Sunday 14 July 2013

The Future's Bright,The Future's Red & Yellow

Poole Wheelers have a conveyor belt of young talent it seems. The club has worked hard to develop a thriving youth section, helped no doubt by the opening of Bournemouth track in 2011. It is not only on the track that the Poole youngsters are getting themselves noticed “Local Riders, Local Races” caught up with three young stars at a recent TLI race at Moreton. Rebecca Raybould, Eve Jefferies and Alex Jolliffe were in high spirits, Alex had just finished second, holding off the charging bunch. It seemed an ideal time to ask a few questions:
LR, How was tonight’s race?
AJ “Fast, hard and really good fun, especially getting 2nd from a break”
RR “.Tonight’s race was comfortable but challenging towards the end as the pace was increasing for the finish.
EJ “Tonight was ok, at least better than last week. It was quite a slow lead out but sped up a bit more after like the first 3 laps. We got a good half hour before the greens caught us and the sprint was not too long but my little gear didn't help too much.”

LR, How did you get into cycling/who are your heroes? Who would you like to be?
AJ “I first started cycling through the school going on mountain bike trips to Afan. Then I started to watch the tour de France last year, and took inspiration from watching Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish, and ever since have wanted to be like them.”
RR, “ I went on a trip to Bournemouth track early last year with my school and loved it. I then was attending many of the track sessions available and I have chosen cycling as my passion. I dont have a precise hero or want to be a certain cyclist but I think the person I enjoy watching is Mark Cavendish.”
EJ “I can't really remember how I got in to cycling, my dad was always into it but I had never really done it competitively. Just started riding and knew I needed to do it more if I wanted to win. Not too sure who my hero is I like Bradley Wiggins- he has cool side burns!”
LR, Why cycling? Why not computer games?
AJ “I have always done sport; I don’t like to just sit around doing nothing. Ever since the Tour de France and Olympics last year, I have just wanted to go out cycling with the aspirations of one day being like Cav or Wiggo.”
RR “I find cycling is so much fun and I love meeting new people all the time, also I am very competitive and cycling is very challenging and demanding for me which I love.”
EJ “Cycling is quite a lot more fun, you should try it!” (cheeky)

LR, “What is your favourite discipline. Road/ Track/Time Trial?
AJ “Tough question: it has to be Road, but really enjoy track.”
RR “My favourite discipline is track. I enjoy the fast adrenalin rushes that you get during the short and fast races! I also like road I think that it is nice to ride in a large bunch with different scenery and weather to tackle.”
EJ “I like road, track and time trials. I don't really know what I'm best at yet however I do think I am stronger at endurance races, road etc.”

LR, Cycling is a hard sport, how do you motivate yourself to train when its wet and windy?
AJ “I believe that in sport you only get out what you put in.”
RR “I go out with other people when it’s not the nicest of days. When there are more people involved at either the same pace or faster than me it encourages me to do harder”
EJ “Well I just really want to win and think to myself if I don't train I won't win.”

LR, what is your favourite training ride/session?
AJ “Probably going out with local club runs out to Purbeck”
RR “I don’t have a particular favourite training session. I love doing anything with more people, I find it less interesting when its just me.”
EJ “A nice hilly ride in Purbeck or somewhere with all the Poole wheelers, we all did the British Heart Foundation ride together which was fun, track sessions are also a lot of fun.”
LR, What are your ambitions in cycling? To reach the top or just enjoy it?
AJ “My biggest ambition is to become a pro rider, and represent the country in road or track. But to just get as good as i can.”
RR “I would like to be the best that I can be and reach the top! I would like to represent Great Britain in the Olympics and track championships all over the world.”
EJ “I think I would like to reach a certain level with my cycling, just see how it goes really. Keeping options open.”

LR, What do like to do when not cycling?,Other interests/
AJ “Listen to music, watch cycling videos, watch tv, play badminton.”
RR “.I am always cycling! But that small percentage that I am not on the bike I am eating, sleeping or playing some other sport or revising as I am currently doing my GCSE's.”
EJ “I try and make things to sell in my mums gallery as I can't work because I'm always cycling. I also love clothes, have to do everything online at the moment though as I've not had any time!”

LR, Favourite food? Drink? Music? TV programme?
AJ “got to be Lasagne, Banana Milkshake, anything really, Top gear, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Any cycling programmes/Documentaries
RR “I love food, I eat whatever I feel like that day, I love chicken in my meals it’s my favourite meat. I really only drink water or juice no fizzy drinks or alcohol. I listen to music all the time, whatever mood I am in I will listen to the same kind of music. I don’t watch loads of TV just a little bit before I go to sleep and its normally cycling like the tour de France.”

EJ “Mmmm food, any food. I tend to listen to my dad’s music so kind of end up listening to funk (funkadelic), or kraftwerk but there's a big range. As far as TV is concerned I watch some rather vague European cop dramas for some reason and usual stuff, Waterloo road never fails to make me laugh.”
Alex & Rebecca are both 15 years old and attend the Wey Valley School sports college in Weymouth. Eve is 14 and is at the Purbeck School.
Thanks to Alex, Rebecca & Eve, great to see you enjoying your racing and good fun talking to you

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