Thursday 20 June 2019

Bournemouth & District Women’s CA Club 25, Results

Wednesday 19th June P128 Bartley
Result and brief report from this evening’s BDWCA 25 on the P128/25 from Claire Newman......

Seven riders signed on at Bartley for the 25 on a warm, still evening with some damp roads and a few light showers around. As the riders started, so did the rain, which continued throughout the event, becoming heavier and heavier on each lap. Kudos to all riders for completing their 3 ½ laps to the finish (a case of ‘once you’re wet, you might as well keep going’) though I didn’t hear anyone claim to have enjoyed it! Fastest was Bournemouth Jubilee’s Tom Stocker in 57.38, with Crabwood CC’s Pat Lafford second in 1.00.05, which also made him their club champion, ahead of Colin Yeates in 102.32.

1 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Wh 57.38
2 Pat Lafford Crabwood CC 1.00.05
3 Colin Yeates Crabwood CC 1.02.32,
4 Richard Parker New Forest CC 1.04.20
5 Brian Coupe Crabwood CC 1.08.52
6 Simon Hill Crabwood CC 1.13.08
7 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 1.15.47
Thanks to Jacky Prosser

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