Tuesday 15 May 2012

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10 15/05/12

Bob Wareing at the BJW 10 "Tonight's result. For all intents and purposes this can be considered as 10 miles. Elly did her first race tonight and did very well for someone who has just turned 18!"
1 Dave Pickering BJW 22.18
2 Ian Diaper BJW 23.36
3 Steve Groome BJW 23.37
4 Cliff Rowe BJW 23.47

5 Danny French BJW 23.57
6 Phil Evans BJW 24.26
7 Kevin Ridge BJW 24.27
8 Eamonn Deane BJW 25.23
9 Matt Blythe BJW 25.30
10 Phillip Millard BJW 26.36
11 Paul Brown BJW 27.47
12 Elly Kelly BJW 28.41
13 Bruce Jackson BJW 29.18
14 Peter Trunwitt BJW 29.43
15 Simon Hannam BJW 29.55
Private Rides:
Julian Jenkinson Contre 21.54
Will Stephenson Primera 22.45
Simon Barnes GA 23.24
Richard Horton Primera 23.24
Alex Hewitt CBC 26.15
Brian Garrard BACC 27.24
David King CBC 27.38
Tamsin Hoare CBC 31.56
Marsha Wetenhall CBC 32.30

marshals. J Prosser, M Fisher, R Wareing, C Peskett,
B O'Callaghan
Cold wind from SW
Start TK L North, Finishing TK M Walsh.
The start and finish were moved slightly due to road works. It was suggested that this would be safer than the existing course. Four riders recorded an average of 9.94 miles which can be increased by a small amount at either the start or finish though they would no longer be opposite each other as this evening. 0.06 miles equals 9 seconds at 24 mph (25.00).

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