Sunday 20 May 2012

Bjergfelt wins Southern Division Road Race Title

An emotional Will Bjergfelt (Cycle Premier-kovert) whooped with sheer delight as he crossed the line to win the Southern Divisiona road race title. It was a tough race, the 29 finishers from over 70 starters, testament to the challenge of the course. Based in the Hampshire town of Stockbridge, the peloton rolled out along a two mile neutralized before it was “game on “and six 13 mile laps in the Test Valley. After a few early digs, first to show was Alec Baskaya (Dream Cycling), Martin Smith (Primal Europe), Jason Flooks (Velo Club Bristol) & Tavis Walker (Willier/Live2ride).

Flooks started the move on the second lap, the other three latched on and the gap quickly grew to over a minute. Smith, who pulled out due to a back injury, said later, “Four riders away on this course is not enough, it’s a brutal circuit” The quartet worked hard and stayed away for over a lap but Smith was right and they were reeled in. To say the race was back together would be wrong, riders were being shelled out the back as the course and pace took its toll. Chris Spence (Felt Colbournes Racing Team) held a slender lead through the finish area with two laps remaining but it was going nowhere. Mark Perry (Willier/live2ride) was the next to go, opening up a small lead with under two laps to go. Luke Dunbar & Conor Ryan (Performance Cycles CMI) Jack Adams (Zappis Pro cycling) & Bjergfelt clipped across and alarm bells were ringing in the chasing pack.

At the bell the five had 30 seconds but a group of four were chasing hard. Colin Parry (Willier/live2ride) & Tom Stockdale (Primal Europe) made contact with 3 miles to go and it was into the finale. Stockdale put in a big attack that only Bjergfelt and Parry could live with. As Stockdale faded Parry made his move but Bjergfelt would not be denied and was still celebrating 300 metres past the chequered flag.


1st Will BJERGFELT Cycle Premier – Kovert
2nd Colin PARRY Wilier/ Live 2 ride
3rd Conor RYAN Perfomance Cycles CMI
4th Luke DUNBAR Performance Cycles – CMI
5th Tom STOCKDALE Primal Europe/RU Training today
6th Jack ADAMS Zappi’s Pro Cycling
7th Mark PERRY Wilier/ Live 2 ride
8th Toby EICHLER Wilier /Live 2 Ride
9th George HARPER Felt Colbornes RT
10th Tom MARSHALL Cadence Cannondale
11th Glyndwr GRIFFITHS Strada Cycles
12th Jason FLOOKS Velo Club Bristol _ Webbs of Warmley
13th Michael SERAFIN GVC Edmond de Rothchild
14th Harry BULSTRODE Peter Hansford Racing
15th Chris SPENCE Felt Colbornes RT
16th Tavis WALKER Wilier/ Live 2 ride
17th Phil PETERS Cannondale Racing Team
18th Alec BASKAYA Dream Cycling
19th Rupert DENNY GWR Team
20th James CARTRIDGE Cadence Cannondale
21st Freddie LEWTON Dream Cycling
22nd Ian ALEXANDER Cheltenham & County CC
23rd Nic TILLING GWR Team
24th Matthew OSBORN Guernsey Velo Club
25th Grant BAYTON Ride 24/7
26th Wayne COOMBS Primal Europe/RU Training today
27th Alex WILSON GVC Edmond de Rothchild
28th Phill REYNOLDS Peter Hansford Racing
29th Jay EASTWOOD Primera Specialized


1st Kimberley ASHTON Abergavenny Road Club / Gateway Cycles / Nick Lane
2nd Adel TYSON-BLOOR VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
3rd Anna FISCHER Wilier / Live2ride
4th Ellie GILHAM Bournemouth Arrow CC-Hotel Colingwood
5th Miriam FREMANTLE Team Hope Factory RT

1st Will STEPHENSON Primera Specialized
2nd Mitch WEBBER Andover Wheelers
3rd Daniel MARSHALL Bristol Cycling Development Squad
4th George STAINTON-ELLIS i-team Cyclist’s Club
5th Charley BRADLEY-VEILANDS Wilier / Live2ride
6th Jordan WADE VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
7th Tom BOWERING Perfomance Cycles CMI
8th Andy SHACKEL VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
9th Harry VEALE i-team Cyclist’s Club
10th Ben Le BROCQ Jersey Cycling Association Youth Academy
11th Luke DAVIES VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
12th Noah GODMAN Severn Road Club
NON CHAMP Supp MC+3 / 4
1st Simon HEALEY Andover Wheelers
2nd Alan SPURDEN Andover Wheelers
3rd Nick WALMSLEY Corinium Cycling Club
4th Steve COTTINGTON Cadence RT
5th Roland TILLEY
6th Berni CHARLICK Cycle Club Basingstoke
7th Cameron CAMPBELL Army Cycling Union
8th Matthew BLACKMORE Bristol RC
9th Ian HUMBLE Gloucester City CC
10th Chris HUTCHINGS BC PM – South
11th Steve MOSS Bournemouth Arrow CC-Hotel Colingwood
12th Pete PHILLIPS Bath CC
13th Peter BOLKE BC PM – South
14th David RUTTY Velo Club Bristol _ Webbs of Warmley
15th Peter HUCHINSON Corinium Cycling Club
16th Andy REDDING i-team Cyclist’s Club
17th David HOBBS Corinium Cycling Club
18th Keith SHERIDAN Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized
19th Richard BURCH Sotonia CC
20th Pete HUMPHREYS Gillingham and District Wheelers
21st Andrew McCOMBIE CC Basingstoke

Will Bjergfelt
“ I am so happy, my first win of the year, I really, really wanted this for my team, cycle premier covert, I wanted to show them that I can get wins as well as just place well. I had a good week last week at Lincoln place top 20, on the tour series I had a 12th at Durham which is a hard man’s course, I had a couple of slips but luckily I was not badly hurt. I am over the moon to win today, I last rode the race in 2010, I won it then it’s a really hilly course here, it is genuinely a hard course, with three laps to go there were only 25 guys left in the race. Colin Parry has been unbelievable all year, we trained together earlier in the year in Spain, I taught him a few trade secrets and he has been hard to beat ever since. Towards the end he started to do his hard man thing, where he knuckles down and puts out about 450 watts that spat everyone bar me. He started sprinting, he had a good kick but he started to slow, I went hard on the right and got it! I am especially happy to have got it today”
Colin Parry
“I jumped across to the break, I had Mark Perry in there so I managed to hide at the back for a bit. I went early I was hoping to drop everyone, turned out I dropped everyone except Will, it was too early. I tried to jump away a couple of times but Will is a strong rider and going well. It’s a tough course, I prefer to go early, I prefer to go early to give myself a chance, one of the Performance riders got passed us for a bit but faded. I am having a weekend off next week, the first for a long time”

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