Wednesday 31 May 2017

Andover Wheelers Club 8.25, 30/05/17, Results

Nigel Pratt
P614c Monxton 8.25
1 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers 00:18:23 26.93
2 Tony Gifford Andover Wheelers 00:18:39 26.54
3 Tim Jude Andover Wheelers 00:18:50 26.28
4 Jim Susans Andover Wheelers 00:19:17 25.67
5 Jed Webber Alp Cycles 00:19:17 25.67
6 Pete Harris Andover W 00:19:24 25.52
7 Gary Parmenter Andover W 00:19:33 25.32
8 Jan Labrooy Andover Wheelers 00:19:34 25.30
9 Ben Ferris Andover Wheelers 00:20:02 24.71
10 Nik Burrell Andover Wheelers 00:20:14 24.46
11 Adrian Jenkins Andover Wheelers 00:20:15 24.44
12 Dan Mason Andover Wheelers 00:20:19 24.36
13 Alastair Currie Andover Wheelers 00:20:19 24.36
14 Paul Sanders Andover Wheelers 00:20:26 24.23
15 Richard Jansen 00:20:36 24.03
16 Will Matthews Andover Wheelers 00:20:41 23.93
17 Peter Holt Andover Tri Club 00:20:45 23.86
18 Nick Cooper Andover W 00:20:45 23.86
19 Nick Connell-Smith Andover Wheelers 00:20:49 23.78
20 Rob Savill Andover Tri Club 00:20:52 23.72
21 Nick Wall Andover Tri Club 00:21:01 23.55
22 Tony Parker NHRC 00:21:13 23.33
23 Simon West Andover Wheelers 00:21:18 23.24
24 Jamie Sturgess Andover Wheelers 00:21:20 23.20
25 Dan Colloby Andover Wheelers 00:21:23 23.15
26 Gary Richardson Andover Wheelers 00:21:36 22.92
27 Susan Parker NHRC 00:21:37 22.90
28 Karl Brooks Andover Wheelers 00:21:40 22.85
29 Richard Rees Andover Tri Club 00:21:45 22.76
30 Stu Rhodes Andover Wheelers 00:21:48 22.71
31 Brendan Wiseman Andover W 00:21:54 22.60
32 Peter Whent Andover Tri Club 00:21:56 22.57
33 Pete Dennett Andover Wheelers 00:22:04 22.43
34 Hefin Richards Andover Wheelers 00:22:11 22.31
35 Barry Pointer Andover Wheelers 00:22:14 22.26
36 Adam Munt CAT 00:22:29 22.02
37 Lili McLean Andover Wheelers 00:22:32 21.97
38 Ed Pearce 00:22:39 21.85
39 Alex Hall Andover Wheelers 00:22:46 21.74
40 Virginia Graham Andover Tri Club 00:22:47 21.73
41 Sarah Webber Andover Wheelers 00:22:51 21.66
42 Neville Breach Andover Tri Club 00:23:28 21.09
43 Brian Page Andover Wheelers 00:23:40 20.92
44 Luke Williams Andover Tri Club 00:23:55 20.70
45 Christopher Edwards Andover Tri Club 00:23:58 20.65
46 Leslie Carruthers Andover Tri Club 00:24:04 20.57
47 Sharon Harding Andover Wheelers 00:24:11 20.47
48 Paul Daley Andover Wheelers 00:24:12 20.45
49 Jacqui Taylor Andover Tri Club 00:24:15 20.41
50 Adam Brown Andover Tri Club 00:24:28 20.23
51 Chris Marfell 00:24:30 20.20
52 Kate Rees Andover Tri Club 00:25:30 19.41
53 Elizabeth Sandall-Ball Andover Tri Club 00:28:42 17.25
54 Simon Davies Andover Tri Club 00:32:09 15.40

CC Weymouth Club 10 30/05/17 Results

Gregg Parker


1 Greg Parker VC St Raphael 00:21:52
2 Jonney Reay RLP Racing 00:22:37
3 Dan Murphy CCW 00:22:50
4 Niall Laming MSG 00:23:03
5 David Butt CCW 00:23:11
6 Nick Ireland CCW 00:24:24
7 Colin Brumble CCW 00:24:29
8 Matt Pye CCW 00:24:49
9 Martin Mitchell CCW 00:24:51
10 Rachel Hackman RNRMCA 00:27:04
11 Andrew Jackson CCW 00:27:19
12 Jacob Whitnall Day Member 00:29:37
13 Victoria Barnett Day Member 00:29:55

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 25 30/05/17, Results

Rupert Silman

P429 c Pamphill Circuit x3

1 lap 2 laps Final time
1 Rupert Silman 21.32 43.53 1.06.06
2 Will Solomon 21.41 44.12 1.07.12
3 Eamonn Deane 22.39 45.34 1.09.00
4 Phillip Scriven 24.13 49.17 1.13.54
5 Chris Simpson 23.38 48.53 1.14.14
6 Kevin Ridge 24.21 50.09 1.15.51
7 Phil Harvey 24.55 50.44 1.16.31
8 Martin Reeder 25.02 51.24 1.17.33
9 John O'Brien 26.15 53.31 1.21.04 Trike
DNF Ian Diaper 23.42 48.22 -

Private rides:

Bournemouth Arrow
1 Barrie Watkinson 20.46 42.34 1.03.57
2 Mark Hardwicke 22.31 45.10 1.07.43

Zoom Tri Club
Rob Griffith 22.30 45.41 1.08.27

Timekeepers; Peter Warhurst & Dave Mansfield
Other helpers: Clive Peskett, Paul Brown, Louisa & Andy Cooper, Jacky Prosser.

Tea & Biscuits, Kev Ridge

Warm, sunny evening, westerly breeze made it hard out to Badbury Rings!

British Cycling's MTB & BMX Pathway Plans after Funding Cut

Press Release
Update on British Cycling’s BMX and Mountain Bike Pathway Structure

British Cycling has today confirmed the plans for its BMX and mountain bike programmes for the remainder of their respective seasons along with the new structure which will be implemented from October onwards.

Following the announcement made by UK Sport in December confirming they could no longer offer support to British Cycling’s World Class Programme for male mountain bikers or female BMXers, British Cycling has been working hard to ensure the minimum impact is made on riders within these disciplines.

Ian Yates, performance pathway manager at British Cycling, explains: “First and foremost, we wanted to maintain the support we provide to male mountain bikers and female BMXers in achieving their Olympic ambitions, and I’m pleased to report we have been successful in achieving this. Thanks to funding provided by our lead partner HSBC UK along with support from our other commercial partners we are able to keep the two affected programmes running.

“For the rest of this season, applications have been made by British Cycling on behalf of the affected athletes for an alternative line of funding to replace the ‘Athlete Personal Award’ (APA) which will cease on 30th June.

“British Cycling has purchased membership to the ‘Athlete Medical Scheme’ (AMS) for the senior academy riders affected from the mountain bike and BMX programmes. This means the current level of input they receive from British Cycling and the English Institute of Sport’s performance support team remains unaffected.

“Our aim was to keep the existing training camp and competition plan in place until the respective UCI World Championships for each discipline, and I’m pleased to say this remains the case.

“From 1st October, the two affected programmes will undergo changes; some details of this are outlined below and the rest will be confirmed in due course.

“In terms of the over-arching model, we will be moving towards a two-tiered programme. This will see us maintain a centralised ‘senior’ squad in Manchester for riders aged 18 and above under-pinned by a camp-based ‘development’ squad for riders aged 14 to 17 years old. Whilst this change initially arose in response to our funding situation, having consulted closely with the coaches and support staff we believe it is an appropriate approach to take for these disciplines to ensure the structure suits the needs of their riders.

“For riders in the senior squad that are affected (men’s mountain bike and women’s BMX), we will again nominate them for alternative lines of funding and we will support any additional individual applications they wish to make. Our performance lifestyle advisor will support the identification of suitable employment should the individual need supplementary income. I’m pleased to say we are able to purchase their membership to the AMS meaning they can continue to access the performance support team. Programme housing and ‘off-bike’ development opportunities will continue to be provided by British Cycling for riders aged 18-20, in line with what we provide to riders from other disciplines.

“The development squad will remain on a camp-based training programme, primarily at weekends and school holidays, with racing opportunities provided as appropriate to their individual development. Riders on these squads will also be nominated for alternative sources of funding, and once they have put the appropriate medical insurance in place for themselves, appropriate performance support will be provided to suit the needs of their discipline and athletic development if deemed necessary.

“These changes will require a realignment of coaching staff. The current coaching team have fed into this process with the support of our People Director, Michael Chivers, and we will update again on this once the process is complete.

“We understand the challenges that UK Sport face when it comes to making funding decisions across the sporting landscape and we’re grateful to the support we do receive from them. Thanks to the on-going support of HSBC UK and our commercial partners, we are back on track for our Tokyo 2020 aspirations and I’m confident we are now in a position to develop these young riders to reach their full potential.”

North Hants Road Club 10,27/05/17, Results

Pat Wright fastest on the H10 at Bentley
1 Pat Wright Male Paceline RT 19:34 30.664 Mph
2 Matt Langridge Male Carnac-Planet X 19:44 30.405 Mph
3 Gary Chambers Male NOPINZ 19:46 30.353 Mph
4 Nick English Male AeroCoach 20:03 29.924 Mph
5 Peter Tadros Male In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 20:07 29.825 Mph
6 Robert Moore Male Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 20:18 29.556 Mph
7 Tom Pritchard Male Hampshire RC 20:24 29.411 Mph
8 Eddie Allen Male Redmon CC 20:25 29.387 Mph
9 Matthew Buckley Male Andover Wheelers 20:40 29.032 Mph
10 Barnabas Purbrook Male Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 20:41 29.008 Mph
11 Andrew Cooper Male Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 20:51 28.776 Mph
11 John Samways Male Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 20:51 28.776 Mph
13 Ian Greenstreet Male Newbury RC 20:56 28.662 Mph
14 Antony Green Male New Forest CC 21:03 28.503 Mph
15 Simon Healey Male Andover Wheelers 21:04 28.48 Mph
16 Thomas Doran Male Hemel Hempstead CC 21:08 28.39 Mph
17 Nick O'Hara Male 3C Cyclexperience 21:15 28.235 Mph
18 Philip Watts Male North Hampshire RC 21:16 28.212 Mph
19 Simon Berogna Male Velo Club St Raphael 21:20 28.124 Mph
20 Angus MacInnes Male Royal Air Force Cycling Association 21:22 28.08 Mph
20 Rachael Elliott Female DRAG2ZERO 21:22 28.08 Mph
22 Colin McDermott Male Festival Road Club 21:29 27.928 Mph
23 Mike Knight Male Team Bottrill / HSS Hire 21:56 27.355 Mph
24 Adam Stone Male Paceline RT 22:00 27.272 Mph
25 Gawie Nienaber Male Farnham RC 22:14 26.986 Mph
26 Tim Childs Male Westerley Cycling Club 22:19 26.885 Mph
27 Thomas Goodyer Male Portsmouth North End CC 22:21 26.845 Mph
28 Neil Morris Male Didcot Phoenix CC 22:26 26.745 Mph
29 Paul Martin Male Bike Jockey CC 22:27 26.725 Mph
30 Peter Hatt Male Velo Club St Raphael 22:29 26.686 Mph
31 Martin Beale Male Velo Club St Raphael 22:31 26.646 Mph
32 Melanie Sneddon Female TORQ Performance 22:35 26.568 Mph
33 James Cadman Male Hounslow & District Whs 22:39 26.489 Mph
34 Kelly Miller Male Farnborough & Camberley CC 22:45 26.373 Mph
35 Simon Hunt Male Farnborough & Camberley CC 22:49 26.296 Mph
36 David Walters Male Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 22:51 26.258 Mph
36 Andrew Murray Male Team Corridori 22:51 26.258 Mph
38 Ian White Male Farnham RC 23:02 26.049 Mph
39 Adam Evans Male Banjo 23:04 26.011 Mph
40 Mathilde Pauls Female Sigma 23:06 25.973 Mph
41 Rob Sherrin Male ...a3crg 23:09 25.917 Mph
42 Theo Tadros Male In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 23:19 25.732 Mph
43 Stuart Carver Male North Hampshire RC 23:28 25.568 Mph
44 Liam Somerville Male Bike Jockey CC 23:29 25.549 Mph
45 Steven Leonard Male Clapham Chasers 23:31 25.513 Mph
46 Mike Appleyard Male Lancashire RC 23:39 25.369 Mph
46 Alan Emmott Male Fareham Wheelers CC 23:39 25.369 Mph
48 Oliver Berney Male Royal Sutton CC 23:41 25.334 Mph
49 Roger Sewell Male Hounslow & District Whs 23:47 25.227 Mph
50 Daniel Sharp Male Charlotteville Cycling Club 23:52 25.139 Mph
51 John McGlashan Male Redmon CC 24:03 24.947 Mph
52 Nigel Ford Male Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 24:24 24.59 Mph
53 Louisa Cooper Female Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 24:28 24.523 Mph
54 Roger Taylor Male Frome and District Wheelers 24:34 24.423 Mph
55 Ian Lakey Male Newbury RC 24:37 24.373 Mph
56 Graham Morrison Male Newbury RC 24:46 24.225 Mph
57 Michael Gowan Male Festival Road Club 24:56 24.064 Mph
58 Jo Buckland Female Velo Club St Raphael 25:00 23.999 Mph
59 Cliff Voller Male Newbury RC 25:01 23.983 Mph
60 Mandy Hibberd Female Rapha Cycling Club 25:07 23.888 Mph
61 Dave Loader Male Bath Road Club 26:40 22.499 Mph
62 Rachel Green Female Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 27:05 22.153 Mph
63 Robert Jolliffe Male New Forest CC 27:46 21.608 Mph
64 Martin Whitty Male ...a3crg 28:03 21.39 Mph
65 Peter Wilson Male Bath Cycling Club 28:40 20.93 Mph
66 Catherine Pascoe Female New Forest CC 28:42 20.905 Mph
67 Jorj James Male Maidenhead & District CC 28:49 20.821 Mph
68 Hilary Walker Female Serpentine Running Club 29:14 20.524 Mph
69 Gillian Morgan Female Westerley Cycling Club 30:21 19.769 Mph
70 Barrington Day Male Fareham Wheelers CC 31:33 19.017 Mph
71 Brian James Male Brighton Mitre CC 33:42 17.804 Mph

Saturday 27 May 2017

Downie, A Class apart at Sandie Radford RR

Matt Downie led a Primera-Teamjobs 1-2 as the team won the Sandie Radford race at Nomansland in the New Forest for the fourth consecutive year. Riding with the confidence that comes with form and fitness,Downie never looked troubled as he took his second win of the season having won the Bournemouth Jubilee race two weeks back.
Downie attacked into the wind, early in the 40 mile race inviting Oscar Hutchings (VC Equipe-Flix) to chase, Hutchings obliged, others happy to leave him to it.
Downies initial surge was brought back but Primera, with strength in numbers quickly forced another selection as Downie, Thomas Key, Hutchings, Rowan Horner (VC ST Raphael) & James Peckham (Sotonia CC) pressed on as the wind got stronger.

Behind Jason Gault, Julian Lockwood & David Pusey policed a bunch that was never going to reach the leaders. Good teamwork saw Key go away and Downie quickly link up, leaving the veteran and former winner Horner and the impressive Peckham to chase with Hutchings spent. Key too was slowing up, the crosswinds over the heath doing the damage to all except Downie who comfortably rode away to the finish on Pipers Waite hill. Patryk Rucki escaped the police and caught Hutchings on the climb to take 5th place, mountain biker David Pusey claimed 9th to put 3 Primera riders in the top ten with Sotonia also placing well, Red Walters 7th and Brook Elgie 10th, backing up Peckham. After a challenging start to the season punctuated by crashes and punctures 20 year old Matt Downie is starting to shine. Impressive against the clock,aggressive on the road and a good team player, Downie has potential, he needs to set his sights higher if he is to realise that potential.

*Sandie Radford the wife of long time Antelope RT sponsor, Michael Radford passed away in 1996. Originally run as a 50 mile race under British Cycling rules on the short Bramshaw circuit which took the race up Pipers Waite 10 times
Full Results
1 Matthew Downie Primera-TeamJobs Race Team S 1.52.17
2 Thomas Key Primera-TeamJobs Race Team S 1.52.38
3 Rowan Horner VC St Raphael A 1.53.27
4 James Peckham Sotonia Cycling Club S 1.53.43
5 Patryk Rucki M 1.53.52
6 Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe-Flix S 1.54.01
7 Red Walters Sotonia Cycling Club S 1.54.09
8 James Horton VC St Raphael M 1.54.18
9 David Pusey Primera-TeamJobs Race Team M 1.54.19
10 Brook Elgie Sotonia Cycling Club M 1.54.21
11 Matthew Norris Mud Sweat n Gears CC A
12 Phillip Cole Mud Sweat n Gears CC M
13 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers CC S
14 George Creasey UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek S
15 Philip Godfrey Sotonia Cycling Club M
16 Craig Haslam A
17 Tom Stocker S
18 Jason Gault Primera-TeamJobs Race Team A
19 Christopher McLaughlin UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek J
20 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs Race Team C
21 Simon Merritt UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek A
22 Andy Smith VC St Raphael A
23 Martin Rowland UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek S
24 Dave Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC C
25 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club S
26 Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC M
27 Phil Wilks Sotonia Cycling Club M
28 Andrew MacKay Sotonia Cycling Club M
29 Tom Clements Offcamber M
30 Stewart Ward New Forest Cycling Club M
31 Chris Wilson Tornado Road Cycling Club M
32 Bob Ford UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek F
33 Thomas Trueman Southampton Tri Club M
34 Jay Eastwood Hargroves Cycles CC B
35 Stephen Skinner E
36 Lizzy Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers B
37 Brian Burgess Gs Vecchi F

Friday 26 May 2017

Moreton, Why so few Women Race There!

"Local Riders Local Races" gave the women a bit of a hard time at Moreton last night, regarding the low numbers competing. Rachel Hackman (RM&RMCA) puts us firmly in our place.......

"The trouble with Moreton. Why so few women racing there? Moreton is a TLI Race, no BC points up for grabs; the serious racer wants to win points to progress, Moreton/TLI has no progression at all. Women are all the same at Moreton, Categories mean nothing at all there, unlike the men's race, which has several groups started at different times, to give the slower riders a genuine chance of being in the final sprint, the women are all started together so the slower female riders are out of it before the end of the first lap. The rest of the race they spend as a mobile chicane, just getting in the way of the men's race- why would anyone want to do that more than once? If the men's race was run the same way 90% of them wouldn't race again either. Running the women's and men's races at the same time at Moreton is a problem. The first two races this year were ruined for all but a few of the women because right at the crucial moment a men's group caught the women in the last few hundred yards of the women's race , the sprints were disastrous, the results didn't reflect the race at all because several women who could've won were boxed in by a passing men's group. A total waste of effort. My race yesterday was ruined in a similar way; lap 2 just after turn 1, a horse and cart on the circuit with only a narrow passage to get by, I was lagging by an easily recoverable 5 yards when a men's group caught up just as the women reached the horse and cart, most got through, I got boxed in by the guys and had to wait out for a slot to get passed the horse and cart , by the time I was back on it my deficit was 250 yards, there's no way back from there on your own. Parts of the road surface on the Moreton circuit are third world, pot holes, gravel, broken edges- not pretty. Lastly , Moreton is car journey from everywhere. Taking into account all of the above, travelling anything more than a few miles to race at Moreton is not an investment worth making."

Rachel Hackman

PS " IShould add that I travel from Dorchester to Bath and pay 3x the entry fee to race in BC races there and because of the Cat handicapped start, have scored a few points... that's an incentive to go back again and again"

Richard Lang responds....

To give a bit of background first.. Moreton is run by myself (Richard Lang) and Steve Dring, along with timekeeper Gerry and a number of regular marshals. We took it over the running of it from previous organiser Pete 6 years ago. We are not a company or organisation, but two regular racers who didn't want to see the series disappear. So basically, we run it on behalf of the other riders and are all volunteers.

We previously recognized that women’s cycle racing was a growing sport nationally, and we wanted to do our bit to give Dorset based lady riders an opportunity to race on the road. However, we also recognized that Moreton was a very male dominated race, with primarily a single lady who has turned up every week to race over the last few years (Carol!).

So, for the previous 2 years we put on a small number of women only races, which were held before the open race, to allow ladies to race in as much a non-intimidating as possible. However, due to the amount of daylight, we had to put these races on quite early, which resulted in a number of ladies not being able to get there in time.

At the end of last year, we had our usual slight die-off in numbers for the open race. So we asked the regular lady racers if they would like to do a 30 minute race, run at the same time as the open race and we were met with enthusiasm. It worked out really well and as a result we have done this for all races this year, to provide ladies with a greater number of opportunities to race.

We try to time it so that the finish is in clear air, but as you have seen this is a very difficult thing to achieve. For example, the first week the ladies raced at around 23mph and had a clear finish, but last week their race was a lot slower and ended up getting mixed up with the green group a bit at the finish. As for the horse and cart, well these things sometimes happen when racing on a public road. Its part of challenge!

In the initial races, we did run 2 groups in the women only races, but when the numbers are low (5) this doesn't make sense and we have had feedback that a single group is preferable when this is the case. Also, the Open race is open to ladies, so any looking to progress are more than welcome to join in there. I know that last year a strong lady racer chose to do this.

We do appreciate your honesty, but would probably would find it more constructive to give it to us in person and even make some suggestions on improving things. We get a lot of "honesty" but not much help, unfortunately.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Bournemouth Arrow CC Club 10 25/05/17 Results

Barrie Watkinson

1 Charley Calvert Backstedt H/C 00:21:41 27.67
2 Peter Lynk Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:24:06 24.90
3 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:07 24.88
4 Alan Bayliss Salisbury Tri 00:24:13 24.78
5 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:16 24.73
6 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:25 24.57
7 Darren Walker Plymouth 00:24:25 24.57
8 Tim Crumpton VC St Raphael 00:24:30 24.49
9 Adrian Watkins Tornado RCC 00:25:36 23.44
10 Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:41 23.36
11 Rob Wickham Poole Wheelers 00:25:58 23.11
12 Mike Round Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:26:11 22.92
13 Stephen Skinner VC St Raphael 00:26:17 22.83
14 Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers 00:26:23 22.74
15 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:35 22.57
16 Martin Nobbs Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:45 22.43
17 Jamie Pope LTC 00:26:57 22.26
18 Connor Stain Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:07 22.13
19 Debbie Hallett Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:42 21.66
20 Pete Weaver New Forest CC 00:27:48 21.58
21 Keith Rumball Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:28:02 21.40
22 Mark Turner-Smith Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:30:11 19.88

Thanks Michelle Walter

Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton Series :Gault Does the Job!

Jason Gault (Primera-Team Jobs) won the latest round of the Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton series, his first win of a disrupted season. Pressure of work had limited Gaults training and racing in the spring but five days off the bike has recharged the batteries and the big man was all over the front of the race as he led the sprint out on a perfect evening in Hardy Country. "I felt good tonight" was the village hall verdict!

Dorset League leader, James Horton (VC ST Raphael) had no answer to Gault but is always consistent, taking second place ahead of event organiser Steve Dring (UK Biking).
The race was altogether after just 26 minutes of the allotted hour, only 1 minute separating each of the 5 groups on the road. The scratch group were able to keep the speed high, line the bunch out and keep it clean, the slower groups may have a different view.
With just 5 signing on it was harder to finish off the podium than on in the womens race, the boom in womens racing has yet to trouble this sleepy corner of Dorset it seems. The TLI format? the open roads? mixing with the guys? the location? all were tossed up in the air in the post race inquest.
Moreton regular Emily Hingston (Purbeck Peloton) claimed her first ever win, "just too fast" for Gail Brown (Bournemouth Arrow) and Emma Needhanm (CC Weymouth) Full results to Come.....

Portsmouth Evening Circuits #3 Results

Mountbatten Centre 24/05/17


1st 71 Harrison HENDY E Bike Jockey CC
2nd 72 Myles BRADLEY E Bike Jockey CC

1st 42 Judah HURR D Portsmouth North End CC
2nd 41 Adam HARRISON-SMITH D Chapel Tri-Stars

YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]

1st 20 Vaughan MARRIS A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
2nd 19 Danny HAVEY A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd 1 Caitlin PETERS Ag I-Team Cyclists' Club
4th 40 Matthew HICKMAN B Portsmouth North End CC
5th 21 Izzy BRICKELL Bg Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
6th 39 Jacob SCHNABEL B Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
7th 22 Sophie TILLER Bg I-Team Cyclists' Club
8th 2 Amy MITCHELL Ag Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
3 / J3

1st 69 Stuart WAITE WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
2nd 54 Oliver SCOTT Dulwich Paragon CC
3rd 64 Ben HUTTLY Brighton Mitre CC
4th 72 Dexter FOX Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
5th 66 James COOPER Natural RT
6th 63 Luis COUNTINHO Southdown Velo
7th 68 Kevin FOSTER WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
8th 52 Steve MOSS BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
9th 57 Adam LITTLECHILD Racing Club Ravenna
10th 67 Sebastian OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna
11th 55 James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
12th 71 Tim BLACKMORE Southdown Velo
13th 56 Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
14th 58 Sam STEWART Southdown Velo
15th 60 Kris COLLINS Team Wiggle
16th 59 Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
17th 70 Ian HAYDEN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
E / 1 / 2 / J
1st 5 Andy SHACKEL Team Wiggle
2nd 11 Matt ALLSOP WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
3rd 8 Harry VEALE
4th 10 Justin HOY Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
5th 7 Ryan WESTON UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
6th 6 Martin ROWLAND UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
7th 3 Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
8th 1 Nicholas O'HARA 3C Cyclexperience
9th 12 Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT
10th 9 Adam HOLLEYMAN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.

Overall Standings after Round 3
1st E Harrison HENDY Bike Jockey CC 40
2nd E Myles BRADLEY Bike Jockey CC 18
3rd E Sebastian FOSTER Bike Jockey CC 18
4th Eg Holly HURR Portsmouth North End CC 18

1st C Judah HURR Portsmouth North End CC 98
2nd C Adam HARRISON-SMITH Chapel Tri-Stars 76
3rd C Matthew GILMOUR Velo Club Venta 40
4th Cg Rose-Marie MONCRIEFFE Velo Club Londres 36

1st Bg Izzy BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 112
2nd Bg Sophie TILLER I-Team Cyclists' Club 102
3rd B Matthew HICKMAN Portsmouth North End CC 78
4th B Jacob SCHNABEL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 76
5th B Jamie WHITCHER Poole Wheelers CC 38
6th B Jude BEATON Portsmouth North End CC 36

1st A Vaughan MARRIS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 78
2nd A Danny HAVEY Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 72
3rd A Matthew HOULBERG Portsmouth North End CC 68
4th A Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC 66
5th A Samuel CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 40
6th Ag Caitlin PETERS I-Team Cyclists' Club 36
7th Ag Zoe BROOKES Hillingdon Slipstreamers 36
8th A Sam FREEMAN Solent Pirates 36
9th Ag Amy MITCHELL Portsmouth North End CC 34
10th A Harvey McLEAN Behind the Bikeshed 32
11th A Max FLEMING Solent Pirates 28
12th Ag Kathryn CREASEY BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 24
13th Ag Charlotte CREASEY BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 22

3 / J3
1st Oliver SCOTT Dulwich Paragon CC 208
2nd Sebastian OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna 180
3rd Steve MOSS BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood 170
4th Luis COUNTINHO Southdown Velo 138
5th Stuart WAITE WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 134
6th Sam STEWART Southdown Velo 128
7th Max MOYLES University of Exeter Cycling Club 126
8th Kevin FOSTER WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 120
9th Ben HUTTLY Brighton Mitre CC 118
10th James COOPER Natural RT 118
11th Michael GREENSHIELDS University Of Portsmouth CC 118
12th Tim BLACKMORE Southdown Velo 116
13th Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's 116
14th Ian HAYDEN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 108
15th Shaun REED Team Tor 2000 KALAS 98
16th Simon AMBROSINI WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 98
17th Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd 96
18th James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 94
19th Tristan WHITE DHCyclesport 82
20th Kris COLLINS Team Wiggle 68
21st Chris McGOVERN Southampton University Road Club 68
22nd Jim HAMILTON University of Exeter Cycling Club 66
23rd Dexter FOX Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) 64
24th Mark HERBERT Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 62
25th Liam BARR University Of Portsmouth CC 56
26th Adam LITTLECHILD Racing Club Ravenna 54
27th Lee RUTLAND Army Cycling Union 52
28th Russell THOMPSON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 48
29th Philip BOARER Racing Club Ravenna 48
30th Simon WALTERS Velo Club Venta 44
31st Jack HARDWICKE Strada-Sport 42
32nd Tom ELLIS Southampton University Road Club 40
33rd Jack FERRELL Racing Club Ravenna 38
34th Harry JOHNSON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 36
35th David SMITH VC Meudon 36
36th George CREASEY UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 28
37th Lee HENDERSON Andover Whls 22
38th Harry CHAMBERLAIN Southampton University Road Club 18
1st Justin HOY Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 192
2nd Harry VEALE 188
3rd Matt ALLSOP WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 182
4th Nicholas O'HARA 3C Cyclexperience 154
5th Dylan THOMAS VC Meudon 122
6th Andy SHACKEL Team Wiggle 116
7th Scott MICHAELS Southampton University Road Club 114
8th Joseph ANDREWS Spokes BPC Racing 112
9th Lee SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 112
10th Lewis MARTIN Spokes BPC Racing 108
11th Adam HOLLEYMAN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 104
12th Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's 100
13th Henry LATIMER Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 100
14th Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT 98
15th Michael FORD VC St Raphael 70
16th Mitch WEBBER Bike Channel Canyon 66
17th Ryan WESTON UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 62
18th Benjamin MARKS Morvelo Basso RT 62
19th Martin ROWLAND UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek 60
20th Mike SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 56
21st Thomas KEY Primera-TeamJobs 56
22nd James EBDON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT. 48
23rd Stuart THOMPSON Andover Wheelers 40
24th Liam WALSH VC St Raphael 38
25th Matt BONE Hosté TAAP Storck 36
26th Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 32
27th Andrew THOMAS a3crg

Hargroves Cycles Fastest Lap at Winchester Crit

New for this year is the Hargroves Cycles Fastest Lap award. Simply, the fastest male and female riders around the circuit will receive a £50 voucher from headline sponsors Hargroves Cycles.
“We previously had prizes for Prime Sprints” said Event Manager Ruth Crawford. “But it didn’t ever really seem to work, either for the riders or spectators – so we looked for something different.
We used Chip Timing for the first time last year, which was a massive step forward, but there was more we could do with it. This year, we’ll have both live timing available via web for spectators, and for riders to review immediately after the race, which will mean any blips in the results can be spotted quickly, and allow easy tracking of the fastest lap of the day. The data can be monitored by our team of BC Race Officials and also our commentator, Marty MacDonald McCrossan, who we are delighted is back again this year. We’re looking also to have a race clock at the Start/Finish which should add to the experience and simplify matters for all!”
It won’t be a surprise to those there that last year’s female fastest lap was recorded by Pfeiffer Georgi (Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching), who won both the U16 race and Women’s race. She put in her fastest lap early on lap 6 to break the women’s field and take a solo victory. Fastest for the men was Calum Croft (Primera-TeamJobs), who finished second in the men’s race smashing his fastest lap on the last lap of the race, only losing out by .035 seconds on the line, after 54 minutes of racing.
2016 Records: Calum Croft: 1:30.333; Pfeiffer Georgi 1:45.884
“We’re really pleased to be sponsoring the Fastest Lap” said Matt Treviss, Head of Marketing at Hargroves Cycles. “We hope it will add a bit of fun to the event, and with the live timing, it will be something that the spectators can track during the races and make Marty’s life easier on the mic. Spectators can see lap by lap just how quickly some of these riders are able to race around the circuit, and when it’s a bit slower and more tactical – and it’s something the riders can look up after they finish.”

Winchester Criterium Start Lists

Start lists for the 5th Winchester Criterium on Sunday 11th June (SUBJECT TO FINAL CONFIRMATION)
Gem Atkinson Sigma
Lorna Bowler Team Backstedt/Hotchillee
Rosamund Bradbury Sigma
Lydia Brookes G.S. Henley
Gail Brown BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
Rebecca Carter Team WNT
Lucy Edmunds Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Ashia Fenwick Velo Club Venta
Laura Fenwick Velo Club Venta
Jennifer Forrester RT - Lazer helmets
Ella Freeman Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Lucy Gadd Poole Wheelers CC
Kym Harvey ---
Marianne Holt Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Carly Hughes Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Imogen Hutchings Velo Club Venta
Chloe Jones Black Line
Amber Joseph Cyclism Cycling
Emily Le Beuvant Big Maggys
Victoria Lovett I-Team Cyclists' Club
Sandra Mackay Velo Schils - Interbike RT
Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Helen Nicholls IRIS Race Team
Clare Parkin VC Equipe - Flix
Mathilde Pauls Sigma
Kara Perryman Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Fiona Redding Radeon-Bike Science RT
Christine Robson VC Londres
Nicola Soden Velo Schils - Interbike RT
Bethan Stubbs Bianchi Dama UK
Clair Wadden Bristol RC
Mercy Webb Storey Racing
Izzy Wild Beeston Cycling Club
Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris Team Backstedt/Hotchillee

E123 MEN
Matthew Alder ZeroBC
Matthew Allsopp Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
Joseph Andrews Spokes BPC Racing
Michael Bradbury
James Brickell Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Patrick Brown Spokes BPC Racing
Harry Charles Gillingham and District Wheelers
Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists' Club
Alex Collins Primera-TeamJobs
Jody Crawforth Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Andrew Critchlow WyndyMilla
Calum Croft Latchem Sunwise Race Team
Deacon Cutterham CGC Army Cycling Union
Michael Devaney ZeroBC
Jay Eastwood Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Ian Field Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
James Franklin Velo Club Venta
Rob Hardyman The Cycle Room
Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta
Joe Hickerton Spokes BPC Racing
Gavin Howell Team Milton Keynes
Justin Hoy Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe - Flix
James Hywel-Davies Latchem Sunwise Race Team
Tom Lane Latchem Sunwise Race Team
Richard Mardle Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
Lewis Martin Spokes BPC Racing
Christopher McGovern Southampton University Road Club
Nic McKibbin Bath Cycling Club
Richard Moore Estera powered by Adventure Cycles
Luke Nolan Latchem Sunwise Race Team
Matthew Osborn Estera powered by Adventure Cycles
Will Page ---
John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC
Tom Sefton Team Vision Innovative Leisure
Andy Shackel Team Wiggle
George Skinner Norwood Paragon CC
Mike Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
Tom Stocker Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Sean Townsend VC Equipe - Flix
Thomas Treagus Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Harry Veale
Stuart Waite Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.

2/3 CAT
Fletcher Adams Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Leigh Banks ---
Shane Banks ---
Thomas Bass Salt & Sham Cycle Club
William Blunt Army Cycling Union
Nicholas Buck New Forest CC
Tom Budden Sotonia CC
Oliver Carter Salt & Sham Cycle Club
James Cooper Natural RT
Charlie Cooper Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC
James Garrett Casp Racing
Philip Godfrey Sotonia CC
Andrew Gough Velo Club Venta
Sam Gupta ---
Oliver Handley Southampton University Road Club
Vincent Harding Poole Wheelers CC
Mark Herbert Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Tim Higgs Velo Club Venta
Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta
Nicolas Kimish I-Team Cyclists' Club
Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs
Jason Miller Casp Racing
Steve Moss BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
Darren Orchard Mud, Sweat n Gears CC
Charlie Parry Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Tom Pattinson-Smith Tri UK
Neil Pooley Velo Club Venta
Tom Radburn Veloton Team
Sam Reed Guernsey Velo Club
Charles Rees Gillingham and District Wheelers
Lee Rutland Army Cycling Union
Ben Smith Velo Club Venta
Russell Speight Sotonia CC
Harry Staley Team Wiggle
Lewis Stripp Mud, Sweat n Gears CC
Roger Theron VC Meudon
Russell Thomson Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
Jack Whitehouse Gillingham and District Wheelers
Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta

Elynor Backstedt Team Backstedt/Hotchillee
Jemma Bowler Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Hannah Brehaut Guernsey Velo Club
Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates
Daisy Davies Gillingham and District Wheelers
Lucy Gadd Poole Wheelers CC
Emma Keiller Charlotteville CC
Ella Lawrence Solent Pirates
Abbie Manley Solent Pirates
Poppy Pattinson Solent Pirates
Caitlin Peters I-Team Cyclists' Club
Freya Richardson Portsmouth North End CC
Katie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden
Freya Thatcher Liv Cycling Club - Epic Coaching

Fred Ball Andover Whls
Daniel Banks Solent Pirates
Samuel Berry Bikechain - Ricci
Alexander Bosley Zappi Racing Team
Arthur Boulton Palmer Park Velo RT
Jamie Bray Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers CC
Adam Churchill Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
Barney Clacy Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
Samuel Clark I-Team Cyclists' Club
Tom Couzens Zappi Racing Team
Elliot Cox Velo Club Venta
Jamie Crump
Matthew Day Solent Pirates
Sam Freeman Solent Pirates
Owen Giles Portsmouth North End CC
Thomas Green Solent Pirates
Danny Havey Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
Matthew Houlberg Portsmouth North End CC
Sam Kelly Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Charlie Kelly Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Joshua Knowles Palmer Park Velo RT
Louis Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club
Vaughan Marris Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Harvey McLean Behind The Bikeshed
Luca Munday Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Ryan Phillips Maindy Flyers Youth CC
Duncan Pritchard Palmer Park Velo RT
Mateusz Rydlewski Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Jacques Taylor Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Euan Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
Kartik Thite Zappi Racing Team
Eli Tucker I-Team Cyclists' Club
Sami Vaudrey Zappi Racing Team
Benjamin Wainwright Team Tor 2000 KALAS
Joseph Williams Bristol Cycling Development Squad

Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC
Izzy Brickell Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Ella Coleman Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Millie Couzens PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT
Laura Curle Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Carmen Dawtrey Solent Pirates
Elena Day Solent Pirates
Molly Farrell Guernsey Velo Club
Rosie Finucane Towy Riders
Kinga Ingram Wyre Forest CRC
Aoife O'Neill Chippenham & Dist Whls
Sophie Tiller I-Team Cyclists' Club

Ryan Abram Bristol Cycling Development Squad
James Ashcroft Palmer Park Velo RT
Jude Beaton Solent Pirates
Callum Biggs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
Nicholas Brewster Solent Pirates
Nathaniel Brookes Gillingham and District Wheelers
Samuel Butters Sulis Scorpions YCA
William Castle Solent Pirates
Felix Clacy Solent Pirates
Matthew Cripps Solent Pirates
Finn Dunton Thanet RC
Max Edgington Solent Pirates
Rahul Fortescue Talwar Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
Benjamin Gill Poole Wheelers CC
Matthew Hickman Portsmouth North End CC
Tobias Houghton Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Joseph Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club
James Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Sam Nanopoulos Solent Pirates
Lukas Nerurkar Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
Frederick Newman ---
Adam Potter I-Team Cyclists' Club
Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta
Ethan Pratten Cardiff JIF
Jack Reed Guernsey Velo Club
Jacob Schnabel Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Isaac Warrington Solent Pirates
Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers CC


Ella Beaton Solent Pirates
Katie-Anne Calton Solent Pirates
Millie Coleman Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Caitlin Loveless Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Niamh Murphy Cotswold Veldrijden
Bobbie O'Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Daisy Pattinson Solent Pirates
Ellen Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden
Amber Richardson Portsmouth North End CC
Grace Richardson Portsmouth North End CC
Skye Willis Panagua CC


Patrick Atkinson Poole Wheelers CC
Benjamin Bisson VC Londres
Ollie Boarer I-Team Cyclists' Club
James Brown Hillingdon Slipstreamers
Bobby Buenfeld Velo Club Venta
Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
Jack Cromie I-Team Cyclists' Club
Dylan Davison Solent Pirates
Peter Drabble VC Meudon
Matthew Gilmour Velo Club Venta
Charles Hart JCAYA
Charles Havey Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Chayton Kennedy-Cook Guernsey Velo Club
Louis Kirk Sotonia CC
Thierry Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club
Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers CC
Oliver Morgan Solent Pirates
Jude Munday Bristol Cycling Development Squad
Alexander Murphy Velo Club Venta
Wilfred Norman Zappi Racing Team
Joseph O'Brien Zappi Racing Team
Conor Orchard Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Lloyd Perry Solent Pirates
Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers CC
Callum Robins Solent Pirates
James Salter Velo Club Venta
Lewis Seaward Solent Pirates
Thomas Taylor Sulis Scorpions YCA
Daniel Wylie-Morris MnD Fusion RT / Gearclub / WORX

Olivia Allman Velo Club Venta
Chloe Carter Palmer Park Velo RT
Rebecca Carter Palmer Park Velo RT
Isabella Hall Sotonia CC
Elizabeth Hart JCAYA
Katie Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club
Charlotte Smith Solent Pirates

George Connell Sotonia CC
Ewan Cook ---
Finlay Cousins Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
Arne Esslemont Andover BMX Club
Oliver Gill Poole Wheelers CC
Thomas Hampson Velo Club Venta
Charlie Hoy ---
Kyran Levey Solent Pirates
James Martin Solent Pirates
Charlie Pettifer Poole Wheelers CC
Daniel Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden
Samuel Ridgment Sotonia CC
Edward Samson Solent Pirates
Ewan Watson Solent Pirates
Monty Wyatt Velo Club Venta

Evie Bramall Solent Pirates
Alisha Kirk Sotonia CC
Skye Martingale Sotonia CC
Zoe Nicholls Solent Pirates
Isla Pattinson Solent Pirates
Isabelle Smith Solent Pirates
Orla Willis Panagua CC

Myles Aston Solent Pirates
Myles Bradley Bike Jockey CC
Thomas Carr Solent Pirates
Sebastian Foster ---
Sam Genazzini Solent Pirates
Jack Gillard ---
Joshua Graham Sotonia CC
Harrison Hendy Bike Jockey CC
Lucas Mills Sotonia CC
Frederick Samson Solent Pirates

New Forest CC Club 10, 23/05/17, Report Results

Paul Lockyer

Lockyer continues to dominate as Priest smashes PB wtites Andrew Hanley.......
A warm muggy night lay install for the riders participating in Round six of the New Forest CC 10 series on the P128 TT course on Tuesday night. The course starts at Copythorne before heading through Cadnam, Netley Marsh and through Copythorne again to complete the 10 mile course. Paul Lockyer further enhanced his advantage over the NFCC riders by blazing around in a remarkable time of 21:09. Antony Green is soon becoming Paul’s de facto challenger and was thrilled to have held Paul to less than a minute’s gain in 21:55. “I was hoping to get inside a minute of Paul, so am thrilled to be only 42 seconds behind him, there’s still loads of work to do, I’ll keep pushing” Antony commented after the event. NFCC newcomer Andy Postlewaite is quickly making a name for himself by grabbing a fantastic top three finish in 22:37. Special mention goes to Justin Priest who knocked a massive two minutes off his own personal best in 23:03. Justin has been slicing huge chunks of time off his PBs all year commented. “This is a course that I don’t really favour too much, so I was chuffed to be able to attain a PB.” Justin’s efforts were well rewarded as he was able to hold off recent UCI World Champs qualifier Stewart Ward by a mere two seconds in 23:05. Stuart Peckham and Andrew Hanley tied for sixth place in 23:38.
Div 1
1 Paul Lockyer 21.09
2 Antony Green 21.51
3 Andy Postlewaite 22.37
4 Justin Priest 23.03
5 Stewart Ward 23.05
6= Stuart Peckham 23.38
6= Andrew Hanley 23.38
8 Richard Parker 25.10


1 Bob Dowling 24.45
2 Phil Harris 25.15
3 Dan Mitchell 25.34
4 Phil Jones 26.01
5 Richard Rajski 26.08
6 Phil Underwood 26.28
7 Mick Anglim 27.19
1 Josh Cole 26.48
2 Peter Weaver 27.13
3 Geoff WWeller 27.18
4 Isabelle Parkes 28.13
5 Catherine Pascoe 28.56
6 Jim Pascoe 29.52
7 Peter Hawker 30.48
8 Tracy Mitchell 32.14
9 Noreen Henderson 33.35
1 Ian Macdonald 28.10 G.S.Europa

Bournemouth & District Womens CA Club 25, 24/05/17, Results

Ben Boardman
P128 Copythorne-Cadnam-Bartley Circuit

10 miles
Sue Longland Antelope RT 32.35 (on her works bike)

25 miles
1 Angela Burnikell Sotonia CC 1.04.00
2 Claire Newman Crabwood CC 1.09.45
3 Linda Connor Southampton Tri 1.18.05
4 Amy Davis Southampton Tri 1.18.11
5 Stephanie Kirby Southampton Tri 1.19.28
DNF Donna Lovelock IRIS Race Team
Sandy Bell Sotonia CC


1 Ben Boardman New Forest CC 56.20
2 Kevin King New Forest CC 58.28
3 Stephen Wood Antelope RT 1.01.43
4 Jon Dudley Sotonia CC 1 01.51
5 Stuart Grace GA Cycles 1.04.33
6 Glenn Longland Antelope RT 1.06.33 (on his works bike)
7 Andrew Weighill New Forest CC 1.07.04
8 Adam Graven Southampton Tri 1.07.56
9 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 1.14.26
10 John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC 1.21.02
11 Ash Bowden Southampton Tri 1.23.45
DNF Darryl Marcus-Hanks Southampton Tri
Timekeepers: Paula Miller and Dave Crocker
Others: Ann Miller, Ted Knowlton, Clive Peskett and Jacky Prosser

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Poole Wheelers Club 10, 24/05/17 Results

Tom Day & Chris Day
P412 Bulbury

16 TOM DAY PW 22.45
19 CHRIS DAY 23.21
24 PAUL CROFT PW 24.43
33 BEN SALVIA PW 26.00
36 LES JESSOP PW 27.01

South Region Update

The South Region continues to enjoy very considerable growth in the number and range of cycling events that are being supporting across the key disciplines of road, track and MTB. Not only does this mean an increase in the number of rider participants, but also the need to increase the resources required to run cycling events safely and with due attention to the current rules and guidelines. Experience shows that it's only by "doing things properly" that we encourage people to get further involved in cycling.
Based upon activity in 2016, the Regional Board anticipated this growth and arranged a number of training events for volunteer marshals and support personnel before the 2017 Season got under way. That was a good move and as a result has increased the pool of officials from which to draw.
However, having announced an almost complete racing calendar at the start of the season, we are now finding that we urgently need to attract more volunteers – since we don’t want to find, as we move further into 2017, that our pool of resources isn't sufficient to cope; this would, potentially, lead to some events having to be cancelled or, at best, rescheduled. Having read this far and you are willing to give up some of your valuable time to assist in an official capacity, either as a Commissaire or Accredited Marshal, please contact:

British Cycling Announce Team for MTB World Cup

Press Release
British Cycling has announced the three riders who will represent the Great Britain Cycling Team at the second round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano in Albstadt, Germany, from 26 – 28 May 2017.

Evie Richards, Ella Conolly and Frazer Clacherty,(pictured) all of whom contested the first round of the series in Nové Město, Czech Republic over the weekend, will be back in action in Germany for the second round. Evie Richards recovered from a crash to finish in second place in the under-23 women’s race, whilst Frazer Clacherty recorded a career-best result by finishing in 40th place in the under-23 men’s event. Ella Conolly was forced to retire from the race with illness but is hoping to recover in time for the weekend.

Simon Watts, British Cycling’s lead mountain bike coach said: “Evie and Frazer performed well in the first round of the series and I’m looking for the riders to build on this in Albstadt. The course in Albstadt offers different challenges to the one in Nové Město – it’s very physically challenging thanks to two extremely steep climbs and there are fewer technical features to contend with, which will suit both Evie and Frazer.

“It was unfortunate that Ella became ill over the weekend, however we are hopeful she will be able to compete this weekend and we will make a final decision over the next few days.”

Great Britain Cycling Team for UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Cup, Albstadt

Frazer Clacherty
Ella Conolly
Evie Richards

Andover Wheelers Club 16, 23/05/17, Results

1 Matthew Buckley Andover Wheelers 00:35:43 26.88
2 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers 00:37:09 25.84
3 Kevin Baker NFTO 00:37:22 25.69
4 Tim Jude Andover Wheelers 00:37:50 25.37
5 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers 00:38:00 25.26
6 Chris Cain Andover Wheelers 00:38:01 25.25
7 Neil Adlem Andover Wheelers 00:38:55 24.67
8 Pete Harris Andover Wheelers 00:39:04 24.57
9 Justin Gage 00:39:27 24.33
10 Jim Susans Andover Wheelers 00:40:00 24.00
11 Steve Longman Andover Wheelers 00:40:34 23.66
12 Nik Burrell Andover Wheelers 00:41:15 23.27
13 Alastair Currie Andover Wheelers 00:41:32 23.11
14 Karl Brooks Andover Wheelers 00:41:35 23.09
15 Ben Ferris Andover Wheelers 00:41:36 23.08
16 Will Matthews Andover Wheelers 00:41:49 22.96
17 Mike Webber Andover Wheelers 00:41:56 22.89
18 Hefin Richards Andover Wheelers 00:42:11 22.76
19 Adrian Jenkins Andover Wheelers 00:42:50 22.41
20 Richard Jansen 00:42:53 22.39
21 Paul Sanders Andover Wheelers 00:43:32 22.05
22 Nick Cooper Andover Wheelers 00:44:07 21.76
23 Gina Graham 00:45:06 21.29
24 Brendan Wiseman Andover Wheelers 00:45:41 21.01
25 Steve Robertson 00:46:09 20.80
26 Lee Johnson 00:46:41 20.56
27 Pete Dennett Andover Wheelers 00:46:56 20.45
28 Adam Munt 00:47:28 20.22
29 Alex Hall Andover Wheelers 00:48:26 19.82
30 Chris Marfell 00:50:02 1

Henstridge Circuit Series #3, Results

U14 Boys
1 Nathaniel Brookes Gillingham and District Wheelers
2 William Carr Gillingham and District Wheelers
Race U16 Boys

1 David Hassall Gillingham and District Wheelers
2 Rory Brookes Gillingham and District Wheelers
Race U16 Girls

1 Daisy Davies Gillingham and District Wheelers
2 Bethany Calloway Gillingham and District Wheelers

Race 4th Cat only

1 Harry Sealey Gillingham and District Wheelers
2 Edward Collins Team Tor 2000 KALAS
3 Steve Martin
4 Lyndon Thompson NFCC
5 Joshua Clark PMR at Toachim House
6 Luke Monahan UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
7 Jack Wiltshire Offcamber
8 James Brown
9 Nigel Brown NBW Cycling
10 Farilee Williams
11 Jorden Biddle Gillingham and District Wheelers
12 Mark Geddes Gillingham and District Wheelers

Race 2/3 Cat

1 Tristram More-Molyneux Gillingham and District Wheelers
2 James Curson Tri UK
3 James Horton VC St Raphael
4 Giles Greening Tri UK
5 Callum Dunford Sarum Velo
6 Jack Salvidge Cycleservice Sidmouth
7 Aled Jones Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
8 Matthew Norris Mud Sweat n Gears CC
9 Steve Moss BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
10 John Mills Tri UK
11 Adrian Reynolds Somerset Road Club
12 James Hywel-Davies Latchem Sunwise Race Team
13 Craig Haslam Tri UK
14 George Creasey UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
15 David Tring
16 Chris McLaughlin UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
17 Harry Charles Gillingham and District Wheelers
18 Jack Whitehouse Gillingham and District Wheelers
19 Luke Bodley Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
20 Charles Rees Gillingham and District Wheelers
21 Darren Orchard Mud Sweat n Gears CC
22 Shaun Reed Team Tor 2000 KALAS
23 Chris Gray Gillingham and District Wheelers

CC Weymouth Club 18,23/05/17, Results

P451/18 Hilly
Sarah Wise

1 Greg Parker VC St Raphael 00:44:30
2 Jon Brumfield PCS 00:45:17
3 Richard Porter CCW 00:46:10
4 Niall Laming MSG 00:46:59
5 David Butt CCW 00:47:02
6 Nathan Willmington CCW 00:47:36
7 Sarah Wise CCW 00:48:59
8 Colin Brumble CCW 00:49:23
9 Matt Pye CCW 00:50:52
10 Nick Ireland CCW 00:51:02
11 Andy Aicken Day member 00:51:39
12 Steve Trigwell CCW 00:52:24
13 Ian Miller CCW 00:52:53
14 Cormac Linehan CCW 00:53:39
15 Emma Needham CCW 00:54:53
16 Steve Chalk Day member 00:57:21
17 Andrew Preston CCW 00:58:20

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10 23/05/17 Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood
"A good night"


Peter Warhurst, Dave Mansfield, Jacky Prosser, Clive Peskett, Paul Brown

Monday 22 May 2017

Weymouth Crit Series #2, Results

Provisional Results 20/05/17

Cat 4

1st Christopher Wilson

2nd Charlie Cox

3rd Monty Knight

4th Tom Carter

5th Luke Monahan

6th Jack Wiltshire

7th Simon Chainey

8th Richard Wyeth

9th Lewis Stripp

10th Darren Hayter

11th Jamie Doel

12th Matthew Merritt

Cat 3

1st Sean Frost

2nd Chris Mclaughlin

3rd Darren Orchard

4th Gavin Berry

5th George Creasey

6th Julian Lockwood

7th Thomas Ellis

8th Robert Midmore

9th Mark Valentine

10th Graham Biles

Cat 2/3

1st Luke Barfoot

2nd Jack Salvidge

3rd Aled Jones

4th Matthew Norris

5th Chris Mclaughlin

6th Phillip Cole

7th Andrew Carter

8th Darren Orchard

9th Graeme Lackford

10th Sean Frost

Sunday 21 May 2017

Sandie Radford Road Race, Start List


Under TLI CYCLING Rules SATURDAY 27th MAY Start: 2.30 p.m.
SPONSORS-: Michael Radford/G.A.Cycles 02380 636648

START: Outside phone box Forest Road Nomansland.Towards Landford X roads left on B3079(M) through Landford on Lyndhurst Rd to turn left into Hamptworth rd (M) Stay on this road to Bowers Hill (Redlynch) Turn left (M) onto B3080. Go through Woodfalls to join B3078 at Bramshaw Telegraph(M) continue on B3078 to junction with B3079 at Brook, Turn left through Bramshaw continue to Landford X roads (lap 1) Complete another 2 laps.Turn left 200yds before Landford X roads(m) follow road to next junction(M)turn left continue on Forest Road to FINISH top of Pipers Waite Hil

1 Matthew Norris Mud Sweat n Gears CC
2 Rupert Silman
3 Andy Smith VC St Raphael
4 James Cotty Hargroves Cycles CC
5 Rowan Horner VC St Raphael
6 Jason Gault Primera-TeamJobs Race Team
7 Andrew Humphreys
8 Jon Brumfield Poundbury Cyclesport
9 Simon Merritt UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
10 Craig Haslam
11 Jay Eastwood Hargroves Cycles CC
12 Lizzy Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
13 Gary Allan G.A. Cycles
14 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs Race Team
15 Dave Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC
16 Stephen Skinner
17 Brian Burgess Gs Vecchi
18 Bob Ford UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
19 Christopher McLaughlin UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
20 Brook Elgie Sotonia Cycling Club
21 Andrew MacKay Sotonia Cycling Club
22 James Horton VC St Raphael
23 Stewart Ward New Forest Cycling Club
24 Phil Wilks Sotonia Cycling Club
25 Luke Monahan UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
26 Tom Clements Offcamber
27 Thomas Trueman Southampton Tri Club
28 Phillip Cole Mud Sweat n Gears CC
29 Chris Wilson Tornado Road Cycling Club
30 James Cooper Rock N Road Cycles
31 Philip Godfrey Sotonia Cycling Club
32 David Pusey Primera-TeamJobs Race Team
33 James Peckham Sotonia Cycling Club
34 Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe-Flix
35 Ryan Weston UK BIKING
36 Thomas Key Primera-TeamJobs Race Team
37 Tom Stocker
38 Red Walters Sotonia Cycling Club
39 Ben Coward Southampton University Road CC
40 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club
41 George Smith VC Equipe-Flix
42 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club
43 George Creasey UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek
44 Martin Rowland UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek

Saturday 20 May 2017

Moreton Race Series #2 Results

LADIES (5 laps in 39:15)
1. 95, Laura Rayner
2. 97, Madeline Verdegaal
3. 96, Molly Haycock
4. 99, Emily Hingston
5. 92, Hetty Bostock
6. 91, Carol Tilley

MAIN RACE (8 laps in 53:15)

1, Aled Jones
2, Steve Dring
3, Darren Orchard
4, Phil Cole
5, Chris Wilson
6, Julian Lockwood
7, Craig Haslam
8, Wayne Jennings
9, Lyndon Thompson
10, Vincent Avery
11, Phil Dickson
12=. , Pete Carter
12=. Nick Banks
14. Graham Biles
15. Glyn Rossant
16. Shaun Amor
17. Mark Valentine
18. Charlie Cox
19. James Horton
20. Conal Low-Grier
21. Alistair Bunting
22. Shaun Palmer
23. Thomas Fraser
24. Bob Ford
25. John Williams (1
26. Jack
27. Matt Pond
28. Mike Copson
29. Gordon Scott
30. David Furze
31. Tom Clements
32. Luke Monahan
33. Peter Lamb

Photo: Rachel Hackman

McCann Takes Para Gold in Ostend

Press Release
A gold medal in the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup T2 road race for Craig McCann showed a rider in fantastic form, winning only his second world cup medal in as many weeks.

A leading group led the race from the early stages, with McCann always in the mix, and it was the British rider who had the legs, pipping last week's road race winner, Germany's Hans-Peter Durst, to the line as the race came down to a sp
rint finish.

McCann said that his performance in the Italian road race last week had given him a massive confidence boost and that he wanted to push on to win a ‘different colour next time’.

Craig McCann makes the top step of the world cup podium for the first time

This second world cup medal underlines the ability McCann has as a bike rider; he made the switch to cycling from fencing following the London Paralympic Games, and his hard work seems to be paying dividends.

The trike rider has found his form in the road race, after finding himself unable to medal in the world cup time trial events so far this season.
More medals from Mel

Mel Nicholls, who won a bronze in the H4 time trial on Friday, won a second bronze medal in the road race on Saturday morning.

Mel Nicholls medals in her Great Britain Cycling Team debut

The Ostend world cup is Nicholls' first outing for the Great Britain Cycling Team and she has proved herself to be an excellent addition to the squad after her confident performances.

Para-cycling programmes manager Jon Pett said it had been a very successful day for the team.

"It was great to see Craig deliver his first world cup win in a strong field, and for Mel to follow up yesterday's performance with another bronze medal" he said.

Friday 19 May 2017

Mel Nicholls Wins Time Trial Bronze on GB Debut

Press Release
Great Britain Cycling Team rider Mel Nicholls got her cycling career off to a positive start, claiming a bronze medal in the women’s H4 time-trial, at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup in Belgium.

Nicholls, who is making the transition from wheelchair athletics to cycling, completed the 15km course in 31.36.82, finishing behind Russia’s Svetlana Moshkovich and Germany’s Christiane Reppe, who finished in first and second place respectively.

A Paralympian at London 2012 and Rio 2016, Nicholls will be aiming for a second medal when she competes in the road race on Saturday.

There was also a positive performance from Will Bjergfelt, who finished in 5th place in the men’s C5 time-trial. Bjergfelt won’t ride in Sunday’s road race and will instead compete in the UK over the weekend.

Aswell as Nicholls, Saturday’s racing will see Craig McCann back in action as he aims for back to back road race medals after picking up a silver medal in last weekend’s road race in Italy.

Bournemouth Arrow Club 10 18/05/17, Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood
Michelle Walter

1 Charley Calvert Backstedt H/C 00:21:27
2 Matt Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:21:42
3 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 00:23:21
4 James Dick Tri Team Wessex 00:23:59
5 Leighton Smith Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:10
6 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:12
7 Peter Lynk Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:24:17
8 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:22
9 Martin Andrews V C Venta 00:24:46
10 Richard Blake Antelope RT 00:24:50
11 Alan Bayliss Salisbury Tri 00:24:55
12 Jack Martin Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:01
13 Stephen Skinner New Forest CC 00:25:08
14 Stuart Grace GA Cycles 00:25:51
15 Gail Brown Bournemouth University 00:26:19
16 Mike Round Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:26:30
17 Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers 00:26:32
18 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:39
19 Martin Nobbs Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:14
20 Debbie Hallett Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:59
21 Keith Rumball Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:28:46
22 Mark Turner-Smith Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:30:38

Thursday 18 May 2017

Andover Wheelers Club Hilly 14 16/05/17 Results

1 12 Tim Jude Andover Wheelers 00:35:15 23.83
2 18 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers 00:35:55 23.39
3 21 Pete Harris Andover Wheelers 00:36:55 22.75
4 20 Neil Adlem Andover Wheelers 00:37:28 22.42
5 13 Chris Cain Andover Wheelers 00:37:35 22.35
6 16 Steve Longman Andover Wheelers 00:38:02 22.09
7 2 Ben Ferris Andover Wheelers 00:38:23 21.88
8 8 Jim Susans Andover Wheelers 00:38:23 21.88
9 10 Alastair Currie Andover Wheelers 00:38:51 21.62
10 17 Will Sawyer Abbotts Ann Cycles 00:39:04 21.50
11 15 Dan Mason Andover Wheelers 00:39:20 21.36
12 11 Nick Connell-Smith Andover Wheelers 00:39:49 21.10
13 7 Adrian Jenkins Andover Wheelers 00:39:54 21.05
14 14 Mike Webber Andover Wheelers 00:40:36 20.69
15 9 Karl Brooks Andover Wheelers 00:41:45 20.12
16 6 Gary Richardson Andover Wheelers 00:42:03 19.98
17 19 Brendan Wiseman Andover Wheelers 00:42:26 19.80
18 1 Dan Colloby Andover Wheelers 00:44:10 19.02
19 4 Alex Hall Andover Wheelers 00:44:52 18.72
20 22 Adam Munt CAT 00:45:13 18.58
21 3 Bridget Colloby Andover Wheelers 00:46:14 18.17
22 5 Maxine Hornby Abbotts Ann Cycles 00:49:27 16.99

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Portsmouth North End CC Road Race, Start List

03/06/17 A 60 mile road race for 2nd/3rd cats on the Owlesbury circuit in Hampshie
1 Joseph Linehan Alé DMT Cipollini UK 2nd
2 Matthew Buckley Andover Whls 2nd
3 Dexter Fox Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) 3rd
4 Mark Greenwood Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) 2nd
5 Will Bromham Bath Cycling Club 3rd
6 Matthew Franklin Bristol RC 2nd
7 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden 2nd
8 Andrew Carter 2nd
9 Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
10 Oliver Scott Dulwich Paragon CC 3rd
11 Warren Jesse Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 2nd
12 James Brickell Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 3rd
13 Nicholas Hale Farnborough & Camberley CC 3rd
14 Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists Club 2nd
15 James Hywel-Davies Latchem Sunwise Race Team 2nd
16 Tom Lane Latchem Sunwise Race Team 2nd
17 Ian Taylor Leicester Forest CC 3rd
18 Daniel Baker Morvelo Basso RT 3rd
19 Ryan Smith Morvelo Basso RT 2nd
20 Adam Moore Morvelo Basso RT 2nd
21 Phillip Cole Mud, Sweat n Gears CC 2nd
22 Donal Linehan Newbury RC 3rd
23 Stephen Smith Newbury RC 3rd
24 George Skinner Norwood Paragon CC 2nd
25 Charles Powell Paceline RT 2nd
26 John Hale Pearson Cycling Club 2nd
27 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers CC 2nd
28 James Fulcher Portsdown Hill CC 3rd
29 Tom Morris Portsmouth North End CC 2nd
30 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs 3rd
31 James Doyle Private Member 3rd
32 Alexandre Touche Pro Vision Race Team 2nd
33 Philip Starr Python Racing Team 3rd
34 David Billings Radeon-Bike Science RT 2nd
35 Duncan Clark Reading CC 2nd
36 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7 2nd
37 Thomas Booth Rivet Racing 2nd
38 Patryk Rucki Skinline Race Club 2nd
39 Brook Elgie Sotonia CC 2nd
40 James Peckham Sotonia CC 2nd
41 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC 2nd
42 Russell Speight Sotonia CC 3rd
43 Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET 2nd
44 Matthew Bubear Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET 2nd
45 Stephen Cavey Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET 2nd
46 Simon McNamara Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET 2nd
47 Jason Ormston Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd
48 Colin Roshier Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd
49 Timothy Allen Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
50 Frazier Carr Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
51 Edward Giles Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
52 Tom Sefton Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
53 Lawrence Symes TPH Racing 2nd
54 Luke Barfoot Tri UK 2nd
55 Charlie Beake Tri UK 2nd
56 Giles Greening Tri UK 2nd
57 Craig Haslam Tri UK 3rd
58 David Barnes University Of Portsmouth CC 3rd
59 Dean Corney VC Meudon 2nd
60 Jack Freeman VC Meudon 2nd
61 Michael Guilford VC Meudon 2nd
62 David Smith VC Meudon 3rd
63 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael 2nd
64 Simon Brooks VC St Raphael 2nd
65 Roland Tilley Weber Creative Interiors 3rd
66 Matthew Allsopp Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 2nd
67 Simon Ambrosini Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd
68 Ian Hayden Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd

Mountbatten Circuits #3 Cancelled 17/05/17


"Unfortunately on a quick visit to check how the track at the Mountbatten Centre was coping due to the weather officials found there was still scaffolding stands left over from the athletics at the weekend. These do not conform to the BC Risk Assessment so a decision to cancel the meeting has been made"

Sue Knight