Friday 30 March 2012

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Photo, Graham Robins
Poole Wheelers promising junior, Harrison Fielding, won his first ever road race on the Thruxton circuit. The Corfe Mullen youngster has been racing on the track all winter and his fitness showed in the 17 mile race. A few riders had tried to escape the bunch but the race was altogether as they entered the last lap. Fielding was clearly the strongest and was happy to wait for the sprint finish which he won comfortably. “My race plan worked exactly how I wanted it to, coming out of the final chicane I was on the front and just put the hammer down” he said. The first year junior has a packed schedule, with races on the road and track every weekend through till August.

Gary Dighton (Poole Wheelers) triumphed in the “Round the Harbour” time trial. Dighton clocked a speedy, 1.02.57 for the 27 mile rolling course, giving him a winning margin of over two minutes on team mate Andy Buddle, (1.05.09). Paul Jones (BJW) is off form and had to settle for 3rd with 1.06.26.
1 Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 1.2.57
2 Andy Buddle Poole Wheelers 1.5.09
3 Paul Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.6.26
4 Adam Darcy Wykes VC St Raphael 1.8.57
5 Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers 1.9.31
6 Ivan Whitehead Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.10.32
7 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers 1.11.39
8 Martin Aldridge Poole Wheelers 1.13.01
9 Phil Evans Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.13.39
10 Duncan Keates Loughborough Students 1.15.17
11 Chris Courage Zoom 1.15.24
12 Anya Heijnen VO2 1.15.29
13 Tracy Best Poole Wheelers (Day) 1.16.50
14 Mike Courage Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.16.57
15 Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers 1.17.59
16 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1.19.32
17 Pete Grounds Poole wheelers 1.22.37
18 Jon Terry Poole Wheelers 1.24.57
19 Pete Bowen Poole Wheelers 1.25.04
20 Les Jessop Poole Wheelers (Day) 1.29.22
21 Brian Wakley Wessex RC 1.39.13
22 John Burrows Poole wheelers 1.42.27

Meanwhile Julian Thacker (VC ST Raphael) finished a clear winner in the CC Weymouth 22 mile event on the Moreton circuit. Thacker recorded 54.02, a clear 2 minutes quicker than first-timer, Brian Keightley (56.03).

Matt Hill (UK Biking/Primera) did well to finish on the podium at the National XC mountain bike series in Nottingham. Racing in the sport category at the Sherwood Pines venue, Hill took second place after a close battle with Matt Gee (Metaltek). In the veterans race Mark Chadbourne ( finished 4th, having been delayed with mechanical problems. Team mate Roland Tilley was also out of luck, finishing in 31st after crashing heavily on the opening lap.
Richard Horton (BJW) made a spectacular debut in Multi-Sport, winning the national junior Duathlon title in his first race. Horton finished in an impressive 3rd place in the Elite championships at Loughborough. Recording 54.27 for the 5krun-20km bike-5km run, Horton now looks certain to be selected for the European Championships. The talented Winton-Based cyclist has won several Road Races in the last few years but now intends to concentrate on Duathlon. As well as a new direction, Horton has a new team and will be racing for Primera this year.
Photos, Nigel Farrow

Bournemouth’s first track league kicks off on April 17th at the Ensbury Park Velodrome.
The first two weeks will be full on racing, allowing riders to “acclimatise” to the track but will not carry league points. Bournemouth Cycling Centre urge riders to pre-register for the Raymond Brown sponsored league, full details can be found on the website.
Bob Jolliffe (New Forest CC) Reports........
For the second time this season triathlete Gary Lock was unable to knock Andy Rivett from top spot in a New Forest Cycling Club time trial.Rivett (Velo Club St Raphael) won the club’s 10 a fortnight ago and followed up with victory in last Sunday’s 16 on the Brockenhurst-Beaulieu-Lyndhurst circuit with a time of 38-22 to beat Lock into second place by 40 seconds.Third place went to Southampton University Road Club’s Alex Clayton with 39-16 while New Forest CC’s current club champion John Heffernan clocked 39-47 for fourth.VC St Raphael’s Martin Beale, recovering from a chest infection which has stalled the start of his season, finished with 39-51 for fifth.Topham top againThe previous morning at Copythorne, Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) took his second win in seven days with a rapid 20-53 in Sotonia CC’s open 10 to beat Harry Bulstrode (Contre La Montre) into the runner-up position again, despite Bulstrode bettering his own course record of 21-49 by 34 seconds.Third place went to Contre La Montre’s James Gilfillan with 21-35, clubmate Andy Bryson completed the winning team with 21-48 and Contre’s Julian Jenkinson was fifth in a time of 21-56.Other NFCC timesClub 16 – Colin Humm 40-03, Ben Boardman 40-41, Stuart Peckham 41-48, Chris Hughes 42-06, Steve Roberts 43-12,Rob Brinsden 44-44, Nick Williams 45-07, Gary Plumb 45-13, Konnor Bracher-Walsh 45-27, David Wilson 45-46, Richard Rajski 45-53, Phil Underwood 46-45, Chris Grant and Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 47-31, Tom Smith (Soton Univ RC) 48-19, Chris Mills 53-44. Sotonia CC 10 – Nick Tattersall 26-46, Bob Jolliffe 29-45, Martin Balk 29-50.Join the chain gangClub coach Barry Wootton is starting the first of what he hopes will be regular chain gang rides from Thursday.
Over to Barry who says now the evenings are getting lighter and the training becomes more intense he wants to start the training rides on Thursday evenings, to slot in between Tuesday night time trials and weekend racing / long rides.
“The rides will involve a 15 minute warm up followed by an hour of group riding at speed. The rules of the chain gang are harsh but fair. If you’re dropped it is up to you to find your own way home, if you crash, are ill or have a serious mechanical the group will stop.“There are, however ways in which different abilities are catered for in a chain gang, the stronger riders will take longer turns at the front. Depending on the groups we have I would think that the training rides will be running at around 20mph and in a month or so towards 25mph. If numbers are high we will split into smaller groups so that we are not a hazard to other road users. In such cases we will try and match the fitness of riders as best as possible.“We have practiced this drill a number of times on the Saturday endurance rides and those who ride on the track are well experienced. I propose to run training rides on Thursday March 29 and Thursday, April 5. I would also appreciate riders who are experienced at riding in pace lines to join in and improve the quality of the group with their experience. On those two rides we will practice the drills for riding in single and double pace lines so that from April 12 we can ride hard. The first week I propose an 1830 start from Brockenhurst, the second 1845 and from April 12 onwards 1900. “These rides will require a high level of discipline so please read below what is expected of you. “What to bring:“Road bike. Riding on tri bars and being late on the brakes will not be appreciated by other riders. Remember you are responsible for your safety and those around you.“Tubes / pump / multi tool. If you puncture, hard luck. You are responsible for your own repairs. “Mobile phone. If you have a serious problem please call ride leader. If you drop off please text ride leader so we don’t have to turn back fearing the worst.“Lights / reflective clothing. We will be out near dusk on the early rides.“Money, some rides may finish at local pubs.“Drink / energy food.“Dos and Don’ts”
“Be aware that everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you. If you brake out of turn this will have a concertina effect and disrupt the whole group.“Never half wheel. When you hit the front, keep the pace consistent, if climbing keep the effort consistent.“When you come through for your turn and move over to the recovering line, do so smoothly and close to the rider you are taking over from. Don’t leave them with a massive gap.“Don’t leave gaps. If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.“Don’t nail yourself trying to do super-hard turns if the pace is above what you are capable of or you know you are tiring. If you start to get dropped, the group will have to slow down to look after you, or in some cases you will be dropped. Or you may be able to follow the group whilst you recover.“Show your respect for other cyclists and the drivers with whom we share the road. Remember we represent cycling in the New Forest and want to enhance the reputation of cyclists not hinder it.“If you need to spit, makes sure you’re at the back of the line.
Will Stephenson (Primera-Specialized)gives his view from the bunch at the Cadence Junior Road Race.
At the start it was crazy as in a junior race everyone wants to be at the front because there is a lot more attacking an harsher changes of speed than in a senior race. Everyone was jostling for position but I managed to get up there.
A break of 5 went early on and stayed away for the race gaining about 3mins at one point. At about half way 2 riders slipped of the front and got a gap. I and 2 others bridged up to them and worked well, catching the break which now had a lead of about a minute an a half.
Unfortunately going through a bend the rider in front suddenly veered wide and his skewer went in my front wheel, buckling it quite badly. I managed to slacken off the break to its widest and that was just enough for it not to rub.
After another lap or so another much larger group joined our lead group and it grew in size from about 12 to 30. With such a large group I stayed near the front, responding to attacks and going with them.
With a lap to go Tao went the off the front gaining a gap quickly. With a too large group only a few of us were putting effort into the chase, the rest just sat up and took it easy. Dibben went off the front and got another big gap. On the final hill I went early, following a few other riders. We got a gap and the remaining group were strung out behind. We were all racing for 4th now. It was a long drawn out drag race like sprint from a few hundred meters out. I managed to get 7th, not quite catching 6th although our wheels were overlapping on the line and I was gaining. I was pleased with my performance in the first national road series round, especially after a hard week. I am looking forward to the next one where I hopefully will be able to improve.

Entries are wanted for the EDCA 27km Time Trial on 15th April. Entries should go to Ros Spencer of Poole Wheelers (13 ALVERTON AVE, DORSET BH15 2QF) and not as listed in the CTT handbook. Bryce Dyer(VC ST Raphael) won last year, clocking 37.10. Closing date for the event on the Gallows Hill circuit is Tuesday 3rd April.

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