Monday 15 July 2013

New Forest News!

THE day Manxman Peter Kennaugh was helping Sky’s Chris Froome consolidate his grip on the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France on Mont Ventoux, fellow Manx resident Edward Perry won the League International’s National Time Trial Championship in the New Forest. Bob Jolliffe reports.......
Perry, who rides for Ellan Vannin CC, regularly competes against Kennaugh and the Isle of Man’s Tour de France sprint expert Mark Cavendish in the Manx Wednesday time trial series, and only gets beaten by seconds by them.
Perry’s class shone through like the sun on Sunday.
He won the 15-mile test, which included the tough climb from Fordingbridge to Godshill Ridge, in a rapid 32min 54sec.
That gave him a 1min 4sec margin over second placed Andrew Bryson (Peter Hansford Racing), while the bronze spot was filled by Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers’ Dave Pickering with 34-13.
With a disappointingly small entry, most of the age-related awards went to Southern riders.
Bryson won the Masters 1 group and Antelope RT’s Richard Blake the Masters 2 for 35 to 40-year-olds with 39-09.
Blake’s teammate Oli Emmans won Group A (40-45) with 35-34, Pickering took the B top award, Antelope’s Steve Wood the C Group with 36-16 and teammate and event organiser Glenn Longland the D, demonstrating he has lost little of the speed which earned him numerous national awards over the years, with 35-23.
Bob Jolliffe (New Forest CC) was E Group champion with 45-29, Fareham Wheelers’ Bob Oliver won the F (41-22) and his clubmate Barrington Day the H category with 51-46.
Other southern results: Gary Allan (GA Cycles) 35-25, Simon Barnes (GA Cycles) 36-26, Stuart Martingale (Sotonia CC) 36-44, Stuart Peckham New Forest CC) 2nd Group A 37-41, Rob Ellis (VC St Raphael) 39-28, Richard Burch (Sotonia CC) 40-24, Nick Williams (New Forest CC) 2nd Group C 40-44, Martin Balk (New Forest CC) 47-49, Philip Morris (Wessex VTTA) 56-53.
Perry’s sister Faye Faber from the Isle of Wight won the women’s award with a time of 45-33.
Boardman wins New Forest 10, 48 sign on to race!
New Forest CC’s Ben Boardman took advantage of warm conditions in his club’s latest evening 10-miler, south of Lyndhurst, in 22-42.
GA’s Simon Barnes took second overall with 23-24 from Kevin King (Sotonia CC) who was a single second slower while Southampton University RC’s Ben Nickaby finished fourth with 23-29.
Team Feat’s Marc Darcy took fifth with 23-37, New Forest’s James Bannister kept up his run of quality rides with 23-46 and Soton Uni’s Alex Clayton was seventh with 23-52.
The event, which attracted a field of 48, also gave New Forest CC a second leg win and victory overall over Crabwood CC in the annual inter-club competition.
Stand-out New Forest CC rides came from 14-year-old Tom Reid with 25-49 and veteran Patrick Walters who improved his personal best from 27-47 to 26-08.
Others (NFCC unless stated): Adrian Jenkins (GA Cycles) 24-00, Ali Rogers 24-11, Stuart Peckham 24-18, Sasha Ring 24-23, Geri Robinson 24-41, Andrew Hanley 24-49, Tom Butler 24-54, Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 25-09, Stewart Ward 25-13, Pat Lafford (Crabwood CC) 25-21, Graham Lenton 25-22, Marius Kwint (Soton Tri Club) 25-30, Keith Bradfield 25-52, Nick Williams and Ed Cox (Come and Try It) both 25-59, Richard Rajski 26-10, Neil Stevenson 26-28, Claire Newman (CCC) 26-30, Gary Plumb and Dave England (CCC) both 26-31, Phil Underwood and Julian Sheppard both 26-35, Chris Conrath 26-43, Ryan Seed 26-52, Alan Bigwood (CCC) 26-59, Phil Harris 27-11, Phil Jones 27-54, Paul Shields 27-53, Roger Lightfoot (Come and Try It) 28-13, Geoff Weller 28-14, Antony Moyle 28-28, Pete Hawker 29-01, Andy Stevens (CCC) 29-32, Bob Jolliffe 29-38, Chris Mills 29-44, John Sanchez-Bisson 29-47, Becky Bellworthy (SURC) 30-50, Ben Cook (Come and Try It) 30-55, David Kelly 34-30.
Best for Balk
New Forest CC club secretary Martin Balk was happy to return from Swindon on Saturday evening after clocking a comeback best time of 26-26 in the West District 10.
GA one-two
GA Cycles’ boss Gary Allan was quickest in Sotonia CC’s 25 around the Cadnam-Totton circuit with a quick 57-18, beating teammate Ray Claridge into second place by 37 seconds.
Claridge had a one second advantage over Kevin King, the best of 17 Sotonia competitors taking part.
At Ringwood the same evening, VeloRefined/Aerosmiths’ ace James Gilfillan clocked a rapid 21-25 in the Bournemouth Arrow CC 10 to beat Southampton University RC’s Tristan Grigals (22-17) into second place.
Para’s Darren Kenny took fourth with 23-07 and GA Cycles’ Simon Barnes was sixth with 23-32. New Forest CC’s Richard Rajski clocked 25-59, his quickest of the year, while Hargroves’ Jamie Pope finished with 26-26.
Other Sotonia 25 times (Sotonia CC unless stated): Peter Wooldridge (Soton Tri Club) 58-29, Steven Wood (Antelope RT) 58-38, Gawain Young 59-03, Stuart Martingale 59-07, Phil Connell 59-52, John Dudley 1-00-54, Jon Legg 1-01-59, Richard Blake (Antelope RT) 1-02-58, Mick Bradban and Alan Sharpen (tandem) 1-03-58, Jonathan Wren 1-04-55, Jenny Hill 1-05-15, Richard Burch 1-07-15, Ted Knowlton 1-07-23, Angela Burnikell 1-07-38, Wendy Knowlton 1-08-05, Darren Strickland 1-11-04, Richard Kitt 1-14-51, Nicole Johnson 1-20-54.

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