Thursday 27 June 2019

Crabwood CC Club 10, Results

Wednesday 26/06/19

1 Pat Lafford 24.21
2 Simon Wheeler 26.00
3 Brian Coupe 28.27
4 David England 30.13
5 Ollie Hollister 30.18


1 Ant Gritton Sotonia CC 21.25
2 Ian PattersonUTAG 22.22
3 Jamie Whitcher Cycle Works 24.42
4 Jon Dudley Sotonia CC 24.46
5 Mike Anderson CC Moncontourais 25.28
6 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 29.49

"a rather gusty NE wind made things difficult on a warm evening, for the Crabwood club championship 10 – but everyone managed to stay upright! Pat Lafford retained his title in 24.21, ahead of Simon Wheeler 26.00 and Brian Coupe 28.27. Pat was fastest veteran on standard by a big margin with +2.51 but the handicap competition was closer, with Simon coming out the winner in 24.00.

Fastest guest was Ant Gritton of Sotonia CC with 21.25, with Ian Patterson of UTAG 2nd in 22.22."

Thanks to our timekeepers David Crocker and Jacky Betteridge, pusher-off Colin Smith and marshals Roy Budd and John Sanchez-Bisson.
Claire Newman

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