Tuesday 11 June 2019

Over 300 Show Support for New Dorset Cycling Project

Despite being a wet and windy day, over 300 people attended an open day for cyclists at Tarrant Rushton Airfield, near Blandford Forum in Dorset on Saturday 8th June. The purpose of the event was to show support for a project that is being led by the local Blandford GP Practices in to get the surface of the 3.5 mile perimeter road improved so that it can be more widely used by local people for recreational and sporting use. The GP Practices are working in collaboration with local cycling organisations, British Cycling, Cycling UK and Sport England.
Cyclists came from all over Dorset and there were also groups from the New Forest, Salisbury and even one person from Surrey. All age groups were represented with 10% of the attendees being under 16 and 45% over 50.
A wide variety of bikes were on show on the day: high specification road racing bikes, shared the circuit with hand propelled bikes, E bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, cruiser bikes, bikes with stabilisers and children’s balance bikes; demonstrating the wide appeal of the venue for people wanting a safe, traffic free place to ride.
The organiser, Carol Tilley who is Managing Partner of the Blandford GP Practices, said ‘The response today has been amazing. It really shows the potential of this site to be a major asset for local people who want to get out in the fresh air, to walk, run and cycle; whether their aim is to improve their health, have fun or for competition. Improving the surface will make the site more accessible to people with disabilities and it was great to see people with physical impairments coming to support us here today. We also really value the historic significance of the site and many here on the 8th June have family stories that link to the D Day history of the site.
To pay tribute to all those would took part in D Day, the children today scattered some poppy seeds next to the memorial; thus ensuring the future generations also have a link and shared memories of Tarrant Rushton Airfield.’
For more information regarding the progress of the project see our Facebook Page: The Tarrant Rushton Project (@TarrantRushtonProject)

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