Saturday 31 March 2012

Bournemouth Arrow Good Friday 10 Start List

06/04/12 - Bournemouth Arrow CC 10
Headquarters: Lytchett Matravers Village Hall
Lytchett Matravers Village Hall, High Street. From A35 take exit signposted Lytchett Matravers, Wareham Road. At the top of the junction turn left by the Rose & Crown and the Village Hall is about 50 metres on the left. Numbers at Village Hall NOT at start.
Instructions To Start and Finish
To get to the start, turn right out of HQ car park and first right by the Rose & Crown Pub, before you get to the bottom of the hill you need to take the right fork half way down the hill, Halls Road. Allow sufficient time to get to the start. Its all down hill to the start, the down side is you will need to ride up it after the finish!!
After finish continue on towards start and turn right into Bulbury Lane (Halls Road),
No U turns on A35. Any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others and the future of the sport will be disqualified
and reported to CTT.

Safety Notes
In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. CTT regulations require all competitors under the age of 18 years to wear a hard shell helmet.
Observers will be in attendance along the course
Please allow time to check the course or at least read the instructions below. Don’t expect vehicles to guess your movements when moving from the left to the right lane whilst approaching the Holes Bay and Bakers Arms Roundabouts

1 Rob Anderson Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 08:01
2 Philip Evans Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:02
3 Tony Strickland Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 08:03
4 Chris Hughes New Forest CC 08:04
5 Kevin May Bournemouth Arrow CC - Hotel Collingwood 08:05
6 Richard Blake GA Cycles 08:06
7 Julian Thacker VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 08:07
8 Gary Plumbe New Forest CC 08:08
9 Leanne Farrow Ilkley CC 08:09
10 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers 08:10
11 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 08:11
12 Claire Day Born to Bike (Bridgtown Cycles) 08:12
13 Harrison Fielding Poole Wheelers 08:13
14 Robert Brinsden New Forest CC 08:14
15 Richard Davidson Poole Wheelers 08:15
16 Nick Young Yeovil CC 08:16
17 Martin Ward Sotonia CC 08:17
18 John Marriner Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:18
19 Richard Wyeth Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 08:19
20 Andy Buddle Poole Wheelers 08:20
21 Ray Claridge GA Cycles 08:21
22 Don Tanner Gillingham & District Wheelers 08:22
23 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:23
24 Doug Ward Yeovil CC 08:24
25 Ian Cardy CC Weymouth 08:25
26 Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers 08:26
27 Alex Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:27
28 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 08:28
29 Bob Jolliffe New Forest CC 08:29
30 Bryce Dyer VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 08:30
31 Gary Tuskin Poole Wheelers 08:31
32 Tim Day Born to Bike (Bridgtown Cycles) 08:32
33 Mark German 1st Chard Wheelers 08:33
34 Tony Rendall New Forest CC 08:34
35 Martin Beale VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 08:35
36 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:36
37 Gary Lock New Forest CC 08:37
38 Jonathan Charman Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:38
39 Barrington Day Fareham Wheelers CC 08:39
40 Julian Jenkinson Contre La Montre 08:40
41 Matt Burden Severn RC 08:41
42 Dean Ward 1st Chard Wheelers 08:42
43 Alan Sharpen Sotonia CC 08:43
44 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 08:44
45 Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:45
46 John Chapman CC Weymouth 08:46
47 Paul King Team Sales Engine 08:47
48 Rod Bowditch Yeovil CC 08:48
49 Ewan Farrow Ilkley CC 08:49
50 James Gilfillan Contre La Montre 08:50
51 Hugo Baldacchino Yeovil CC 08:51
52 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:52
53 Steve Shepherd Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 08:53
54 Derek Dowden Charlotteville CC 08:54
55 Tom Alliban Revo Racing 08:55
56 Glenn Longland Antelope Racing Team 08:56
57 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 08:57
58 Geoffrey Perry Team Milton Keynes-CorleyCycles-BodyLimits-Abbeygate 08:58
59 Lawrence Down Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 08:59 21.23

Friday 30 March 2012

Local Riders,Local Races

Photo, Graham Robins
Poole Wheelers promising junior, Harrison Fielding, won his first ever road race on the Thruxton circuit. The Corfe Mullen youngster has been racing on the track all winter and his fitness showed in the 17 mile race. A few riders had tried to escape the bunch but the race was altogether as they entered the last lap. Fielding was clearly the strongest and was happy to wait for the sprint finish which he won comfortably. “My race plan worked exactly how I wanted it to, coming out of the final chicane I was on the front and just put the hammer down” he said. The first year junior has a packed schedule, with races on the road and track every weekend through till August.

Gary Dighton (Poole Wheelers) triumphed in the “Round the Harbour” time trial. Dighton clocked a speedy, 1.02.57 for the 27 mile rolling course, giving him a winning margin of over two minutes on team mate Andy Buddle, (1.05.09). Paul Jones (BJW) is off form and had to settle for 3rd with 1.06.26.
1 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 1.2.57
2 Andy Buddle Poole Wheelers 1.5.09
3 Paul Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.6.26
4 Adam Darcy Wykes VC St Raphael 1.8.57
5 Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers 1.9.31
6 Ivan Whitehead Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.10.32
7 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers 1.11.39
8 Martin Aldridge Poole Wheelers 1.13.01
9 Phil Evans Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.13.39
10 Duncan Keates Loughborough Students 1.15.17
11 Chris Courage Zoom 1.15.24
12 Anya Heijnen VO2 1.15.29
13 Tracy Best Poole Wheelers (Day) 1.16.50
14 Mike Courage Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.16.57
15 Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers 1.17.59
16 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.19.32
17 Pete Grounds Poole wheelers 1.22.37
18 Jon Terry Poole Wheelers 1.24.57
19 Pete Bowen Poole Wheelers 1.25.04
20 Les Jessop Poole Wheelers (Day) 1.29.22
21 Brian Wakley Wessex RC 1.39.13
22 John Burrows Poole wheelers 1.42.27

Meanwhile Julian Thacker (VC ST Raphael) finished a clear winner in the CC Weymouth 22 mile event on the Moreton circuit. Thacker recorded 54.02, a clear 2 minutes quicker than first-timer, Brian Keightley (56.03).

Matt Hill (UK Biking/Primera) did well to finish on the podium at the National XC mountain bike series in Nottingham. Racing in the sport category at the Sherwood Pines venue, Hill took second place after a close battle with Matt Gee (Metaltek). In the veterans race Mark Chadbourne ( finished 4th, having been delayed with mechanical problems. Team mate Roland Tilley was also out of luck, finishing in 31st after crashing heavily on the opening lap.
Richard Horton (BJW) made a spectacular debut in Multi-Sport, winning the national junior Duathlon title in his first race. Horton finished in an impressive 3rd place in the Elite championships at Loughborough. Recording 54.27 for the 5krun-20km bike-5km run, Horton now looks certain to be selected for the European Championships. The talented Winton-Based cyclist has won several Road Races in the last few years but now intends to concentrate on Duathlon. As well as a new direction, Horton has a new team and will be racing for Primera this year.
Photos, Nigel Farrow

Bournemouth’s first track league kicks off on April 17th at the Ensbury Park Velodrome.
The first two weeks will be full on racing, allowing riders to “acclimatise” to the track but will not carry league points. Bournemouth Cycling Centre urge riders to pre-register for the Raymond Brown sponsored league, full details can be found on the website.
Bob Jolliffe (New Forest CC) Reports........
For the second time this season triathlete Gary Lock was unable to knock Andy Rivett from top spot in a New Forest Cycling Club time trial.Rivett (Velo Club St Raphael) won the club’s 10 a fortnight ago and followed up with victory in last Sunday’s 16 on the Brockenhurst-Beaulieu-Lyndhurst circuit with a time of 38-22 to beat Lock into second place by 40 seconds.Third place went to Southampton University Road Club’s Alex Clayton with 39-16 while New Forest CC’s current club champion John Heffernan clocked 39-47 for fourth.VC St Raphael’s Martin Beale, recovering from a chest infection which has stalled the start of his season, finished with 39-51 for fifth.Topham top againThe previous morning at Copythorne, Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) took his second win in seven days with a rapid 20-53 in Sotonia CC’s open 10 to beat Harry Bulstrode (Contre La Montre) into the runner-up position again, despite Bulstrode bettering his own course record of 21-49 by 34 seconds.Third place went to Contre La Montre’s James Gilfillan with 21-35, clubmate Andy Bryson completed the winning team with 21-48 and Contre’s Julian Jenkinson was fifth in a time of 21-56.Other NFCC timesClub 16 – Colin Humm 40-03, Ben Boardman 40-41, Stuart Peckham 41-48, Chris Hughes 42-06, Steve Roberts 43-12,Rob Brinsden 44-44, Nick Williams 45-07, Gary Plumb 45-13, Konnor Bracher-Walsh 45-27, David Wilson 45-46, Richard Rajski 45-53, Phil Underwood 46-45, Chris Grant and Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 47-31, Tom Smith (Soton Univ RC) 48-19, Chris Mills 53-44. Sotonia CC 10 – Nick Tattersall 26-46, Bob Jolliffe 29-45, Martin Balk 29-50.Join the chain gangClub coach Barry Wootton is starting the first of what he hopes will be regular chain gang rides from Thursday.
Over to Barry who says now the evenings are getting lighter and the training becomes more intense he wants to start the training rides on Thursday evenings, to slot in between Tuesday night time trials and weekend racing / long rides.
“The rides will involve a 15 minute warm up followed by an hour of group riding at speed. The rules of the chain gang are harsh but fair. If you’re dropped it is up to you to find your own way home, if you crash, are ill or have a serious mechanical the group will stop.“There are, however ways in which different abilities are catered for in a chain gang, the stronger riders will take longer turns at the front. Depending on the groups we have I would think that the training rides will be running at around 20mph and in a month or so towards 25mph. If numbers are high we will split into smaller groups so that we are not a hazard to other road users. In such cases we will try and match the fitness of riders as best as possible.“We have practiced this drill a number of times on the Saturday endurance rides and those who ride on the track are well experienced. I propose to run training rides on Thursday March 29 and Thursday, April 5. I would also appreciate riders who are experienced at riding in pace lines to join in and improve the quality of the group with their experience. On those two rides we will practice the drills for riding in single and double pace lines so that from April 12 we can ride hard. The first week I propose an 1830 start from Brockenhurst, the second 1845 and from April 12 onwards 1900. “These rides will require a high level of discipline so please read below what is expected of you. “What to bring:“Road bike. Riding on tri bars and being late on the brakes will not be appreciated by other riders. Remember you are responsible for your safety and those around you.“Tubes / pump / multi tool. If you puncture, hard luck. You are responsible for your own repairs. “Mobile phone. If you have a serious problem please call ride leader. If you drop off please text ride leader so we don’t have to turn back fearing the worst.“Lights / reflective clothing. We will be out near dusk on the early rides.“Money, some rides may finish at local pubs.“Drink / energy food.“Dos and Don’ts”
“Be aware that everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you. If you brake out of turn this will have a concertina effect and disrupt the whole group.“Never half wheel. When you hit the front, keep the pace consistent, if climbing keep the effort consistent.“When you come through for your turn and move over to the recovering line, do so smoothly and close to the rider you are taking over from. Don’t leave them with a massive gap.“Don’t leave gaps. If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.“Don’t nail yourself trying to do super-hard turns if the pace is above what you are capable of or you know you are tiring. If you start to get dropped, the group will have to slow down to look after you, or in some cases you will be dropped. Or you may be able to follow the group whilst you recover.“Show your respect for other cyclists and the drivers with whom we share the road. Remember we represent cycling in the New Forest and want to enhance the reputation of cyclists not hinder it.“If you need to spit, makes sure you’re at the back of the line.
Will Stephenson (Primera-Specialized)gives his view from the bunch at the Cadence Junior Road Race.
At the start it was crazy as in a junior race everyone wants to be at the front because there is a lot more attacking an harsher changes of speed than in a senior race. Everyone was jostling for position but I managed to get up there.
A break of 5 went early on and stayed away for the race gaining about 3mins at one point. At about half way 2 riders slipped of the front and got a gap. I and 2 others bridged up to them and worked well, catching the break which now had a lead of about a minute an a half.
Unfortunately going through a bend the rider in front suddenly veered wide and his skewer went in my front wheel, buckling it quite badly. I managed to slacken off the break to its widest and that was just enough for it not to rub.
After another lap or so another much larger group joined our lead group and it grew in size from about 12 to 30. With such a large group I stayed near the front, responding to attacks and going with them.
With a lap to go Tao went the off the front gaining a gap quickly. With a too large group only a few of us were putting effort into the chase, the rest just sat up and took it easy. Dibben went off the front and got another big gap. On the final hill I went early, following a few other riders. We got a gap and the remaining group were strung out behind. We were all racing for 4th now. It was a long drawn out drag race like sprint from a few hundred meters out. I managed to get 7th, not quite catching 6th although our wheels were overlapping on the line and I was gaining. I was pleased with my performance in the first national road series round, especially after a hard week. I am looking forward to the next one where I hopefully will be able to improve.

Entries are wanted for the EDCA 27km Time Trial on 15th April. Entries should go to Ros Spencer of Poole Wheelers (13 ALVERTON AVE, DORSET BH15 2QF) and not as listed in the CTT handbook. Bryce Dyer(VC ST Raphael) won last year, clocking 37.10. Closing date for the event on the Gallows Hill circuit is Tuesday 3rd April.

Monday 26 March 2012

Raymond Brown Track League


Bournemouth's first Track Cycling League kicks off on 17th April.

To help us judge rider numbers please preregister to;

Send no money but pay your £10 League registration on your first night, cash only please to reduce our admin!

The first 2 weeks (17th and 24th) will be full-on racing but remember carry no League Points.

To prepare and acclimatise to the track - what better than attend Chester Hill's "Competition Training" sessions on 3rd and 10th April starting at 6.30pm !!

Raymond Brown Track Cycling League

Entry Form 2012
(copy of) Link on right
Title……… Gender……… Date of Birth………………..

Surname………………………………………… First name…………………..

Address………………………………………… Postcode…………………….

Contact Email……………………………… Phone…………………………

BC Licence No……………. BC Category…………………

BC age group……………… Club/Team……………………

Accreditation/BCC Competition Licence No………………………….

I agree to abide by the Bye Laws and Technical Regulations of British Cycling, and understand and agree that I participate in these races entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards, and that I must ride in a manner which is safe to myself and others. I agree that no liability whatsoever shall attach to the promoter, promoting club, race sponsor, British Cycling or any race official or member of British Cycling or member of the promoting club in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by me in or by reason of these races, however caused. I will participate in cycling competitions or events in a loyal or sporting manner. I will submit to disciplinary measures taken against me and will take any appeals and litigation to the authorities provided for in the Regulations.

Subject to that reservation, I shall submit to any dispute that may arise exclusively to the courts. Should I be required to participate in any anti doping control test under British Cycling regulations, I shall agree to submit to those tests. I agree that the results of the analysis to be realised to the public and communicated in detail to my Club/Team or to my coach or Doctor. I undertake to submit any objections concerning drug abuse to the British Cycling Executive Board/Appeals Panel, whose decision I shall accept as final. I accept that all urine samples taken become the property of British Cycling and that they may have them analysed, notably for the purposes of research and information on health protection. I agree to my doctor/or the doctor of my club/team communicating to British Cycling, on its request, a list of medicines I have taken and treatment I have undergone before any given competition or cycling event. I have read and agree to abide by the above declarations.

By submitting this entry, I agree to abide by both the regulations of the Bournemouth Cycling Centre and of British Cycling.

To preregister send this Entry Form to:
Cost per night: Seniors £10 – Youth £3

Friday 23 March 2012

Local Riders,Local Races

Mark Chadbourne ( won the opening round of the Southern XC mountain bike series at Checkendon, Kent. Racing in the veterans category Chadbourne lead from the gun and revelled in the muddy conditions. Lewis King (Beeline Cycles) managed to stay in contact with the Poole man as the rest of the field lost ground. However King had no answer to Chadbournes strong sprint for the line. Shaftesbury’s national veteran champion Paul Hopkins (Merida) had to settle for an unaccustomed third place. Darren Shepherd (Primera) finished 7th while Chadbournes team mates Jon Hayes & Ro Tilley placed 8th & 13th respectively. Round 2 of the series is at Pippingford, East Sussex on April 15th.

Russell Kober (Hainault RC) came out on top in the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 42km hilly time trial on the Lulworth course. Kober clocked 1.02.07 on the tough circuit that includes the long climb up from Wool village. Dean Robson (Somerset RC) took 2nd with 1.02.40, with Simon Berogna (VC ST Raphael) a further 21 seconds back in third spot. Gary Dighton (Poole Wheelers) led the local challenge taking 4th just 9 seconds down on Berogna.
Dighton rode for Great Britain at the Barcelona Olympics and is enjoying his racing more than ever.
Jason Eastwood (Primera-Specialized) grabbed 5th place in the sprint at a very windy Thruxton circuit race.

The new Primera Specialized team was officially launched last week and they will be targeting all of the Southern area races. Eastwoods 5th place came after he had escaped in an eight man break that included team mate Toby Neave. Matt Jones (Corley Cycles) slipped clear of the small group to take a solo win ahead of the Eastwood group. Junior Will Stephenson had opted for the 90 mile Hounslow spring road race and finished comfortably in the bunch.

Bob Joliffe writes......
Triathlete Gary Lock shut the door on the opposition when he claimed victory in the second of New Forest Cycling Club’s 2012 time trials in cool but sunny weather on Sunday.New Forest CC rider Lock, from Lymington, beat Southampton bike shop boss Gary Allan (GA Cycles) into second place by 13 seconds, clocking 32-10 for the testing 12.8-mile circuit taking in Holmsley, Brockenhurst, Rhinefield and the A35 back to Holmsley.Allan finished with 32-23 to his credit. After that it was New Forest CC all the way with John Heffernan taking third with 32-37.Colin Humm was also on form with 33-14 for fourth, Ben Boardman claimed fifth with 33-54, Stuart Peckham sixth with 34-38 and Chris Hughes seventh in 34-48.Juvenile Konner Bracher-Walsh showed true tenacity clocking 38-49 for 17th after completing the NFCC’s “Shaftesbury Century” 100-mile training ride between Ashurst and the Dorset hilltop town the previous day.The previous afternoon in north Hampshire, High Wycombe CC’s Adam Topham was the worthy winner of Farnborough & Camberley CC’s 10 powering around the breezy Bentley-Alton course in 19-54, a shade over 30mph.Second place went to Sotonian Harry Bulstrode who led the newly-formed Contre La Montre squad to the team win with a cracking 20-34, a time which beat Gabriel Martinez (VC Meudon) into third by a scant two seconds.Fourth went to Lyndhurst’s Julian Jenkinson (Contre La Montre) with 20-59, while John Sibley completed the winning team with 22-03. Other results (NFCC unless stated) – New Forest CC 12.8: Chris Grant 36-07, Richard Mason 36-33, Nick Williams 36-35, David Wilson 37-18, Phil Underwood 37-26, Richard Rajski 37-38, Ian Bouwker (CORR) 38-16, Nigel Gemmell 38-20, Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 38-55, Donna Shaw 41-49, Nick Cooper 42-28, Martin Balk 43-27, Bob Jolliffe 44-18.Farnborough & Camberley 10: Stuart Martingale (Sotonia) 22-26, Alan Emmott (Fareham Whrs) 24-21, Nigel Ford (Fareham Whrs) 25-00, David Hanbury (Sotonia) 25-10, Martin Ward (Sotonia CC) 25-22, Chris Jolliffe (NFCC) 27-44, Bob Jolliffe (NFCC) 29-07, Barrington Day (Fareham Whrs) 29-25, Philip Morris (Fareham Whrs) 32-14.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Bournemouth Arrow announce link with Winton College

The Bournemouth Arrow is proud to announce that it is linking with Winton Arts and Media College to provide the Club with an operating base in the heart of the town.
In addition to providing rooms for Club Meetings the College will house, in a special facility adjacent to the Sports Hall, the Arrow’s fleet of 6 Wattbikes in a state of the art Centre of Excellence. This facility, complete with showers and changing rooms, will be available for use by Students and Arrow members.
The Arrow’s Development Officer Alan McRae says:
“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Club to be based right next to the new outdoor track and to provide members with meeting rooms and a training centre virtually 12 months a year. Available 5 nights a week, it links perfectly with the Club Nights on Fridays at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre. A feature of these sessions is the 5.30pm Junior Development Programme providing the next step into the sport for School Students. This links with the Club Session at 6.30pm providing all members with a wet weather training option to track training, all under the supervision of our own coaches.
Club Nights start at the track on 20th April and we plan for the Centre of Excellence to be operational by then. After years in the development, our members can now fine tune their fitness through the season using the track or the Wattbikes at no cost other than Club membership”.
Further details of Arrow Club Membership can be found on:
Such is the growth in popularity of cycling in schools, in addition to its own students, Winton College plan to use the facility, it’s own trained staff and fleet of bikes as a Cycling Centre available to other schools’ for their term time cycling activities.
For details of this College Programme, schools should contact Nadine Lapskas at

Monday 19 March 2012

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Hilly 42KM TT

Pos Rider Club Time Vet std prime
1 Russell Kober Hainault RC 01:02:07 12.29
2 Dean Robson Somerset RC 01:02:40 12.36

3 Simon Berogna VC ST Raphael 01:03:01 12.33

4 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 01:03:10 + 00:03:28 12.37
5 Julian Thacker VC Raphael 01:03:36 + 00:02:37 12.46
6 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 01:03:53 12.36
6 Dave Pickering BJW 01:03:53 + 00:03:08 12.37
8 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers 01:03:55 + 00:08:16 12.51

9 William Newbery Primera 01:06:55 13.27

10 Gavin Lewis North Road Club 01:08:03 14.00
11 Vincent Hounsome Gillingham &Dist Wheelers 01:08:27 - 00:01:03 13.34
12 Cliff Rowe BJW 01:09:53 - 00:01:46 14.22
13 Ivan Whitehead BJW 01:10:03 - 00:03:13 14.10
14 James Chant Gillingham &Dist Wheelers 01:10:37 - 00:04:24 14.17
15 Dave Hicks BJW 01:10:48 13.51
16 Steven Pink CC Weymouth 01:11:26 14.07
17 Mike Naulls VC Revolution/Thomas cycles 01:11:31 - 00:05:18 14.22
18 Kevin Ridge BJW 01:12:17 - 00:04:43 14.52
19 Philip Evans BJW 01:12:25 - 00:05:24 15.00
20 Gordon Scott Chippenhm Dist Weelers 01:13:14 - 00:05:07 14.37
21 Paul Stockley Wessex RC 01:14:45 14.53
22 Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers 01:14:48 - 00:07:14 15.01
23 William Simmons BJW 01:16:30 - 00:06:36 15.50
24 Julian Foster CC Weymouth 01:16:40 - 00:08:12 15.19
25 John Marriner BJW 01:17:08 - 00:09:01 15.32
26 Colin Crocker Sotonia CC 01:20:47 - 00:10:38 16.07
27 Simon Craig-Mcfeely a3crg/SIS 01:21:49 - 00:13:21 16.38
28 Ken Rayson a3crg/SIS 01:22:42 - 00:11:29 16.45
29 Judith Martin Poole Wheelers 01:28:15 - 00:17:01 17.47
30 Brian Wakley Wessex RC 01:56:24 - 00:42:40 22.34
Paul Jones BJW 12.57
Barrie Stevens BJW apols dns Anja Heijnen Votwo/usn apols dns
John Charman BJW dnf
James Goward Farnborough &Camberley CC apols dns
Photos, Reg Haskell

Saturday 17 March 2012

Primera-Specialized Ready to Race!

New team, Primera-Specialized recently took delivery of their team issue bikes. The four man squad, Jason Eastwood, Ian Legg, Will Stephenson & Toby Neave will be riding Specialized Venge frames with Shimano Ultegra components & Enve wheels. Toby Neave got the team off to a great start last weekend, winning at the Mountbatten Circuit in Portsmouth.
Photo, Graham Robbins
Expect more of the same; the Primera-Specialized team intend to target the southern area circuit races as well as the Moreton evening series. Eastwood has won the Moreton race series for the last two seasons and will be looking to make it a hatrick of wins in 2012. There is no leader in the team; senior rider Eastwood explains the teams racing approach: “The race rule is we will ride for who is ever doing best in the race or, depending on the type of race, whoever we feel has the best chance. If it’s really hilly we will be riding for Will or if its flat we will look for the sprint.” Eastwood is pleased with his fitness “My weight is down and my power is up, I have been working with power a lot and my figures are better than ever”
Track racing will also feature in the teams programme. The new Bournemouth track is on the doorstep so the Tuesday track league and the BH postcode championships should see the team in action. Primera manager Alex Croucher added “Winning would be good but really we are happy to have a presence and a team back out on the road. We have some good riders, we are really pleased with the look of the new kit and the specialized bikes are great” Junior Will Stephenson is looking forward to riding with and for team mates. Stephenson will also be riding the national junior series and is a regular at local club time trials. Eastwood, Legg and Neave will be riding at Thruxton this weekend; Stephenson rides the Peter Young Memorial race in Surrey.

Friday 16 March 2012

Local Riders,Local Races

Photo,Graham Robins

Toby Neave gave his new team, Primera-Specialized their first win of the season at the Mountbatten centre, Portsmouth. Neave made his move with four laps remaining in the senior race. The bunch hesitated and the Primera rider was clear, crossing the line alone. Neaves teammates Jason Eastwood & Will Stephenson both finished comfortably in the main field. Stephenson had ridden the BJW 20 tt the previous day, finishing 2nd.

Dave Gilham reports on the womens race.......The women’s race came down to a sprint finish and with 2 laps to go the pace went up substantially leaving 3 riders in contention for the sprint. The speed went even higher down the back straight on the final lap shedding Fran Blake (Southdown Velo / Hunter Spring Consultancy), leaving Nikki Wheeler (Wiggle) leading out the sprint with Ellie Gilham (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) on her wheel. Ellie jumped coming into the home straight attacking Nikki on her outside quickly drawing level, then drawing on her track experience, used the height gained from the corner banking and came past Nikki to take the victory by a clear bike length and finished about 11th in the men’s sprint!.....Gilham has just come off a three week intensive training block,her next competitive outing is at the Thruxton motor racing circuit on Sunday 18th March.It will be her first opportunity to race with her VC St. Raphael racing team.
In the supporting men’s race Steve Moss (Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood) had to settle for second place behind Matt Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles). Harrison Fielding (Poole Wheelers) also took second place in the youth race.
Dave Pickering (BJW) won round 4 of the inter-club series. Pickering clocked 48.16 for the 20 mile two lap circuit at Furzehill. Will Stephenson (Primera-Specialized) 48.45 took second place, with Cliff Rowe (BJW), 50.16, third.

The following day on the Wareham –Gallows Hill 15 mile circuit, Gary Dighton (Poole Wheelers) won round 5. Several riders went off course but Dighton had no problems, recording 35.03. Tim Wallis (SUCC) 37.41 finished a distant second.
VELO Club St Raphael’s Andy Rivett was the only rider to better 25-mph in New Forest Cycling Club’s first 10-mile time trial of the season. Bob Jolliffe reports.......He was on the rivet right around the tough Holmsley-A35-Burley Lawn-Burley loop which this year was made even more difficult with a cyclo-cross element thrown in for good measure where a cattle grid is being replaced in Lyndhurst Road.Veteran club member Chris Gannaway took charge of the adjoining access gate to ensure livestock did not get onto the A35 while competitors took to the mud for a few yards.Despite the short delay, Rivett took full advantage of the sunny but cool conditions to clock 23-55.
His time was 29 seconds faster than those of New Forest CC’s Gary Lock and GA Cycles’ Ray Claridge who tied for second with 24-36.Sotonia CC’s Stuart Martingale was a further 24 seconds off the pace with 25-00 for fourth, while Rivett’s teammate Bryce Dyer took fifth with 25-20.There followed a trio of good times from NFCC riders with John Heffernan clocking 25-30, Ben Boardman 25-37 and Colin Humm 25-41.Women’s 25-mile competition record and multi-national champion Julia Shaw (Drag2Zero) followed up her winning ride in the recent Mersey Tunnel time trial with 26-09 for ninth place, while New Forest CC’s Stuart Ward made a welcome return after a broken wrist kept him out of competition last season with 26-15 for tenth.There was a record turn-out for the event, with 40 signed on and one non-starter.Other times (NFCC) unless stated: Peter Wilson (Bournemouth Arrow CC) 26-25, Chris Grant (private trial) 26-35, Chris Hughes 26-40, Stuart Peckham 26-42, Geri Robinson 26-52, Steve Roberts and Lee Hookem tied with 27-13, Rob Brinsden 27-32, James Bannister 27-50, Richard Mason 27-51, Ben Saunders 27-57, Gary Plumb 28-21, David Wilson 28-40, Richard Rajski 28-44, Phil Underwood 29-01, Nick Williams 29-06, Konner Bracher-Walsh 29-23, Mike Ahearn 29-31, Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 29-44, Nigel Gemmell 30-22, Antony Moyle 30-26, Peter Weaver 31-21, Bob Jolliffe 31-35, Donna Shaw 32-23, Chris Mills 32-26, Peter Hawker 32-45, Nick Cooper 33-19, Martin Balk 34-34, Andrew Bunch 35-09.This Sunday’s (MARCH 18) event, the second in the Forest Aggregate Series is over 12.8 miles starting from Holmsley and taking in Brockenhurst and Rhinefield before returning south along the A35 to Holmsley. Event HQ is Goatspen car park and the start time 9.31am.

Mark Chadbourne ( reports on the Gorrick MTB series Rnd 3 at Crowthorne Woods in Berkshire.
A typical Gorrick course, with lots of fun, twisty singletrack with a few short sharp climbs to tire the legs. At first glance its not to tough, but if you race it, the constant accelerations out of the corners will take their toll by the end.
Liz Gilmour got her first win in the Masters women and looked very comfortable as she crossed the line. Stu King had a fantastic start that saw him leading at the end of the first lap with a small gap. However luck wasn’t on his side as he had a slow puncture and had no choice but to fix it. Stu was pleased to be back on his Top Fuel again and knows he is in shape. Mark Chadbourne had his first race back and spent it dicing with his main rivals from last year. Lacking that little bit of a racing edge he was content to watch the sprint unfold and rolled in for a satisfying 3rd. Steve Moors was sampling the Grand Vet racing for the first time this year. Finding he was very quick in the technical stuff but losing out on the fire roads meant that he was playing catch up. Despite this he recorded a great 2nd place and has the opportunity to take a look at his rivals for the season ahead. Other Locals in action included, Mark Hardwicke & Ash James (Bournemouth Arrow) & Garrett Hill & Ashley Sutton (UK Biking-Primera). The first round of the Southern series is this weekend at Checkendon,Kent

Parkstone cycle clothing specialists, Prendas Ciclismo are to continue their support for one of the country’s top women’s teams.

The Matrix Fitness-Prendas Ciclismo team includes Great Britain Olympic hopefuls, Dani King and Jo Rowsell and has a full programme of national and European races. The average age of the team is just 20 with former British Champion Chris Walkers daughter, Jessie, the youngest at just 17. Mick Tarrant of Prendas said: “They all make great role models for other girls looking to get into the sport, they don’t get supported like the guys do, so it’s great for Prendas to put something back into the sport” (HARGROVES CYCLES have announced they will also be sponsoring the team this season)

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Gary Dighton; Q&A, Winter Training,Olympics & that Comp Record!

As the new season begins to pick up pace, “LR,LR" spoke to time trialling legend, Gary Dighton. Dighton was a prolific winner over all distances back in the nineties. He won the BBAR in 1990 and the National 100 title in 1991. That same year he broke comp record for 25 mile with 48.07, while riding for Manchester Wheelers. In 1992 Dighton, along with Matt Illingworth, Stephen Farrell and the late Pete Longbottom rode the team time trial for Great Britain at the Barcelona Olympics. The quartet finished in 14th place with a time of 2:12:14 for the 63.9 mile course. The former Olympian now rides for Poole Wheelers, had just won a local club event and was looking lean & fit; I asked him how his winter training had gone?
“The Winter training has gone well. I had a few weeks off in October and got back on the bike mid- November. Normally I would have had a longer rest, however considering I have only recently returned to the sport I wanted to build on my fitness. From December through January I averaged 306 miles a week including a few miles on the turbo though not many! That reduced considerably in February when the cold weather arrived. During this time I trained on the turbo more and did shorter higher intensity rides on the road. I then had a week off with a cold in mid- February which has taken a while to recover from. Now I am doing less mileage as the intensity of the rides I am doing is higher. I mainly train on my own during the week, as I do this to and from work. I live near Wareham and travel to and from Poole. It’s half an hour each way direct, although I do more – up to 2 hour rides. Mostly average about 21 to 22 mph on rides to and from work. On Sundays when we do our longer rides I train a good group of lads. We covered the same route every Sunday throughout the winter, which gave all of us about 80ish miles. The route we did also meant that none of us did not have to retrace over roads we had come along. It was mostly flat along the Piddle Valley to Sherborne and then back to Dorchester with just one climb over Lyons Gate. The roads over there were quiet too without being too narrow, icy or muddy. We were fortunate in that we never missed any Sunday rides due to the weather. We averaged from between 18.5 to 20.5 on these rides.
LR: “Do you use a heart rate monitor or power meter or do you just go on feel?
G D: “I have just got a power meter which I need to get fixed up. It will be interesting to use. I do use a heart rate monitor though. My maximum heart rate is 167 which is quite low. I race a 25 at about 156 beats. On a 2 hour ride I would average about 140 – 145 beats and on a 4 hour ride at the weekend approximately 130. Average about 20 mph on the 4 hour rides and 22 mph on the 2 hour rides.

LR; “What are your race plans for this season, target races, ambitions?”

G D; “I would like to improve on my results from last year. No idea how I will go though! I think I am making steady progress and my fitness is improving year on year. We’ll see. With a young family the weekends are precious so I don’t tend to travel far. No particular target races at the moment. It’s great being in Poole Wheelers, everyone is very friendly and supportive, and there are some excellent youngsters in the club who have great potential.”
LR “Tell me about your 25 comp record ride in 1991.”
G D “The 25 mile record I got was a surprise. I had good form up to that 25 (The Polytechnic CC 25 on H25/13B) as I had finished 2nd in the National 50 a few days before just behind Chris Boardman. I was not off until 8.15 in the evening so there was not much traffic about. I did not have any thoughts about that record before the race. I thought it was a good evening and just rode it like any other event. Only thought it was on when I looked down at my computer and it had an average speed of 31 mph in the final ¼ of the race. I did not know until the finish that John Pritchard had broken the record earlier. Martin Pyne had entered the race but had a road traffic accident on the way. Ian Cammish I think also wanted to ride it but as he was a professional was not able to enter. Things might have been different if either of them had ridden. I had a good year that year as I won the National 100 and the team time trial with Manchester Wheelers.”

LR, “And what about the Olympics?”

GD “In 1991 I rode the World Championship Team Time Trial in Stuttgart. We finished 11th and that placing qualified us for the Olympic Games. In 1992 we rode lots of Team Time Trial’s domestically, and had several weekends where we were training together, prior to these events. We all had full time jobs and the Olympics were at that time only open to amateurs. In preparation for the Olympics we did a three week training camp. The first week was up in Yorkshire and then we had two weeks warm weather training in Majorca prior to the Games. We arrived in Barcelona on the Tuesday before our event on the Sunday. We finished 14th. It is great to now see cycling receive so much more coverage in the media and more avenues into the sport for youngsters.”
LR, “What’s the biggest difference in “testing” now to when you won the BBAR in 1990?”
G D “There are some big mileages being done in the 12’s!! When I won the BBAR I only did 264 miles for the 12! I think there were very few 12’s above 270 miles that year from what I remember. As well as doing super rides over 12 hours they still have the speed to knock out 100’s at or under 3.30 and 50’s at or under 1.40.Time Trialling is a lot more expensive than what I remember it. The aero handlebars cost two hundred pounds or more, the frames and wheels are expensive. Technology has brought a lot of science into the sport.”
LR, “What are your favourite distance and your least favourite?
G D “Years ago I used to enjoy 25’s 50’s and 100’s. Now my favourite distance is 25 miles – you have to travel quite a bit from Dorset to do 50’s regularly or a 100. 10’s are a bit too short for me, though it’s the distance I do most often over the year. We are lucky in that there are lots of club events in the area, and as well as riding all the local open events I ride those too. Least favourite event was the 12. I used to be ill after about 4 or 5 hours and never got my nutritional strategy right. I never had the same difficulty in a 100 though.”
Gary Dighton leads Terry Icke

LR “Will you ride 100s or 12 hours again?
G D “I ‘m not planning to at the moment. I suppose you can never say never though. I made that mistake before and said I would never return to racing after having a break and now I am riding again I am really enjoying it.”
LR, “Have you got any other interests?
G D “We have two children – Luke aged 10 who is in to cycling and Emily who is 8 and loves gymnastics. Believe me; I have no time for any other interests”

Gary’s wife Zena offers “vocal support” at most of his races. Zena is no stranger to the bike, having finished 4th in the BBAR herself. “She still holds the Ladies 15 team record with Oundle Velo. All the ones that I had have been broken!!” Laughs Dighton!

Dighton has the answer!

Cycle Systems Academy

Launched in 2009, Cycle Systems Academy is Europe's premier cycle mechanic training facility. Training staff for Brompton, Specialized, Giant and many other industry bodies, bike shops and chains and private students from all over Europe.

Cycle Systems won the 'Rising Star' award in the Bike Biz Awards in September 2011 which is voted for by a panel from the cycle industry itself. Cycle Systems Academy trained Alix Howard will take on the role of Team Mechanic with Matrix Fitness-Prendas Ciclismo it is a fantastic opportunity for Alix to gain on- the-road experience. For more info on the Academy click link on right.

Watt Bikes for Bournemouth Arrow

The Bournemouth Arrow is proud to announce that £10,000 Sport England funding has been secured towards the costs of 6 Wattbikes to be available for free use by its members.
Wattbikes are already widely in use by all levels of cyclists to improve their fitness. With a team of 7 qualified Arrow coaches already in place, this provides the opportunity for Arrow members in groups or individually to train using state of the art technology.
Wattbike say:
“The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists. Within seconds you can be accurately measuring your power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate. The Wattbike Performance Computer is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. It records 39 parameters 100 times per second, but displays only the key information for the cyclist through seven different views. The rider has the option of viewing their data in Power (Watts), Energy (Joules), Speed (km/h) and Pace (time per km).”

The Arrow’s Development Officer Alan McRae says:
“Our aim is for Arrow members to make more of their cycling and tools such as Wattbikes, under the supervision of our own coaches, will do just that. We hope to be operational by May so that our members can fine tune their fitness through the season using state of the art technology at no cost other than membership”.
Further details of Club Membership can be found on: on right)