Thursday 17 May 2012

Stephenson at the Sharp End!

Will Stephenson (Primera/Specialized) gives his side of the story from the sharp end of the race at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth…………
“ High winds and a fast pace from the off the race was going to be tough.With Jay Eastwood gagging for a win (his own words!) he went with an early attempt at a break but it didn't stick. Toby on good form from the night before, we had high hopes and when the defining 4 man break was formed both Toby and I made the cut along with 2 Peter Handsford's riders, Phil Reynolds and Harry Bulstrode later joined by Henry Newbery (gwr giant) who jumped a small gap when the break was almost brought back by vc st Raphael.
> It took a long time to gain the lap with the chasing peloton. Once back on , Jay Eastwood managed to control the race well, not letting anyone get away. Ian, who was looking strong, managed to slip off the front with Rowan Horner (vcstr) and James smith (primal) and stay away untill the end securing a 3rd rider in the top 10 with 8th overall. When it came down to it the Peter Handsford's lead out train had formed with one lap to go and they were getting ready for the sprint. With me and Toby on his wheel, Jay put in the biggest Mark Renshaw style effort, flying past the Hansford's riders and delivering us to the front in the perfect position for the sprint. Unfortunately my heavy legs let the team down and we had to settle for 2nd and 4th with a late burst from Phil Reynolds taking the win. A great effort but still a little dissappointed not to get the top spot. We will be back for more next week; hoping Jay can show us how it’s done! Great team work and good to see Ian coming back to form following some Wisdom teeth issues.”
Full Results to come

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