Monday 18 April 2016

John Andrews Memorial RR, Start List

Updated with Full Results
1 Samuel Utting
2 Ian Cullen
3 John Rollason
4 Andrew Hitchins
5 Samuel Woods
6 Daniel Mcquillan
7 Ryan Dunn
8 Ashley Hutchison
9 Tom Sefton
10 Gareth Holtam
11 Hamish Belding
12 Graham Collins
13 Huw Richards
14 George Fowler
15 Ben Millar
16 Will Page
17 George Jones
18 Mark Lees
19 Evan Powell
20 Bevan Humphrey
21 Grant Leavy
22 Paul Hayward
23 Mark Hudson
24 Mark Perry
25 Adrian Lawson
26 Ashley Martin
27 Andrew Perkins
28 Richard Lawrence
29 Ryan Brain
30 Charlie McFadzean
31 Jack Salvidge
32 Ryan Vale
33 Luke Barfoot
34 Jack Ibbotson
35 David Bees

REGIONAL A 2nd, 3rd & 4th Category 10.00am 65 MILES
1 Glyndwr Griffiths 73Degrees CC 2nd
2 Martin Smith Bikechain - Ricci 2nd
3 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 3rd
4 Theo Brumhead Bristol South CC 3rd
5 Kieran Ellis Bristol South CC 3rd
6 Mark Hudson Bristol South CC 3rd
7 Hamish Belding Cardiff Ajax CC 3rd
8 David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax CC 3rd
9 Samuel Utting Cardiff Ajax CC 2nd
10 Gareth Holtam Cardiff JIF 2nd
11 Kinsey McIlquham Cardiff JIF 2nd
12 Courtney Rowe Cardiff JIF 2nd
13 Ben Millar Cardiff University Marmots 3rd
14 Philip Borrett Charterbank Potburys RT 3rd
15 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2nd
16 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2nd
17 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2nd
18 Ryan Dunn Cycle Sport Dynamo 2nd
19 Charlie McFadzean Cycle Sport Dynamo 2nd
20 Cameron Pelly Cycle Sport Dynamo 2nd
21 Liam Cahill Cycology Sunwise 3rd
22 Matthew Griffin Cycology Sunwise 3rd
23 Adrian Lawson Cycology Sunwise 2nd
24 Mark Perry Cycology Sunwise 2nd
25 Stephen Brown Dream Cycling Race Team 3rd
26 Tom Ilett Dream Cycling Race Team 2nd
27 Jamie Penton Dream Cycling Race Team 2nd
28 Steve Thomas Dream Cycling Race Team 3rd
29 Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers 2nd
30 Jack Salvidge Exeter Wheelers 3rd
31 Vincent Thomas Forza Cycles Racing Team 2nd
32 Freddie Broadway Frome & District Wheelers 3rd
33 James Hywel-DaviesGillingham and District Whs 3rd
34 Charles Rees Gillingham and District Whs 2nd
35 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC 3rd
36 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC 2nd
37 David Johnson Mid Devon CC 3rd
38 Steven Jones Mid Devon CC 3rd
39 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC 3rd
40 Jason Poore Mid Devon CC 2nd
41 George Fowler NFTO 2nd
42 Tom Clements Offcamber 3rd
43 Roger Theron Pewsey Velo Cycling Club 3rd
44 Philip Bray Plymouth Corinthian CC 2nd
45 John Rollason Plymouth Corinthian CC 3rd
46 Samuel Woods Plymouth Corinthian CC 2nd
47 Richard Lawrence Pontypool RCC 3rd
48 Evan Powell Pontypool RCC 2nd
49 Joseph Andrews Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
50 Steven Whitehurst Radeon-Bike Science RT 3rd
51 Tom Sefton RP Vision Racing Team 3rd
52 Kevin Jones Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain 3rd
53 Tim Southcombe Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain 2nd
54 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling 2nd
55 Mark Lees Tanks Direct Cycling 2nd
56 Ryan Vale Tanks Direct Cycling 2nd
57 Phil Walter Tanks Direct Cycling 3rd
58 Huw Richards Tavistock Whs NorthShoreGallery 2nd
59 Stuart Robb Taw Velo 4th
60 Steve Dring Team Echelon - Rotor 3rd
61 Ashley Martin Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear 2nd
62 Luke Barfoot Tri UK 2nd
63 Charlie Beake Tri UK 3rd
64 James Curson Tri UK 2nd
65 Giles Greening Tri UK 3rd
66 Ben Lockett Tri UK 2nd
67 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK 2nd
68 Leslie Thomas Tri UK 3rd
69 Harry Brook-Dobson
University of Bath Cycling Club 3rd
70 Oliver Cooper University of Bath CC 3rd
71 Bevan Humphreys Urban Cyclery 2nd
72 Grant Leavy Urban Cyclery 3rd
73 Craig Seaman Urban Cyclery 2nd
74 George Wise VC Equipe - Flix 2nd
75 James Gray VC St Raphael 3rd
76 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael 2nd
77 George Jones VC St Raphael 3rd
78 Ben Warman Yeovil CC 4th
79 David Bees 2nd
80 Will Page 3rd
81 AndrewFlynn Plymouth Corinthian CC 3rd
82 JamesFoster Gillingham and District Whs 3rd
83 Jonathan Gates Royal Air Force CA 3rd
84 Nicholas Helsing Exeter Wheelers 3rd
85 Will Horn Plymouth Corinthian CC 3rd
86 Joshua Reilly Gillingham and District Whs 3rd
87 Dominic Spencer Bristol South CC 3rd
88 Nathan Starnes Tri UK 3rd
89 Wayne Thomas Pontypool RCC 3rd
90 Nick Watson Ride 24/7 3rd
Start From the HQ (Long Sutton Village Hall / Sports Pavilion) (Neutralised
Section) Turn right. 200m turn left onto A372 towards Langport. After
2km turn right onto Hermitage Road, Upton (M). When all riders are on
Hermitage Road, start the race after the bridge.
Circuit Proceed up the incline over the railway bridge (M) to the T-junction (M).
Turn left onto the B3153 to Langport and proceed along the flat section
and down the hill past the road joining from the left (M), then continue
along the B3153, over crossing (M) and past garden centre (M) until
turning left at the roundabout onto the A372 (Field Road) (M). Carry
on past the Comprehensive School (M at Crossing) and round the tight
bend (M) at the church. Continue along the A372, caution at sharp right
then sharp left complex, and turn left into Hermitage Road, Upton (M)
to start the next lap.
Finish At the end of the 12th lap do not turn left into Hermitage Road, Upton,
but continue along the A372 through Long Sutton past the Lime Kiln
Inn to turn left at the crossroads immediately after the 50 sign onto the
unclassified unnamed road (M). The finish is just over 1km up this road.

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