Tuesday 3 September 2013

Crabwood CC 70th Birthday 10, Start List

70th Birthday (1943-2013)
3pm SATURDAY, 7th September, 2013

COURSE DETAILS - P303 CTT Observers may be in attendance along the course

START at drain at end of gravel lay-by opposite Elim Cottage approximately 100 yards north of the Ringwood sign on B3347. Proceed South to Sopley one-way system where LEFT (4.5m) (CARE –some two-way traffic) into Derrit Lane to Bransgore (6.4m). Turn left (CARE – Give Way to traffic coming from the right) on unclassified road from Bransgore to North Kingston. Proceed towards Crow, TAKING CARE at RIGHT TURN (sp Burley 5) to FINISH opposite farm gate 20yds before TP8.

Please take care on this course, the left turns are fairly sharp and there are a few tight bends, particularly in the last mile or two. Please adhere to CTT regulations and pay attention to the rules of the road and show courtesy to all road users. Any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others and the future of the sport will be disqualified and reported to CTT South DC.

Event HQ in The Barn at The Elm Tree pub, Hightown Rd, Ringwood BH24 3DY(GR SU 163048). From A31 take the Poulner exit East of Ringwood, turn left from W-bound sliproad into Eastfield Lane, follow South for 1 mile and the Pub is on the left. Numbers and signing on will be at the HQ, where numbers may be exchanged after the event for a drink. Please take care when arriving at or leaving the HQ.

From HQ to start is ~1.5 miles:- take Crow Lane opposite the HQ to end, turn right, follow to the end where Left (CARE – Give Way) onto B3347, start is 200 yds from junction. From Finish continue to end, go across staggered x-roads to return to HQ.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please take Extra Care at:-
- Avon Tyrrell Farm - sharp bend with possible gravel.
- Avon Causeway - beware of traffic stopping to turn right or emerging from right.
- Sopley One-Way System - note that traffic at junction is two-way, keep to left side of road.
- Left turn at end of Derrit Lane - GIVE WAY - traffic from right has priority.
- Right turn at North Kingston - Give Way to traffic coming towards you and don’t cut the corner.

No U turns within sight of the start or finish. No warming up on the course after the event has started. No stopping or turning within sight of the finish, continue to HQ
PRIZE VALUES - One prize per rider per event
With thanks to Crabwood club President, Geoff Shergold, for his personal donation to the prize-fund.

Tandems: Fastest £ 12
1st on Standard £ 8
Fastest club team: £ 15 each
2nd club team: £ 12 each
3rd club team: £ 10 each
Fastest junior or lady in team: £ 10 each
2nd lady or junior in team: £ 5 each
Fastest composite team: £ 10 each
2nd Composite team: £ 5 each


1st £ 30
2nd £ 20
3rd £ 15
4th £ 10
10th £ 10
20th £ 10
1st vet on standard £ 20
2nd vet on standard £ 10
No Name Club Cat Veteran
Standard Start Time
Ray Hughes Clarence Wheelers V
2 Wendy Pails Farnborough & Camberley CC WV 25:11 3:02
John Radford Sotonia CC V
4 Nicholas Wisby Sotonia CC V 24:37 3:04
5 Penny Cossburn Sotonia CC W
6 Colin Yeates Sotonia CC 3:06
7 Patrick Lafford Crabwood CC
8 Alan Bigwood Crabwood CC 3:08
9 Mark Valentine Poole Whs Comp
10 Simon McLaughlin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 3:10
11 David Gardner Poole Whs
12 Craig Weston Poole Whs 3:12
13 Luke Dighton Poole Whs JUV
14 Danielle Burry Poole Whs W JUN 3:14
15 Ray Claridge G A Cycles Comp
16 James Bannister New Forest CC 3:16
17 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC W
18 Norman Harvey Sotonia CC 3:18
19 William Clark Poole Whs
20 Gary Dighton Poole Whs 3:20
21 Trevor Gaunt Team Tor 2000
22 Andrew Crocker Team Tor 2000 3:22
23 Alison Hitchcock North Hampshire RC W
24 Doug Hitchcock North Hampshire RC 3:24
25 Stephen Wood Antelope Racing Team
26 Oli Emmans Antelope Racing Team 3:26
27 Martin Balk New Forest CC Comp
28 Stewart Harrison Andover Whs 3:28
29 Bryce Dyer Velo Club St Raphael Comp
30 Leighton Girling Poole Whs 3:30


32 John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC V 0:27:32 3:32
33 Martin Napier Sotonia CC V 0:28:23 3:33
34 Barrington Day Fareham Wheelers CC V 0:30:07 3:34
35 Greg Parker CC Weymouth V 0:26:41 3:35
36 Glenn Longland Antelope Racing Team V 0:27:20 3:36
37 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V 0:27:44 3:37
38 Chris Jolliffe New Forest CC V 0:27:09 3:38
39 Daniel Edwards Sotonia CC 3:39
40 Jake Prior Velo Club St Raphael V 0:26:45 3:40
41 Simon Barnes G A Cycles V 0:26:41 3:41
42 Jonathan Legg Sotonia CC 3:42
43 Ayse Vahiboglu Exeter Whs CC W 3:43
44 Andre Barber Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 0:27:59 3:44
45 Gary Allan GA Cycles V 0:26:45 3:45
46 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC V 0:26:27 3:46
47 Jerry Bromyard Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V 0:27:32 3:47
48 Brian Garrard Bournemouth Arrow CC V 0:26:41 3:48
49 Phil Morris VTTA (Wessex Group) V 0:27:09 3:49
50 Geoff Perry Team Milton Keynes V 0:26:59 3:50
51 Raymond Hughes Clarence Wheelers V 0:27:09 3:51
52 Richard Blake Antelope Racing Team V 0:25:59 3:52
53 David Hanbury Sotonia CC V 0:28:42 3:53
54 Peter Trunwitt Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 0:26:36 3:54
55 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael 3:55
56 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V 0:26:50 3:56
57 Andy Cole Westbury Whs V 0:27:59 3:57
58 Greg Crosswell Wightlink/Offshore RT 3:58
59 James Pitt Charlotteville Cycling Club V 0:28:14 3:59
60 Terry Icke Poole Wheelers V 0:28:52 4:00
61 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael V 0:26:09 4:01
62 John Clemit Yeovil CC V 0:26:04 4:02
63 Kevin Williams Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V 0:26:45 4:03
64 Colin Yeates Sotonia CC V 0:27:04 4:04
65 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 0:27:04 4:05

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