Wednesday 16 May 2012

Audax UK,Dorset Downs Cycle Rides 2012

We invite you to take part in the 25th edition of the Dorset Downs Cycle Rides on Sunday May 20th 2012. There are two rides to choose from, one of 100km (62.5 mile) and a 150km (93.75 mile) ride for those of you who just want to ride that little bit further.

Both rides take you through some beautiful scenery in the area to the west and north of Dorchester. You will encounter strenuous terrain, with steep ascents and descents, and encounter fords, which may be slippery.

The 100km ride follows the traditional route with but the middle 50km section of the 150km ride has been changed to incorporate a few more up and downs.

Both rides stop at Hermitage Village Hall as last year where Dorset ME Support Group will put on some food to get you back to Dorchester.

Food is included in the cost of the ride but donations to the Dorset ME Support Group will be much appreciated

The rides start and finish at Dorchester Youth and Community Centre

You will need to be fairly fit to take part but both rides are well within the capabilities of a regular cyclist. These rides are not races and should not be treated as such. The emphasis is on self-sufficiency and therefore you will need to ensure that your cycle is mechanically sound, take bonk rations, drink and a decent tool kit. The route uses minor roads so mudguards will be appreciated and a few spare inner tubes may be useful.

Riders set off in a group which will split up into smaller groups quite soon after the start. You can cycle alone if you like but much of the pleasure of this ride is the company of your fellow cyclists.

The start and finish is at Dorchester Youth Centre, a new venue for 2012 so do not go to the Top O�Town cafe.

Dorset Downs 100kms
Start: 10:00 Sunday 20th May 2011

Where: Dorchester Youth Centre

Where: Kings Road, Dorchester, DT1 1NJ

The route takes you in a clock-wise direction starting in Dorchester's Top O'Town car park. You soon pass Poundbury Hill Fort on your right and Poundbury on your left. Up and down the switchback hills, you cross and recross the ancient Roman Aqueduct, built to supply Dorchester with water.

A quick hop south, and you join the Roman Road, ending up at Eggardon Hillfort. The views down into the Marshwood Vale and Devon in the distance are simply stunning. But you have to concentrate on the road, as you descend steeply to Askerswell.

Take your time over the next section. Very undulating and very rural. Ascending hidden gorges, passing flower laden verges, visiting tranquil villages, with a different view round each corner, this stage needs savouring.

You stop at Hermitage Village hall for food and drinks laid on by Dorset ME Support Group so stock up on fuel for the afternoon. We offer you endless tea and coffee and enough calories to see you through the next stage. Food is included in the entry cost but donations

When you are refreshed you set off again and descend into the Blackmoor Vale. Not quite so hilly, but very rural. Eventually you depart this Vale up an exposed ascent to Bulbarrow. Stop and look back at the views over the vale and towards The Mendips. The climb will be rewarded by a long down hill all the way to Ansty

All over; don�t you believe it! The route takes you down more backwaters and bluebell woods, until you crest the final rise to see Dorchester down below. Cross the river and congratulate yourself, knowing that you�ve conquered the Dorset Downs Cycle Ride 2012

Dorset Downs 'Jake the Peg' 150kms
Start: 08:30 Sunday 20th May 2011

Where: Dorchester Youth Centre

Where: Kings Road, Dorchester, DT1 1NJ
Those doing the 150km event do a clockwise loop from Hermitage before revisiting Hermitage for more refreshments before the final stage described above. This loop is new for 2012 and is more in keeping with the theme of the event.

Other Information
The ride is organised under the rules of Audax UK (AUK), the national long distance cycle club by Justin Oakley with assistance from The Dorset ME Support Group and local cyclists.

If you are unfamiliar with Audax events then please take some time to browse the AUK Website.(link on top right)

You will be given a route sheet when you enter the event which will give you detailed instructions as to how to get around the course. Please study the route sheet before the event. It is a good idea to take a map with you but this will not be essential.

You will need to either be a member of AUK, the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) or an additional charge of �2 is made for third party liability insurance. If you are new to this type of cycling look at the AUk website for help in your preparation and for what to take on the ride.

A Brevet Card will be provided which will be stamped at Hermitage and upon which you will need to answer simple questions at various points on the route. Upon completion of the 100km ride you will be able to purchase a special Dorset Downs medal.

There is free parking at the start / finish and toilets.

There are refreshments at the cafe at the start and finish

There are refreshments included at Hermitage (at 50kms on the 100km event and 50kms and 100kms on the 150km event).

Please arrive in good time to ensure that all riders set off in time.

Event Entry
Either enter online Event Entry 100kms or Event Entry 150kms or enter on a Standard Audax UK Form via snail-mail to: Justin Oakley 6 Linden Gardens, Wollaston Road, Dorchester Dorset DT1 1WB.

Entry fee is �6 for the 100km event and �9 for the 150km event.

Please Enclose: Entry Fee (plus Temporary Membership for non AUK / CTC if required) and two SAEs)

Some entry on the day will be possible, there will be an extra �1 administration fee.

After entry, please give the organiser as much notice as possible if you are unable to ride the event

Organisers Contact Details: Phone: 07968 213833 Email:


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