Hillingdon Slipstreamers 36
12th A Sam FREEMAN Solent Pirates 36
13th A Ollie SUATT VC Meudon 34
14th A Harvey McLEAN Behind the Bikeshed 32
15th A Caelan McNAMARA VC Meudon 30
16th A Max FLEMING Solent Pirates 28
17th Ag Kathryn CREASEY BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 24
18th Ag Charlotte CREASEY BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 22

3 / J3
1st Steve MOSS BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 454
2nd James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 396
3rd Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's 396
4th Luis COUNTINHO Southdown Velo 390
5th Tim BLACKMORE Southdown Velo 370
6th Kris COLLINS Team Wiggle 356
7th Sebastian OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna 356
8th Ian HAYDEN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 282
9th Chris McGOVERN Southampton University Road Club 268
10th James COOPER Natural RT 248
11th Kevin FOSTER WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 224
12th Mark HERBERT Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 216
13th Oliver SCOTT Dulwich Paragon CC 208
14th Liam BARR University Of Portsmouth CC 206
15th Harry JOHNSON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 186
16th Jacob ARIES Bath Cycling Club 168
17th Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd 168
18th Garth MCCOLVILLE Honister '92 162
19th Harry CHAMBERLAIN Southampton University Road Club 162
20th Joe DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd 158
21st Sam STEWART Southdown Velo 156
22nd David SMITH VC Meudon 140
23rd Stuart WAITE WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 134
24th Gavin ASH Worthing Excelsior CC 128
25th Max MOYLES University of Exeter Cycling Club 126
26th Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 120
27th Jim HAMILTON University of Exeter Cycling Club 120
28th Ben HUTTLY Brighton Mitre CC 118
29th Michael GREENSHIELDS University Of Portsmouth CC 118
30th Dafydd EVANS Poole Wheelers CC 106
32nd Shaun REED Team Tor 2000 KALAS 98
31st Simon AMBROSINI WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 98
35th Ben BRIFFETT Blazing Saddles 86
33rd Russell THOMPSON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 82
34th Tristan WHITE DHCyclesport 82
36th Oliver WISE Solent Pirates 80
37th Dexter FOX Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) 64
38th David BONE Racing Club Ravenna 58
39th Adam LITTLECHILD Racing Club Ravenna 54
40th Lee RUTLAND Army Cycling Union 52
41st Luke GILDER Mountain Trax RT 50
42nd Will COOPER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's 50
43rd Sam CLARK i-Team Cyclists' Club 48
44th Ellis PULLINGER Southampton University Road Club 48
45th Danny TONKIN Racing Club Ravenna 48
46th Simon MITCHELL The Cycle Room 48
47th Philip BOARER Racing Club Ravenna 48
48th Martin CHALDECOTT Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 46
49th Richard GARMAN Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 46
50th Jeremy LAMBERT Natural RT 44
51st Simon WALTERS Velo Club Venta 44
52nd Harry STALEY Team Wiggle 42
53rd Jack HARDWICKE Strada-Sport 42
54th Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 40
55th Tom ELLIS Southampton University Road Club 40
56th Russell SPEIGHT Sotonia CC 38
57th Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC 38
58th Jack FERRELL Racing Club Ravenna 38
59th Nicolas KIMISH i-Team Cyclists' Club 34
60th Christopher MANKSING Exeter Wheelers 30
61st George CREASEY UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 28
62nd Lee HENDERSON Andover Whls 22
63rd Danny BAKER Morvelo Basso RT 6

1st Harry VEALE 532
2nd Andy SHACKEL Team Wiggle 440
3rd Matt ALLSOP WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 368
4th Mike SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 310
5th Frank KILSBY VC St Raphael 286
6th Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT 268
7th Dylan THOMAS VC Meudon 256
8th Justin HOY Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 254
9th Benjamin MARKS Morvelo Basso RT 188
10th Lewis MARTIN Spokes BPC Racing 174
11th Lee SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 170
12th Adam HOLLEYMAN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 164
13th James EBDON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 158
14th Nicholas O'HARA 3C Cyclexperience 154
15th Mitch WEBBER Bike Channel Canyon 132
16th Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael 118
17th Scott MICHAELS Southampton University Road Club 114
18th Joseph ANDREWS Spokes BPC Racing 112
19th Will RANOE Morvelo Basso RT 110
20th Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's 100
21st Henry LATIMER Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 100
22nd Liam WALSH VC St Raphael 98
23rd Michael FORD VC St Raphael 70
24th Matt EXLEY Team Corley Cycles 64
25th David PRICKETT Morvelo Basso RT 64
26th Tom LANE Latchem Sunwise Race Team 62
27th Matthew DOWNIE Primera-TeamJobs 62
28th Ryan WESTON UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 62
29th Martin ROWLAND UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 60
30th Jake YARRATON Pedal Heaven RT 58
31st Ryan VISSER Hosté TAAP Storck 56
32nd Thomas KEY Primera-TeamJobs 56
33rd Mark GREEN WOOD Army Cycling Race Team 52
34th Ben IRVING Hosté TAAP Storck 52
35th Stuart WAITE WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 50
36th Danny BAKER Morvelo Basso RT 48
37th Stuart THOMPSON Andover Wheelers 40
38th Matt BONE Hosté TAAP Storck 36
39th Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 32
40th Andrew THOMAS a3crg

Wednesday 28 June 2017

UK Biking Bournemouth Cycleworks Summer Road Race, A Few Places Left.

A few places are still available for the UK Biking - Bournemouth Cycleworks Summer Road Race on Sunday July 16th at 10am.
We have 46 riders so far and would love a full field.
The race is for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Category riders and uses the Lulworth Circuit.
The race distance is 56 miles (10 laps).
Enter online HERE

"Come down to Dorset and race on one of our great courses. The Lulworth Circuit is quite testing with over 4000 feet of climbing over the 10 laps but I am sure that you are quite capable of it. We look forward to seeng you.
Prizes – 1st £60, 2nd £50, 3rd £40, 4th £35, 5th £30, 6th £20, 7th-10th £10. Primes of £10 and £5 for the first 2 riders across the finish line at the end of laps 2 to 9. Our thanks to Bournemouth Cycleworks for the prizes.

Bring the family and when the cycling is over there is the Jurassic Coast to explore. Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door are just five minutes away. There are plenty of museums in Dorchester to keep the kids amused as well."

Great Britain Cycling Team Set for Paracycling Road World Cup


A nine-strong Great Britain Cycling Team travel to Emmen, Netherlands for the final UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup of the season before August’s UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships in South Africa.

The team will compete over three days from Friday to Sunday across the time trials and road races.

As well as aiming for the podium, the event will give riders the chance to stake their claim for a spot at the world championships.

Paralympic gold medallists Megan Giglia and Louis Rolfe are selected for the first time since winning gold and silver at the HSBC UK | National Track Championships in January. Giglia and Rolfe have both enjoyed considerable success on the track and will be aiming to translate that success to the road for the first time in 2017.

After competing with Hazel Macleod and Sophie Thornhill respectively at the 2017 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Los Angeles, Lora Fachie and Corrine Hall are re-united as they continue a partnership that has seen them become Paralympic gold medallists, double world champions on the road and bronze medallists at the track world championships.

Steve Bate and his pilot Adam Duggleby got their 2017 season off to a successful start at the first para-cycling road world cup winning time trial gold in Maniago and they’ll be aiming to repeat that success as they work towards their ambition of becoming world champions for the first time.

Mel Nicholls is selected after a promising start to her para-cycling career, which saw her win bronze medals in the time-trial and road race in her debut event for the team in Ostend, while Simon Price and Liz Saul will also ride in their second road world cup of the season after both competed in Maniago.

Great Britain Cycling Team para-cycling head coach, Jon Norfolk, said:

“The world cup in Emmen is the final major event for the team before the world championships in South Africa and we’ll be looking at performances in the Netherlands with selection for that in mind.

“There have been some really promising results from a number of riders in the first two world cups and with Megan, Louis, Corrine and Lora coming back into the fold the road side of our programme is beginning to look really strong.”

British Cycling Announce Team for MTB Andorra World Cup


British Cycling has confirmed the three riders who will represent the Great Britain Cycling Team at the next round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano in Vallnord, Andorra, from 1 – 2 July 2017.

Senior academy riders Ella Connolly and Evie Richards along with Frazer Clacherty will line up in Great Britain colours to contest the under-23 categories for the third world cup of their season.

British Cycling’s lead mountain bike coach Simon Watts said: “I’ve been impressed with the performances I’ve seen in the world cups so far this season and I’m looking for the momentum to continue in Vallnord.

“Evie Richards won the silver medal as a junior rider in the world championships held on this course in 2015, and she’s having a really good season so far. She won the previous round of the world cup in Albstadt and finished second prior to that in the Czech Republic so she’ll be gridded first on the start line in Andorra. Frazer Clacherty recorded a career best result of a sixth place finish in Albstadt and this will see him gridded on the second row for this round of the world cup. Ella is in her first year of the under-23 category so her objectives are based around her performance on the first lap of the race and I’m looking for her to continue progression in this area rather than the overall result.

“The course in Vallnord has been on the world cup calendar for some time now and we know that the altitude can significantly affect the riders’ performance, so we took that into consideration as part of the team’s preparation for this race.

“We’re currently in Andorra on an altitude camp where we’ve been for the past two weeks. The riders have found the conditions at altitude to be very demanding but the Great Britain Cycling Team support staff have managed the adaptation process successfully and as a group the riders have worked hard to support each other. It’s been brilliant for their development as mountain bikers as they’ve learnt about how altitude affects their bodies and what they’re capable of if they manage the situation properly. I’m looking forward to seeing how all the riders get on after this good block of training.”

Other British riders competing in this event for their trade teams are: Annie Last (OMX Pro Team), Isla Short (OMX Pro Team), Grant Ferguson (CST Sandd American Eagle Mountainbike Team) and Iain Paton (Scottish Cycling).

Great Britain Cycling Team for UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Cup, Vallnord

Frazer Clacherty
Ella Conolly
Evie Richards

South DC Youth Time Trial Champs, Results/Report

Results -Youth Time Trial Championships
(South DC District Heat)
Course: P847/10k Funtington West Stoke 22nd June 2017

Thursday evening (22nd) was the local round of the National Youth Time Trial Championships held on the Funtington road near Chichester. Competitors from around the Wessex region descended on West Stoke Village Hall HQ with Poole Wheelers bringing a team of 6 riders.
The race was over 10 kilometres with riders setting off at minute intervals. First girl was Caitlin Peters (i-Team), the current Junior British Best All Rounder with a time of 15:10 followed by Izzy Brickell (Fareham Wheelers) 15:57 and Lucy Gadd (Poole Wheelers) 16:40 in third.
For the Boys VC Venta took the first two places with Charlie Walters 13:56 and Elliot Cox 14:18, in third place was Thomas Day (Poole Wheelers) 14:28. Unfortunately, VC Venta did not have a third counting rider and the team prize went to Poole Wheelers (Thomas Day, Dan Byrne and Jamie Whitcher) who retained their title from last year.
There were also qualifying places for age categories (12,13,14,15 & 16) with promoting club Solent Pirates Youth CC taking two, Ella Lawrence (14 girl) and Thomas Green (15 Boy). Other qualifiers for the National final were Peter Drabble (VC Meudon) 12 Boy and Matthew Hickman (Portsmouth NECC) 13 boy.

1 Charlie Walters M16 JUN Velo Club Venta 00:13:56 26.76
2 Elliot Cox M16 JUN Velo Club Venta 00:14:18 26.07
3 Thomas Day M14 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:14:28 25.77
4 Samuel Freeman M14 JUV SPYCC 00:14:52 25.08
5 Matthew Hickman M13 JUV Portsmouth NECC 00:14:55 24.99
6 Harry Parsons M16 JUN Sotonia CC 00:15:00 24.85
7 Jacob Schnabel M13 JUV Fareham Wheelers CC 00:15:08 24.64
8 Caitlin Peters F15 JUV i-Team CC 00:15:10 24.58
=9 Izzy Brickell F13 JUV Fareham Wheelers CC 00:15:57 23.37
=9 Jamie Whitcher M13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:15:57 23.37
10 Max Edgington M14 JUV SPYCC 00:16:09 23.08
11 Thomas Green M15 JUV SPYCC 00:16:10 23.06
12 Dan Byrne M15 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:16:22 22.78
13 Lucy Gadd F16 JUN Poole Wheelers 00:16:40 22.37
14 Freya Richardson F15 JUV Portsmouth NECC 00:16:46 22.24
15 Peter Drabble M12 JUV VC Meudon 00:17:18 21.55
16 Isaac Warrington M14 JUV SPYCC 00:17:21 21.49
17 Ellie farrow F15 JUV SPYCC 00:17:25 21.41
18 Connor Hinkley M14 JUV …a3crg 00:17:27 21.36
19 Madeline Grace Cooper F13 JUV Spokes BPC Racing 00:17:41 21.08
20 Ben Gill M13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:18:06 20.60
21 Charlotte Kelly F13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:18:13 20.47
22 Ella Lawrence F14 JUV SPYCC 00:18:20 20.34
23 Mat Remani M15 JUV SPYCC 00:18:22 20.30
24 Scott Morgan M15 JUV SPYCC 00:18:49 19.81

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Horton & McLaughlin Winners at Weymouth Crit Series

Weymouth Park and Ride Crit Series ends with Chris McLaughlin Winning overall.

The Weymouth Crit series had been hailed as a complete success by host club Mud, Sweat n Gears. During the four events there have been races which included mainly cat3 and cat 4 riders, with a special race for a cat 2/3 mix at the second event. The final event was held on the 13th June with James Horton *(VC ST raphael) taking the win it.Throughout the series a real mix of riders entered, but good riding and consistency shows through in the end. All riders who scored points during the series were entered into the overall series ranking. Coming out on top was 16-year-old Chris McLaughlin of the Uk Biking\Bournemouth Cycleworks\TREK team. During this time Chris show cycling maturity well above his years and deservedly won the series title for 2017. In second place was the Mud, Sweat n Gears team manager Darren Orchard. Having missed one event Darren was happy with the result of 2nd overall. When asked about the series winner Darren described Chris as ‘A really nice guy who has a great mind for the sport. At such a tender age he will go far if he can keep his focus.’ In third place we have Christopher Wilson of Uk Biking\Bournemouth Cycleworks\TREK team. Chris started out in the fourth cat races this season, but once promoted he still managed to finish an impressive 4th place in his first cat 3 appearance at the park and ride.
Mud, Sweat n Gears would like to than all of the volunteers that help make the series such a success. Special thanks also goes out to Dorset County Council for ensuring the use of the park and ride for these events. Also we would like to thank all the riders and spectators who attended the park in the races themselves. Without you the series would have been nothing.
As for the future. We hope to be putting on some races here later in the year that could really help those riders who may well be chasing points. We expect to cater for riders from cat 4 to cat 2 over a few events in September so please keep an eye out for further details.
Overall series results table below

1 Chris McLaughlin 36
2 Darren Orchard 24
3 Christopher Wilson 21
4 James Horton 20
5 Jack Wiltshire 16
5 Gavin Berry 16
7 Nick Carroll 14
7 Charlie Cox 14
9 Kevin Egan 13
10 Sean Frost 11
11 Robert Midmore 10
11 Tom Carter 10
11 Lewis Stripp 10
11 Niall Lambing 10
11 Harry Sealey 10
11 Luke Barfoot 10
11 Jon Samways 10
18 Monty Knite 9
18 Thomas Ellis 9
20 Simon Chainey 8
20 Harvey Martin 8
20 Jack Savidge 8
23 Richard Wyeth 7
23 Ben Cooke 7
23 George Creasey 7
23 Craig Gould 7
23 Aled Jones 7
28 Graham Biles 6
28 Steven Cowley 6
28 Simon Merritt 6
28 Matthew Norris 6
32 Luke Monahan 5
32 Chris Randall 5
34 Mark Gibbs 4
34 Keith Ellis 4
34 Julian Lockwood 4
34 Dafydd Evans 4
34 Phillip Cole 4
39 Leslie Thomas 3
39 Darren Hayter 3
39 Shaun Palmer 3
39 Craig Haslam 3
39 Andrew Carter 3
44 Matt Carey 2
45 James Gilgrist 1
45 William Thurgood 1
45 Phil Walter 1
45 Patrick Dunn 1
45 Matthew Merritt 1
45 Duncan Towner 1
45 Daniel Bates 1
45 Mark Valentine 1
45 Russell Speight 1
45 Graham Lackford 1

Bike Channel Canyon Announce New Signings for 2018

BIKE Channel Canyon have handed professional contracts to a pair of promising British junior riders.
Louis Rose-Davies and Charles Page, (above) both 18, will join the UCI Continental outfit as first-year seniors in 2018 after penning one-year deals.
Sports director Tim Elverson is delighted with his new recruits and believe their arrival underlines his commitment to developing young talent.
He said: “I want to keep that core of six under-23s within our squad. We have got a few guys who will move up next season, so bringing Louis and Charles in is important.
“They are both exciting prospects. I have signed them nice and early because I want them to relax into knowing what they have coming.
“There is a possibility one or both may ride as stagiaires for us from August 1, too. I have got to go through it yet but I do have that option.
“We have a couple of European races which may be good to let them have a roll out before we close down for the year.”
Rose-Davies, who hails from Chertsey and currently rides for Canyon UK, recently clinched the Kingdom Junior Classic crown.
Among his other notable results this season are top-10 finishes in the Ster der Vlaamse Ardennen, Junior CiCLE Classic and a trio of National Bs.
Page, meanwhile, finished fifth in the Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne Juniors, fourth in the Cadence Junior Road Race and seventh in the Junior CiCLE Classic.
Both riders started out with the Hillingdon Slipstreamers club, with Amersham’s Page now dividing his time between Cycle Team OnForm and French under-19 outfit Culture Velo.
Elverson added: “I have worked pretty hard at keeping an eye on what is going on. I have known both lads for a long while and I have no doubt they will fit in well with us.
“Louis is gritty. He is aggressive and that’s good for our style of racing. He is really focused and very good for a tough day out, which is important.
“It can be hard to transition from junior to senior but, hopefully, his character suggests he will cope well with the step up.
“Charles is quick. He has been around a while, learnt his craft and has a lot to give. He is very capable and reminds me of what I used to see in Rory (Townsend).
“I really like his attitude. He wants to be a professional bike rider and he has shown plenty of ability which is promising.”

David Lloyd Club 10, 26/06/17 Results

David Lloyd Southampton 10 Mile Time Trial P164c Monday 26th June 2017
1 22:26 Andy Postlethwaite, NFCC
2 23:07 Gary Allen, GA Cycles
3 23:14 Justin P, NFCC
4. 23:51 Oliver Handley, SUCC
5. 24:50 Richard Iles, Primera
6. 25:34 Wayne Widebank, DL
7. 25:40 Stephen Skinner, JPCC
8. 25:41 Martin Turner, NB
9. 25:44 Luke Boating, JPCC
10. 25:54 Fletcher Adams, Hargroves Cycles
11. 25:54 Jamie Doel, JPCC
12. 26:07 James Davenport, NB
13 26:11 Peter Boating, JPCC
14 26:23 Joanne Iles, Primera
15 26:30 Mike Rounds, BJW
16 26:43 Paul Jackson, JPCC
17 26:31 Pete Blackman, DL
18 27:23 Pat and Helen Langford, CCC
19 27:34 Trevor Osman, DL
20 27:58 Tim Withers, JPCC
21 28:34 Dan Towell, JPCC
22 28:50 George Parsons, JPCC
23 28:52 Suzy Howick, DL
24 29:18 Sarah Needle, DL
25 29:22 Chris Summers, Sotonia
26 29:56 Clare Wiggins, JPCCJod
27 29:59 Jode Lakeman-Brown
28 30:50 James Mann, Chapel Tri Stars
29 31:31 Andy Judd, DL
30 32:40 Andrew Larter, unattached
31 32:44 M Channon, JPCC

Sotonia CC Summer Road Race, Start List

Start list:

Sunday 2nd July 2017, Owslebury Parish Hall, Owlesbury, Winchester, SO21 1JQ
(HQ opens at 8.00am)
Start time: 10.00am
Distance: 96km / 60miles
Rider categories: 2/3

1 Joseph Linehan Alé DMT Cipollini UK 2nd
2 Matthew Buckley Andover Whls 2nd
3 Jake Hollins Bath Cycling Club 2nd
4 Alex Platt Bikechain - Ricci 3rd
5 Brecon Burnett Cardiff Ajax CC 2nd Junior
6 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden 2nd
7 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2nd
8 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2nd
9 Andrew Carter 2nd
10 Mark Herbert Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 3rd
11 Nicholas Hale Farnborough & Camberley CC 3rd
12 Osama Assem Finchley Racing Team 3rd
13 Alex Cohen Finsbury Park CC 3rd
14 Richard Keeping Full Gas Racing Team 2nd
15 Riyadh Khamis Full Gas Racing Team 2nd
16 James Archibald GS Henley 3rd
17 Pete Ganderton GS Henley 2nd
18 Tom Stocker Hargroves-Ridley-Montezumas 3rd
19 Rob Walker High Wycombe Cycling Club 2nd
20 James Boyman Hoops Velo 2nd
21 Peter Hodson-Thomas Latchem Sunwise Race Team 2nd
22 James Hywel-Davies Latchem Sunwise Race Team 2nd
23 Tom Lane Latchem Sunwise Race Team 2nd
24 David Prickett Morvelo Basso RT 2nd
25 Phillip Cole Mud, Sweat n Gears CC 2nd
26 Jake Yarranton Pedal Heaven RT 2nd
27 Tristan Grigalis PMR@Toachim House 2nd
28 Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC 3rd
29 Dafydd Evans Poole Wheelers CC 3rd
30 Matthew Downie Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
31 David Billings Radeon-Bike Science RT 2nd
32 John Carter Radeon-Bike Science RT 2nd
33 Thomas Grigson Radeon-Bike Science RT 2nd
34 Andrew Moon Reading CC 3rd
35 Christopher Rothwell Ride 24/7 2nd
36 Steve Thomas Ride 24/7 2nd
37 Patryk Rucki Skinline Race Club 2nd
38 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC 2nd
39 Benjamin Hames Sotonia CC 3rd
40 Andrew Mackay Sotonia CC 2nd
41 James Peckham Sotonia CC 2nd
42 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC 2nd
43 Ed Slot Sotonia CC 2nd
44 Russell Speight Sotonia CC 3rd
45 Red Walters Sotonia CC 2nd Junior

46 Harry Chamberlain Southampton University RC 3rd
47 Patrick Brown Spokes BPC Racing 2nd
48 Joe Hickerton Spokes BPC Racing 2nd
49 Lewis Martin Spokes BPC Racing 2nd
50 Harry Ribbons TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
51 Jason Ormston Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd
52 Timothy Allen Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
53 Frazier Carr Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
54 Alexander Cross Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd Junior
55 Edward Giles Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
56 Tom Sefton Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
57 Kris Collins Team Wiggle 3rd
58 Jason Ginn The Cycle Room 3rd
59 Richard Cartland trainSharp Club 2nd
60 Luke Barfoot Tri UK 2nd
61 Sean Frost Tri UK 3rd
62 Martin Rowland UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 2nd
63 Nicholas Tyrie University of Bath Cycling Club 3rd
64 Jim Hamilton University of Exeter Cycling Club 3rd
65 Max Moyles University of Exeter Cycling Club 2nd
66 George Wise VC Equipe - Flix 2nd
67 Lewis Winfield VC Londres 2nd Junior
68 Dean Corney VC Meudon 2nd
69 Anthony Roberts VC Meudon 2nd
70 Michael Ford VC St Raphael 2nd
71 Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta 2nd
72 Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta 3rd Junior
73 Nick Broome Velo Schils - Interbike RT 2nd
74 Lee Davis VeloVitesse 2nd
75 Matthew Alder ZeroBC 2nd
76 Michael Devaney ZeroBC 2nd
77 Adam Lowe ZeroBC 2nd
78 Harvey McNaughton i-Team 2nd Junior

Circuit description:
The race HQ is located at Owslebury Parish Hall, Main Road, Owslebury, SO21 1JQ. The race
roll out from the HQ will be neutralised along Longwood Road toward the crossroad junction
with Belmore Lane. At the junction turn right onto Belmore Lane where, once safe, the race
will be de-neutralised. Immediately after the crest of the first hill the road drops away to
the left followed by a sharp right hand bend where extreme care is needed. After a series
of rolling hills the race turns left into Salt Lane to climb up to The Milburys Pub crossroads.
Just before cresting the Salt Lane climb riders will cross the finish line for the first time (there
will be a further 7 laps). At the crossroads the race turns left for a fast decent (care should
be taken to avoid potholes in the centre of the road at the bottom of the descent), followed
by a sharp climb to the Longwood Road junction, at the junction the race turns left and
descends to the junction with Belmore Lane where the race will turn left to complete the
circuit. Riders will pass the finish line 8 (eight) times in total.

Sunday 25 June 2017

Wadsley & Williamson Split the Difference at Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 25, Report/Results

Sam Wadsley (Poole Wheelers) & Stephen Williamson (...3crg) shared the spoils at the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 25, both stopping the clock on 53:06 on a breezy morning in Dorset.
Williamson graciously let Wadsley take the winners cheque, courtesy of the 2 tenths of a second that officially separated them*. It was 19 year old Wadsley's first Open win at the distance and he was happy to tie with the Experienced Williamson. A stiff westerly wind made the leg back to the Bakers Arms a slog and ridden 3 times, concentration was essential.
Michelle Walter (Bournemouth Arrow CC) took the women's award clocking 1:04:29 ahead of Sarah Wise (CC Weymouth), 1:05:17.
Third place Matt Rollinson, 53:34, led the promoting club to the team prize, the fast improving Rollinson was backed up by John Samways, 53:36 and Adrian Murray 55:36 for a combined, 2:42:46.

Provisional Result












*Other than Hill Climbs, times are rounded up to the whole second as per CTT regulations

Saturday 24 June 2017

David LLoyd Club 10,19/06/17

David Lloyd Southampton 10 Mile Time Trial P164c
Monday 19th June 2017
1 Andy Postlethwaite NFCC 23.12
2 Ian Sherin, 3C 24.42
3 Oliver Handley, SURC 24.43
4 Phil Godfrey, Sotonia CC 24.47
5 Julian Porter, JPCC 24.47
6 Pat Lafford, Crabwood CC 25.50
7 Fletcher Adams, Hargroves 25.56
8 Dale Payne, JPCC 26.04
9 Ian Edmonds, DL 26.16
10 Wayne Windebank, DL 26.24
11 Martin Turner 26.41
12 Harry Parsons, Sotonia CC 26.42
13 Luke Bowring, JPCC 26.45
14 Michelle, Walter, BACC 26.51
15 P Lewis, Dayside Tri 27.10
16 Peter Bowring, JPCC 27.19
17 J Davenport 27.23
18 Jamie Doel, JPCC 27.25
19 Paul Jackson, JPCC 27.37
20 Trevor Osman, DL 27.56
21 Claire Newman, Crabwood CC 28.12
22 George Hill, JPCC 28.25
23 Pete Blackman, DL 28.34
24 Mary Corbett/Norman Harvey Sotonia CC 29.01
25 George Parsons, JPCC 29.05
26 Neil Addcock, JPCC 29.34
27 Alistair Ewing, DL 29.47
28 Suzy Howick, DL 29.58
29 Andy Heywood, DL 30.15
30 John Raney, JPCC 30.38
31 Steve Cleves 31.04
32 Keith Burch, DL 31.09
33 P Myford, DL 31.41
34 Andy Judd, DL 31.50
35 C Wiggins, JPCC 32.26
36 J Mann, Chapel Tri 32.48
37 H Aderman, Chapel tri 32.50
38 Tracey Heywood, DL 32.55
39 George Wadsworth, DL 46.56

Friday 23 June 2017

Active Dorset Summer Track League #1, Report/Results

Charley Calvert (Backstedt Hotchillee) looked set to dominate the racing at the opening round of the Active Dorset Summer track league. Calvert won the warm up scratch race without trying it seemed, leaving Jaimee Haycock (Bournemouth Arrow) & Alan Collins (Portsmouth North End) to dispute the minor placings.
Calvert then clocked 12:06 for the flying 200 for a clear win in the sprint qualifyer. A comfortable win in the elimination race followed, with the British Cycling academy rider dispatching Gareth Rose (Bournemouth Arrow) after Tom Day (Poole Wheelers) had exhausted himself into the wind that blew down the home straight.
The wheels then came off, or more accurately the saddle as a broken seat pin sent Calvert home for an early bath allowing Rose to take a 25 lap points race win ahead of the hard working George Creasy (UK BIKING) & Simon Pettifer (Poole Wh).
Pettifer then took the senior sprint, wanting it more than Rose.
Tom Day won the final 30 lap scratch race, taking a 4 up sprint after Creasy & Dan Byrne(Poole Wheelers) had made all the running.
The pair had gone away as early as the third lap, both commited, they stayed clear till 3 to go before Rose & Day jumped across to spoil their day.
The Active Dorset league included a full youth programme with Isabel Sharp (Poole Wheelers), Ben Tinsdale (Bournemouth Arrow), Jaimee Whitcher (Poole Wheelers), Anna Tuttle & Ella-Marie Dearlove (Bournemouth Arrow) all getting stuck in and relishing the racing opportunity. Tinsdale caught the eye, aggressively riding a 12 lap points race from the front, finishing with maximum points. The Active Dorset Track league in association with Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers continues for the next 5 Friday evenings, gates open at 6pm, first race 6:30pm.


Flying 200
12.06 Charley Calvert Backstedt
13.13 Simon Pettifer Poole Wheelers
13.20 Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
13.30 Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers
13.54 Tom Day Poole Wheelers
13.73 George Creasey UK Biking
13.73 Mike Page Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
13.86 Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
14.07 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC
14.26 Ben Tinsdale Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
14.48 Rob Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
14.64 Ella Dearlove Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
14.90 Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers
14.95 Isabel Sharp Poole Wheelers
15.29 Arthur Purbrick Poole Wheelers
15.98 Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers
16.26 Anna Tuttle Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
16.39 James Bourne Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
16.86 Patrick Atkinson Poole Wheelers
17.32 Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers
17.82 Gregory Eastham Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
19.26 Oliver Tooley Poole Wheelers
20.54 Albie Atkinson Poole Wheelers

Senior Elimination Race
1st Charley Calvert Backstedt
2nd Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
3rd Tom Day Poole Wheelers
4th Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
5th Rob Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
6th Simon Pettifer Poole Wheelers
7th Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC
8th Mike Page Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
9th George Creasey UK Biking

Youth A and B Elimination Race
1st Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers
2nd Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers
3rd Ben Tinsdale Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
4th Ella Dearlove Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
5th Arthur Purbrick Poole Wheelers
6th Anna Tuttle Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club

Youth C, D and E Elimination Race
1st Isabel Sharp Poole Wheelers
2nd Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers
3rd James Bourne Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
4th Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers
5th Patrick Atkinson Poole Wheelers
6th Gregory Eastham Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
7th Oliver Tooley Poole Wheelers
8th Albie Atkinson Poole Wheelers

Senior, Youth A and B Points Race
1st Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club 21 pts
2nd George Creasey UK Biking 11 pts
3rd Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC 7 pts
4th Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club 3 pts

Youth C, D and E Points Race
1st Isabel Sharp Poole Wheelers 18 pts
2nd Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers 12 pts
3rd Patrick Atkinson Poole Wheelers 7 pts
4th Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers 5 pts
5th James Bourne Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club 1 pts
Senior Sprint Final
1st Simon Pettifer Poole Wheelers
2nd Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
Youth A Sprint Final
1st Tom Day Poole Wheelers
2nd Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers

Youth B Boys Sprint Final
1st Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers
2nd Arthur Purbrick Poole Wheelers

Youth B Girls Sprint Final
1st Ella Dearlove Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
2nd Anna Tuttle Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club

Youth C Sprint Final
1st Isabel Sharp Poole Wheelers
2nd Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers

Youth D Sprint Final
1st Gregory Eastham Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
2nd Oliver Tooley Poole Wheelers

Senior, Youth A and B, Final Scratch Race
1st Tom Day Poole Wheelers
2nd Gareth Rose Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
3rd George Creasey UK Biking
4th Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers
5th Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers
6th Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
7th Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC
8th Anna Tuttle Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
9th Ella Dearlove Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club

Youth C and D Final Scratch Race
1st Isabel Sharp Poole Wheelers
2nd Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers
3rd James Bourne Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club
4th Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers
5th Patrick Atkinson Poole Wheelers
6th Gregory Eastham Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
7th Albie Atkinson Poole Wheelers
8th Oliver Tooley Poole Wheelers

North Hants RC/Andover Wheelers Inter Club 18.5, Results

Thursday 22 June H19/11 Dummer

1 Matthew Buckley Andover Wheelers 00:42:24
2 Phil Watts NHRC 00:42:38
3 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers 00:43:18
4 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers 00:44:06
5 Andy Hibberd NHRC 00:44:30
6 Pete Harris Andover Wheelers 00:45:58
7 Nik Burrell Andover Wheelers 00:46:31
8 Sam Cooper Sotonia 00:46:55
9 Jan Labrooy Andover Wheelers 00:46:57
10 Stu Carver NHRC 00:47:11
11 Rich Bremner NHRC 00:48:21
12 Ben Ferris Andover Wheelers 00:48:29
13 Karl Brooks Andover Wheelers 00:48:45
14 Mike Webber Andover Wheelers 00:48:51
15 Ben Draper NHRC 00:48:52
16 Lee Henderson Andover Wheelers 00:49:18
17 Nick Cooper Andover Wheelers 00:49:47
18 Andy Housden NHRC 00:49:57
19 Nigel Parker NHRC 00:50:11
20 Robert Wabon NHRC 00:51:47
21 Marcel MacNicholas NHRC 00:52:06
22 Barry Tooke NHRC 00:52:31
23 Lili McLean Andover Wheelers 00:53:50

Thanks to Nigel Pratt