Saturday 16 April 2016

Sandie Radford RR, Croft Leads Primera-TeamJobs Charge

Calum Croft provided the expected win for Primera-TeamJobs at the 40 mile Sandie Radford Road Race, pulling away on Pipers Waite Hill and clearly enjoying the moment. Crofts aggressive young teammate, Ed Hatfield was clear in second place, kerbing his enthusiasm till it mattered “I’m proud to say I never attacked once” the fast learning junior said later.
Oscar Hutchings had set the move up, stringing the bunch out on the lower slopes of the wooded climb on the edge of Nomansland in the New Forest. Hutchings acceleration was the springboard for Crofts success but may have cost the Primera outfit a clean sweep as the legs filled with lactate!
The beneficiary was former Primera rider James Horton, now back in green Cannondale colours, Horton, needed no extra motivation and was clearly “pumped” to split the boys in blue.
Prior to the fireworks on the final climb the race had been all but neutralised with nobody able to escape the attention of the strong Primera-Teamjobs team and the change of course, with just one climb of Pipers, added to the procession.
Kim Little (Merida Racing UK) & Horton had led the 60 strong bunch early on before Andy Mackay (Sotonia CC), James Hywel-Davies (Gillingham & Dist Wh) and Matthew Downie (Eden Veranda Racing) put daylight between themselves and the peloton but the race was quickly back together on the too-easy Woodfalls circuit. Hywel-Davies & Downie had already been away with James Peckham, Edd Slot, (Sotonia cc), Scott Michaels (Soton Uni CC) & Croft before their brief escape with Mackay.
Downie looks talented and has Watts to burn, involved in every move he was off the front again with Rowan Horner, Simon Brooks (VC ST Raphael) & Steve Dring (UK-Biking-Copyright). Some company of his own age would have been preferable to the considerable experience of these three gallant gentlemen and the move was snuffed out.
Into the final and the relative class of Hutchings and Croft brought correct order to the front of affairs, Hutchings was disappointed not to hold on but not too disappointed.

1 Calum Croft Primera/Team Jobs S 1.47.22
2 Edward Hatfield Primera/Team Jobs J st
3 James Horton Cannondale Racing Team M st
4 Ed Slot Sotonia Cycling Club S st
5 Oscar Hutchings Primera/Team Jobs S st
6 James Peckham Sotonia Cycling Club S st
7 Kim Little Merida Factory Racing M st
8 David Pusey Primera/Team Jobs M st
9 Jacob Aries Primera/Team Jobs J st
10 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers S st
11 Scott Michael Southampton Uni R.C. S st
12 Simon Merritt UK-Biking/Copyrite A st
13 Phil Wilks Sotonia Cycling Club M st
14 Matthew Downie Eden Veranda Racing S st
15 Tom Temple Primera/Team Jobs U16 st
16 Jonathan Hall Sotonia Cycling Club B st
17 Michael Ford V.C.St. Raphael 14622 M st
18 James Meakin UK-Biking/Copyrite 14722 S st
19 Chris Moody Sotonia Cycling Club 14721 M st
20 Joshua Hooper Primera/Team Jobs 12317 J st
21 Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 11042 M st
22 Simon Rogers Royal Navy & Royal Marine CA 12862 M st
23 Jason Gault Primera/Team Jobs 14206 A st
24 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 15105 S st
25 Freddie Broadway Frome & District Wheelers 15009 M st
26 Roland Tilley 10018 C st
27 Julian Lockwood Hub Cycling Club 11634 C st
28 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers 15200 C st
29 Andrew MacKay Sotonia Cycling Club 14266 M st
30 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers 12612 S at 4secs
31 Matthew Rollingson Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 14941 M at 4secs
32 Brook Elgie Rock N Road 14720 M at 4secs
33 Stuart Peckham New Forest Cycling Club 11623 B at 4secs
34 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club 14717 S at 4secs
35 Mark Valentine Poole Wheelers 11229 A at 4secs
36 Philip Godfrey Sotonia Cycling Club 15085 M at 4secs
37 Rowan Horner V.C.St. Raphael 15161 A 20secs
38 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham & District Whls 13202 J 20secs
39 Alex Collins Fareham Wheelers 14990 J 12mins
40 Simon Brooks V.C.St. Raphael 15295 B 12mins
41 Faye Faber I.O.W. Cycling Club 15227 L 12mins
42 Bob Tyrrell Dursley R.C. 11778 E 12mins
43 James Ash Rock N Road 13217 M 12mins
44 Richard Burch Sotonia Cycling Club 11065 B 12mins

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