Saturday 30 April 2016

Bournemouth Track League #1 03/05/16 Programme

Bournemouth Track League No. 1 3rd May 2016
Bournemouth Track Cycling League 2016
Date 3rd May 2016
Time Event Group Race
7.00pm 1 Youth/Women 4 Lap Scratch Race
7.05pm 2 Group B 6 Lap Scratch Race
7.10pm 3 Group A 6 Lap Scratch Race
7.15pm 4 Youth/Women 8 Lap Points Race
7.20pm 5 Group B 12 Lap Points Race
7.30pm 6 Group A 12 Lap Points Race
7.40pm 7 Youth/Women 8 Lap Block Handicap
7.45pm 8 Group B 12 Lap Scratch Race
7.55pm 9 Group A 12 Lap Scratch Race
8.05pm 10 Youth/Women Handicap Elimination Race
8.10pm 11 Group A/B Elimination Race
8.25pm 12 Youth/Women 2 Lap Handicap Sprint
8.30pm 13 Group A/B/W Revenge Nocturne Scratch Race
All Points Races 1st 3pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1pt every other lap
A/B Elimination Races last rider out every other lap after first 2 laps.
Youth/Women Elimination Race last rider out every other lap after first lap.

Friday 29 April 2016

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Purbeck Road Race

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Road Race, 25/09/16
Open road circuit consisting 10 laps of the Lulworth Castle Circuit starting and finishing on the steepest section of the climb (54 miles/90km). 2nd/3rd/4th cat
Coming Soon..........

D'Urberville Village Hall, Colliers Lane, Wool, Wool, Dorset, BH20 6DL
Event Details HERE

Thursday 28 April 2016

Bournemouth Arrow CC Club 10 28/04/16 Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood

1 Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:22:54
2 Pete Perrin Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:22
3 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 00:24:27
4 Gary Cure Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:37
5 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:43
6 P Owen – 00:26:03
7 Scott Warren Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:07
8 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:14
9 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:55
10 Adrian Watkins Tornado RCC 00:27:18
11 Jamie Haycock Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:28:10
12 Molly Haycock Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:29:12
13 Ben Wright Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:29:32

"So windy and gusty i nearl got knocked off sideways"

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Bournemouth & District WCA Club 15, 27/04/16

P128 course, Bartley, Copythorne, Cadnam circuit

1 Donna Lovelock Southampton Tri Club 44.30
2 Erica Fogg Utag Yamaha 45.04
3 Linda Connor Southampton Tri Club 49.12

1 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 35.07
2 Matt Dixon 3C 36.19
3 Martin Edwards Utag Yamaha 40.14
4 Glenn Longland Antelope RT 40.45
5 Mike Zollo Southampton Tri Club 41.14
6 Aaron Keley Southampton Tri Club 43.13
7 Alan Dovey Sotonia CC 43.27

"It was not a very good evening weatherwise, hence only 10 riders"
Jacky Prosser

Tornado RCC Club 10, 27/04/16, Results

TRCC Club 10 P337
We weren't expecting anyone to turn up in the extreme conditions that have hit the area the past few days, but we had 9 brave riders.
The conditions were very wet and very cold, feeling more like winter than Spring Time was lost in the corners tonight, due to the water.

Congratulations to Lyndon Thompson (Tornado), setting the fastest time of the evening with a 27:29.
Luke Monahan (UK-Biking) was 2nd with a 27:48 and Richard Wyeth (Tornado) 3rd with a 28:23.

Richard Wyeth.

1 Lyndon Thompson Tornado RCC 27:29
2 Luke Monahan UK Biking 27:48
3 Richard Wyeth Tornado RCC 28:23
4 Andy Witherford Non-Affiliated 28:58
5 Chris Wilson Tornado RCC 29:11
6 Ian Hayden Tornado RCC 29:19
7 Adrian Watkins Tornado RCC 29:52
8 Ian Turner Tornado RCC 29:59
9 Tony Howell Tornado RCC 39:03

New Forest CC Club 10, 27/04/16 Results

P341 Thorney Hill

Boardman takes Braggers rights hold slim advantage writes Andrew Hanley........

New Forest Cycling Club held the first of two hilly time trials on the attritional Thorney Hill P341 circuit on Tuesday this week. The course starts at Thorney Hill, descends into Burley, heading off towards Crow before the final sting in the tail of the Braggers Lane climb is tackled before the finishing line. If the course wasn’t testing enough, classic spring time British weather added to the event in the form of showers and a stiff south westerly. It was Ben Boardman who overcame Gary Lock by 23 seconds in times of 23:42 and 24:05 respectively. Ben commented after the race that he knew he had to save a bit before the Braggers Lane climb, as time can easily be lost there, you know the end is near so you can empty the tank and hang on til the finish. Previous winner of the Hill series, Stuart Peckham came in in third place, but has a lot of work to do to close the gap on the leaders to regain the title. It looks to be a two horse race between Ben and Gary to claim the series win in a few weeks’ time.

1 Ben Boardman 00:23:42
2 Gary Lock 00:24:05
3 Stuart Peckham 00:25:37
4 Gavin Robinson 00:27:21
5 Bob Dowling 00:27:36
6 Archie Holgate 00:27:46
7 Richard Mason 00:28:30
8 Mike Wheatley 00:28:57
9 Oliver Moody (Juv) 00:29:42
10 Adrian Hunt 00:29:57
11 Mike Norris 00:31:12
12 Mick Anglim 00:32:40
13 Clare Gronow 00:33:26
14 Chris Mills 00:34:38
15 Catherine Pascoe 00:35:52
1 Phil Wilks 00:24:20 Sotonia CC
2 Mark Valentine 00:25:42 Poole Whs
3 Steve Lancaster 00:28:55 3C
4 Anya Lancaster 00:31:17 3C
5 Charlotte/Tom Kelly 2up 00:36:00 Bmouth Arrow CC

Tuesday 26 April 2016

CC Weymouth Club 25 26/04/16, Results

CC Weymouth Club 25

1: Giles Henman, Mud Sweat And Gears, 00:59:06
2: Stuart McPhail, CC Weymouth, 01:01:04
3: David Butt, CC Weymouth, 01:01:10
4: Ian Hobley, Mid-Shropshire Wheelers, 01:02:53
5: Charlie Lawson, CC Weymouth, 01:03:50
6: Nick Ireland, CC Weymouth, 01:06:32
7: Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 01:09:43
8: Andrew Preston, CC Weymouth, 01:13:29
9: Andrew Jackson, CC Weymouth, 01:14:05
10: Stuart Carrington, CC Weymouth, 01:15:02

Behind the Bikeshed Thruxton Summer Series #1, The Prologue

Ken Buckley (Eden Veranda Racing) won the feature race at the Behind the Bikeshed Summer series after a near race long break with Paul Double (VC Venta).
On a cold windy evening bike racing was the real winner with over 150 signing on for four races.
Buckley rode away from Double on the final lap having let his younger rival take one last pull into the wind.
Adele Martin (Team Ford Ecoboost) looked comfortable in the sprint as she won the women’s race ahead of Amber Joseph (PMR Toachim House), despite Buckley unavoidably stealing her thunder. Jacob Pilkington (Performance Cycles) escaped with
Joshua Price (Ride 24/7) to win the 3rds. Ollie Beresford (VC Venta) won the 4th cat race after a crash had disrupted procedings.

Check out our FACEBOOK album
1. Ken Buckley Eden Veranda Racing
2. Paul Double Velo Club Venta
3. Ashley Martin Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
4. Luke Nolan Cycology Sunwise
5. Andy Shackel Team Wiggle
6. Tom Lane Blazing Saddles Cycles
7. Thomas Bowering Ride 24/7
8. Rowan Horner VC St Raphael
9. Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
10. Liam Walsh VC Equipe - Flix
11. Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
12. Scott Michaels Southampton University RC
13. Joe Hickerton Eden Veranda Racing
14. Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC
15. Edward Hatfield Primera-TeamJobs
16. James Plumb Velo Club Venta
17. George Stainton-Ellis Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
18. James Champken VC St Raphael
19. Frank Kilsby VC St Raphael
20. Luke Barfoot Tri UK
21. Patryk Rucki Skinline Race Club
22. Steve Dring Team Echelon - Rotor
23. James Franklin Velo Club Venta
24. Scott Chappell Behind The Bikeshed
25. Richard Mardle NFTO
26. David Billings Cycology Sunwise
3rd Cat

1. Jacob Pilkington Performance Cycles
2. Joshua Price Ride 24/7
3. James Peckham Sotonia CC
4. James Bevan Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
5. Alex Collins Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
6. William Crofts Performance Cycles
7. Edward Rollitt Eden Veranda Racing
8. Cameron Thompson Andover Whls
9. Paul Ransom Sotonia CC
10. Charlie Cooper Eden Veranda Racing
11. Michael Bradbury Army Cycling Union
12. David Prickett HR Owen Maserati RT
13. James Meakin UK-Biking/Copyrite
14. Richard Garman Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
15. Leslie Thomas Tri UK
16. Adrian Riddleston Gillingham and District Wheelers
17. Joshua Reilly Gillingham and District Wheelers
18. Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta
19. Nicholas Buck New Forest CC
20. Ollie Williams VC Meudon
21. James Dudden Cycology Sunwise
22. Jack Webb Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
23. Harry Chamberlain Southampton University RC
24. Peter Day Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
25. Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists' Club
26. Stuart Thompson Andover Whls
27. Andrew Mackay Sotonia CC
28. Rob Hardyman North Hampshire RC
29. Deane Smith Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
30. Archie Whyte Ride 24/7
31. Matt Morgan Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
32. Keith Scott VC Meudon
33. Brook Elgie Rock N Road Cycles
34. Steve Moss Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collingwood
35. Matthew Buckley Andover Whls
36. Kyle Bateman Swallowfield Velo Club
37. Tim Hammond Charterbank Potburys RT
38. Simon White Westbury Wheelers
39. Gavin Lancaster Ride 24/7
40. James Ash Rock N Road Cycles
41. Andrew Crocker Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
42. Sam Gupta
43. Andrew Banks Westbury Wheelers
44. James Cooper Rock N Road Cycles
45. Russell Gray Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
46. Albert Baker Behind The Bikeshed
47. Richard Klee Pewsey Velo Cycling Club
48. Kris Collins Team Wiggle
49. Simon Edwards-Parton Cotswold Veldrijden
50. Mark Northover Revolutions Racing
51. Simon Walters Velo Club Venta
52. Mike Anderson VC St Raphael
53. Pete Douglass Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
E/1/2/3/4 Women
1. Adele Martin Team Ford Ecoboost
2. Amber Joseph PMR@Toachim House
3. Lucy Burgess Radeon-Bike Science RT
4. Madeline Howden Gillingham and District Wheelers
5. Rebecca Carter Team WNT
6. Aimee Fenwick Cowley Road Condors
7. Emily Slavin
8. Julia Hesselberg Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT
9. Donna Short Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
10. Anna Stedman Charlotteville CC
11. Donna Lovelock 3C Cyclexperience
12. Laura Bailey 3C Cyclexperience
13. Marie-Helene Kite
4th Cat
1. Oliver Beresford Velo Club Venta
2. Matthew Dixon Sotonia CC
3. Adrian Murray Purbeck Peloton
4. Justin Gage Velo Club Walcot
5. Philip Godfrey Sotonia CC
6. Russell Speight Sotonia CC
7. Luke Stratford Farnborough & Camberley CC
8. Thomas Ellis Southampton University RC
9. Harry Staley Portsmouth North End CC
10. James Cook Cycology Sunwise
11. Matthew Grey Newbury RC Finished
12. Tristan White DHCyclesport Finished
13. John Ormshaw Sarum Velo Finished
14. Warren Vye Farnborough & Camberley CC
15. Kevin Easterbrook Royal Air Force CA
16. George Wadsworth Performance Cycles
17. Nick Turner Newbury RC
18. Matthew Seddon Performance Cycles
19. Ben Pym 3C Cyclexperience
20. Robert Fiske North Hampshire RC
21. Reigo Rosenberg
22. Julian White Charlotteville CC
23. Neil Pooley Velo Club Venta
24. Mark Letters Banjo Cycles
25. Red Walters Sotonia CC
26. Timothy Powell I-Team Cyclists' Club
27. Ben Warman Yeovil CC
28. Thomas Fraser Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
29. Edward Collins Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
30. Mark Puddicombe Sid Valley CC
31. Leigh Banks
32. Nigel Brown Westbury Wheelers
33. Matthew Stephenson Salt & Sham Cycle Club
34. David James-Cheesman Durham University Cycling Club
35. Callum Dunford
36. Stephen Curtis-Powell Swallowfield Velo Club
37. Michael Wilcox Behind The Bikeshed
38. Jack Whitehouse Gillingham and District Wheelers
39. Jack Noble I-Team Cyclists' Club
40. Jonny Atkins Velo Club Walcot
41. Matthew Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
42. Shaun Buckley Swallowfield Velo Club
43. Neil Burningham
44. Paul Mustow
45. James Gill DHCyclesport
46. Chris Hillier
47. Charles Morris

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10 26/04/16 Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood

1 Nick Jones BJW 23.34
2 Will Soloman BJW 23.37
3 Andy Cooper BJW 23.39
4 Danny French BJW 24.28
5 Rupert Silman BJW 24.47
6 Mark Hitchcott BJW 25.02
7 Martin Ross BJW 25.15
8 Kevin Harris BJW 26.08
9 Kevin Ridge BJW 26.25
10 Alun Lewis BJW 26.46
11 Simon Green BJW 27.16
12 Mark Freeman BJW 27.50
13 Anthony Smith BJW 28.02
14 Louisa Cooper BJW 28.34
15 Michael Round BJW 28.38
16 Patrick O'Kane BJW 29.21

Gary Cure BACC 24.29
Stuart Folley CBC 25.44
Peter Lamb U/A 26.22
Louella O'Herlihy Zoom 26.39
Michelle Walter BACC 26.43
Rob York CBC 28.05

7c 1011 mb, 12 mph wind from NW.
Marshals. J Prosser, P Warhurst, R Wareing, C Peskett,
C.Berridge, L Thompson, D Mansfield.
Poor Conditions

Stockbridge Down RR Debrief: The Pedal Heaven Effect!

Crossing the line on an empty tank, a breathless Andrew Feather summed up the race in two words “Pedal Heaven!” Feather, who picked up the combativity award, recovered & expanded on his race summary but had already said enough……….

Pedal Heavens monopoly on the race was clear the moment the start list was released, the three man team of Will Fox, Lloyd Chapman & Mitch Webber (Webber withdrew with illness and was replaced by the ever-smiling Max Steadman) had most regarding a finish in the second group a good result.. Rory Townsend won the Perfs Pedal race at the start of the season and, apart from a few hiccups Pedal Heaven has been on the podium every week since. The posh easy-up in the carpark, the sponsored, matching sunglasses, the warm up oil, all can be intimidating at this level but they are no indication of ability, it’s hard training miles that count and hard training miles are available to all. Add in the 5 strong Excel Academy team and it seemed the black & green machine were everywhere but there is certainly no inter-team collusion, you can be sure none of the conti boys want to be beaten by the academy and equally sure the academy lads would love to put one over the big boys! Asked if any words were spoken going into the final, Will Harper of the excel Academy team replied, “No, actually it was pretty quiet on the last lap”

Tactical decisions are certainly easier when one team is so much stronger
I won’t do anything until Pedal Heaven go, if there not up the road I won’t go” said Ashley Cox (CC Luton)
Oscar Hutchings (Primera-TeamJobs) “I got away early with Andy Feather and Lee Frost, thought it was decent move but none of the Pedal Heaven guys were there”
With power comes responsibility perhaps? In a race full of attacks, all were brought back, all that is except for the first attack that included a Pedal Heaven RT rider, Will Fox put himself in the move that shaped the race about 50 miles in. Of course legs were tiring behind but Fox was never brought back.

Seventh place finisher Ben Simmons (AIA©DMTCIPOLLINIUK) said
“Pedal Heaven did have an impact on the race but i wouldn't say it was negative, there were a lot of attacks and because of Pedal Heavens strength in numbers they always had someone in the move or getting across to the moves. It was obvious that if you didn't have a Pedal Heaven rider in a move it would get brought back or there would be another group bridging to it.”

Will Fox, Will Harper & Max Steadman were well clear at the end it was not as easy as it looked but as Feather said “The strongest wins”

Last word goes to 19 year old Paul Double of VC Venta who will win this race in the next few years
“I was away with Jon Mould and three of the Pedal Heaven guys, I got a bit excited!

Tom Hawkins Spring Classic Start List

1 Rhys Williams Zappi’s Racing Team
2 Paul Double Velo Club Venta
3 George Fowler NFTO
4 Matthew Cox Giant Cycling Club – Halo Film…
5 Miles Burton Bath Cycling Club
6 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK
7 Hayden Burton Bath Cycling Club
8 Samuel Woods Plymouth Corinthian CC
9 Dexter Hurlock Kibosh
10 Stuart McCombie Bristol RC
11 Ben Strain Radeon-Bike Science RT
12 Oliver Yates Somerset RC – The Bicycle Chai…
13 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
14 James Cartlidge Plymouth Corinthian CC
15 Duncan Heywood Saint Piran
16 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
17 Daniel Strong Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGall…
18 Huw Richards Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGall…
19 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC
20 Christopher Harris Bristol RC
21 George Wise VC Equipe – Flix
22 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
23 Liam Bromiley University of Bath Cycling Clu…
24 Jordan Channon Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGall…
25 Andrew Edwards Bristol RC
26 David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax CC
27 Ben Lockett Tri UK
28 George Jones VC St Raphael
29 Charlie McFadzean Cycle Sport Dynamo
30 Ryan Dunn Cycle Sport Dynamo
31 Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club
32 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling
33 Mark Hudson Bristol South CC
34 James Plumb Velo Club Venta
35 Edwyn Oliver-Evans
36 Joshua Croxton Exeter Wheelers
37 Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers
38 George Kimber Cycle Sport Dynamo
39 Benjamin Luckwell Cycology Sunwise
40 Mark Perry Cycology Sunwise
41 Ashley Martin Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
42 Colin Parry Ride 24/7

Tom Hawkins Spring Classic 2016
Sunday 1st May 10:30am Regional A Distance 109km / 68mi
Magelake Hall, Uffculme, Devon, EX15 3DP
Opens at 0845 - Note to all competitors, signing on closes at 0945. No entry on the line.
Rider briefing will be at 10am SHARP with roll out immediately after. We are looking
to de-neutralise the race (km 0) at 10:30 due to the long neutralised section and
length of race.

Course Conditions:
9 laps of the 7.56 mile circuit to make 110 km of grippy racing, plus initial 3.8km neutralised section. The course is in generally good repair with no large potholes although there has been a
section of surface dressing. There is mud, rough tarmac and big drop offs through both
farms after Nicholashayne. Riders should be aware of the possibility of horses on the
circuit, though every effort has been made to prevent this.
1st £75 2nd £60 3rd £50 4th £40 5th £30 6th £20 7th-10th £10
Prime laps 3 & 7 £10 1st Junior £20

1 Sam Birkenshaw Exeter Wheelers
2 Craig Lawson Exeter Wheelers
3 Jack Ibbotson Exeter Wheelers
4 Jack Salvidge Exeter Wheelers
5 Jon Hare Exeter Wheelers
6 Joshua Croxton Exeter Wheelers
7 Mark Williamson Exeter Wheelers
8 Robert Clutterbuck Exeter Wheelers
9 Steven Birch Exeter Wheelers
10 Hayden Burton Bath Cycling Club
11 Miles Burton Bath Cycling Club
12 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
13 Andrew Edwards Bristol RC
14 Christopher Harris Bristol RC
15 Matthew Franklin Bristol RC
16 Stuart McCombie Bristol RC
17 Kieran Ellis Bristol South CC
18 Mark Hudson Bristol South CC
19 David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax CC
20 Kinsey McIlquham Cardiff JIF
21 Owen James Catford CC Equipe/Banks
22 Richard Cleaver Cheltenham & County CC
23 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
24 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
25 Charlie McFadzean Cycle Sport Dynamo
26 George Kimber Cycle Sport Dynamo
27 Ryan Dunn Cycle Sport Dynamo
28 William Hornby Cycle Sport South Hams
29 Duncan Heywood De Jonger Rakkers Vollezelle
30 Kris Jasper EC
31 Matthew Cox Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
32 Adrian Riddleston Gillingham and District Wheelers
33 Joshua Reilly Gillingham and District Wheelers
34 Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists' Club
35 Adrian Littlejohns Lanhydrock Wheelers
36 Lauren Dolan Liv Cycling Club - Epic Coaching
37 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC
38 Gareth Bushnell Mid Devon CC
39 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
40 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC
41 Jason Kettle Mid Devon CC
42 Kenny Parker Mid Devon CC
43 Steven Jones Mid Devon CC
44 George Fowler NFTO
45 Sean Henderson North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
46 Tom Clements Offcamber
47 Joseph Saunders Planet X - Northside Cycling
48 Andrew Flynn Plymouth Corinthian CC
49 James Cartlidge Plymouth Corinthian CC
50 Jonathan Ellis Plymouth Corinthian CC
51 Samuel Woods Plymouth Corinthian CC
52 Ben Strain Radeon-Bike Science RT
53 Colin Parry Ride 24/7
54 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
55 Matt Witts Ride 24/7
56 Alexander Cross RP Vision Racing Team
57 Daniel Wellings Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
58 Oliver Yates Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
59 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling
60 Kelvin Price Tanks Direct Cycling
61 Mark Lees Tanks Direct Cycling
62 Myles Gerrard Tanks Direct Cycling
63 Ryan Vale Tanks Direct Cycling
64 Ben Kerwin Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
65 Daniel Strong Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
66 Huw Richards Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
67 Jordan Channon Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
68 Ashley Martin Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
69 Joshua Gray Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
70 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK
71 Alastair Barnard University of Bath Cycling Club
72 Euan Davies University of Bath Cycling Club
73 Liam Bromiley University of Bath Cycling Club
74 Frederik Scheske University of Exeter Cycling Club
75 George Wise VC Equipe - Flix
76 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
77 George Jones VC St Raphael
78 James Plumb Velo Club Venta
79 Paul Double Velo Club Venta
80 Rhys Williams Zappi's Racing Team
81 Mark Perry Cycology Sunwise
82 Benjamin Luckwell Cycology Sunwise
83 Ben Lockett Tri UK
84 Josh RochesterGreet Kibosh
85 Dexter Hurlock Kibosh
86 Dylan KerfootRobson Team USN
87 Edwyn Oliver-Evans
88 James Eldridge KTM Impsport RT
89 Cameron Pelly Cycle Sport Dynamo

Monday 25 April 2016

Hampshire Road Club 10, Start List



17:01 1 Mr Oscar Hutchings Primera-Teamjobs S
17:02 2 Mr Darren Lewis Poole Whs V
17:03 3 Mr Daniel Sharp Charlotteville Cycling Club V
17:04 4 Mr Brian John Hall Hampshire RC V
17:05 5 Mr Lee Turner Sigma V
17:06 6 Mr Hamish Walker Blazing Saddles V
17:07 7 Mr Gawain Young Sotonia CC V
17:08 8 mr Matthew Pepper Fareham Whs V
17:09 9 Mr Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC V
17:10 10 Mr Robert Moore Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT S
17:11 11 Mr Jon Hughes Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere V
17:12 12 Mr Julian Middlewick Hampshire RC V
17:13 13 Mr Paul Morris Fareham Whs S
17:14 14 Mr Martin Balk 3C Cyclexperience V
17:15 15 Mr Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael V
17:16 16 Mr Paul Clarkson Kingston Wheelers CC V
17:17 17 Mr Jonathan Coleman ...a3crg V
17:18 18 Mr Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V
17:19 19 Mr Phil Morris Hampshire RC V
17:20 20 Mr Gary Chambers Fareham Whs S
17:21 21 Mr Tom Lane Blazing Saddles S
17:22 22 Mr Mark Stafford Portsmouth North End CC V
17:23 23 Mr Alan Emmott Fareham Whs V
17:24 24 Mr John Isard Hampshire RC V
17:25 25 Mr Mark Denney Poole Whs V
17:26 26 Dr Stuart Hewlins Hounslow & District Whs V
17:27 27 Mr Den Tapping Hampshire RC V
17:28 28 Mr Michael Draper Charlotteville Cycling Club V
17:29 29 Mr David England Crabwood CC V
17:30 30 Mr Peter Weir AeroCoach V
17:31 31 Mr David Dalton Fareham Whs V
17:32 32 Mr Drew Hosie ...a3crg V
17:33 33 Mr Phil Wilks Sotonia CC S
17:34 34 Mr Mike Boyce ...a3crg V
17:35 35 Mr Paul Ashley Fareham Whs V
17:36 36 Mr Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC V
17:37 37 Mr Christopher Fletcher Portsmouth North End CC S
17:38 38 Mr Ben Brandon Kingston Wheelers CC V
17:39 39 Mr David Whitmore Hampshire RC V
17:40 40 Mr James Mapley Blazing Saddles S
17:41 41 Mr Steven Pink Poole Whs S
17:42 42 Mr Damian Poulter Hounslow & District Whs V
17:43 43 Mr Matt Robinson Westbury Whs S
17:44 44 Mr David Phillips Old Portlians CC V
17:45 45 Dr Simon Mclaughlin Poole Whs S
17:46 46 Mr Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael V
17:47 47 Mr Jon Saunders Charlotteville Cycling Club S
17:48 48 Mr Timothy Peters Horsham Cycling V
17:49 49 Mr Nigel Sign Fareham Whs V
17:50 50 Mr Michael Ford Velo Club St Raphael S
17:51 51 Mr Matthew Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC S
17:52 52 Mr Ray Claridge G A Cycles V
17:53 53 Mr Phillip Chinn Fareham Whs V
17:54 54 Ms Eva Nyirenda ...a3crg W S
17:55 55 Mr Simon Healey Andover Whs V
17:56 56 Mr Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V
17:57 57 Mr Richard Moore Wyndymilla V
17:58 58 Mr Jon Smith Fareham Whs V
17:59 59 Mrs Deanna Ferrett Hampshire RC W V
18:00 60 Mr Sebastian Ader ...a3crg V
18:01 61 Mr Martin Winter Twickenham CC V
18:02 62 Mr Leon Fielding ...a3crg V
18:03 63 Mr Steffen Verbist London Phoenix CC S
18:04 64 Miss Sophie Needham Hampshire RC W S
18:05 65 Mr Matt Kuwertz Southborough & Dist. Whs V
18:06 66 Mr Phil Watts North Hampshire RC V
18:07 67 Mr Gary Ferrett Hampshire RC V
18:08 68 Mr Andrew Gibson Gravesend CC V
18:09 69 Dr Victoria Lawson Didcot Phoenix CC W S
18:10 70 Mr James Copeland Fareham Whs S
18:11 71 Mr Matt Peel Redhill CC S
18:12 72 Mr Mark Newton Elite Cycling V
18:13 73 Mr Stuart Peckham New Forest CC V
18:14 74 Ms Clare Campbell-Smith Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles W V
18:15 75 Mr Michael Stafford Portsmouth North End CC S
18:16 76 Mr Richard Tully Elite Cycling S
18:17 77 Mr Daniel Edwards Sotonia CC S
18:18 78 Mrs Sarah Matthews ...a3crg W V
18:19 T79 Ms Mary Corbett Sotonia CC W V
T79 Mr Norman Harvey Sotonia CC V
18:20 80 Mr Liam Maybank Twickenham CC V
18:21 81 Mr Jake Prior Velo Club St Raphael V
18:22 82 Mr Martin O’Sullivan Kingston Wheelers CC V
18:23 83 Miss Caroline Light Sarum Velo W V
18:24 84 Mr Peter Mcardle Woking Cycle Club V
18:25 85 Dr Alex Napier Blazing Saddles V
18:26 86 Mr Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs J
18:27 87 Mr Michael Naulls Velo Club Venta V
18:28 88 Mr Sacha Ring New Forest CC V
18:29 89 Mr Gary Parmenter Andover Whs S
18:30 90 Mr Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths V
18:31 91 Mr Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles V
18:32 92 Mr Tim Childs Westerley Cycling Club V
18:33 93 Mr Rory Barrett Southborough & Dist. Whs S
18:34 94 Mr Joel Garner ...a3crg V
18:35 95 Mr John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V
18:36 96 Mr Stuart Stow Twickenham CC V
18:37 97 Mr Chris Lord Brighton Excelsior CC V
18:38 98 Mr James Allwood Woking Cycle Club S
18:39 99 Mr Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC V
18:40 100 Mr James Lowden Team ASL360 S
18:41 101 Mr Marc Townsend Neon Velo S
18:42 102 Mr Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC V
18:43 103 Mr Stuart Thompson Andover Whs V
18:44 104 Mr James Fawcett Hampshire RC V
18:45 105 Mr Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles V
18:46 106 Mr Wayne Pitman Poole Whs V
18:47 107 Mr Richard Porter CC Weymouth V
18:48 108 Mr Cole Pearce IOW Cycling Club S
18:49 109 Mr Paul Beck Hampshire RC V
18:50 110 Mr Nick English AeroCoach S
18:51 111 Mr Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force Cycling Association S
18:52 112 Mr Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth S
18:53 113 Mr Robert Gilmour Hounslow & District Whs V
18:54 114 Mr Lee Marsden Poole Whs V
18:55 115 Mr Angus Macinnes Royal Air Force Cycling Association V
18:56 116 Mr Mike Appleyard Lancashire RC V
18:57 117 Mr Matthew Whitaker Paceline RT V
18:58 118 Mr Andy Tedd ...a3crg V
18:59 119 Mr Nicholas Cosgreave Farnborough & Camberley CC V
19:00 120 Mr James Boyman Neon Velo S

121 Mr Edd Charlton-Weedy Andover Whs S
122 Mr Rich Wagstaff ...a3crg V
123 Mr Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta S
124 Mr David Butler Charlotteville Cycling Club V
125 Mr Michael Harrison North Hampshire RC V
126 Mr Tim Wallis Southampton University Road Club S
127 Mr Duncan Hermer Fit to Ride V
128 Mr Ken Rayson ...a3crg V
129 Mr Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC V
130 Mr Martin Whitty ...a3crg V

Sunday 24 April 2016

VTTA Wessex Grand Prix Des Gentleman Report,Results

VTTA (Wessex Group)
Results of The Wessex 2-up Gran Prix des Gentlemen
(Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and Regulations)
Course P886/17 ~ Sunday 24th April 2016
The VTTA (Wessex Group) 2-up Team Time Trial took place this year on a new sporting course based around Rake and Rogate skirting the West Sussex and Hants border. I the past this was one of the biggest events in the South’s calendar but had ben dropped due to small field sizes, therefore with austerity the length was reduced from 25 miles, moved to the east and placed as an early season event.

Was it a success? Well it was a small field but plenty of quality riders. Off at 40 and in the 40-49 group Seb Ader paced by Charlie Mitchell made the Time Keepers sit up as they came over the line in 00:40:31, up to then the fastest times were round the forty-five minute mark.

Kevin Tye (2016 VTTA 30 mile Champion) paced by Andrew Meilak was expected to be close to the top but were just over a minute off Ader & Mitchell’s time but had done enough to win the over 50’s Group with a plus of 00:06:35, however in second place on stand was Sarah Matthews paced by Drew Hosie with a plus of 00:04:36.

In the non-vets event the fast boys from Southampton University Charlie Leech & Thomas Key were in the mix with a 00:41:42 but it was the Fareham Wheelers duo of Gary Chambers and James Copeland that made the other riders wince with the only sub forty minute ride with a 00:39:48.

The Wessex Championship was a bit of a ...a3crg Fest with Ader and Mitchel taking the Christchurch Trophy for fastest 40-49 on Standard and the TI Raleigh Trophy for the fastest Vets Team. Sarah Mathews & Drew Hosie took the Ivor Jones Memorial Award as the fastest 50 + Wessex Team.

Will the event be back at Rake next season? Well we are open to all ideas where we can stage the event.
Thanks to Dave Collard-Berry

Event One: One Rider 50 +
Pos Riders Team/Club Std Actual Standard
1 Andrew Meilak VeloRefined Aerosmiths
1 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths 00:48:04 00:41:29 +00:06:35
2 Drew Hosie ...a3crg
2 Sarah Matthews ...a3crg 00:52:05 00:47:29 +00:04:36
3 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers
3 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo 00:47:46 00:44:44 +00:03:02
4 Barry Eeles North Hampshire RC
4 Phil Watts North Hampshire RC 00:48:22 00:45:22 +00:03:00
5 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
5 Jerry Bromyard Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 00:48:54 00:46:52 +00:02:02
6 Nik Burrell Andover Wheelers
6 Tony Gifford Andover Wheelers 00:47:46 00:45:52 +00:01:54
7 Jonathan Hepper ...a3crg
7 Warren Peters ...a3crg 00:47:46 00:47:08 +00:00:38
8= Luke Trussler Poole Wheelers
8= Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 00:47:29 00:47:25 +00:00:04
8= Andy Smith Fareham Wheelers
8= Jon Smith Fareham Wheelers 00:47:29 00:47:25 +00:00:04
10 Jan Labrooy Andover Wheelers
10 Stephen Longman Andover Wheelers 00:47:29 00:47:34 -00:00:05
11 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC
11 Derek Dowden Charlotteville CC 00:48:43 00:51:03 -00:02:20
12 Paul Shipley Petersfield Tri Club
12 David Robbins Petersfield Tri Club 00:48:04 00:54:41 -00:06:37
13 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC
13 Norman Harvey Sotonia CC 00:58:33 01:05:58 -00:07:25
Event Two: One Rider 40 - 49
Pos Riders Team/Club Std Actual Standard
1 Charles Mitchell ...a3crg
1 Sebastian Ader ...a3crg 00:46:41 00:40:31 +00:06:10
2 Nicholas English AeroCoach
2 Robert West AeroCoach 00:46:15 00:40:35 +00:05:40
3 Leon Fielding ...a3crg
3 Joel Garner ...a3crg 00:46:49 00:43:28 +00:03:21
4 Phill Sykes Velo Club St Raphael
4 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael 00:46:24 00:43:15 +00:03:09
5 Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers
5 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers 00:46:41 00:44:33 +00:02:08
6 Chris Fletcher Portsmouth North End CC
6 Dave Dawkins Portsmouth North End CC 00:46:57 00:45:04 +00:01:53
7 Darryl Barr ...a3crg
7 Rob Sherrin ...a3crg 00:47:13 00:45:41 +00:01:32
8 Nick Anderson Petersfield Tri Club
8 Roy Matthews Petersfield Tri Club 00:47:13 00:48:03 -00:00:50
9 Richard Sellis Petersfield Tri Club
9 Howard Radcliffe i-team Cyclists Club 00:47:13 00:51:45 -00:04:32
Event Three: Non-Vets
Pos Riders Team/Clubs Target
Time +/- Actual
1 Gary Chambers Fareham Wheelers
1 James Copeland Fareham Wheelers 00:43:28 +00:03:40 00:39:48
2 Charlie Leech Southampton University RC
2 Thomas Key Southampton University RC 00:44:55 +00:03:13 00:41:42
3 Martin Rowland Poole Wheelers
3 Luke Rendell Poole Wheelers 00:49:58 +00:03:50 00:46:08
4 Liam Somerville IOW Cycling Club
4 Faye Faber IOW Cycling Club 00:48:57 +00:02:01 00:46:56
5 Patrick Brennan ...a3crg
5 Eva Nyirenda ...a3crg 00:52:32 +00:03:08 00:49:24

Stockbridge Down RR, Will Fox Leads Pedal Heaven Trio!

Will Fox won the 80 mile Stockbridge Down Road Race, pulling away from Academy rider Will Harper and teammate Max Steadman on the final climb of Winton Hill. In a race full of breaks the elastic finally snapped on the 5th of 6 attrional laps of the tough 13 mile circuit in Hampshire.
Steadman forced the pace pulling away a final group of 9 including Fox, Harper, CC Luton pair, Ashley Cox & Doug Coleman, Lee Frost (Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear),Ben Simmons (AIA©DMTCipolollini uk), Jon Mould (JLT Condor), with Roy Chamberalin (Team Corley Cycles) making contact at the bell. Working smoothly together on the final lap these 9 established a gap that could not be closed. Team or not, the Pedal Heaven trio led hard by Steadman, made the move on the lower slopes of Winton Hill. Harper tried but never had the legs as Fox came round the fading Steadman to add another victory to Pedal Heavens growing 2016 tally.
Henry Latimer (PMR@Toachim House) & Rhys Howells (Richardsons-Trek RT) were the first to go away in an attacking race that, strangely, also lacked excitement. Latimer & House were reeled in after building a lead of 45 seconds before Oscar Hutchings (Primera-Teammjobs), Lee Frost (Team Tor Kalas Sports wear), Michael Smith (Team Corley Cycles), Liam Walsh (VC Equipe-Flix) & Andrew Feather (Saint Piran) quickly pulled out a gap through the feedzone of some 25 secs. Feather was active all day and would pick up the most aggressive rider award.
The move looked promising but the race was altogether at the start of lap 4, the presence of Pedal Heaven, the distance and the parcours all perhaps, contributing to the lack of 100% commitment.
Fox, Feather, Cox and Joshua Jones (BCPM) finally broke away, Will Harper, Matthew Clarke (Pedal Heaven Excel Academy), Grant Martin (Feather Cycles Racing) & James Local (HostA©TAAP Storcx) bridged across but again the ebb and flow saw the make up of the front group change, Paul Double (VC Venta) & Jon Mould had joined the party with Steadman doing the final damage.

Temporary traffic lights left on the course threatened the race with cancellation with just 24 hours to go. A quick call from someone in the know at Andover Wheelers rectified the problem with the council removing the lights on Saturday afternoon, the actual works had been completed on Wednesday.

Rider Reaction
Will Fox
“It was pretty tough, the wind on the climbs made it hard to split, breaks kept going but everything kept coming back, when we got away on the last lap that was it everyone was working pretty well,, the final time up the climb Mouldy (Jon Mould) (JLT Condor) hit it, then Max (Steadman) went full gas, Will (Harper) was in the moves, working all day, he did a good ride, I was worried I could not beat him, Man he has got unbelievable gas at the end. The celebration* was dedicated to the laziest footballer on earth, Emmanuel Adebayor, he is my idol, he is at Crystal Palace now, I am a big Spurs fan. I try to base my life on him, he just wants to go and sleep on the beach and spend his money!.... Obviously there is a big race on today (Rutland-Melton) I am just not there yet, I think I will be racing Wilton, Lincoln and the Tour Series, it’s good to know the legs are going alright but everyone on the team seems to be going so well”

*Adebayor celebrated his goals with a military salute to the fans

Will Harper
“A really hard race, this course is pretty unforgiving, there were so many breaks that went and came back. I was in about four or five moves with strong riders that we thought, this has got to stay away, somehow it came back. A group of us finally got away on the last lap, the two Luton guys were really good, Ashley Cox has been around for a while, he is really strong and a clever rider. Max hit it hard on the final climb, from my perspective I had been probably a bit overactive on the last lap thinking I could get away on my own, I was feeling ok but I knew I did not have much of a kick, Foxey was on my wheel and he has a great finish, I jumped once but I didn’t have it today! I would say it is the hardest National B course, it is constantly rolling and the cross winds made it difficult.”

Max Steadman
“Definitely happy with third I guess, I tried to whittle it down on the hill, utilise my strength, the croos winds on the A30 were hard. I started driving it from the bottom of the hill and when Will Harper came up I thought they would all take me but I looked round and there were only three of us left. I really like the course, hard, hard you sort of race from the back as people tire”

Ashley Cox & Douglas Coleman
“Just trying to stay near the front, I wont do anything until Pedal Heaven go, if there not up the road I wont go. It’s a hard course but I have been getting results most weeks, Rory (Townsend) was stronger last week but I was there. It was a bit negative, it kept coming back together, good groups would get away but would come back together, I attacked on the last lap, Will & Max came with me, I had been up the road most of the day I did not have the legs. People get scared of the distance, a bit negative when it’s a tougher course. I find it strange, people work really hard to get in the break then when they are in it they wont ride?

Doug Coleman” He (Max) is 15kg lighter than me!

Roy Chamberlain
“ I was chasing at the bell, I got across with two others, I was doing a bit just looking after myself really, I like this course but my legs just went”

Oscar Hutchings
“I got away early with Andy Feather and Lee Frost, thought it was decent move but none of the Pedal Heaven guys were there, we were working really well but just got brought back, there were lots of people who wanted to be up the road”

Andrew Feather
“Yeah a pretty tough race, it split two laps from the end, then basically splintered from there, I was away twice but it all came back together, Pedal Heaven, Max Steadman bridged across then made it into the front group, he did well. A hard circuit, it’s just a wearing down race, you have to be up there all the time really, it’s not really a climbers course it’s a hard man’s course, the strongest wins”

Paul Double
“I was away with Jon Mould and three of the Pedal Heaven guys, I got a bit excited!, I just sat on and didn’t really do anything, it was good”

Lots more images on our FACEBOOK page

Full Results
Most Aggressive Rider

Saturday 23 April 2016

Bournemouth Track League Kicks Off on May 3rd

The 2016 Bournemouth Track League starts on Tuesday 3rd May. In order to encourage more local Senior 3rd and 4th Category riders who are track competent to try competition, the points earned in B Group races have been increased to boost their chances of working up the League. As last year it is the aim to have the weekly results and updated League Table published on the night so everyone is bang up to date with their progress. Riders are asked to arrive as early as possible on the first night to process their League Affiliation and their details loaded onto the results spreadsheet. To save time on the night, please complete a downloaded League Entry Form and read the Rider Instructions prior to coming along. Further details including entry form can be found HERE
1. Riders must have Accreditation, either Bournemouth Track Accreditation from previous years or a British Cycling Indoor Track Accreditation (Lea Valley/Newport etc). Riders who have not ridden the League before need to bring documentation to back this up (or documentation to support a Fast Track Application), riders who have ridden previously do not need documentation.
2. B Group races attract more League points than previous years to boost the prospects of B riders working their way up the table.
The Bournemouth Track League runs every Tuesday from 3rd May through to 26th July

Friday 22 April 2016

Stockbridge Down Road Race Preview: Webber hoping to Keep it in the Family!

Mitch Webber

A four-man Pedal Heaven RT team head the field for this weekend’s Stockbridge Down Road Race in Hampshire. Lloyd Chapman, Harrison Jones, Will Fox & Mitchell Webber should be too strong and too organised for the challengers on the tough 13 mile circuit in the Test Valley. Lloyd may yet get a late call up for the Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic but Fox, Jones & local boy Mitchell will form a formidable trio. Webber started his cycling career with the promoting club Andover Wheelers and with father Mike, the race director, Mitch will be suitably motivated on a course he knows well and suits his style. “Yes the course suits me a lot and would love to go well there. My dad is the organiser of the race with the help of the rest of the Andover wheelers. I would love to win on Sunday! I have been ill the last couple of weeks I think it'll be a case of surviving, and seeing how I am towards the end of the race. Ashley Cox (CC Luton) and Jon Mould (JLT Condor) are big threats along with Joe Evans of Madison and there are some strong local riders. ” says Webber
The Pedal Heaven excel academy field a 5 man team including George Stainton-Ellis continuing his comeback after breaking his shoulder in a fall at Perfs back in February. Of course the opposition will not just roll over, Ashley Cox (CC Luton), second behind Rory Townsend at the Les Ingham Memorial last week is in good form and along with Jonathan Mould ( JLT Condor) Rhys Howells(Richardsons-Trek RT),Andrew Feather (Saint Piran), Gunther Zechmann ( London Phoenix CC)& Michael Smith (Team Corley Cycles) will give Pedal Heaven plenty to think about in the 80 mile race. Led by Mike Cripps, the six man Army Cycling team will be looking to win to the race for the second year running after Ryan Perry’s solo success in 2015. Douglas Coleman (CC Luton), Benjamin Marks (, David Billings ( Cycology Sunwise), Matthew Downie (Eden Veranda Racing), Henry Latimer ( PMR@Toachim House), Calum Croft & Oscar Hutchings ( Primera-TeamJobs), Jack Escritt (Raleigh GAC),Roy Chamberlain (Team Corley Cycles), Andy Shackel ( Team Wiggle) & Lee Davis (VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/Push) are all capable of making the race. Run over six, 13 mile laps of the strength sapping Winton Hill circuit, whoever picks up the Jamie Shearer Roofing sponsored £150 first prize will have earnt their wages.
The Andover Wheelers present The Stockbridge Down Road Race 2016
National B E/1/2/3/J1/J2/J3/W 125km (80miles)
Sunday 24th April 2016
HQ: Test Valley Community School, Stockbridge,
Hants. SO20 6HA Start: 10.30am
1 James Bevan 3rd Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
2 Iain Carr 2nd Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
3 Michael Cripps 1st Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
4 Richard Ashley Jennings 2nd Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
5 Paul Jones 2nd Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
6 Mark Robertson 2nd Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
7 Nicholas O'Hara 2nd 3C Cyclexperience
8 Ben Simmons 1st Alé DMT Cipollini UK
9 Matthew Buckley 3rd Abbotts Ann Cycles
10 Jed Webber 3rd Alpcycles
11 Joshua Jones 1st BC Private Member
12 Douglas Coleman 1st CC Luton
13 Ashley Cox Elite CC Luton
14 Benjamin Marks 1st
15 Harry Veale 2nd
16 David Billings 1st Cycology Sunwise
17 Malcolm Dixon 2nd Dream Cycling Race Team
18 James Phillips 1st Dream Cycling Race Team
19 Matthew Downie 2nd Eden Veranda Racing
20 Lewis Martin 2nd Junior Eden Veranda Racing
21 Andrew Pickett 2nd Eden Veranda Racing
22 Edward Rollitt 3rd Junior Eden Veranda Racing
23 Nick Corbett 2nd Equipe Velo
24 Robert Ormond 2nd Fast Test Racing Team
25 Grant Martin 1st Feather Cycles Racing
26 Graham Crow 1st Handsling Racing
27 James Local 1st Hosté TAAP Storck
28 Philip Peters 2nd Hosté TAAP Storck
29 Jonathan Mould Elite JLT Condor
30 Andrew Turner 1st KTM Impsport RT
31 Ian Taylor 2nd Leicester Forest CC
32 David Murrell 2nd London Phoenix CC
33 Gunther Zechmann 1st London Phoenix CC
34 Joe Evans 2nd Madison Genesis
35 Richard Mardle 2nd NFTO
36 Lloyd Chapman Elite Pedal Heaven RT
37 Will Fox Elite Pedal Heaven RT
38 Harrison Jones 1st Pedal Heaven RT
39 Mitchell Webber 1st Pedal Heaven RT
40 Henry Latimer 1st PMR@Toachim House
41 James Donovan 3rd Portsmouth North End CC
42 Tom Morris 2nd Portsmouth North End CC
43 Calum Croft 1st Primera-TeamJobs
44 Oscar Hutchings 1st Primera-TeamJobs
45 Matthew Clarke 1st Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
46 William Harper 2nd Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
47 Warren Jesse 2nd Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
48 Robert McCarthy 1st Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
49 George Stainton-Ellis 1st Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
50 Jack Escritt 1st Raleigh GAC
51 William Haynes 2nd Reading CC
52 Jamie Caldwell 1st Richardsons-Trek RT
53 Rhys Howells Elite Richardsons-Trek RT
54 Andrew Feather Elite Saint Piran
55 Patryk Rucki 2nd Skinline Race Club
56 Ben Scott-Munden 2nd Sotonia CC
57 Scott Michaels 2nd Southampton University RC
58 Roy Chamberlain 1st Team Corley Cycles
59 Michael Smith Elite Team Corley Cycles
60 Lee Frost 1st Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
61 Peter Haworth 1st Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
62 Charlie Revell 1st Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
63 Andy Shackel 1st Team Wiggle
64 James Ireson 1st The Nab Racing
65 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke 2nd The Nab Racing
66 James Meakin 3rd UK-Biking/Copyrite
67 Frederik Scheske 2nd University of Exeter Cycling Club
68 Liam Walsh 1st VC Equipe - Flix
69 James Champken 2nd VC St Raphael
70 Paul Double 2nd Velo Club Venta
71 Andrew Gough 2nd Velo Club Venta
72 Thom Hayward 3rd Velo Club Venta
73 James Plumb 2nd Velo Club Venta
74 Theo Webb 2nd Velo Club Venta
75 Lee Davis 1st VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/Push
76 Peter Allan 2nd WyndyMilla
77 Robin Basford 2nd WyndyMilla
78 Andrew Bonsall 3rd WyndyMilla
79 Andrew Critchlow 3rd WyndyMilla
80 Simon Potter 2nd WyndyMilla
81 Richard Cleaver 3rd Cheltenham & County CC
82 James Fulcher 3rd Portsdown Hill CC
83 James Peckham 3rd Sotonia CC
84 Paul Ransom 3rd Sotonia CC

Course Details
Neutralised from HQ to the start/finish line (approx 2 miles). Proceed on the
B3049 towards Winchester for approx 3 miles. Turn left (M) onto unclassified
road (Rack & Manger PH) and proceed for approx 2miles through Crawley
Village to junction with A272. Turn left (M) and proceed on A272 for approx 1.5
miles to junction with A30. Turn left (M) and proceed on A30 towards
Stockbridge for approx 5 miles. Take 1st exit at roundabout (M) to continue on
A30 to next roundabout where take 1st exit (M) back onto B3049. Continue for
approx 1 mile to cross start/finish line to complete 1 lap (13 miles) – Race
distance 6 Laps (125km/80 miles).

Thursday 21 April 2016

Bournemouth Arrow CC Club 10 21/04/16 Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood

1 Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:21:44
2 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 00:23:28
3 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:23:29
4 Adam Mitchell Zoom 00:23:42
5 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:23:57
6 Keith Mahon Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:11
7 Mike Anderson VC St Raphael 00:24:22
8 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:24:53
9 Christian Scaccianoce Zoom 00:24:55
10 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:24
11 Adrian Watkins Tornado RCC 00:25:28
12 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:45
13 Scott Warren Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:56
14 Martin Nobbs Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:25:58
15 Lee Hardiman Zoom 00:26:21
16 David England Crabwood CC 00:26:49
17 Debbie Hallett Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:26:56
18 Molly Haycock Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:46
19 Ben Wright Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:27:51
20 Richard Page Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:28:25
21 David and Connor Stain (2-up) Bournemouth Arrow CC 00:28:34
22 Mike Round Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 00:28:47

CC Weymouth Club 10,21/04/16 Results

CC Weymouth Club 10

1: Lewis Keightley, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, 22:14
2: David Butt, CC Weymouth, 24:01
3: Chris Randall, CC Weymouth, 24:11
4: Ian Hobley, Mid-Shropshire Wheelers, 25:21
5: Steve Noble, CC Weymouth, 25:42
6: Nick Ireland, CC Weymouth, 25:43
7: Darren Mayne, CATI, 25:44
8: Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 25:46
9: Phil Smith, CC Weymouth, 26:06
10: Andrew Jackson, CC Weymouth, 27:35
11: Rachel Hackman, RNRMCA, 28:57
12: Stuart Carrington, CC Weymouth, 29:25

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Poole Wheelers Club 10 20/04/16 Results

5 ROB FLYNN PW 25.10

New Forest CC Club 10 19/04/16 Results

Boardman edges out Ring in spring time thriller...Writes Andrew Hanley
A full field of 50 riders took to the start line in the third of the New Forest Cycling Clubs 10 series. A beautiful warm spring evening greeted the riders but they were hampered by a mild North Easterly breeze which hampered their progress for the first half of the course towards Beaulieu from Lyndhurst. NFCC rider Ben Boardman secured his first victory of the year in Division 1, edging out Sasha Ring by twelve seconds in 23:26 and 23:34 respectively. Ben used his power to weight ratio count in full on the final drag up to Ferny Croftys near the end of the course. Antony Green shook up the podium positions with a strong ride pushing James Bannister into fourth place. Ben was delighted with his victory and is confident that there is more to come after early season illness. Lyndon Thompson again held all the cards in Division 2 with a closely fought victory ahead of the improving Richard Mason and Bob Dowling who are breathing down his neck. With only twenty one seconds separating the riders, Division 2 promises to be a tight affair all season. Richard Mason commented that all the hard work undertaken during the winter is clearly paying dividends and is thrilled with the results.
Division three continued the close contest theme as Adrian Hunt prevailed over Adam Conti by a mere ten seconds in 28:47 and 28:57 respectively. Peter Hawker came in a bit further back in 32:14 to take third place.
Dave Dent representing Offshore RT was the quickest of the private entries with the fastest time of the evening in 23:04, Phil Wilks riding for Sotonia CC (23:24) just held off Ray Claridge from GA Cycles (23:33). Local cycling club 3CCC also provided a strong continent of riders with half the 3CCC ladies race team participating in the event.
1 Ben Boardman 00:23:26 25.6
2 Sacha Ring 00:23:34 25.5
3 Antony Green 00:23:57 25.1
4 James Bannister 00:23:58 25.0
5 Nick Buck 00:24:35 24.4
6 Tom Butler 00:25:38 23.4
7 Joe Phillips 00:25:42 23.3
8 Barry Hard 00:26:17 22.8
9 Stephen Skinner 00:26:26 22.7
10 Andrew Hanley 00:27:06 22.1
Div 2
1 Lyndon Thompson 00:26:45 22.4
2 Richard Mason 00:27:00 22.2
3 Bob Dowling 00:27:06 22.1
4 Paul Grant 00:28:04 21.4
5 Richard Parker 00:28:23 21.1
6 Phil jones 00:30:16 19.8
Div 3
1 Adrian Hunt 00:28:47 20.8
2 Adam Conti 00:28:57 20.7
3 Peter Hawker 00:32:14 18.6
4 Clare Gronow 00:32:51 18.3
5 Chris Mills 00:33:28 17.9
1 Dave Dent 00:23:04 26.0 Off shore RT
2 Phil Wilks 00:23:24 25.6 Sotonia CC
3 Ray Claridge 00:23:33 25.5 GA Cycles
4 Julia Shaw 00:23:48 25.2 Drag2 zero
5 Matt Dixon 00:23:55 25.1 Soton Tri Club
6 Paul Lockyer 00:24:59 24.0 DHC
7 Marc D?Arcy 00:25:27 23.6 Hardley Runners
8 Ian Boshier 00:25:47 23.3 Soton Tri Club
9 Ian Sherin 00:26:12 22.9 3C
10 Phil Glasgow 00:26:19 22.8 3C
11 Richard Bradley 00:26:27 22.7 3C
12 Justin Priest 00:26:46 22.4 DHC
13 Mike Anderson 00:26:57 22.3 VC St Raphael
14 Chris Jolliffe 00:27:13 22.0 Crawley Whs
15= Adam Curtis 00:27:21 21.9 3C
15= Geoff Morris 00:27:21 21.9 Fareham Whs
17 Jamie Cole 00:28:16 21.2 DHC
18 Jo Payne 00:28:30 21.1 3C
19 Laura Bailey 00:29:08 20.6 3C
20 Steve Lane 00:29:16 20.5 3C
21 Martin Balk 00:29:25 20.4 3C
22 Jamie Doel 00:29:49 20.1 DHC
23 Donna Lovelock 00:30:01 20.0 3C
24 Oliver Moody (Juv) 00:30:04 20.0 Unattached
25 Sarha Hickman 00:30:27 19.7 3C
26 Seve Bancrott 00:31:23 19.1 3C
27 Martin Angel 00:31:44 18.9 3C
28 Norman Harvey 00:33:28 17.9 Sotonia CC

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10,19/04/16 Results

P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood

15 ADAM BALL BJW 27.40
Mark Valentine PW  23.08

11c 1030 mb, 8 mph wind from E.
Good conditions.

Thanks to Kev for the coffee and chocolate biscuits

Celebration of the Cycling Jersey!

The Art of the Jersey features a carefully curated collection of cycling’s most noteworthy designs from the past sixty years. It celebrates the jersey’s changing styles and trends over recent history, from the iconic retro designs worn by Tour de France winners to specialist items and hard-to-find collector’s pieces.

One half of PRENDAS CICLISMO & Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler, Andy Storey explores the gradual evolution of the jersey, from the retro designs of the 1950s up to today’s high-tech, lightweight gear. With more than 200 examples each accompanied by photography and analysis, The Art of the Jersey is the perfect book for the road-racing enthusiast and the modern style-conscious cyclist.

Andy explaining how the book came about says “Joe (from the publishing house) found my jersey website, contacted me and proposed that I turn it into a book. I figured it would be fun which it was as well as a bit of hard graft which I don’t mind.”

Celebration of the Cycling Racing Jersey
By Andy Storey
Published by Mitchell Beazley
Coming Out: 5 May 2016 | £15.99
Availlable HERE