Wednesday 16 May 2012

cc Weymouth Club 10 15/05/12

15 May 2012, CC Weymouth Club 10 P459
Steve Pink at the club 10
OK so someone has clearly forgot that it is supposed to be the end of spring, not the middle of winter? With temperatures barely touching double figures there was plenty of winter clothing to be seen, baby oil being applied to the legs and a the smell of deep heat in the air as riders attempted to get their muscles warmed up for the evenings ride.

Few riders managed anything near their best thanks to the cold, damp and windy conditions but Poole Wheelers Gary Dighton “in search of extra speed” made the short ride over from Wareham to take a comfortable win in 22:16, a great time given the weather. In Gary’s own words the home stretch was “a bit of a grovel”. Bryce Riglar taking maximum club points in 2nd and Greg Parker being one of the few improvers for 3rd. Also a welcome return to action for former member Chris Jones, we hope to see more of you this year!

All that was left was for the lucky riders who had cycled over to the course to get drenched and frozen by the hail storm on the way home (there must be better ways of getting the miles in?).

Full Results

1. Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 0:22:16
2. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 0:23:39
3. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:23:52
4. Paddy Dunn CC Weymouth 0:23:59
5. Charlie Lawson CC Weymouth 0:24:10
6. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 0:24:55
7. David Butt CC Weymouth 0:25:03
8. Dean Critchel CC Weymouth 0:25:19
9. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 0:26:35
10. Andrew Jackson Day Member 0:27:23
11. Chris Jones CC Weymouth 0:27:32
12. Ian Millar CC Weymouth 0:27:57
13. Peter Hammond CC Weymouth 0:28:28

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